10 Gifts for Husband on 15th Anniversary and Unique Ideas to Revive the Romance (2018)

10 Gifts for Husband on 15th Anniversary and Unique Ideas to Revive the Romance (2018)

Can't come up with a good gift idea for your 15th anniversary? BP Guide India has a host of trendy, utility, traditional and modern gifts associated with the fifteenth year of marriage. Having trouble picking one gift from so many great options? Read our gift buying guidelines to zero in on the right present.

Significance of a Gift on Your 15th Wedding Anniversary

A gift is not just something you have to give some on a special occasion, but something that a person would remember you; it is also something you would remember the special occasion by. Once you gift someone something they connect with it on an emotional level as well because that gift someway or some how reminded you of them and connected it to their likes. Gifts are one of the most personalized items because not only are they a way to make someone feel special but it's a reflection of a person through your eyes.

How to Choose the Right Gift?

Since it's your 15th anniversary maybe you should do something grand but not so grand that it leaves you with a cash crunch. We are sure you have been saving up for this milestone. When choosing a suitable gift there are many things to consider about the person as to find the perfect gift for them as to not disappoint them in anyway.

Your Husband's Age

The age of a person determines not only how much they have seen the world but also what kind of things they would like. The things your husband likes today would be quite different from what he was keen on around the time you got married. He will also appreciate age appropriate things, though if he is young at heart he may still delight in something that appeals to the child in him. After 15 years of living with him it would be evident that you know quite a lot about your husband. Consider the age related possibilities of gifts and make a list you can choose from.

His Hobbies and Profession

Choosing a good gift means an item that is suited to the person. For example gifting a chef something that will come in handy for them when they are cooking, such as a knife of a good and well known brand like Victorinox, a Swiss knife that is one of the best knives, is a suitable option. Similarly, you can pick up something that suits your husband's profession and he can use for his work.

His hobby might be another point to look at when thinking of what to buy for him as it's what actually keeps him busy in his free time, so a thoughtful gift can be that too which he uses in his leisure time.

Your Budget

Choosing a budget can be tricky because you would want to gift him the whole world but your wallet doesn't allow you to. As you have been with him for 15 years you would try to make it as grand as possible. Keep the budget as such that you can get a good gift that he will like but which won't leave you in a cash crunch.

Since he is your husband you can go over the line and gift him something like a smartphone or a gold ring thus keep the budget from about Rs.5,000 to Rs.40,000. In this list you can find a range of gifts in this budget.

Get Inspired by Traditional Anniversary Gift Themes

On your 15th anniversary the traditional gift to give is something of the colour red and ruby is the gemstone. The colour red often signifies warmth and love , the clarity of a ruby is symbolic of how pure love can be. Red is a hot, strong, stimulating color that represents excitement and energy. Buy him a watch which is he modern gift associated with the 15th year of marriage but if you want to go traditional, gifts made of crystal would be the ideal choice.

What to Gift Your Husband on the 15th Anniversary

Jot down a list of all the things you actually intend to buy. Cancel out the ones that come out as too much and those too that come out to be a little drag. Go in for the things that are in fashion and also are in trendy in nature as to give him something to brag about.

A Photo Album

Ever just gone through your photos and realized that time flies by so fast? Maybe those moments have a certain story to tell about them, maybe they have a special memory or an inside joke that it reminds you of. Give him a new photo album with your most cherished memories. For this you can use this Brown Wood 10 x 4 x 6 Inch Forever Love Pasted Scrap Book Photo Album by Sehaz Artworks. On this very special album with a wooden engraved cover you could write you own life's story with pictures. With 30 sheets in an album it can fit up to 4 regular size photos on each page. At Rs.636 there are various designs you can choose from at pepperfry.com.

Fitbit Charge 2

In the age of technology why not go for something tech savvy. There is nothing that says louder that I care than a Fitbit fitness tracker. This watch is capable of remaining uncharged for 5 days and help in counting calories burned and steps taken. with new features such as guiding breathing sessions and also GPS enabled for location and miles traveled. With health also taken care of your fashion will be also taken care of as there is an option for interchangeable straps. At ₹10,999 this Fitbit Charge 2 Large Activity Wristband in black or silver is now available at tatacliq.com.

One Plus 6

Source www.amazon.in

Has his old phone gotten slow and hangs often? Gift him a new phone which won't only help him in his social life but also in indulging his hobby of taking pictures. The New One Plus 6 with a variant of 64 GB and 1288 GB RAM helps you move through apps in a smooth yet fast way possible. With a 16 + 20 MP dual rear camera it will also reach for the photographer in you and with a 16 MP front camera this might just be his new dream phone. The specs of the phone has led it into top 10 phones to buy in 2018 recommended list by techradar.com. Priced at Rs.39,999 for the 128 GB variant is available at amazon.in.

Engraved Wooden Watch

Source www.etsy.com

This custom styled watch is the best way to say you love him and to also give him a personalized gift on this anniversary. At Rs.2,271 this watch is the next in thing to gift him with not only a personal message but also a gift box with a sweet saying engraved on it. This personalised gift now can be bought at etsy.com. Each wooden watch is engraved to your exact specifications whether it's a monogram or memorable line from a movie. Each wood watch is handcrafted from natural wood and no two watch is alike!

Box of Crystals

This special gift is not just a box of rocks but is actually a box of the most precious crystals that tend to calm down. If your husband is into spiritual items then this might just be the gift to get him.Charged with the power of a secret, a crystal bouquet is a wooden box containing a thoughtful assortment of healing crystals that represent a specific theme and occasion.Also known as healing crystals this little box of them might just do wonders to ease his stress , with various blessings to choose from either bless him with a good karma or give him the strength of a warrior ranging from Rs.3,308 to Rs.3,525 choose the best suited one at littleboxofrocks.com.


On the 15th anniversary the main colour linked with is Red and the Stone is ruby. So why not grab two and the price of one. With 0.48 carat of 12 round rubies this gift for a professional business man won't only fetch him compliments but also these cufflinks will shine bright on him. The rubies are studded into 14K white gold giving a fashionable and elegant look to the cufflinks. Though the price is high at Rs.68,000, this is due to the AAA quality of the diamonds. Buy now at diamondere.com.

Living Gold Pink Rose 24k Gold Rose

The flower associated with this year is the rose. In tarot reading a rose is considered to be a symbol of balance. The beauty of the rose shows a promising nature and also the thorns suggest the defending from anything reaching to the beautiful of love. Gift him a gold pink rose electroplated in copper for its durability, and finished in rich 24 karat yellow gold for your lifetime. Real Rose that is individually hand selected and preserved to ensure its uniqueness and will Last a lifetime. At Rs.4,073 this is now available at amazon.com.

A Trip Abroad

Take him on an adventure abroad. A couple that travels together stays together and grows together! This anniversary spice it up a little take a leave from your busy schedule and go on a romantic getaway to any of your dream destinations. With Thomas Cook you can actually fulfill that dream, with various packages to those from you can visit the land of avatars China. To the soothing and enchanting Europe. Imagine sipping white wine on top of the Eiffel tower, maybe you don't have to imagine any more . Make this the gift he will remember forever.

Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box

Even men need a little pampering and this Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box - For Men priced at ₹2,400 is quite a reasonably priced gift to give him herbal and Ayurvedic products that will give his skin a smooth and soothing touch to it. A beautiful collection, lovingly handcrafted with pure, natural and organic ingredients, this beautiful box elegantly combines daily essentials for the face and indulgent pampering for the body. Opt for a gift that brings out the best in him and not only that also makes him feel better about himself now available at nykaa.com.

Give Him an iPad

Source www.amazon.in

Is he the type person who is very much into technology? An iPad is a portable tablet that a person can use to do work on the go. With 32 GB internal storage and 9.7 inch screen he can not only edit and store his documents but with the help of WiFi he can also share them online. The iOS 10 helps in multitasking as two apps can be opened at the same time, along with that the 8 MP camera also helps in photos with a panoramic view. Now available at amazon.in.

Three Ways to Rekindle Love in Your Lives

Holding hands, hugs, and tender touch are great ways to affirm your love for your partner. But apart from that more than physical there are other ways to claim love, because even the smallest spark can lead to a roaring flame.

Take an Interest in His Work

Promise him to make your lives more about each other than just you alone. Talk to him about how his work is going. Learn about his interests. Don't let time be the reason for drifting away of magic and love. During adult life most of our time and energy is spent at work itself, we get up go to work and once our shift is done we come home thus there is not much time to connect with people. We as humans ought to know that nothing is as comforting as being heard and being talked to. So how about grab popcorn start your favourite movie and chill together. Or cook him some dinner and chat with him over dinner.

Talk to Him About Him

Use heartfelt words when communicating with your partner – whether it’s about your trip to the grocery store or resolving a personal conflict. Remember to say things like “I love you,” “thank you” and “I miss you.” Said with genuine emotion, these little things make tough times easier between you and your partner, which allows you to understand how to fix a broken relationship and build trust.

Netflix Subscription

Working the whole week and getting just one day off can be tiring. So instead of nagging him to take you out bring the whole cinematic experience at your home comfort. By getting a Netflix subscription not only are you going to get a variety of movies to watch online but also various top serials with various genres as per your taste. Serials such as Brooklyn Nine Nine and Santa Clarita Diet are available to stream at netflix.com with the base price being Rs.500 per month and the premium subscription at Rs.800 per month.

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