Never Let Your Drinks Go Cold with Our Super Cute Mug Warmer UBS! Plug It in Your Computer or Laptop and Keep Your Drink Warm Always (2021)

Never Let Your Drinks Go Cold with Our Super Cute Mug Warmer UBS! Plug It in Your Computer or Laptop and Keep Your Drink Warm Always (2021)

Arm yourself in the battle against cold, stagnant coffee by investing in an electric USB mug warmer. It is an ideal workplace gift or desk accessory, so the next time you're caught working late you won't have to put up with cold drinks. To make your shopping trip smoother, we've rounded up two of the best top-rated USB mug warmers to keep your coffee or tea warm all season long.

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Why a USB Mug Warmer?

Many of us have experienced the scenario when coffee or tea turns cold by the time you get cosy to relish your drink. Enter the mug warmer and problem solved! Reheating a cold drink results in loss of flavour and freshness. However, with a mug warmer, you can prevent the drink from getting cold in the first place; quite a useful innovation indeed. If you are beverage freak or an ardent coffee lover, then it is time that you invest in a good USB mug warmer!

If you are not sure of what a mug warmer is, then you gotta know that it is similar to an electric kettle. The device has electric coils and elements that slowly heat up the beverage and also, maintains a steady temperature over time. A USB mug warmer has a USB port and can be recharged from small sources like a laptop or a car charger.

Benefits of a USB Mug Warmer

    There are many reasons why getting a USB mug warmer is a good idea. Here are some of them:

  • Reheat without a stove or microwave
    In the office, or at your workstation at home, the last thing that you would like to do is to walk up to the microwave or stove to heat the coffee amidst important work. USB mug warmer can be placed on the tabletop or at any place convenient with a power source. Hence, you can have your beverage warm and fresh with least minimum effort whatsoever.

  • Less power/ fuel required
    When compared to the conventional pan and stove method, having a USB mug warmer is a far efficient way to conserve energy. Moreover, since it works on a USB port, the mug warmer will draw less power than a microwave would draw from a power outlet. Hence, the USB mug warmer saves energy and fuel.

  • Easy to use features
    USB mug warmers are now available with many inbuilt features. The best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off is one of the favourites among people now. Also, mug warmers come equipped with the capacity to maintain temperature as per the programmed setting.

  • Compact and stylish addition to your desk
    Apart from the added advantage of portability that allows you to have hot beverages while on the go, USB mug warmers also allow you another benefit- a stylish and compact décor on the desk. Mug warmers come in various models, shapes, colours and looks. You can choose one that best suits your style or work ambience.

Working of a USB Mug Warmer

A mug warmer resembles a drink coaster that is placed on surfaces to prevent rings from forming from the bottom of the cup. The thick plate is heated and hence, keeps the cup (and the coffee inside!) warm and fresh for a long time.

The USB mug warmer is usually a no driver required, plug and play device that contains an extended USB port on its side. There are no additional batteries required and can be easily powered up from a USB powered source.

When switched on or plugged into a USB source, the heating coil built inside the device starts to heat up. Based on the simple properties of transfer of heat and thermal energy, the USB mug warmer’s body heats up. The plate or the surface is designed to hold a cup, and a hot plate keeps this cup warm and fresh all the time.

Do’s and Don'ts with USB Mug Warmers

Coffee mug warmers are plenty in the market. You can find different types of USB mug warmers with affordable rates ranging from cheap to expensive prices. So, among the so many USB mug warmers, how do you find the best USB mug warmer? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

    Don’ts with USB Mug Warmers:

  • Never purchase a cheap unit of the USB mug warmer. Mug warmers are intended to work for long hours in a day and must be used at fairly frequent time intervals. So, a cheap USB mug warmer could turn out to be dangerous to use and also a waste of time and money.

  • Don’t use the hot plate USB mug warmers with a plastic cup/ mug. Plastic has a very low melting point and chances of the plastic cup melting over the hot plate are more.

  • Never the leave the USB mug warmer turned on all night. Considering the safety risks involved with leaving a heat-sensitive device over unsupervised times, it is always better to switch off the mug warmer before going to bed.

  • Don’t use the USB mug warmer to heat anything other than tea, coffee or soup.

    Do’s with USB Mug Warmers:

  • Always ensure to purchase a long-lasting product that is made from high-quality materials. A good and efficient USB mug warmer will be highly durable and will stand the test of time.

  • Make sure to buy a USB mug warmer with more convenient features. Auto shut off, variable temperature settings, an additional heating coffee mug and waterproof designs are some of the must-haves in a modern-day USB mug warmer.

  • The USB mug warmers must be convenient to use and easy to clean. One wipe easy clean mug warmer is available in plenty in the market.

  • Must be lightweight in design as this enables extreme portability and convenience to have coffee while on the go.

Two Cool Mug Warmer USB Options Available in India


    Wood Grain Marble Design USB Heating Mat Pad

  • This elegant wood grain patterned heating pad is perfect for your office table. The mug works by connecting to any USB port including power banks. It can maintain heat up to 80 degrees but cannot be used for heating. It is advised to use glass or ceramic cups for best results. Available on Amazon for Rs. 1,082.

    Magnusdeal CW-973-Green Slide Warming Table

  • This cute warmer is a wonderful addition to any working space. It either works by being connected to a computer via a USB or can connect via a 5 volts switch charger. The warmer maintains a temperature of around 40 to 50 degrees and works best with mug not having recessed bottoms. Available on Flipkart for Rs. 399.

Final Words: A Useful Accessory to Have


USB mug warmers vary in model, make, price and efficiency. Some high-end models can keep the beverage piping hot for hours while the lower end models are efficient only to keep the drink warm. Some USB mug warmer models can also be linked to a smartphone app. Nonetheless, the temperature setting can be controlled with different power settings. Regardless of the brew type, or a blend of the coffee, one thing is for sure. Coffee always tastes the best when it is warm! What better excuse to get a USB mug warmer now, isn’t it?

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