10 Wonderful Gifts for a Silver Jubilee & How to Be Creative with 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples in India (Updated 2019)

10 Wonderful Gifts for a Silver Jubilee & How to Be Creative with 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples in India (Updated 2019)

Finishing 25 years of marriage quarter of a century in marriage is a special and momentous occasion. We've listed 10 beautiful gifts that you can gift to couples celebrating their silver anniversary. Choose one among them or use it as an inspiration for your ideal gift.

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Choicest 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Indian Couples

Times of Love Newspaper

Celebrate their marriage by printing a customized newspaper with personalized headlines and stories, filled with a mix of articles on love, romance, quotes and pictures to magnify the effect! It may be one of their most cherished gifts yet.

The newspaper comes with 1 sheet of 14 x 22 inches featuring the front page in glossy print with high-quality text and pictures. You can edit the newspaper with your choice of headlines, date, pictures & description below the images. The text can be up to 1200 characters. Other text on the paper cannot be edited and makes for an authentic supplement newspaper.

Priced at Rs.499, this lovely item is available at excitinglives.com.

Name a Star

Dedicate two beautiful stars to the couple to celebrate their love for each other. A romantic gift to mark this milestone, the ‘gift a star’ concept comes with a personalized message, a registration certificate bearing their names, chosen close to each other and those that cannot be renamed ever! The accompanying constellation chart will help the couple find the stars named after them in the sky. To make this gift even more special, you can add some fun facts about the night sky stars from astronomytrek.com.

Buy the Name a Star gift certificate from oyehappy.com for Rs.2,450.

Personalised Set of Wine Bottle and Wine Glasses

Surprise them with a customised wine set containing a personalised wine bottle (labelled with a special message) and a pair of wine glasses. If they are casual drinkers, you can buy a good quality wine from a Fratelli’s Sette to Dindori Reserve Shiraz or even Sol De Chile Syrah Merlot from an affordable range of under Rs.2,000 from chopine.in.

Customize your wine labels which can be easily stuck and is an appropriate size for most wine bottles. You can print a personal set of 3 labels in the same design from excitinglives.com for Rs.125.

Finish the set with personalised wine glasses with the couple’s names or their initials or a message. You can buy such glasses where the name or message (of no longer than 20 characters on each glass) can be etched on each glass from excitinglives.com for Rs.1,299. The glass size is 20 cm x 7 cm.

3D Photo Crystal

To commemorate their 25th anniversary customized crystal gifts can be a beautiful and lovely surprise. A solid crystal with a personal photo that looks like its floating inside, would be engraved inside the crystal using a laser engraving technique, resulting in high-quality home décor or gift item.

The sparkling optical crystal is bubble-free and is 140 x 140 x 20 mm in dimension. With a LED powered wooden base, it lights up the crystal making it even more attractive. To order the 3D photo crystal, you need a clear picture of the couple in high resolution, which would then be worked on by the merchant to place it appropriately on the crystal.

Priced at Rs. 2,500 (inclusive of GST), you can buy it at regalocasila.com.

Gift a Tree

With your thoughtful gift, be instrumental in making the Earth greener and better! Sponsor the planting and upkeep of a tree on the couple’s behalf to celebrate their milestone anniversary and you’ll give them an opportunity to take pride in a growing tree just like their love and affection for each other that’s been built on and nurtured over the years. This gift would live on for decades and also be beneficial for the planet.

The tree would be planted on a public land and involves – identifying a project you’d like to plant a tree for, choosing its placement in the forests, a rural community or the Himalayas. Then you can choose the number of trees you’d like planted for the couple. Since it is on the occasion of 25 years of wedded bliss, it’s only natural to plant 25 trees and one more for good luck in their honour. This lovely gift can be purchased from grow-trees.com for Rs.2,210. The gift is marked with an e-tree certificate or card that will be sent to the couple with a personal message from you on the specific date you’d like them to receive it.

Candle and Incense Holder Set

Candles and incense go hand-in-hand just a like a couple, lighting up lives and spreading the fragrance of love and harmony all over. Gift a unique set of candle and incense holder from minchus.com. Their lotus candle holder is a delicately designed holder of excellent quality to hold a tea light candle, which can be placed anywhere. Made of porcelain in pale green and pearly white shade, the holder will blend really well with any décor. The holder is all of 7 cm in height and 9.5 cm in diameter, priced at Rs.2,200.

Along with it, you can get the couple the bejewelled silver incense holder shaped as a peacock feather that comes with a compact box making it an appropriate gift wrapper as well. The Peacock Feather Incense Holder is priced at Rs.1,830.

Silver Coin

A 25th wedding anniversary is one of the most popular and celebrated occasions in a couple’s life. It is also known as a silver anniversary and if tradition is followed, giving a silver gift would be an ideal present. An exclusive, multi-coloured pure silver coin from Taraash comes inscribed with the religious images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi placed next to each other, signifying the removal of obstacles and inviting abundance and prosperity in one’s life.

The coin also has an 'aum’ symbol inscribed at the back calling for all the positive vibrations of the Universe. A premium quality coin from a limited edition, this coin comes in 999 silver purity in 10 gms.

It is priced at Rs.888. Buy it here.

Portable Audio Player with Shoulder Bag

Carvaan Mini Legends is a portable music player with a pre-loaded collection of 351 Hindi songs, AM/FM radio feature and is blue tooth enabled. The pre-loaded songs are some of the popular numbers from legendary singers like Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle and Lata Mangeshkar. An ideal gift for music lovers, your anniversary couple can enjoy this lovely present on the mini speaker via blue tooth or by plugging in a USB drive.

When they feel like changing to a more ‘in the groove’ or trending music mode, they can switch to the FM stations, making this an all-in-one player. It has a 4-hour battery back-up, a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting headphones, an aux port for external devices and a 6 month warranty.

You can buy it for Rs.2,490 from saregrama.com.

Combine it with a comfortable, lightweight and portable shoulder bag. It has a drop-proof design and radio strap to carry the player separately. It can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.499.

Forest Essentials Gift Sets for Him and Her

A luxury Ayurveda experience from Forest essentials is a wonderful way to present the couple a gift set with an assortment of skin care, body essential and exquisite wellness products for their 25th anniversary. You can mix and match different products keeping an overall mind and body care theme like a combination of the Vaishnava De-Stress Therapy Kit which includes 2 promising blends of essential oils (stress relief and tranquil sleep) which welcome emotional balance and calming effect to the nerves. This is available for Rs.1,750 on forestessentialsindia.com.

Pair it with the Oudh - E - Khaas Body Indulgence for him. The kit includes a mix of skin nourishing lotion with a smoky oudh fragrance, a green tea body mist and a herbal body wash with genhu, sonapatha and bamboo to cleanse the skin gently. These invigorating gift set can be purchased from Forest Essentials for Rs.4,695.

Seasons of Tea Gift Set

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup of tea to start a new day full of promises, and ending it with a relaxing sip or two? Seasons Of Tea, a premium set of teas comes with some rare tea concoctions catering to each season in a year from the beautiful & vibrant spring to the chilly winters. Each tea brings in a different flavour for every month of the year.

The gift package is 300 mm in length, 235 mm in breadth and 60 mm in height with an assortment of 12 teas in packets of 30 gms each in combinations of white, black, green and oolong teas. Priced at Rs.2,990, you can buy this lovely present at in.teabox.com.

How to Pick the Right Gift for a Couple Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary

Gift Them Something Meaningful

25 years of being through the thick and thin of life is a huge accomplishment for a couple. To celebrate this joyous occasion, the gift should signify their love and their journey together. It should be something unique yet personal to them. Look for gifts that match the couple’s personalities or is common to both of them.

If they prefer nostalgia over contemporary, choosing a vintage gift item may be more appropriate. A 25th wedding anniversary is also called silver anniversary. You can choose anything from jewellery to home décor. Your choice of gift could also be a silver keepsake or something that resonates with the couple's emotions.

Make an Effort in Selecting the Perfect Gift

Sometimes the most extravagant or expensive gifts pale in comparison to a smaller gift that conveys the giver’s affection and thoughtfulness behind the gift. A memento of a beautiful crystal photo frame with their wedding picture or a handcrafted name plaque with their wedding date engraved would be more valuable for them. So go an extra mile and find out what is it that the couple is most attached to, in terms of memories and emotions and win their hearts over. If they enjoy a certain type of fragrance, a gift set of their chosen fragrance would be ideal for them. If they enjoy eating and experimenting with their taste buds, perhaps passes to a food festival would be a delicious proposition!

Take Inspiration from Their Lifetime of Memories

Life is incomplete without memories of moments well spent. The achievement of their 25 years together should be a celebration of their relationship and centred on the couple. A collage of their journey together with family, friends, different experiences and occasions would warm their hearts, each time they look at it. A romantic holiday gift to their honeymoon destination or arranging a day-long road trip through their favourite hangouts, enjoying the sneaky looks and moments of joy would rekindle their love for each other.

Bonus Tip: When the brainstorming doesn't help, ask them directly!

Even though the surprise element is highly preferred when gifting, it's always best to ask. They may not have a readymade list to quote from or may be apprehensive of sharing thinking it’s rude, but, to avoid that you can share your gift options with your couple friends and seek their opinion on the choice of gift they'd be comfortable with. This would save you from gifting something they won't like and they would obviously get something that is pleasantly required!

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Personalise Your Gifts

The 25th anniversary is traditionally called the silver anniversary. If you want to gift them something that goes the traditional route, this is perfect. Silver artefacts, silver jewellery if in doubt silver coins work the magic. But most importantly you have to honour their 25 years of work and love in their relationship. Their sacrifices teach each one of us a lesson in patience. Every wrinkle and line in their face talk about the happiness they have experienced in their relationship together. So, whatever gift you are planning on giving them should be personal and touch them in an emotional setting. They will love this rather than an impersonal gift however expensive it might be.