Are You Looking for the Perfect Diwali Gift(2021)? Check Out Some of Our Luxury Gifts that Are So Good, That No One Would Even Think about Regifting Them.

Are You Looking for the Perfect Diwali Gift(2021)? Check Out Some of Our Luxury Gifts that Are So Good, That No One Would Even Think about Regifting Them.

Diwali is just around the corner and shiny, glossy gift options are crowding markets. However, the horde of options can often leave you confused about which one to pick and which one to skip. To make your choice easier, we've rounded up the best ones to get your hands on this season. This Diwali, take a step back from the ordinary and make a unique statement with our list of luxurious gifts that’ll leave your loved ones smitten.

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Significance of Gifting in Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and most of us are busy cleaning our house, planning parties, and deciding on what to cook, but one of the most important things to do during Diwali is to buy gifts for our family, friends, co-workers, and co-workers off course our boss. We usually buy popular gifts like dry fruits, sweets and little decorative boxes.

Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India and giving gifts is the traditional way to show your love and care towards each other. In earlier days people gifted farm produce and homemade sweets. These gifts were not expensive but showed a lot of love towards each other. Today the time has changed and people like to look for exclusive gifts that are memorable to give and receive.

There are a wide variety of gift options available in the market but today we bring you some excellent ideas of luxury gifts that you can buy and gift to your family, relatives, colleagues and business associates.

10 Luxury Diwali Gifts

Here are 10 great luxury gifts that you can buy this Diwali. These gifts are precious and will help you share your love among your loved ones.



Diwali is a festival of lights and what is better than getting your loved ones away to light their room. The Koselig candles are a great gift for people of all ages and gender. These are handmade candles that emit mild fragrances which are curated by the best perfumers in France and the USA. These candles light the room and create an ambiance that helps a person unwind and uplift moods. This gift box from Koselig brings a pack of 3 candles of 100 grams each and is beautifully packed for the festivals. You can choose from 6 fragrances and make your own gift box. You can order this luxury gift box for Rs. 2,390 from

Anjali Diya

Don't we love to decorate our houses on Diwali? Yes, we do and we all try to find the best decorative items in the market to do so. If you are looking for a gift that can help your friend decorate their puja room then the Anjali Diya will make her a happy person. This Diya is handcrafted and has a brass polish on it. It is designed with a traditional touch and looks very sleek. One can add water in to float their candles and flowers and make their room light up with a festive feel. The Anjali Diya is available for Rs. 3,800 on

Kholas Dates with Pistachio


Gone are the days of gifting ladoos and barfis in Diwali. Gifting exotic sweets and dry fruit are the ways to go this season. The Kholas Dates with Pistachio can be a great gift for your boss this Diwali. Kholas dates are popular in the Gulf region and are served with Arabic coffee but now you can gift them to your loved ones right here in India. These dates are mildly sweet and taste a lot like toffee and when paired with pistachio they turn into a sweet and crunchy treat. You can order this wonderful gourmet gift packed in a handmade luxury box for Rs. 5,400/kg from

55 Gms Silver Laxmi Ganesha Idol


Laxmi and Ganesha idols are the ideal gifts for Diwali. Lord Ganesha is worshiped on Diwali and is known to be the God of intelligence whereas Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Diwali cannot be celebrated without decorating a puja room with the idols of these two Gods. Each year people go out and buy the most beautiful idols of the two Gods and gifting these idols to your loved ones makes it easier for them to complete their festival. This 99.9 sterling silver Laxmi Ganesha idol can be one of the most auspicious gifts on Diwali. You can buy it or send it directly to the receiver’s home through for Rs. 6,175 only.

Boxes by Graiz

Wanna get something different for your loved ones this Diwali? Try one of the boxes by Graiz. These boxes are not only the most elegant and attractive way of gifting but also the tastiest as well. You can get them delivered to your friend's doorstep within 2 to 3 hours of confirming the order.

These boxes come in three varieties: The regular box is good for 5 people and has an artisanal baguette, 2 types of fine cheese, 1 wholesome dip, seasonal fruit produce, 2 varieties of oven-baked crackers, olives, crudites, dried fruits, baked cookies. It is available for Rs.2000 + tax.

The medium box is for 8 people and has a fresh baguette, 1 loaf of artisanal bread, 2-3 types of assorted cheese, 2 wholesome dips, 2 variants of oven-baked crackers, seasonal fruit produce, mixed berries, olives, crudites, dried fruit, baked cookies and is available for Rs. 3500+ tax.

The large box is for 12 people, it contains a fresh artisanal baguette, 2 types of artisanal pieces of bread, 4-5 types of assorted cheese, 3 wholesome dips, 3-4 variants of oven-baked crackers, seasonal fruit produce, mixed berries, olives, crudites, dried fruit, baked cookies. All the boxes come garnished with herbs and flowers.

You can order them from and make your loved ones enjoy their Diwali in style.

Ayurvedic Glow Boosting Bundle

Diwali is the best time to make your mom a happy person. She spends her entire life loving and caring for her family and getting her a perfect gift for Diwali should be a priority. This Ayurvedic glow-boosting bundle will compel her to once again start taking care of herself. The box contains four excellent products that will bring back the glow on her face. It works wonders on dull, ageing or pigmented skin. It has 1 pc Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Ayurvedic Face Wash, 1 Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack, 1 Fair’e Mulethi-Khus Skin Brightening Gel, 1 Kimsukadi glow-boosting facial oil. This box can be bought for Rs. 3,025 from

Dhokra Casted Tree of Life in metal

Want to make your in-laws happy this Diwali? Get them this exquisite Dhokra casted tree of life. This is a 3D tree of life made with non-ferrous metal casting and is mounted on a Hi Gloss panels to be placed on a wall. The detail work on the tree is beautiful and makes it an out-of-the-world piece. Your in-laws will love to have it hung in their living room and show it to their guests. You can buy this elegant piece of art for Rs. 2,58,000 from and become a favourite daughter-in-law of the family.

iRobot Braava

Diwali brings itself a lot of fun, frolic, and food but also brings a lot of work. People clean their houses to the 'T' to welcome Goddess Laxmi on Diwali. Cleaning can be a gruelling job but can be made easy with the help of the iRobot Braava.

Gifting this iRobot to your wife, your mom, or even your sister a week before Diwali will make their life a lot easier and help them save time. This is a floor mopping robot that cleans using a dry or damp cloth. It removes dirt, grime and dust in a jiffy. It can also be used on Tiles, Vinyl, Hardwood and Laminate. When ordered you get a charging station, line cord, 2 wet mops, dry sweeping pad and comes with a 2 years warranty. You can buy it for Rs. 44,900 from

Spectacular 22 Karat Yellow Gold Beaded Cluster Ring

Gifting gold during Diwali is one of the best ways to show your love towards your family. People usually buy gold coins or bricks for themselves and their loved ones. God is considered an auspicious metal in India and giving it to your wife this Diwali will make her very happy. You can buy beautiful gold jhumkas, pendants, bracelets but this beautiful beaded cluster ring caught our eye. This is a 22 karat yellow gold ring that has beautiful teardrop filigree and beaded floral motifs on it. Your wife will love to wear it with her new sari and flaunt it among her friends. You can order it from for Rs. 34,011

Silk Matka Woven Sari

Planning to visit your sister's family this Diwali? You can't show up without a gift that will make her feel proud of you. Get her this gorgeous silk matka woven sari. The stunning beige colour with golden motifs and a heavy pallu will make her fall in love with it instantly. The sari is a loom weave and comes with a blouse piece. You can this sari for Rs. 10,990 from

Marble Effect Porcelain Dinner Plate


Diwali calls for a party and getting a beautiful dinner plate set for your host will be the best gift for them. This marble effect porcelain dinner plate set comes with 4 plates and is made with high-quality porcelain. The plates are chip-proof and are gives a modern look to a dining room. Each dinner plate comes packed in a gift box and looks very elegant. You can buy it for Rs. 4,599 from and brighten your host's day on Diwali.

Let's Make a Difference, This Diwali

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India but each year we hear how lighting crackers is causing a lot of harm to the environment. If you want to celebrate Diwali but do not want to cause any more harm to our mother Earth then here are some tips you can use to celebrate Diwali with a difference.

  • If you plan to avoid crackers this Diwali then you need to find a way to keep your children happy without them. You can talk to your neighbours and organize community competitions for kids as well as adults. This will keep everyone engaged and increase community bonding as well as save the environment.
  • Another good way to celebrate Diwali is to bring a smile to people who are not so privileged. You can collect things from your community that they wish to donate like books, games, clothes; toys etc and donate them to an orphanage. Watching those kids light up with joy with the things that you don't use anymore will bring a lot of satisfaction to your life. You can also visit an old age and spend time with people who have no one to share their feelings with. You can bring food and gifts for them. They will be grateful to you for spending this important day with them.
  • Each year we throw parties for our family and friends but tend to forget about the people who do not have food to survive. The best way to make a difference this Diwali is to host a lunch or a dinner party for the less privileged. They will remember this party all through their life and will thank you for the treat.
  • Playing cards on Diwali is one of the most important activities that most families do. Usually, people play the same old Bluff or flash but it would be fun to learn new games this Diwali and teach it to our friends. This will keep them occupied and forget about the crackers.
  • If you have bought a ton of gifts for your loved ones then you will need to wrap them as well. Being a responsible citizen you should avoid using those shiny, glitter wrapping papers which are used only ones then end up in our drains. You can wrap your gifts with plain paper and have your kids decorate them with paints. You can also use newspapers to wrap your gifts and trust us it looks good.
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