10 Wedding Gifts for Sister that Will Make You Sibling of the Year, And What Not to Give Her!

10 Wedding Gifts for Sister that Will Make You Sibling of the Year, And What Not to Give Her!

There are so many mixed emotions as your sister's wedding date inches closer. Show her how much she means to you with a lovely wedding gift. Amid all the hustle bustle of wedding preparations, haven't had the time to think about what to get? BP Guide India has rounded up some awesome wedding gifts for sister so you can get it right!

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How to Go About Buying Wedding Gifts for Sister

If you are looking for unique wedding gifts for your sister, you have come to the right page! We have scanned through the zillions of wedding gift ideas available online and curated the best and most creative gifts, with insights from wedding planners and brides themselves!

Where to Look?

There are a large number of wedding gift shops in the market today, which make the job easier for you. If it is a specific kind of gift you are looking for, for instance, hand-made bath soaps, we suggest that you look for them in particular boutiques. Of course, if all else fails, there is always the internet, which is probably more reliable.

Your Budget

Budget is a tricky thing when buying gifts, which is why you need to keep yours a little on the flexible side. Suffice to say, the grander the present, the more will be the cost. But with more and more brides preferring personalised and straightforward gifts, you have a wide range of things to choose from which come in all sorts of budgets.

Finding the Perfect Gift

We understand how shopping for the perfect wedding gift for your sister can be a stressful affair, and we want to help you tide through this phase with ease! That is why we have looked at multiple wedding blogs, stalked Pinterest boards, and browsed through all the gift ideas scoring the internet. We hope our list makes this gift finding process convenient and hassle-free for you!

10 Best Gifts for Your Sister's Wedding

Make her special day even more memorable with a heartfelt gift. Your sister has been with you from childhood to adulthood, so she deserves something exceptional on her wedding day! For the brothers who want to do something bigger, you can finance her honeymoon suite. But if you do not have that much of budget, we bring the best ideas for wedding gifts for sisters from brothers.

Foolzy Set of 32 Professional Makeup Brushes Kit (Pack of 32)

Make-up brushes that are compact, travel-friendly and assorted in various shapes and sizes to perform multiple functions – a perfect wedding gift for the sister who loves getting dolled up! Available on Flipkart, this set from Foolzy comes with smooth and uniform bristles that help in the easier application of makeup and is geared towards individuals who have normal as well as sensitive skin. Bonus feature – it comes with a high quality black outer encasing set with individual chambers that protect and hold all of the brushes together which is super handy when you are travelling with it! This makeup brush kit comes at Rs.649 and can be purchased from Flipkart.

Premiier Collection Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set (Beige)

No big fat Indian wedding is ever complete without a blinged out gorgeous lehenga that makes the bride feel like a princess, and the guests turn their heads in wonder. This embroidered lehenga from Premiier Collection with a matching dupatta and choli set, with its rich and yet detailed embroidery is perfect for the bride during any of the wedding ceremonies. Although heavily embroidered, the fabric is light, airy and allows for free movement without weighing the bride down on her special day. Flipkart has this and many other vibrant options, starting at Rs 899

18K Gold Plated Indi Script Pendant

If you have been wondering what expresses your love for your sister more than just a generic gift on her wedding, then the answer is a personalised gift just for her. When it comes to personalised gifts, jewellery is always a safe option, which is why we think that this lovely 18k gold Plated Pendant from Pipa and Bella makes for a beautiful gift for your sister’s wedding, which she can wear not only on her special day but wherever she goes.

Inspired by traditional Indian Devanagari script, it combines modern elegance with tradition, while keeping it practical and elegant. Get this beautiful pendant for your sister from Pipabella. It's only for Rs.1,500, so it will definitely not hurt your pocket! Perhaps you can gift this to her just the night before her wedding, giving her a chance to rekindle all the special moments the two of you have cherished together.

Giordano Analog White Dial Women's Watch A2037-33

Giordano watches have come to be known for their elegance and timelessness, which is the reason why they would make one of the most perfect gifts for your sister’s wedding. This A2037-33 design is sleek, feminine and posh, and comes with an entire year’s warranty. Featuring a classic combination of a white dial with a rose-champagne wrist chain, it also happens to be waterproof. To make it even more beautiful and to add a personal touch, we suggest that you get your sister’s name engraved on the back of the dial. Buy it for Rs.3,180 from flipkart.com.

Inephos Standard Multiple Frames Beautiful Buddha Wall Painting

Art is something that people usually shy away from gifting to their families during weddings, but let’s break those silly rules and stereotypes this wedding season. Help your sister bring some peace into her new home where she will lead her new life with this beautiful Buddha painting from Inephos which is stretched across four frames. Framed on sun boards which are 5 mm thick, it is given a high-end gloss lamination for a smooth and sleek surface that is easy to clean and also splash proof. Deep, intense colours make it just the perfect décor piece for your sister’s living room or bedroom. Buy it for Rs.2,299 on inephos.com.

IndianArtVilla Clutch Design Silver Plated Sling Purse

While you may not be that well versed when it comes to women’s fashion accessories, take it from us that a Kleio Subtle Elegant Party Box Sling Clutch is one of the exact amount of bling and sparkle that a woman needs on the day of her wedding.It is a type-box clutch, with metal material which comes with 18x5x13 dimension. The best part? Your sister is going to love this little present so much that she will end up using it for days after her wedding! Small enough to fit into the palm of her hands and spacious enough to accommodate all of her essentials – this is an instant way to make her smile! This clutch is available at Amazon and is priced at Rs.1,179.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Eau De Parfum

Looking for a luxury beauty item for your sister’s wedding? Then the 5th Avenue Eau De Parfum from Elizabeth Arden is just the thing to splurge on! Created by Ann Gotlieb, it combines the earthy and intense base notes of Tibetan musk, sandalwood and vanilla with the much lighter and tangier scents of linden blossom, dewy magnolia and bergamot to create a fragrance that is both romantic and luxurious and lasts for a long time. We understand that the bride would want to smell as extravagant as she will look on her special day, which makes this just the thing for her! Get this fragrance from Nykaa for just Rs.2,570.

Happy Cheers Personalised Set of Two Champagne Glasses

Who said that a wedding gift for your sister has to be just a singular piece? Time to get creative with your gifts and get something for the couple that is starting their new life together. This set of twin toast or champagne glasses from IGP make for the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple, especially if you happen to be on a budget this year. Add a personal touch to this gift by having the newlyweds’ names engraved on them. Order these champagne glasses from igp.com for Rs.1,260.

Crack of Dawn Bow Tie Handmade Photo Album - Blue & Black

A wedding for your sister is a memorable event which directly translates onto the screen, right? So, what better way to commemorate the occasion than by gifting your sister a beautiful handmade photo album where she can keep all of the beautiful memories of her special day with her forever? With individually handcrafted photo covers from Crack of Dawn, it comes with 10 pages in total, 20 sides that can accommodate 20 photos each measuring 4" by 6". Go the extra step and get it personalised with the new couple’s name and watch their faces transform with absolute joy. This album can be ordered from the Flipkart website for Rs.1763.41.

Luxurious Ayurvedic Skincare

A wedding can be a stressful affair and can take a toll on your sister, which is why this Kama Ayurveda gift box is just the right gift to help her unwind after all of that stress. Made from organic and paraben free materials that have calming effect on the mind, this gift set consists of a vanilla and oatmeal soap that moisturizes the skin, eladi hydrating Ayurvedic face cream for tired looking skin, an organic vanilla lip balm for chapped lips, mridul soap-free face cleanser that gives her skin a healthy glow and pure concentrated rosewater. Get this for Rs.3,125 from Nykaa.

Avoid these Cliched Wedding Gifts for Your Sister

Are any gifts off-limits for your sister’s wedding? You’ll be surprised to know that they are:

Flower Bouquets

A bouquet has an expiration date of just few days or about a week at max. Moreover, most of the distant relatives and guests attending your sister's wedding are going to be arriving with boquets of all shapes and sizes. A gift of flowers is a big-no for the most special day of somebody who is so dear to you! Instead of surprising her with flowers, arrange a lavish spread of breakfast for her, to a scenic location and let her build a memory that will last for years to come!

Shagun ka Lifafa

Gifting cash is not a big deal at most Indian weddings, so is this really a big no? Well, if you are helping fund one or more of the wedding functions or had decided to lift some financial burden off the family, it is definitely very thoughtful of you and something your sister will appreciate for the rest of her life. But instead of tucking away a few greens into the shagun ka lifafa, make the gift more representative of the big day in her life. You can consider gifting her a term deposit (if it's a substantial amount of money) or opening a mutual fund in your sister's name. These thoughtful gifts will soon grow to become her assets and she will always look up to you as her trustworthy sibling.

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It's a gift she will keep as a memento

No matter how much you fight, bicker or laugh together, your sister will keep every little thing her family gives her at this time. Getting married, moving to a new home and starting a family of her own - these are huge changes going on in her life and she will cling to the smallest things that remind her of the family she is leaving behind. Keep all this in mind when picking a wedding gift for her and give her something she can cherish and find comfort in when she misses you.