The 10 Best Gifts for Men in 2021 to Impress the Man Who's Hard to Shop for - He'll Think You Read His Mind!

The 10 Best Gifts for Men in 2021 to Impress the Man Who's Hard to Shop for - He'll Think You Read His Mind!

When it comes to shopping for gifts, men are easily the hardest people to shop for. The place to start is just to think about their hobbies and favourite things. Whatever their fave activity is, there's something on this list they're bound to love. Once you've finished stocking up on gifts for all the men in your life, sit back, relax, and wait for the smiles to appear. Now, let’s dive into it!

The Men in Our Lives and Gifts for Them

Getting gifts for the people you love is so much fun. The fun doubles when you see them smile and show it off. Buying a gift for women is fairly easy as there are tons of things, women, like be it clothes, jewellery, kitchenware, makeup and the list goes on but when it comes to men we need to get a little cautious.

You can either get a man the usual gift like everybody else like a wallet, a pen or a belt but finding him something that he loves and will cherish for a long time may be a little challenging but not impossible. The best way is to figure out what he likes and when he gets that one gift that he always wanted from you then he will know how much you actually know about him and care about what makes him happy.

The men in our lives put a lot of effort to keep us happy and safe and it is fair to get a gift that they will adore but the problem is that when you look into their room you may feel that they already have everything they need. This is when this article becomes useful for you as we have compiled 10 great and unique gift ideas that you can buy for them. These gifts will help you add a little more fun to their lives and enjoy them for years to come.

10 Best Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Here are 10 best gift ideas for the men in your life be it your dad, husband, brother, your boss or even your dad in law. It is not as hard as it looks to please them after all.

Mini Photo Printer


Men usually are gadget freaks and love to get their hands on a new gadget to play with. If the man in your life loves to play with electronic toys then getting him a mini photo printer can be a great idea. Men are usually not very talkative but like to cherish the moments they spend with their loved ones and the best way for them to do this is to take a lot of pictures.

This mini photo printer will enable him to print the pictures he likes the most and add them to his collection. This is a Bluetooth wireless printer that supports BT 4.0 connection and can be connected with a PC through a USB cable. It can print, label, list and record and the APP offer tons of fonts and themes to make a pic look professional. It uses advanced thermal printing technology and is environmentally friendly. It is easy to carry in his pocket and use whenever he wants.

It does not need an ink cartridge which makes it cost-effective as well. He will need a phone with Bluetooth, download the software, register the account, turn on the Bluetooth of the printer and the phone and connect the printer to the phone software and he is all set. You can order this excellent gift for him for Rs. 3,999 from and get a mini white printer, a USB cable, 1 thermal paper and a manual.

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

So, your brother just graduated from college and before he starts working wants to explore the world, wants to go on adventure trips. You can't possibly let him go without an essential survival kit. Men love challenges, it feeds their ego and the best gift you can get an adventurous soul is this Adventure essential survival kit.

This kit has all the safety supplies he might need for a small excursion. It is packed in a military-grade aluminum LED flashlight and contains a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers and the best is the waterproof matches. Your brother will thank you for this thoughtful gift and will plan his trip faster than anticipated. You can order this survival kit for Rs. 10,128 from

DROZIP Large Outdoor Fire Pit


If you are looking for a great and unique gift for your dad this Diwali for any occasion then buying him this DROZIP large outdoor fire pit can be a great gift. Dad's love to have their family gather around and enjoy their company, especially during the cold winter days.

A cup of warm coffee, a bonfire and his kids makes a great combination. This amazing fire pit comes with netting constructed with eco-friendly stainless steel and anti heating material. It has a heat-resistant mesh and does not allow the ash or debris to fall out which avoids the mess. It is easy to assemble and sits on a roll-able stand. It can be used on a patio or on a camping trip with ease. You can now plan a trekking trip, barbecue, backpacking, etc with your add and keep everyone warm with it. Upon ordering you get 8 stainless steel legs, 1 steel leg frame, 1 rollable steel mesh and a carry bag all in Rs. 1,490 from

Herculean Foosball Table

Want to surprise your husband with a gift that he can show off to his buddy on his boys' night out then get him this Herculean Foosball Table. Foosball for some reason has been loved by men for ages. The best part of this game is that it does not take too much space and gives the same amount of excitement as the real game. This table is strong and sturdy and made to play roughly on without harming it. It has designer legs and has heavy steel rods that make it durable. You can buy this great gift for the love of your life for Rs. 36,000 from

Heated Ceramic Coffee Mug


If you are looking for a gift for your boss that he can actually use on a daily basis then get this Heated Ceramic coffee mug. Having his coffee while he is buried in a pile of work without it getting cold will make him a happy boss. This is a warm cup holder with uniformed insulation and is very convenient. Its rapid thermal conductivity does not allow it to emit any smell. It uses less electricity and is quite durable and stylish. You can buy this for your boss for just Rs. 1,099 from

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small by Kath Stathers


Have you been struggling in encouraging your father-in-law to go out and have fun in life he spent all his life in providing for the family? Fret not, this excellent book called 'The Bucket List: 1000 adventures big & small by Kath Stathers will do the work for you.

This book is a great gift for people who want to experience the world but don't know where to start. The book recommendations for travellers of all ages, it talks about things like museums, sports, adventure travel, natural wonders or culinary delights. It has more than 300 photos and all the information you need about beaches, islands, restaurants and mountains you want to start your journey. Your dad-in-law will be happy to gather all the information and decide what to do and thank you for the encouragement. You can buy it for Rs. 2,150 from

Unigen Unidock 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Tired of clearing the wire mess around the house that your husband leaves everyday and spends half of his day trying to find his chargers? The solution could be gifting him this UNIGEN UNIDOCK 3 in 1 wireless charging station. This will make his life a lot easier and save him time. It charges Qi-enabled mobile, smartwatch and earbuds. It is also apt for Apple AirPods and uses the most advanced automatic control technology.

It has a built-in safeguard that does not allow overcharging and has voltage protection as well. It comes with a Silicone anti-slip mat and won't let it slid off if his phone vibrates. It also has LED intelligent lights that show when it is on standby mode and when charging. It comes with a one-year warranty and can be bought for Rs. 2,899 from

Metronaut T6 WiFi LED Projector


Getting this WiFi LED projector as a gift for your dad will make his day especially if he is a movie buff. This will allow him to enjoy all his old-time classic movies and that too on a big screen. It comes with a 320X240 resolution and 16:9/4:3 adjustable screen aspect ratio. Its LED diffuse reflection imaging principle prevents eye irritation and it comes with a built-in mini speaker which turns it into a small movie theater in no time. The METRONAUT T6 WiFi LED Projector comes with a built-in YouTube and supports WiFi, HDMI, VGA, AV. You can get it for Rs. 6,998 from and surprise him.

Home Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Holder


Your brother's new found love is beer and you want to get something for him that he has fallen in love with then get him this Homgee Stainless Steel beer bottle holder. This is double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps the drink 20 times colder than any other cooler. The bottle stays in this soft silicone gasket and he will have to unscrew the gasket to remove the can. He can use it for 12ox slim cans and bottles. It is made of stainless steel and is PP, BPA and rust-free. He will love to carry his favourite beer in it to his parties, trips or to game nights. You can buy it for Rs. 1,673

The Flexibell

Has Covid 19 has turned your hubby into a fitness freak, planning out home workouts/ This is a great opportunity for you to get him a gift to make his sessions better, This Flexibell will be appreciated by him for sure and the best part is that he won't have a ton of weights lying around his little workout corner. The Flexibell is a great invention for people who like to work out with weights but live in small places. This one flexibell is equal to 15 different dumbbells weighing from 2.5kg to 24kg. You can simply turn the dial and choose the weight you want to use and the rest of them stay on the station. It is built beautifully and adds class to your exercise corner. You can order it for Rs. 9,999 from

Tips on Choosing the Best Gift for Men

If you are stuck with what to get as a gift for the men in the family or even male friends then here are some tips that can help you. Men like women love to get gifts from their loved ones although most of them do not like surprises. Usually when we buy gifts for men we end up thinking from our perspective but men like gifts that shows them that you understand what they need. They love getting practical gifts.

  • The best way to find a gift for a man is to see if you are buying it for him or buying it because you like it. You might be spending a good amount of money and time to find a gift for him but if he is not interested in it then it will be a waste. So, next time instead of planning a surprise for him gets him something that he really needs or wants.
  • Start with making a list of the things that interest him. Brainstorm and write anything that comes to your mind and then see which suits the best with the occasion.
  • It is easy to find out what men are interested in, they usually boast about it. He may not be an over-spender so avoids buying things that he likes and this is where you get him what he likes the most. It could be career-oriented, related to sports or travel, even cooking, if that is what he likes.
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Support His Dreams

A simple way of determining the ideal gifts for men is to ask yourself whether your recipient needs something. You can ask his friend, wife or girlfriend if there is anything he needs. Another way to select the right gifts for men is to think about the dreams and aspirations of the particular recipient. To ensure you get the right gift, simply think about the hobbies of the recipient or any other causes that he is passionate about and choose a gift that reflects that passion or hobby. The age of the man can also help you determine the best gifts for men to choose.