Hunting for the Good Lunch Boxes? 30 Best Office Tiffin Box That Are Great in Terms of Quality, Technology, Looks, and More in 2022

Hunting for the Good Lunch Boxes? 30 Best Office Tiffin Box That Are Great in Terms of Quality, Technology, Looks, and More in 2022

Tiffin boxes are essential as we carry our nourishment for the day when we head to our place of work. It goes without saying that the food needs to be well kept and well preserved so that the dishes remain tasty and the nutrients remain intact. That's why we have found some excellent quality tiffin boxes that would be the perfect carrier for your food to the office. So go ahead and find out!

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Best Office Boxes for a Superior Dining Experience

Bringing your lunch from home can be an economical method to satisfy those pesky hunger pangs while you are away from home and to unwind after a hectic morning session. Choosing the right lunch or tiffin box elevates your dining experience and provides nutrition for the body.

Importance of a Good Office Tiffin Box and Things to Keep in Mind

A lunchbox is sometimes referred to as a tiffin. It is available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are traditionally round and have three or four stacking stainless steel compartments that are tightly sealed with a tight lid and a side clip to prevent any nasty spillages, as well as a handle on top for carrying them. Given below are a few points to highlight the importance of a good office tiffin box.

  • It should be made from food-grade materials
  • Made for light-weight materials
  • The containers should be compact for easy storage
  • The containers should be toxic-free and BPA-free and also made from polypropylene (PP) plastic
  • The containers must possess air-tight and spill-proof lids
  • A good lunch bag that is spacious is required for carrying the containers
  • The containers must be easy to clean and stain proof
  • They should be able to retain both heat and coolness for a considerable amount of time

Best Material for Tiffin Box


Usually, plastic tiffin boxes of good quality are lightweight and easy to transport, while those of bad quality produce some toxicity when heated up.

Thus, one needs to be extremely selective in choosing the right tiffin box. Here is a list of some of the best materials.

  • Stainless steel boxes
  • Glass boxes
  • BPA-free polypropylene (PP) plastic

Best Office Tiffin Boxes in India

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best office lunch boxes for a superior dining experience at the office.

Stainless Office Tiffin Boxes

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials preferred for lunch boxes since they are durable and suitable for everyday use.

1. NanoNine Tiffiny Executive Double Wall Stainless Steel Lunch Box


Everyone craves hot homemade food for lunch after a tiring morning session at the office. Experience freshness and taste just like home using NanoNine Tiffiny lunch boxes. It consists of specially designed double-walled strong and sturdy containers made from sturdy non-magnetic stainless steel. It is also coated with polyurethane between the walls to prevent food heat and nutrition loss. The set contains three boxes with leak-proof lids. Finally, the set can be carried in a specially insulated thermal carry bag that keeps food hot for longer hours. It is stain-proof and can be washed easily. One can purchase this set of three boxes for Rs.1,199 from Amazon.

2. Milton Tasty 3 Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Tasty Lunch 3 Combo comes with 3 stainless steel round containers and a stainless-steel tumbler. The outer jacket is trendy and is made of fine quality fabric for high-grade insulation that keeps meals hot, fresh, and tasty for long hours. The containers are 100% leak-proof and made from food-grade stainless steel and plastic lids to keep your food warm for longer periods of time. The insulated carry case keeps the food warm for hours. The assorted set comes with a capacity ranging from 200, 320, 500 and 380 ml, this enables you to carry a wide variety of foods and drinks. It can be purchased for Rs.634 from Flipkart.

3. Mayatra's Stainless Steel Lunch Box

This stainless steel lunch box keeps your meals and snacks separate without mixing and mess-free. The lunchbox is segregated into numerous compartments and washable lid lines with a silicone ring. The silicone ring prevents food from leaking. It is made of PP material outside and high-quality stainless steel on the inside. It is best for eating healthy meals at work or on the go without having to compromise. The built-in water injection feature makes it easy to heat or cool. Simply add hot or cold water into the bottom basin before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bento lunch box can be purchased for Rs.799 from Idea Kart.

4. Sumeet Stainless Steel Food Pack Lunch Box

Sumeet lunch box is manufactured under strict quality control for maximum safety with the finest stainless-steel material, ensuring strength, quality, and durability. The food-grade stainless steel makes it extremely hygienic, rust-proof, unbreakable, and elegant with its steel-mirror finishing. It consists of a high-quality stainless steel partition plate that offers convenience while having food. It is used for serving pickles, salads and accompaniments. Moreover, it is compact and easy to carry along in any bag. The compact lunch box can be purchased for Rs.507 from Sumeet Cookware.

5. Signoraware Stainless Steel Compact Big Steel Lunch Box


The lunchbox is made from non-cracking, superior quality stainless steel leak-proof containers. The box contains a small container that can be placed within the box. the rectangular box comes with a BPA-free plastic lid that is leak-proof and keeps food fresh for hours. Its compact size fits easily in a briefcase school bag and handbag. The leak-proof and spill-proof compact box can be purchased for Rs.637 from Amazon.

6. Milton Corporate Lunch 3 Stainless Steel Lunch Box

In order to keep your food warm, this variant uses an insulated lunch box with a softer outer layer. It contains two spherical stainless-steel containers that are completely leak-proof. It also includes an oval steel container that is great for storing rice and Rotis. It also includes a stainless steel spoon and fork, which are stored in a dedicated hole in the jacket. This is great for use in the office since it comes with an attractive insulated lunch bag that is easy to carry and store. The corporate lunch box with a bag can be purchased for Rs.495 from Flipkart.

Plastic Office Tiffin Boxes

Earlier tiffin boxes made from plastic were preferred due to their compactness and lightweight feature. However, due to the presence of toxins, they lost their sheen. Thus, a new variant that is made from PP plastic and BPA-free plastic tiffins is preferred as they are toxic-free.

7. Milton BPA Free Executive Lunch Box


The Milton Full Meal 3 Combo lunch box is an excellent alternative for transporting food in a fresh and warm state for extended periods of time. It includes three leak-proof and microwave-safe containers as well as a bottle. The stylish outer jacket skins are elegant plain colours with a hanging string. Inside the jacket, there is a unique place for storing the fork and spoon. It contains four containers that are BPA-free and 100% leak-proof variants. The combo meal containers can be purchased for Rs.510 from Amazon.

8. Getko Leakproof Lunch Box


The branded lunch box contains four isolated compartments with a combination of small and large spaces to store food. Each individual container is locked in place tightly since no other food is mixed with others. The box material is made from toxic-free PP plastic, making it suitable for everyday use. It is accessible to heat since the containers are microwave-safe. They are easy to clean sans any hassles or staining making them perfect for travelling and office. The multi-colour variant can be purchased for Rs.599 from Amazon.

9. Cello Max Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set


The four food storage boxes are made from food-grade plastic that is entirely leak-proof and durable for everyday use. The Cello Polypropylene lunch box is made from scent-free and taste-repelling technology making your food smell fresh and tasty. Additionally, it comes with a sealed silicone lid that is compact and prevents food from spilling. Also, the food containers and the lunch bag come in an assortment of perfect colours. It can be purchased for Rs.699 from Amazon.

10. Monarch Executive Medium Microsafe Steel LunchBox

Signoraware's Monarch microwave-safe food-grade lunch boxes are durable, stackable, and strong, so you will get a lot of usage out of them. The leak-proof containers are also vacuum sealed, allowing you to transport soup, sauces, curry, and condiments safely and securely. The food-grade containers keep food fresh for longer periods of time. They repel odours, taste, and scents thus making your food taste fresh. The three-tier lunch box has stainless steel inner body with virgin plastic outer body containers. They are arranged inside an insulated carry bag that keeps hot for a long time. The three-tier lunch box can be purchased for Rs.760 from Signoraware.

11. Tupperware Thermoware Box Set

The box set comes with spill-proof containers with airtight lids that are best for carrying wet food items such as curries or gravies. The lids comprise prominent protruding that enable easy opening of the lids. The inside of toxic-free plastic containers is smooth. This smooth texture is perfect for storing curries, does not leave a stain, and is easy to clean sans any hassles. It is used for carrying perfect food portions and is the apt one for people on diets. The box set consists of four containers each measuring 120 ml. It can be purchased for Rs.608 from Flipkart.

12. Zanic Plastic Grid Lunch Box


The grid lunch box contains four isolation compartments varying from small to large sizes. This enables to store of various types of foods. The box consists of a leak-proof lid that enables to lock of the lunch box tightly. The plastic divider does not allow the food to mix with each other. The middle food storage layer is constructed of PP plastic, while the lid and exterior bottom layer are made of non-toxic and healthy food-grade PP material. It is simple to clean and dishwasher safe; simply remove the middle stainless steel layer and cover, store food in the outer bottom, and heat in the microwave. It can be purchased for Rs.599 from Amazon.

Glass Office Tiffin Boxes

Glass containers with leak-proof lids are convenient for safety, they significantly reduce the health and environmental impacts. Moreover, new variants come with microwavable features making it easier to reheat food before consuming it.

13. Borosil Glass Universal Microwave Safe Office Lunch Box

The containers can be used as baking dishes in the oven and can be heated up to 400C. It consists of non-porous glass that does not absorb Haldi stains or masala odours and the glass cleans with just a swipe. The silicone gaskets are removable for easy cleaning. These containers are perfect to pack for work, to the gym, or for travel. The leak-proof design ensures that your purse or bag stays clean, and the airtight silicone seal keeps the freshness sealed in, so you can have fresh food anytime. Also, the glass is scratch resistant, so it will look as good as new even after years of usage, unlike other glass which scratches easily. The glass lunch box can be purchased for Rs.1,029 from Flipkart.

14. Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box

The Borosilicate food storage container is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, these containers resist shattering for years to come. It can withstand temperatures of up to 425°C and are extremely temperature resistant too. It comes with a 4-way Snap 'N' Seal locking leak-proof lid that helps lock in fresh, delicious flavors while holding in odors and liquids. Additionally, it features a lid that contains an airtight silicone ring which helps to keep the container leak-proof. The lid is free of plastic and is entirely made from 100% BPA-free materials. Flaunt your lunch with the attractive premium box by purchasing it for Rs.329 from Seniority.

15. Allo FoodSafe Divider Partition Glass Lunch Box


The glass tiffin box is made from 100% food-safe borosilicate glass lunch box. It comes with a lock clip that enables one to simply remove and reattach the lock. It also has a removable silicone ring which makes cleaning the difficult nooks and corners of your glass lunch box just so much easier. The lid consists of a removable silicone ring and 100% pure glass body that makes cleaning of oily food simple. It is an airtight glass lunch box and it is also leak-proof. It will preserve the flavor and freshness of your food for long hours until your lunchtime. The microwave-safe lunch box can be purchased for Rs.649 from Amazon.

16. Femora Borosilicate Glass Container Camel Black Lunch Box


The lunch box is made from Borosilicate glass. The food storage containers are air-tight, leak-proof, freezable, microwavable and oven safe. It consists of smart locking lids with vents that make food warming a breeze. The set contains two glass containers with lids. The insulated bags are designed to transport temperature-sensitive items, protecting them from damaging temperatures, shocks, and light. The quality design contains provisions for bottle storage, and back pockets for storing spoons and other knick knacks. The versatile container can be purchased for Rs.1,25 from Amazon.

17. Treo by Milton Health First Square Glass Tiffin Box

Available in a set of three containers, the round tiffin box set from Treo by Milton is ideal for carrying your lunch to the workplace in style. The boxes in the set are made of transparent glass material, will not absorb gravy stains, and retains crystal-like clarity even after repeated use. These containers are safe to use in a microwave oven. These transparent tiffin boxes have leak-proof lids which bring down the chances of spillage or leakage of the oil or gravies. The lids have a special locking system. The bowls have raised portions along the brim which help in the secure locking of the lids. Finally, the tiffin box set comes with a soft zippered jacket which keeps the food warm for longer durations. It can be purchased for Rs.1,095 from Flipkart.

18. Pigeon By stovekraft Therma Fresh Glass Lunch Box

The lunch box is equipped to be 100% air and liquid tight and it ensures your meals stay fresh every day. It is designed with high-quality borosilicate glass and it is safe for refrigerator and freezer usage. It is specially designed for long-lasting and high-grade borosilicate glass. Also, they are designed with high-quality borosilicate glass and are dishwasher-friendly for easy maintenance. Additionally, it comes with a trendy and sturdy bag which makes it easy and safe for carrying. It can be purchased for Rs.995 from Flipkart.

Electric Office Tiffin Boxes

An electric lunch box is a portable container that you fill with food, plug in at your desk at work for around 30 minutes before eating. This makes the food inside piping hot for consumption.

19. Cello Proton Electric Stainless Steel Lunch Box


Proton 2 Electric Lunch Box warms up your office lunch or dinner to just the right temperature, giving food that is just cooked feel. It consists of two containers that are made from stainless steel. The electric lunch box is packed with an attached cord that can be just plugged in for a superior experience. The stainless box is enclosed with a lid made from PP plastic material that is leak-proof. The bag contains a unique Teflon-coated heating base with an on/off indicator. The electric lunch box can be purchased for Rs.904 from Amazon.

20. Nexx Hott-2 Electric Heating Lunch Box


It contains advanced technology that quickly warms your meal in just 10 minutes. The containers are made from food-grade PP and 304 stainless steel materials making them safe, healthy and durable. The removable stainless steel container is convenient to separate different dishes and very easy to clean. The bag contains LED indicators that give an indication of the heating intensity. It features an in-built main cord winder which is simply the most proficient in getting rid of tangled cords and cables. It provides intelligent technology that monitors temperature that controls voltages and guards against overcooking and short circuits to provide you with maximum safety while charging. It can be purchased for Rs.889 from Amazon.

21. Milton Smart Electric App Enabled Tiffin, Set


Using Milton Smart Tiffin set, just plug in, connect with the WiFi network and let the app do the rest of the work in just 30 minutes. If you are always in a hurry, then schedule a heating time for the entire week through the app as per your routine. A smart feature that enables your tiffin to sense your geographical location and warms the food before your arrival. The thermostat feature of the hotpot prevents the food from overheating and automatically turns off after retaining the heat for 90 minutes. It enables one to warm your food smartly through the app from anywhere irrespective of the distance. Moreover, it is equipped with pressure vacuum lid containers that are 100% leak and spill-proof. The smart lunch set can be purchased for Rs.1,999 from Amazon.

22. Jaypee Plus, Hott line Electric Lunch Box


Jaypee Plus hotline comes with a plug-n heat feature which allows you to plug at your desk or wherever you are to give you hot food in just 30-45 minutes. It has a 45-minute cut-off feature with a led display. This lunch box is made of stainless thermosteel and the outer covering is made of virgin plastic which is BPA-free that keeps your food safe. It has an electric power cord which can be plugged in to heat up its contents. There are three stainless steel containers inside the lunch box, so you can carry various food items in one container. The electric lunch box can be purchased for Rs.1,290 from Amazon.

23. Ecoline Q4 Electric Lunch Box


Power Lunch-Q4 is an innovative product from the Ecoline range, designed to provide a hot, home-cooked meal right into your office. The containers are made from food-grade stainless steel with BPA-free lids with food-safe TPE gaskets. Its electrical heating unit and attached plug are regulated by an ECOTEC temperature-regulated heating unit with ultra-low power consumption. The containers are stored using in a washable fabric pouch. It can be purchased for Rs.1,210 from Amazon.

24. Nayasa Electromate 3 Electric Tiffin


Nayasa Eletromate tiffin box is ideal for the both office and workplace. It consists of three stainless steel containers with rubber grip lifter. The tiffin is fitted with a neon lamp indicator to indicate power whether it is on or off. The box is electric safe due to its shock-proof body, detachable power cord, and provision in lid to store the power cord. Additionally, it has a built-in thermostat for an auto cut-off feature and to ensure safety. This Electromate tiffin reheats food in 45 minutes with low power consumption. It can be purchased for Rs.1,316 from Amazon.

Insulated Office Tiffin Boxes

An insulated lunch box comprises of a soft outer jacket that will keep your food hot for long hours.

25. Homecare Executive Insulated Tiffin Box

A stylish and trendy office stainless steel lunch box with 3 containers with a capacity of 2.0 litres which will keep your food hot and fresh for almost 6 hours. These separate containers save you the effort of using foil to separate the food items. The office lunch box is BPA-free. Along with having a sleek design, it is environment-friendly too. The lid consists of a press mechanism to release steam such that the food doesn’t get soggy due to the condensation of vapours from the hot food. The lunchbox comes with a bag for easy handling. It can be purchased for Rs.2,372.8 from Home Care.

26. Milton Royal 3 Insulated Steel Tiffin Box

This Milton tiffin comes with three stackable containers which can store an assortment of food items to comprise a complete meal. Take your delicious and favourite cuisines with you on the go and keep yourself well-fed at all times with this ergonomically designed tiffin box from Milton. It comes with three stackable containers which can store an assortment of food items to comprise a complete meal. The tiffin container has been designed with a stainless steel inner wall which supports an efficient insulation system to keep your food warm and fresh to the taste. It has a secure locking mechanism that minimizes the risk of spillage. It can be purchased for Rs.1,083 from Kitchen Buff.

27. Vaya Preserve Lunch Kit


Vaya Preserve is made of high-quality materials for consumer food ware. The plastic components are made with a safe Bio-Copolyester that is known to have high chemical and stain resistance. It is also BPA-free and FDA certified. The lunch kit is about 40% lower in weight compared to any traditional lunch box of the same capacity. It can retain heat up to 6 hours and hence keeps food warm and fresh. The bag is reversible and made from neoprene material making it dust-proof and also easy to clean. It can be purchased for Rs.2,870 from Vaya.

28. Home Puff Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Box


Homepuff’s double-walled vacuum insulated food jars are perfect for storing meals to retain the food’s temperature and flavour for long hours. With a compact design and a non-slip, scratch-resistant base, these jars also come with an insulated stainless steel lid that doubles up as a serving bowl. The containers are sweatproof and leakproof. The double-walled vacuum insulation technology keeps contents hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 9 hours. It has a compact and portable design with a non-slip base. It can be purchased for Rs.2,699 from Amazon.

29. Cello Fredo Stainless Steel Double Walled Lunch Box

This product from the famed Cello brand has an inside copper coating for superior heat retention and keeps your food warm and fresh. A very trendy lunch box that comes with a smooth and wide mouth making it easy to handle and clean. It comes with a stylish carry case for portability. The leak-proof containers are ideal for carrying liquids and a variety of other food. It is airtight and seals the temperature inside which keeps your meals fresh and tasty all day long. The lunch box fits comfortably in your office or school bag and is stylish enough to carry. It can be purchased for Rs.3,299 from Flipkart.

30. Borosil Hot n Fresh Lunchbox


Borosil hot n fresh lunch boxes consist of leak-proof containers that are ideal for carrying both dry and wet food items. It contains a double wall vacuum insulated food-grade stainless steel body that keeps your food hot and fresh for up to 8 hours. The lids are fitted with steam vents that are useful for easy opening with an anti-skid grip. The carry case contains side pockets that are used for storing spoons and other items. The lunch box can be purchased for Rs.3,252 from Borosil.

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The lunch boxes come in huge variants of shapes, colours, and sizes. It is, therefore, important for us to decide what kind of tiffin we want to pack and the amount we will consume. The capacity of the lunch box is the main thing to consider while purchasing a new one. You need to ensure how much food this lunch box can contain. Also, focus on how many containers are there in the lunch box. Always think of the design of the lunch box, as it is to decide how much food you can carry. You need to make sure which kinds of design will be better as per your requirements.