Savour Delicious Noodles with Your Loved Ones: Discover the Top Noodles Available in India and Everything You Need to Know About Them (2023)

Savour Delicious Noodles with Your Loved Ones: Discover the Top Noodles Available in India and Everything You Need to Know About Them (2023)

Noodles are without doubt one of the most popular dishes in India which transcends age, regions and generations. So, if you are wanting to know more about your favourite dish and also the top noodles available in India, you have just landed at the right place. This BP Guide has curated a list of the top-30 noodles available in India for you to take your pick. Moreover, we also share interesting facts about noodles and some unique noodles recipes to make your noodles even more delicious.

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Noodles - Not Just Kids but Everyone's Favourite!

Noodles are delicious aren't they? Noodles have stood the test of time, and their adaptations are today found around the globe. Soft, slippery and delicious, noodles may be thought of as an East Asian invention but they are loved by many whether they are ramen, Hakka noodles or Korean-style noodles. This guide will talk about the different varieties of noodles available in the Indian market with their respective brief reviews.

In the case of India, noodles have become popular as a fusion option. The concept of noodles originally came from Chinese immigrants, after which they adapted well in the face of different cultures, cuisines, and external influences. A whole variety of delicious Indo-Chinese dishes are available today. If you are keen on making them at home then our guide can help you. Without any further ado, let’s dive into knowing some of the best noodles in India consisting of variants such as bundle packs, best cup noodles, top-performing ramen, and much more!

List of the Top 30 Indian Noodles in 2023!

Noodles have varieties too, and thus we've curated a list of the 30 best noodles in India, despite just consuming the regular Maggi noodles. So, let’s explore more delicious noodles here!

1. Maggi 2-Minute Instant Noodles


Well, there’s nothing wrong in starting with the king brand, i.e., Maggi! The USP of this pack is the special masala. However everyone loves Maggi for its eccentric masala formulation but here’s something more unique to level up the game. Its masala is made from a mix of 20 signature herbs and spices that also claim to fulfill 15% of your daily iron requirement. This is a 12-pack Maggi 2-Minute Noodles that you can buy for just ₹ 179.00 on Amazon.

2. Knorr Soupy Noodles


A pack of 16 Knorr Soupy Noodles is available on Amazon for ₹ 288.00. You don’t need rocket science to make them soupy as all the instructions are provided clearly on the pack itself. Furthermore, it comes with a masala containing real vegetables and zero preservatives. Along with the fun of noodles, it has the goodness of a thick masala-enriched soup, which is suitable for those times when you’re craving something liquid on your platter. All in all, their natural masala with a touch of vegetables shouldn’t be considered twice!

3. Sunfeast YiPPee Noodles


Sunfeast YiPPee Noodles are phenomenal due to the non-sticky feature. Yes, you have the best of those original, non-sticky and flexible noodles to be all sucked in a minute or two! What’s more interesting is the round, slurpy noodle block and the choice of two masala sachets. This round noodle block is all good to just take out and put directly in the pan. It should take less than 2 minutes to make unless you’re adding extra veggies from a healthy subconscious mind. Additionally, the mix of mood masala and main masala will fuel your spice instincts more subtly. A pack of 4 is available on Amazon for ₹ 51.00.

4. Wai Wai 1-2-3 Noodles


Wai Wai is among the most organic yet tasty Indian noodles brands! Again, they have a specially formulated masala with zero trans-fat, zero cholesterol, zero preservatives and zero artificial colours. That’s super healthy, right? So, why wait to just grab these noodles on Amazon right now and enjoy a healthy spoonful of Wai Wai 1-2-3 Noodles or just wow noodles. Each pack costs ₹ 15.00.

5. Nissin Cup Noodles - Spiced Chicken


Nissin Cup Noodles - Spiced Chicken are one of the best cup noodles in India that you can buy for just ₹ 200.00 on Amazon. It’s the price for a pack of 4 instant cup noodles in which you just have to put in boiled water, and you’re good to go! In addition to being the best friend of lazy guys, these chicken noodles have also got the amazing and delicious taste that you have been craving for super long.

6. Patanjali Atta Noodles


The Patanjali brand being in the noodles game also means having some super healthy with a sort of Ayurvedic mix. Yes, you feel like you are having an Ayurvedic noodle dish with their special masala. It is a mix of nothing wrong but chatpata spices to offer you a mouth-watering taste until the last sip. Moreover, these are whole wheat noodles whose 240 gm pack is available for just ₹ 29.00 on Amazon. Overall, it’s a must-try Indian noodle product if you can wheat all day long!

7. Top Ramen Curry Noodles


When you need a bowl of comfort on a leisurely weekend or you suddenly crave food, instant noodles are a simple answer. The Nissin Top Ramen Curry Noodles packaging is striking in maroon and scarlet. The cost of the 280 gm pack is ₹ 80.00 on Amazon. Despite the versatile seasoning mix, these noodles are made of almost 85% wheat flour, which is a big plus for your health. Since it has medium spices, these noodles taste delicious too!

8. Horlicks Foodles


Horlicks Foodles is another kid-friendly meal with a tangy masala inside. You can buy these unflavoured noodles for just ₹ 70.00 for a 320 gm pack on Online Marketplace Store India. These easy-to-prepare noodles are a healthy meal made with multigrain masala. Thus, these noodles are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your health. You should not think twice before buying these Horlicks noodles!

9. Saffola Oodles


Introducing you the tasty yet healthy ring noodles, i.e. Saffola Oodles. They are made with the goodness of whole grain oats, semolina, natural veggies and an addictive yummy masala. This is your best chance to try the ring noodles if you’ve never had any before! A pack of 4 Saffola Oodles is available for just ₹ 80.00 on Amazon. So, why wait to have this super affordable healthy noodles meal? Grab them now!

10. Ching's Secret Schezwan Instant Noodles


Ching’s Secret is also among the brands providing one of the best noodles in India. They have a great variety too in this range. The Ching's Secret Schezwan Instant Noodles comes with a special masala inside containing a blend of different tangy ingredients. What makes them more remarkable is the taste of real veggies with the magic of Schezwan adding a unique spicy touch to the overall dish. Schezwan encourages the use of garlic, red chilies, and peppercorns in their recipes to give them a demanding taste. You can buy a pack of 240 gm of these noodles for just ₹ 65.00 on Amazon.

11. Nongshim Ramyun Instant Noodles


It’s good news for all the spice lovers! These are special Korean noodles available in a pack of 5 for ₹ 570.00 on Amazon. Unlike Maggi, these are soupy noodles with excellent texture and flavour. We’d love to recommend these noodles to all the spice lovers whose tolerance is quite good with Korean meals. At the same time, these noodles make you feel fuller even after consuming only half a bowl. So, give them a try if you’re among the fans of Korean spices!

12. Joymee Instant Masala Noodles


These are 10 Joymee Instant Masala Noodles with an innovative taste different from all other brands. They are giving tough competition to Maggi instant noodles if you’re a hardcore fan of Maggi like almost everyone. Also, we’d like to recommend this brand more, as it contains the tastiest masala that you’d love. So, hurry up, and grab a pack of 10 Joymee Instant Masala Noodles from Amazon right now!

13. Nutty Yogi Tomato Wheat Noodles


Now, it’s time to taste tomato noodles for all the tangy tongue lovers! This brand Nutty Yogi is relatively new, but it is known to provide genuine and healthy products to its customers. These are steam-cooked noodles with no MSG or Maida. You can buy a 220 gm pack of these noodles for just ₹ 170.00 on Amazon. Also, ensure that you note its healthy noodle ingredients: whole wheat flour, multi-millet flour and tomato.

14. Urban Platter Shirataki Noodles


If you are on a keto diet and looking for healthy meal recipes, here are Shirataki noodles by the brand Urban Platter. These are also known as miracle noodles or Konjac noodles. It means they are incredibly filling and come with almost zero calories. Their texture is quite long and translucent, and they are already a staple noodle diet in Japan, Southeast Asia and China. They are grain-free and low-carb noodles that you can buy for just ₹ 200.00 on Amazon.

15. Indomie Chicken Curry Noodles


Chicken curry noodles are always the right thing to have when in doubt! These are Indomie Chicken Curry Noodles, whose pack of 6 is available for ₹ 889.00 on Amazon. Since they are imported noodles from Saudi Arabia, it also adds up to the cost, but it doesn’t have to do anything with their unique taste. So, if you’re a non-vegetarian looking forward to a soupy chicken curry thing with the magic of UAE masala, don’t think twice before buying this pack!

16. Koka Mi Goreng Flavour Fried Noodles


Koka Mi Goreng Flavour Fried Noodles are Indonesian fried noodles whose pack of 5 is available for just ₹ 299.00 on Amazon. These are one of the best noodles available in India to try after unique varieties like Ramen. Also, it’s a non-vegetarian product if you’re looking for such spicy noodles. Not just one or two, but it contains a mix of 5 spices: fried onion, spicy masala, and three other packs of seasonings. Also, it includes a pack of sweet soy sauce for preparing the noodles properly. So, imagine how well prepared and wholesome these noodles will come out after being cooked!

17. Nongshim Shin Red Super Spicy Instant Noodles


Come on, all the spice lovers! We’ve got another excellent noodles dish for you from the Korean brand Nongshim. These are super spicy, hot noodles that you can buy for just ₹ 103.00 on Amazon. They are packed with essential nutrients to give you a lot of energy to start your day or end it right! Overall, these noodles are worth trying if you don’t mind chasing your dopamine with spice frequently or on an occasional basis.

18. Some More Multi Millet Noodles


Another unremarkable noodles in India are the Some More Multi Millet Noodles. Amazingly, these noodles are identical to Naturally Yours Multi-Millet Noodles in terms of maida content. The absence of preservatives in the noodles, even in the tastemaker, is another astounding feature. Although it is a 100% organic brand, it is regrettably only offered in vegetarian taste. A pack of 3 noodles with 195 gm each is available for just ₹ 300.00 on Amazon. Moreover, these noodles are best in terms of fighting inflammation as they contain non-toxic materials, and have anti-bacterial properties.

19. Samyang Hot Chicken 2X Spicy Buldak Cup Noodles


Samyang Hot Chicken 2X Spicy Buldak Cup Noodles is a steamed version of the noodles that was previously described. Again, these are 2x spicy, and everything is the same except that the preparation is slightly easy - it comes with loaded masala already, and you don’t have the option to make it less spicy. A 70 gm pack of these cup noodles is available on Amazon for ₹ 115.00 to grab right now!

20. Slurrp Farm No Maida Millet Noodles


Just jump into the nutritious noodles bowl that you can enjoy in different varieties like Hakka noodles, khow suey, noodles soup, chowmein, Singapore-style noodles, and more. These are gluten-free noodles and an excellent alternative to maida noodles, if you’re super health-conscious and want to add just a few calories to your platter while not compromising on the taste. Its single pack has the potential to serve 3 people, and you can buy 2 packs, i.e. a nutritious meal for 6 people, for just ₹ 219.00 on Amazon.

21. MasterChow Chinese Veg Hakka Noodles


It’s time to amp up your street-style Chinese taste with these MasterChow Chinese Veg Hakka Noodles. They are super smooth to cook, and a single pack can serve almost 4-5 people. Also, they are 100% natural Hakka noodles with the original Chinese cutting, thin texture, and the potential to absorb maximum flavour. You can grab 2 packs of these authentic Chinese noodles for just ₹ 232.00 from Amazon.

22. Wang Ramen Korean Style Spicy Instant Noodles


Although instant ramen noodles are not ideal to consume regularly, you can have them occasionally for a different taste. These noodles contain iron, vitamin-B and manganese to contribute a little towards your health needs. Moreover, these Korean-style instant noodles come with a spice-flavoured seasoning sachet with authentic and unique ingredients unlike other ramen noodles. A pack of 5 Wang Ramen Korean Style Spicy Instant Noodles are available at an affordable price of just ₹ 225.00 on Amazon.

23. Samyang Buldak 3X Spicy Chicken Noodles


As the label suggests, these are 3x spicy noodles by the Korean brand Samyang Buldak. Its single pack of 140 gm is available for ₹ 229.00 on Amazon. These are hot chicken-flavoured ramen noodles to rock into your stomach with no escape from the fire. So, buy these noodles only when you’re a diehard fan of spicy ramen or craving badly for spicy noodles on your platter. Keep a glass of milk handy for afterwards, or grate some cheese over the top, for those of you who can't tolerate excessive spice.

24. Samyang Buldak Noodles 2X Spicy Pouch


These are, again, Samyang Buldak Hot Chicken Flavoured Ramen Noodles but 2x spicy! They have a reasonable limit on the spice factor but are still under the umbrella of spicy noodles. They may still give you a burning sensation while consuming, so there’s no escape from the fire in these noodles. A pack of 2 noodles is available for just ₹ 179.00 on Amazon. Get, set, ready for the challenge, all the spice lovers!

25. Ottogi Jin Ramen Korean Style Instant Noodles


Ottogi Jin Ramen Korean Style Instant Noodles are a gentler alternative to the Nongshim gourmet hot ramen noodles and are the ideal choice for those of you who do not enjoy heat. These noodles are mild with a hint of pepper and are readily topped with a variety of ingredients, making them quite a filling. A pack of 5 of these noodles is available for ₹ 439.00 on Amazon.

26. Ketofy Low-Carb Noodles


Since carbs are usually off-limits under the keto diet, these are the best ones as junk-noodles alternatives. These noodles are set to giving you just 1.3 gm of carbs per serving while also supporting your weight management goals. Although, you won’t get any seasonings along with the pack. These are 0 maida noodles made from the tastiest soya beans. Thus, you will also feel fuller and more satisfied with this keto meal as compared to regular noodles. Also, what’s more interesting than adding noodles to your keto diet? Get 200 gm of these Ketofy Low-Carb Noodles for ₹ 369.00 on Amazon.

27. Paldo Fun & Yum Ilpoom Jjajangmen Noodles


Jjajangmyeon is a type of Korean noodles that is combined with cooked vegetables including potato, onion and zucchini, as well as pork belly and tossed in an extremely thick chunjang (roasted black bean sauce). A pack of 4 noodles costs you ₹ 574.00 on Amazon. Paldo Fun & Yum, in contrast to other companies, offers liquid sauce to give you the most authentic Jjajang experience possible. It is simple to cook and enjoy because of the premium sauce that is included in the pouch.

28. Naturally Yours Multi-Millet Noodles


Although not widely known, Naturally Yours Multi-Millet Noodles are an instant noodles brand that have been ranked third on the list due to their high quality. These noodles include no maida. Amazingly, compared to other kinds of noodles in the market, these noodles also contain fewer chemicals and preservatives. You will be startled after reading their ingredients list. They are non-fried, vegan noodles consisting of six nutritious whole grains, viz. bajra, ragi, kodo millet, little millet, whole wheat grain and barnyard millet. Even though they contain no seasoning, but they still are a tasty and healthy choice. Get a 180 gm pack of these noodles for just ₹ 139.00 on Amazon.

29. WickedGud Schezwan Noodles & Curry Noodles


Taste, comfort and convenience all come together in these packs of the best instant noodles in India. However, it’s quite rare that you get nourishment from these junkies! So, we’re introducing you to WickedGud Nourishing Schezwan Instant Noodles made with 0% oil and maida. You can easily get its 6 packs for just ₹ 243.00 on Amazon. Bhuman Dani, Soumalya Biswas and Monish Debnath launched WickedGud in the year 2021 with the goal of making junk food nutritious. The tastemaker here has a distinct tomato-chili flavour. Long and short noodles are mixed together in the noodle block. Its colour is a mild shade of brownish-red to make your whole day a delicious place to live!

30. Nongshim Shin Kimchi Instant Noodles Cup


This is a mild, soupy and uncomplicated cup of noodles with tangy kimchi. The noodles in this dish are the same as those in all other Nongshim dishes, making the toppings simple to add. You can also get a cup version, but for some reason the flavour of the pack version is better. It is very filling and is moderate spicy. Get a 75 gm pack of these cup noodles for just ₹ 109.00 on Amazon now!

Some Useful FAQs

  • Which Indian Cup Noodles is the Best?

  • Some of the best cup noodles in India are: Nestle Cup Noodles, Top Ramen Cup Noodles, Nissin Cup Noodles and Nongshim Shin Kimchi Instant Noodles Cup.

  • Are Atta Noodles Healthy?

  • Although wheat or atta noodles don't taste great, they can be a healthy option since they are high in fibre, which helps to reduce blood sugar spikes and slows down the absorption of sugar. Additionally, fibre promotes weight loss, decreases cholesterol and aids in digestion regulation.

  • Is Ramen Healthier than Maggi?

  • Yes, ramen are not only simpler to prepare but can be prepared in a healthy way too! When coupled with other components to make a balanced meal, ramen noodles are at their healthiest. Maggi, India's version of Top Ramen that is more heavily spiced, offers the same satisfying mess of chewy noodles but switches out a mild seasoning packet for one that packs a lot more punch.

  • What are Healthy Noodles Made From?

  • Your health won’t suffer if you occasionally add instant noodles to your diet. Don't consume them as the mainstay in your diet, though, as they are lacking in nutrients. However, regular intake is not at all recommended and is considered a poor quality diet that can also lead to metabolic syndrome. Water, soybean fiber powder, cellulose, sodium alginate and yam konjac powder make up healthy noodles.

Bonus: Make Noodles More Interesting with these 5 Great Recipes!

The "strings of bliss" come in various shapes and can be combined with a wide variety of ingredients to create delectable meals. The greatest method to enjoy a meal without extra chemicals is to create it at home, even if most restaurants are discovered to be guilty of doing so when making noodles (which is also the reason they are so irresistible). In this manner, you can also experiment with different ingredients and sauces to create the ideal noodle dish best suited to your tastes.

  • Chilly Cheese Noodles: With so many vegetables, cheese and flavourful sauces and spices in it, this dish is sure to become a family favourite. The best part is that getting it ready just takes 15-20 minutes. Here is the link of the best chilly cheese noodles recipe!

  • Viral Cold Coffee Maggi: A man can be seen pouring cold coffee onto a frying pan in a video posted by Instagram user Chef Kaandi. He adds the instant noodles to the drink after cracking open the Maggi packet. He continues by adding the tastemaker, minced onion, coriander and capsicum. Finally, he sprinkles coffee powder over the hot food. The Cold Coffee Maggi is cooked, then transferred to a plate and finished with ketchup.

  • Noodles Samosa: Undoubtedly an interesting snack! Giving the traditional Indian food "samosa" a new spin with a tantalising filling. Your favourite chutney is offered with the noodle-filled samosa. Check this video for the best Noodles Samosa recipe!

  • Pad Thai: Pad Thai is one of the most well-liked noodle dishes. It is a type of fried noodle dish that is frequently served as a street food in Thailand and can be stuffed with meat and vegetables. Here's the best recipe to prepare vegetable Pad Thai Noodles!

  • Quick Noodles with Mixed Meat: A traditional noodle dish made with a combination of meat and vegetables. To add even more decadence, include some seafood.
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Some of you noodles lovers may not be aware of the different types of noodles available in India. However after reading this BP Guide you would surely have become familiar with the diverse range of noodles available. Each type of noodles offers something different for you to relish. Experiment with different types and brands of noodles and share your experiences. Also, stay connected with us for more such engaging content.