Include this Gluten-free Food in Your Diet: 9 Millet Recipes You Can Have for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and for Dessert! (2020)

Include this Gluten-free Food in Your Diet: 9 Millet Recipes You Can Have for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and for Dessert! (2020)

Millet is believed to have many benefits such as it has antioxidants properties, is rich in several essential minerals required by our bodies, and so on, but the best part about this food is that it's gluten-free! So if you have included millet in your diet yet, now would be the best time to start! In this post, we bring you some delicious millet recipes which are very easy to make.

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Benefits of Including Millet in Your Diet

Millets are nutritious, non-glutinous, and are not acid-forming foods and are high in fiber and protein and rich in B vitamins (particularly niacin, B6, and folic acid), phosphorus, manganese, among many other essential nutrients. Millets are easy to digest and has many health benefits. They help solve problems like diarrhea and support healthy gut flora to prevent peptic ulcers and decrease colon cancer risk. Moreover, millet is rich in catechins such as quercetin, which boosts liver and kidney function.

In addition to all that, millet is rich in complexion enhancing and antioxidant vitamin E that deeply penetrates the skin's layers and help in natural wound healing. They help form a protective layer in the skin that can keep free radicals away from the wound. Also, millet helps in regular bowel movement by flushing toxins out of the body and boost the immunity levels. Furthermore, millets help cut down on low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, thereby protecting the heart and preventing many cardiovascular diseases.

Millet Recipes for Breakfast

Bajra Uttapam Recipe

Bajra Uttapam Recipe is made using millet with rice and urad daal and is a very famous dish for breakfast. You can serve it with sides like Raw mango coconut chutney and Idli Dosa Milagai Podi Recipe for a complete meal course. To make this dish, the ingredients you need are:


  • Half a cup of bajra
  • Half cup idli rice
  • One cup whole urad daal
  • One tsp fenugreek seeds
  • One tsp salt

For toppings

  • One chopped onion
  • One chopped bell pepper
  • One chopped green chili
  • Six finely chopped mint leaves
  • One tsp cumin powder
  • A dash of salt
  • Ghee

How to Make

  • Start by washing the urad dal and methi seeds and soak them together in a bowl, covered in water. Next, take another bowl and soak the idli rice and bajra seeds in it together, immersed in water.
  • Keep all these ingredients soaked for at least 6 hours. Now, take a blender and add urad daal along with methi seeds and some water to make a smooth batter.
  • After this, add the idli rice and bajra and make a thick paste and mix it with the daal batter. Combine both the mixture well and leave it to ferment overnight.
  • The next day, you can make idli with this batter or even dosa and uttapams.
  • For the toppings, take a bowl and add the onions, capsicum, green chili, mint leaves, salt, and cumin powder and combine all the ingredients well.
  • Afterward, preheat the tawa and put the batter in a circular motion to make uttapam. Make sure that the consistency of the batter is thick just like the pancake.
  • Place the onion-capsicum topping over the uttapam and press it gently.
  • Next, sprinkle a few drops of ghee around the uttapam, and after 30 seconds flip the side.
  • Cook from both sides until a light golden brown color is achieved. Follow the process to cook the remaining batter and serve hot.

Ragi Chocolate Milkshake

This Ragi Chocolate Milkshake is a very delicious shake full of nutrition and a quick-go-to recipe for breakfast. To make this shake, the ingredients you will be needing are:


  • Two tbsp of finger millet or ragi flour
  • Two cups of boiled and chilled milk
  • White sugar or brown sugar to taste
  • One tbsp of cocoa powder
  • One cup of water
  • One tsp of vanilla essence
  • Three ice-cubes

How to Make

  • First, take a saucepan and add in the ragi flour, cocoa powder and water. Combine this mixture well and whisk it for 2 minutes.
  • Next, turn the flame on low heat and cook the mixture for some minutes. Also, keep on stirring it in order to avoid lumps.
  • Cook this mixture until the consistency changes to thick. After this, leave it aside and let it cool down for some time.
  • Now, add this mixture in a blender along with the chilled milk, ice cubes, sugar, and vanilla essence. Give this a good blend and you are ready to serve.

Ragi Wheat Dosa Recipe

This easy-to-make breakfast recipe is a popular dish in South India and can be served with coconut chutney. The ingredients you will need to make this quick recipe are:


  • One cup of ragi flour
  • One cup of wheat flour
  • Buttermilk to make a batter
  • Salt according to the taste

How to Make

  • To get started with this recipe, take a bowl and add ragi flour, wheat flour, and buttermilk.
  • In order to make a smooth batter, do not add extra buttermilk, or else it will make the consistency running.
  • Keep this mixture overnight in the refrigerator.
  • The next day, make dosas and adjust the size according to your preferences. Serve it with daal, vegetables, or spice mixture.

Millet Recipes for Lunch

Sama Pulao

This delicious pulao is full of nutrition and flavors. You can serve it with mint chutney to increase the taste. The ingredients required to make this dish are:


  • One cup sanwa millet
  • One tbsp ghee
  • One tsp cumin seeds
  • Two cloves
  • One small cinnamon stick
  • One cardamom
  • One chopped green chili
  • Half cup of potato cubes
  • Two tbsp finely chopped coriander
  • Rock salt for taste
  • Half cup of roasted and crushed peanuts for garnishing

How to Make

  • Start by soaking the sanwa millet in a bowl for about 10-15 minutes, immersed in water. Drain the water and place the millet aside.
  • Next, heat oil in a deep non-stick pan and add cloves, cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, and stir-fry them for about 30 seconds.
  • After this, add green chilies, potatoes, a dash of salt, and saute it for 5 minutes. Mix well all the ingredients and stir the mixture occasionally.
  • Next, put in the soaked sanwa millet and mix well all the ingredients. Cook this mixture on a low flame for about 2 minutes.
  • Afterward, add in two cups of water and salt according to your preferences. Put the lid on and cook it for about 8-10 minutes on a medium-high flame.
  • However, stir the mixture occasionally. Lastly, sprinkle the coriander and add peanuts. Combine well so that the flavor is distributed equally.

Millet Biryani Recipe

This biryani is very delicious and healthy because of various vegetables, whole spices, and herbs. It is really easy to make and is a great comforting food for the winter season. To make this recipe, you will need:


  • Half a cup of foxtail millet
  • Half a cup of water
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee as required
  • Half a cup chopped vegetables like carrots, beans, peas, potatoes, and sliced onions
  • Chopped mint leaves
  • One tbsp ginger-garlic paste

The dry spices you need are one bay leaf, two green cardamoms, four cloves, one small cinnamon stick, one half tsp shahi jeera, star flow, and one strand mace.

How to Make

  • To get started with this recipe, soak the millet in hot water for about one hour. Next, heat oil in a pan and add dry spices in it.
  • Saute the spices for 30 secs or until they start to drizzle. After this, add a ginger-garlic paste and saute it until the rawness is gone.
  • Next, add vegetables and stir-fry until they become tender and a nice aroma arises. Now, add water and salt and bring the mixture to boil.
  • Afterward, remove the water from the millet and add it in the hot boiling water.
  • Turn the flame low, until they are fully cooked and the water is evaporated. Lastly, cover them with the lid for about 7 minutes and serve hot with any raita of your choice.

Millet Recipes for Snacks

Mini Millet Patties Recipe


In case you are craving for healthy snacks, make these mini patties, and satisfy your appetite. To make this recipe, you will need:


  • One cup of millet flour
  • Three tbsp of butter
  • Half tsp of red chili powder
  • One medium-sized onion
  • One tsp cumin seeds
  • Enough oil for deep frying
  • Water
  • Salt according to the requirement

How to Make

  • Start by chopping the onions in small pieces and put it aside. Next, take butter and microwave it for 15-20 seconds, so that it gets melted.
  • After this, take a clean bowl and add in the millet flour, chopped onions, melted butter, cumin seeds, red chili powder, and a dash of salt.
  • Mix a small quantity of water and knead this mixture until a soft dough is formed. Afterward, take a small amount of dough and make small balls.
  • Flat each ball into the shape of a patty or any other desired form. At the same time, take a deep frying pan and heat oil in it.
  • Once the oil is heated, put the patties in it and fry them until the color changes to a golden brown. Make sure to change the sides to cook them properly.
  • Serve it with chili garlic sauce and chilled cold drinks.

Baked Ragi Chakli Recipe


If you like munching on savory snacks with tea, give this baked chakli recipe a try. In order to make this recipe, the ingredients you will need are:


  • 250 grams of ragi flour
  • 150 grams of besan flour
  • 5 grams of ginger
  • 5 grams of chili
  • 2 grams of garlic paste
  • 5 grams of salt
  • 20 ml of oil

How to Make

  • Start by putting all the dry ingredients in a large bowl and knead them. Add the required amount of oil and too, and make sure that is consistency is not running.
  • Knead the mixture until a soft dough is formed. Next, divide the dough into the two equal parts.
  • After this, put one half into the chakli machine and press out roundels of the dough. Afterward, heat the oven at 360 degrees for about 18-20 minutes and put the chaklis in it.
  • Then, take the other half of the dough and repeat the same process. When it is done, keep the chaklis aside and let them cool. Serve them with hot eat and enjoy.

Millet Recipes for Sweets

Sweet Millet Balls With Berry Sauce Recipe

If you are craving for some sweet healthy dessert, give this recipe a try and satisfy your sweet tooth. To make this recipe, the ingredients you will need are:


  • 125 gm of browntop millets
  • 450 ml of milk (dairy-free)
  • Four tbsp of corn grit
  • 150 grams of white or brown sugar
  • One tsp vanilla extract

For the berry sauce

  • Two cups of mixed frozen berries
  • 110 grams of cane sugar
  • One tsp of cinnamon powder
  • one tbsp of cornstarch

How to Make

  • Firstly, take a saucepan and pour millets along with some milk and turn the flame to medium-high. Next, cover the pan with the lid and cook the milk for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Once the milk has been completely absorbed into the millets, turn the flame off and add in the corn grits and sugar.
  • After this, add the vanilla extract and combine all the ingredients well. Now, put the lid back and let it cool for some time.
  • Afterward, mold it into small balls and place it aside in order to cool it down. Meanwhile, add the sugar, water, and frozen berries into another saucepan and cook it on medium-low flame.
  • Once the sugar is dissolved, add the cornstarch and cinnamon powder to water while stirring constantly to avoid the formation of lumps.
  • Now, turn the heat off and let the mixture thickens. Serve them by pouring sauce on the balls and enjoy.

Millet Sweet Pongal Recipe

This dessert is made by using foxtail millet, tahini, and moong daal. It is a very delicious dessert to serve with tea and after meals. The ingredients you will need to make this dish are:


  • Half a cup moong daal
  • 3/4 cups of hulled millet and moong daal together
  • Half a cup jaggery
  • Two and a half cups of water
  • Half tsp cardamom powder
  • Cashew nuts and raising as desires
  • Chopped coconut pieces
  • One tbsp of desi ghee

How to Make

  • Start by washing the daal moong and millet separately. Now, soak the millet in a bowl, immersed in warm water, and put the daal aside.
  • Take a pan and add water and add. Cook this mixture on a low flame until the jaggery has been melted completely.
  • Heat another pan and roast the nuts in it. Afterward, put the nuts aside and add water in the same pan and bring it to boil.
  • After this, add washed dal and cook until it becomes tender and mushy. Next, you are to cook the millets but while keeping in mind to not soften but keep them firm.
  • Then, strain the jaggery syrup and combine them well. Lastly, cook it for 2-3 minutes and garnish it with the roasted nuts and coconut pieces.
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A Perfect Food for Breakfast!

Breakfast is considered the most crucial meal of the day, as we require energy for a longer period, and the breakfast meal helps us achieve the same. You can definitely consider including a suitable millet recipe for your breakfast meal, given the numerous benefits it provides, including regulating your blood pressure and improving the heart's health as well.