10 Wonderful Anniversary Gifts for Husband on Completing 13 Years of Marriage (2018)

10 Wonderful Anniversary Gifts for Husband on Completing 13 Years of Marriage (2018)

It is your 13th wedding anniversary but would you buy lace gifts for your husband? Find here great modern interpretations of the traditional 13th anniversary gift of lace; if they don't meet your expectations we have plenty of textile and faux fur gift ideas too that you can give him. Read on to find the best anniversary gifts by year.

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Why 13 Years of Marriage Calls for a Celebration

Congratulations are in order if you and your husband are celebrating your 13th anniversary. In addition to that, an anniversary gift of husband 13 years is a great idea. After that D-day, the wedding day, what follows are anniversaries. They are ideal ways of commemorating not only the wedding day but also the fact that the union is still intact.

It is not a secret that not everyone gets that opportunity. Some marriages end as soon as they begin. Since yours did not suffer such fate, it is your commitment as a wife to make your husband feel appreciated as well as loved. Fortunately, there are perfect anniversary gifts by year. That’s why this piece highlights the best gifts that you can offer your husband when celebrating your 13th anniversary. Read on!

What are the Traditional 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Due to the different anniversary gifts by year, it can be easy to identify one for your husband. If it is a routine, there are high chances that you know most of the gifts ideal for the 1st up to the 12th anniversaries. The 13th anniversary is no different. You are at liberty to go either the traditional or the modern way.

If you intend to settle for a traditional 13 year anniversary gift for him, the theme is lace. It is the fabric that is not only strong but also beautiful. It demands both premium care and patience. That is exactly what a marriage needs after surviving 13 years and for it to keep flourishing. Equally important, you should choose the right lace anniversary gifts for him. However, it can be a daunting task because lace is more feminine than masculine. For that reason, it may be hard to find the ideal present. Fortunately, we have a few ideas.

You can buy your husband shoes that have laces. Depending on his career and hobby, you can go for sports shoes or working boots laces. There are also chocolate as well as candy laces that are delicious. Jogging pants with drawstrings will also do the trick. That day, it is also the best time to wear lacy lingerie.

This traditional symbol isn't easy to adapt in a gift for a man but instead of bending your mind out of shape trying to think how to, why not go the modern way? In this case, buy textile or faux fur gifts for him as both are modern gifts associated with the 13th year of marriage.

Faux is also known as fake fur. Despite being made of synthetic fibers, it not only looks but also feels like real fur. Its availability is not a problem. Since the manufacturer made them in 1929, they made sure that there was plenty of them in the market by the 1950s. Its production and demand are also snowballing as a result of the campaign by animals’ welfare and rights activists.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to stick to clothing alone. You can also buy stuffed animals or accessories. You can settle for a painting on canvas or a new suit. Fur-lined clothes are also excellent. That includes boots, driving gloves, faux fur collar winter coat or the famous Russian ushanka.

3 Tips on How to Make the Right Choice When Selecting Gifts for Him

Show Your Husband How Well You Know Him After 13 Years Together

An anniversary gift for husband 13 years should be based on what interests him. Since many years have passed from the time you tied the knot, you should know what his interests are. You can base it on his career, hobby or sport. If there is a subject that intrigues him, it can also be the theme of lace anniversary gifts for him.

Therefore, you should think thoughtfully before purchasing one. For example, you could have a memory that means a lot to you. Such mementos that have special significance can make your gift lively. One can also consider an inside joke that your husband can relate to. Do you remember the wine served at your wedding? Well, find it. You can even frame tickets that you bought for a date or event that you would call exceptional. Souvenirs from a fantastic trip are yet another great idea.

It is a Wedding Anniversary so Be Romantic

Regardless of what you settle for, it should be romantic. That is because of the occasion. You can go for a candlelight dinner. Since it is not an easy task, it will show your partner how important they are to you. Candles and music have a way of creating an incredibly romantic scene. Additionally, you should dress well. It is the most appropriate way if you don’t want to dig deep into your pocket. Cook his favorite dishes too.

A bedroom filled with rose petals is also an excellent addition to lace for him. The playlist should be a well-thought one. You should find those songs that define your relationship in the best way possible. If you are a musician or courageous enough, sing a song and record it for him. Another option is a couples' massage. Last but not least, write a love letter. There is a lot of juicy things to write as an anniversary gift for husband 13 years.

Choose a Gift with the Number 13

Source www.etsy.com

For many people, this suggestion comes as a surprise. It is because of the belief that number 13 is an unlucky number. That should not make you shy away from celebrating your 13th wedding anniversary. It is a special day, and nothing should come between you and its commemoration. Therefore, break the norm and get a 13 year anniversary tradition gift that will make sure he remembers it well. Regardless of the tradition, getting a great gift with number 13 remains the best anniversary gift for husband 13 years.

Some of the gestures need an additional gift as well. For instance, you should combine a candlelight dinner with another gift. We have a list of lace anniversary gifs for him. In addition to that, we have textile gifts for him. Continue reading as we unveil the top 10 best ideas to consider buying him at your 13th wedding anniversary.

10 Gift Ideas for Husband on Your 13 Year Anniversary

A Romantic Lace Card

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It would be interesting if your husband received a romantic lace card. Remember that men often forget anniversaries. Nevertheless, the moment he gets this cards written “Keep Calm And Happy 13th Anniversary”, it will be apparent to him the day and its importance as far as your marriage is concerned. Since there are about six cards in the package; you can save others for your friends as they celebrate their occasion.

The heavy duty card stock ensures that it can last for many years. When the two of you are old and grey, he can still look at the card and remember where you have come from. Its black interior possesses masculinity. The dimensions are 5.5 by 5.5 inches which are enough to convey your message. No extra cost for envelops since they are part of the package. It is worth spending on, no doubt. Grab this 3dRose Keep Calm n Happy 13th Anniversary With Lace Photo from amazon.in at ₹1,669 only.

Alternatively, you can make your own card. If you don't have the patience to wait for a card arriving in the mail, and cannot find a good one at the stores near you, pull out your craft material and get to work. A card takes only some paper and a small amount of lace; what you need plenty of is imagination and you can find that online.

Lace Glass

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If you're not a stickler for rules and are open to interpreting the applications of lace, here's an idea you may like. It is an added bonus if your husband loves his drink. This Waterford Crystal Irish Lace Double Old Fashioned, Set of 2 can be a great addition to his home barware collection. You can buy two or more if he invites friends once in a while. Buying a set of 2 for the two of you is also another great choice. It is not only the beverage that matter. What you use to escort it to your mouth is also important. The crystal material boosts its longevity. Its Irish style is another plus. It is among the best lace anniversary gifts by year. You just have to pay ₹15,606 at amazon.in.

Lace Heart Pendant

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This particular anniversary gift for husband 13 years is a Meenaz Gold Plated Alphabet 'A' Letter Heart Pendant Locket with Chain. If his name doesn't begin with the letter A, find another pendant with his initial on it. It can also be appropriate if letter A has a meaning to the two of you. The fact that it is unisex means that you can buy a pair. After all, it is a wedding, which is formed by two people. It is gold-coated hence adds extra beauty to the wonderful ornament. Equally important, it has love symbol to bring out the romantic theme of the occasion. All you need is to visit amazon.in and buy it at ₹149.

A T-Shirt with 13 Year Anniversary Printed On It

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A brand that will not disappoint when it comes to such anniversary gifts by year is Ritzees. They have Unisex Micro Poly Printed White Combo T-shirt for the 13th anniversary. The brand has both men and women sorted. Therefore, you can buy an individual t-shirt or two of them. There is a variety of messages to choose from as well. You can select it depending on the nature of your marriage for the last 13 years.

They have a round neck, half sleeves, and micro poly fabric. Sizes range from 22 to 46 for the collars. The white color together with the black and red prints make them lovely. You should consider them since they are among the best textile gifts for him. If this matches the taste of your partner, you can purchase it from amazon.in at ₹799 only.

Commemorative Anniversary Cushion

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Buy him a pillow that can offer him comfort during relaxation. A perfect one is this Toed Ribbons 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Printed Cushion. The printing will stick for a long time. You get not only a cushion but also inner filling that provides him comfort to the maximum. Artisans handcraft it with vast experience and who have mastered the art of paying attention to details. They also understand human emotions all too well. That way, you achieve your goal of finding the best textile gifts for him. At the same time, your husband gets the perfect thing that he needs after a long day of work. Surprisingly, you can get it for only ₹299 only at amazon.in.

Matching Deodorant

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Who doesn’t love smelling good? Almost no one and there are low chances that your husband is one of them. Perfumes are usually the first choice for fragrance but when you've been married for this long, you know that he reaches for a can of deo more than he does the perfume.

That makes this Ekoz Just Sports Combo For Men & Women deodorant by Arabian Nights Pvt Ltd a great anniversary gift for your husband 13 years. It will help him stay fresh. As a result of that, it will be easy to stay around him for you and his colleagues. Additionally, he will have confidence. Working all day long will be easy as he doesn’t have to worry about sweaty armpits or body odor. And because it comes as a set with one for you, it will be useful to you too.

The rich bottle design, as well as the fresh fragrance family, make it ideal. The smell lasts for long hours. Its capacity is 200ml. Therefore, it will give you value for your money. Can you imagine spending only ₹500? Go to amazon.in for that great deal.


Source www.amazon.in

Since it is a special day, crown your 13th anniversary by offering your husband, this Fourwalls Artificial Polyester and Plastic Chrysanthemum Flower Bunch. Its dimensions are 25 x 25 x 40 inches. The color is orange hence not feminine. It has the power to make any room look naturally beautiful and elegant.

The selection of the material is incredible. The manufacturer has blended plastic and polyester. Under such circumstances, the gift will last for a long time. Due to the various anniversary gifts by year, this Chrysanthemum flower is perfect for the theme. Thanks to Fourwalls you can buy it on amazon.in at ₹300 only.

A Wallet, Key Holder and Pen Set

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Men, keys and wallets are often mentioned in the same statement. If it is not house keys, it is office keys or car keys. That is why this WildHorn Blue Men's Wallet, Keychain and Pen set can be a great anniversary gift for husband 13 years. These will help him organize his keys and money conveniently. The striking blue leather that these are made of will smarten up his appearance as well. In addition to that, there is also a pen which will come in handy. The three items come nicely packed in an attractive gift box and the whole set is available for only Rs.699 on Amazon.

Best Husband Ever Mug

Words are compelling. That’s why this Stylotrendz I Have the best husband ever printed Ceramic Mug is highly recommended for an anniversary gift for a husband of 13 years. It has romantic and sweet words written on it. Any man would be thrilled to read these words on a gift coming from his wife: 'I am absolutely positive that I have the best husband ever.'

It's high-quality ceramic material ensures that it lasts for long. If your husband is a coffee lover, make sure that you take this home. It will make his heart melt. It is also microwave safe. The capacity is 325 ml. That is enough for your man’s daily beverage. Visit flipkart.com and get it at just ₹224.

Citrine Bracelet

For a 13 year anniversary traditional gift, this Citrine Bracelet with Green Aventurine Single Stone Bracelet is another excellent option. It is believed that the stone has healing powers. In addition to that, it is pretty. It is stretchable hence perfect for a surprise since you will not have to ask him about his wrist size in case you throw it away. It is quite subtle and can be easily covered by his sleeves hence he can wear it even on days he goes to work. Choose this precious ornament at ₹399 only from reikicrystalproducts.com.

Colour Check: The Colour Associated with the 13th Anniversary is White

In spite of what you will settle for, it is good to keep in mind that the theme color is white. It is a symbol of both warmth and peace. Therefore, try to stick to it. Nevertheless, it is not essential to consider it only. After all, no police officer will visit your house and arrest you if you don’t stick to that.

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No one likes to get the same thing again and again so why do you think your husband will be excited receiving a shirt or a pair of socks (no matter how cute they are!). If your reasoning is you gave him a polo shirt the last time then your entire concept of gifting needs a major overhaul. Giving him a gift is an act of love, it can bring a spark to your marriage and create new memories. So think really hard about what will impress him and what will make him jump for joy. Because otherwise there really is no point is exchanging presents.