Is Your Brother Getting Married? 10 Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Brother on His Big Day (2020)

Is Your Brother Getting Married? 10 Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Brother on His Big Day (2020)

Brothers take up many roles in our life- best friends, co-conspirators and also our protectors. Your brother's wedding is the perfect occasion to show him your love and care. Explore cool and interesting gift ideas that will celebrate your bro's special day!

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Why are Wedding Gifts for Brothers an Awesome Idea?

Brothers Love Gifts, Even If They Don't Admit It

Gifting your brother on his wedding might seem too formal, but it is definitely not the case. He might be lowkey expecting a gift from you. Although he might not make it look obvious, he must have already started thinking of what you would get for him. So, it is always a good idea to gift something special to your brother at his wedding. This is an effort that he will certainly remember and he will cherish the gift that you have given him. It would definitely make him happy if you buy a thoughtful gift for your dearest brother.

No Better Way to Show Your Love and Affection Toward Him

When it is your brother’s wedding, there is a lot of things to be taken care of. Needless to say, he is going to be occupied with all the pre-wedding errands and you might not get the chance to express your love and care. Well, why bother when you can show how much you care via an awesome gift! A gift is symbolic of your love for your brother. It will make him realize how much you appreciate him. No wonder your brother is going to be touched when he receives a gift from you at his wedding.

Celebrate Your Brother's Important Day

A gift on your brother’s wedding helps you celebrate his special day. Weddings are all about fun and celebrations and if you show up without a gift it is just not right. Make his day way more special by giving him a suitable gift. Being his sibling, you must be certainly knowing about your brother’s preferences. Use this knowledge to your advantage and give your lovely brother a gift that he will always remember.

Wedding Gifts Give You an Awesome Leverage that You Can Cash in on in the Future

The crazy bond of siblings never fades and it only grows stronger with time. The fact that you gave a gift to your brother at his wedding can be very helpful to you in the future! You can always tease him and ask him for his generous favours by reminding him of your gift. Giving him a gift certainly gives you an upper hand in all the arguments to come. Now those are some brownie points for you if you are looking for ways to get on his nerves. After all, that is what siblings do.

10 Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Parker Combo for Brother

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your brother’s wedding, then this is your pick! This gift hamper has all the essentials that can make your brother feel special the moment he opens it! It has a parker pen that he can use at work and for personal use. It also has a mug with a cute message on it. The hamper also has one Adidas dynamic pulse deodorant that completes it. He will love this thoughtful and sentimental gift from you and will surely be reminded of you every time he uses the products in the hamper. You can shop for the same from for Rs.1,699.

Oval Cage Personalised Photo Frame

Gift your brother with this oval cage personalized photo frame that can be comfortably hung on the wall. The cage has a colourful and vibrant background that adds a vivacious look to the frame. The frame is made of fibre and can be used to frame a picture of your choice. You can give the frame as it is or can add the picture of the couple to make it personalized. This can be a wonderful addition to their living room and maybe their bedroom. Ensure that you upload a picture that has a good resolution. You can shop for this photo frame from for Rs.500.

Lucky Bamboo for Brother

Give this gift to your brother as he starts his married life. The lucky bamboo plant brings prosperity, love, health, and abundance in the house. It has been decorated with a green and yellow rope that spells out “BRO”. It reflects that the gift has been given by a sibling and you can bless your darling brother for the new phase in his life. The bamboo plant is placed in a round glass vase. Overall, it has a peaceful and classy look and makes for an ideal wedding gift for your brother. Shop for this from for Rs.749.

Elegant Multicolor Table Clock

This elegant multicolour table clock adds an aesthetic appeal to any showcase or table. It has a floral and peacock design that adds to its appeal. The kundan and stonework on the classical work make the clock appear elegant. The table clock has been designed to give it an antique look and you can gift this to your brother at his wedding. It comes packed in a white box. Your brother can keep it at his place as a nice decorative piece. You can shop for this from for Rs.850.

Black N Red Watch Case

This black and red watch case make for a perfect gift for your brother at his wedding. It is smart, elegant and very useful. The watch case is made of rexine leather and has a luxurious look. It is very durable. Your brother can store his favourite watches here. The slim look occupies minimal space and fits anywhere. The stylish case is particularly useful to help store precious watches properly away from the environmental factors affecting his watches. You can buy this watch case from for Rs.2,049.

Groom Yourself Boys

This special gift hamper is an ideal gift to give your brother for his wedding. The kit contains soap, after shave lotion, face wash, powder, loofah and shaving cream. It additionally holds two towels grey and blue in color and a high-quality razor. This is indeed a complete kit that you can gift to your brother. These products will be very useful on a daily basis and your brother is going to be particularly thankful to find all the personal care essentials in one place. Make your brother feel special with this gift hamper. Shop for this from for Rs.4,249.

Pure Leather Multipurpose Laptop Office Messenger Bag

If your brother is a professional, a gift of this multi-purpose pure leather laptop bag is perfect. It is ideal for formal use and is made of leather. Your brother can carry it to work and for corporate meetings and the like. It has several pockets wherein all the essentials can be kept with ease. The messenger bag has a long belt that can be used to carry it around. It can also be worn as a sling bag. Give this useful bag to your brother on his special day. You can shop for this gift from for Rs.6,399.

Freshness Redefined Bathing Essentials

This is a specially curated kit of bathing essentials. It helps you relax, enhance your bathing experience and soothe. The bathing essentials kit contains a premium quality bathrobe, Fiama Di Wills men’s shower gel, loofah, and Nivea men all in one face wash. It also has a wooden tray that can be used to place all these products. Your brother can use the products from the kit on a daily basis. All the assorted products are handpicked to make a kit that provides a refreshing experience. You can shop for this from for Rs.2,949.

Special Hamper for Him

Present this awesome gift hamper to your brother on his special day. The hamper has a Herman Hansen Belt and a wallet set. It has a London playboy Vaporisateur spray of 100 ml along with a table top that has a cute message written on it. This is indeed a perfect mix of all the essentials that a man needs. All the products are made from high-quality material and you can gift it to him as a token of how much you appreciate him. He will be really happy after receiving such a useful gift from his sibling. You can shop for this gift from for Rs.5,199.

US Polo T-Shirt with Black Leather Wallet

A classy gift like US Polo Tshirt never goes out of style. It is ideal for anyone with a smart personality. You can choose from the sizes that are available including S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The wallet that comes with the gift is of very high-quality. It also makes for a good showpiece along with the other collectibles. The combo is a perfect gifting option for any occasion. Shop this for your brother and gift it to him at his wedding. You can buy the same from for Rs.3,300.

Bonus Gift Ideas that will Send Your Brother to Cloud Nine

Gift Him an Online Subscription of His Favorite Online Streaming Service

Not all gifts need to be super expensive. You can give something to your brother that he actually has been wanting for a long time. Gift him something unique like an online subscription of his favourite online streaming service. This could be useful to him and he will also enjoy movies with his spouse using the subscription. You can gift him a subscription to Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, JioCinema, and ErosNow. Your brother has a lot of movies and series to choose from. It will be perfect for him as he can also binge watch it with his lady love. Make your gift is unique and memorable by gifting him a subscription.

If You are too Confused, Gift Him a Gift Card

Gift cards are probably the best way of giving someone exactly what they want if you are not sure what to give them. If it is too overwhelming to figure out what to give your brother, a gift card is the best option. You can gift your brother with gift cards from Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart. You can also choose from a wide array of budget options. Your brother can choose whatever it is that he wishes to buy from a variety of options. Be it clothes or electronics, there are a lot of things available on the websites and he can buy anything that he wishes.

Gift Him a Full Expense Paid Holiday or Honeymoon

Being a lovely sibling that you are, it is indeed an awesome idea to gift a travel holiday to your brother. You can pay in advance for all the expenses and can surprise him with a travel holiday! You could also go the extra mile and give him a couple’s holiday trip. This way he will be able to have a great time with his partner. Choose the best location in your vicinity and then make the bookings. However, you should have a rough idea about your brother’s schedule and maybe find it out so that he can actually go on a trip that you have planned for him.

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Gifts to Adorn Your Brother's New Life

During the wedding function, your brother is going to receive many gifts; some of which are sure to be duplicated unless you maintain a wedding registry. When you are getting gifts for your brother, you need to check if your gift is going to be duplicated. If you'd ask us, we would suggest that you gift him something that he can use in his day to day activities. Many couples start their new life in a new home after their marriage. So getting essential household items is an ideal gift. If you are to heed our advice, you need to remember to ask him what is lacking in his new home. Getting an essential gift also avoids strife in case your gift offends your new sister-in-law.