Declutter Your Kitchen & Get the Best Out of Your Kitchen's Space: Best Storage Ideas for Indian Kitchens (2021)

Declutter Your Kitchen & Get the Best Out of Your Kitchen's Space: Best Storage Ideas for Indian Kitchens (2021)

These days, we have the likes of modular kitchens, which helps organise the kitchen's space much efficiently. But even then, almost all of us have items lying around here and there, making it difficult to find the accessories and utensils we need when actually needed. Fret not if you have to experience the same, as we bring you some of the best ideas of storage for the Indian kitchen.

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The Heart of a House: Kitchen

The kitchen is one place in the house that is always in use, and people spend a good amount of time in their kitchens throughout the day. We keep all our essentials used for cooking in our kitchens, things like food supplies, dishes, spices, utensils, electronic appliances, etc. Some kitchens even have a dining table in them. You are lucky if you have a huge kitchen because you can store all your things in it easily and move around freely, but if you have limited space in your kitchen, it could at times frustrate you.

These days, people have started to make bigger kitchens at home, but earlier, the kitchens in Indian homes were made in a small corner that did not have enough space to put all the necessary things.

Importance of Proper Storage Spaces in the Kitchen

One needs a lot of planning to store things properly in their kitchens to access them easily. We have tried to compile a list of ways through which you can create or store things in your kitchen neatly but before that, let us look at the importance of creating a proper storage space in kitchens.

  • A properly stored kitchen makes it easy to cook, whereas a cluttered kitchen can cause a lot of stress. If you don't have designated places to put your spices and utensils in the kitchen, you won't be able to find them when needed. A good kitchen is when all the things are neatly stored and are within reach, plus your countertop has enough space for you to prepare food.

  • Kitchen has many things that can be dangerous if you are not careful enough, especially if you have little kids. A kitchen with less or no place with many shelves, cupboards, stools, etc., can cause you or your kids to trip and get hurt, not to forget, burns while cooking. A neat and adequately stored kitchen reduces fire hazards and avoids accidents. It keeps you and your family safe and lets you cook in peace.

  • People spend a lot of time in their kitchen, and if they are not able to be productive while cooking, it may cause them to stress out or not be able to prepare food in time. If your kitchen has proper places to store everything, you will feel happy to work in it, and others would feel welcomed in your kitchen.

  • If you are a creative person, you can easily create great storage places in your small kitchen. There are end numbers of bins, jars, containers, turntables, etc., available in the market that can help you out in creating perfect storage places for everything.

  • A well decorated and carefully stored kitchen makes your kitchen as well as your home appealing. It increases the value of your home in case you plan to sell it. In general, women like to buy houses with proper kitchens with ample storage place in them; therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in storage utilities for your kitchen.

  • An undeniable benefit of having a well stored and planned kitchen is that it saves a ton of time. If you have a dedicated space for everything in your kitchen, it will be easier for you to place the things right where they belong after each use and to find them the next time without wasting any time.

Practical Kitchen Storage Ideas for Indian Kitchens

Having Handy Spice Jars


Food in India is prepared by adding a variety of spices in it. To be an efficient cook, you need these spices within reach. It can become a hassle to look for them in a cluttered kitchen when preparing a meal.

One should keep these spices sealed in airtight containers to avoid getting them stale. The best way to keep these jars of spices in the kitchen is to put them in small labeled jars/bottles so you won't have to search for them in the middle of cooking food. You can place these jars on your shelves close to the stove to reach them when needed.

These spice jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily available in the market. You can check out the Ginoya Brothers Square Spice jars. These jars come with different openings to pour the exact amount of spices when needed. They are made with thickened glass and are quite durable. You can buy these jars in a pack of 10 for Rs. 499 from

Plan Out Ample Wall Mounted Shelving


No amount of shelves are enough to store things around the house, and when it comes to a kitchen, they are the most important storage place. They can be mounted anywhere on the wall you need them. These shelves come in various sizes and shapes; therefore, you can easily choose the one best for your kitchen. They keep your things out of the way and keep the kitchen counter clean.

You can easily put your spice jars, dishes, pottery, etc., on these shelves and make your kitchen welcoming. This wooden kitchen wall shelf from WOODKARTINDIA is a 3-Tier + 1-Tier Kitchen Shelf, big enough to be used as a jar stand, baker's rack, or spice rack in your kitchen. The rack can be easily assembled at home, and you can clean them with a damp cloth when dirty. This storage shelf can be bought for Rs. 999 from

Keep a Separate Pan Organizer


Having different-sized pans is an essential utensil in a kitchen. It would be best if you had these pans for making all sorts of dishes, but the most challenging part of having a number of pans is to store them. Since they come in so many different shapes and sizes, it isn't easy to keep them on a shelf or a drawer. It would help if you bought a pan organizer for your kitchen to save space and time for dishing out the right pan each time you need it.

Having a pan organizer makes life so much easier as you can easily stack your pans in a corner without taking up too much space in your drawers, which you can use to keep other things. Check out this MR 1 Metal Pot Pan organizer. This durable and sturdy pan organizer is made of iron and can store up to 5 pans. It keeps them separated, which prevent them from scratching each other. This pan organizer can be bought for Rs. 599 from

Ensure Sufficient Pantry Space for Groceries


If you are one of those people who go shopping crazy during sales, then the next storage idea is just for you. We Indians love to stack up on our spices in bulk, especially when they are on sale but find it hard to store them without creating clutter in the kitchen. The best way of storing these spices, ready to cook food and other items, is to install a tall pantry in the kitchen.

You can easily keep your jams and pickles in it until you open them. These pantries are one of the best ways to store food items in the kitchen. One of them is the Tall pantry Solid base basket, which can hold up to 60 kgs of weight at a time. It comes with 12 baskets, which provides ample space for all the extra shopping you do to save money. You can easily have a moving shelf installed in your kitchen corner and place these baskets in it. This will give you a lot of extra space and make your kitchen look very modern. It comes in two sizes, i.e., 450mm and 600 mm. you can buy the 450mm sized baskets for Rs. 34,842 from

Hang What You Can

If you seriously want to save some space in your kitchen, start hanging everything with a handle like mugs, pans, serving spoons, etc. It not only saves space but makes your kitchen very stylish. Hanging your everyday needed utensils makes them easy to reach and keeps them dry as well. You can install quirky wall hooks that come in tons of shapes, designs, and sizes. You can try using wooden hooks or metal hooks to give your kitchen a vintage look. Check out these Raga ceramic wall hooks.

These beautifully designed hooks can be put up on walls, under your shelves, and you can hang anything you want on them. It will add some style and colour to your kitchen as well. These hooks are available for Rs. 390 only on

Keep a Cutting Board Organizer

Another vital and handy tool in a kitchen is the cutting board, but you'll almost always find them lying somewhere on a shelf. Most of the time, you end up cutting your vegetables without a cutting board just because you cannot find it when you need it. These cutting boards come in various shapes and sizes. Experts recommend buying different cutting boards for vegetables and meats to avoid any infections, but the question that arises is where to store them?

Check out this Under cabinet cutting board storage rack. Hanging this rack under your shelf can be a great space saver and keep your kitchen looking clean. This rack is made with high-quality iron and is durable. You can easily mount it on the wall without having to drill or putting a nail on the wall. You can store your cutting board on it and keep wraps, cleaning products, etc., on it comfortably. It can be bought for Rs. 3,316 from

Buy a Chakla Belan Stand


An Indian kitchen is incomplete without a Chakla Belan. Most Indian dishes and curries are eaten with rotis, puris, and parathas that can't be made unless you use a rolling pin and its board. Chakla Belan comes in various sizes and shapes, and you can find them in different materials like wood, stone, and even metal. They are usually bulky in size and heavy, which leaves very few options to store them in. You can try out the Chakla Belan Stand for this purpose. This is one of the most useful storage items made in India as it can be mounted on a wall where you can easily put in your board and pin on it.

This lifetime wire product Chakla Belan Stand can be used on one of the walls in your kitchen. It is a compact stand and can be mounted on a wall. It is made of premium stainless steel with chrome plating, which makes it look elegant and durable. It can hold around 10 kg in weight. You can buy this stand for Rs. 448 from and save a whole lot of space on your kitchen counter.

Make Use of Fridge Bins


A fridge is one of the most important appliances in a kitchen, which holds everything from leftover food to vegetables, milk, and eggs. We often keep things in it, and it gets pushed in the corner and ends up rotting. To avoid this situation, you can use fridge bins. These are transparent bins which can be placed in the fridge to store your things in it. It will also prevent you from keeping your jams and pickles on the counter since you'll have enough space in the fridge.

The RD mall containers for the fridge come with drain plates to drain excess water from washed vegetables and keep them dry. It fits in almost all the refrigerators, freezers, and even in cupboards. It will make your fridge neat and spacious. You can buy these bins for Rs. 399 each from and declutter your fridge!

Tuck Away Appliances


Another good way of creating space in your kitchen by storing things properly is to tuck away your appliances. We have several appliances in our kitchens like a mixer, oven, microwave, toaster, grill, etc. You may see them on the countertop of most of the kitchens, which takes up a lot of space. The best way to have them in your kitchen without taking up a lot of space is to store them in pull out shelves below or above the counter. You can also add electric sockets close to it so you won't have to take them out to use them. It will make your kitchen look tidy all the time.

Install a Cabinet Door Organizer


Most of us have many cabinets in our kitchens, but we don't know how to utilize them to the fullest. You can not only store food items, spices, jars, utensils in these cabinets, but you can also use its door. You can use a cabinet door organizer and hang them on the door of your cabinets. You can store a variety of things in it and hide them just by closing the cabinet door. The NAOE cabinet door organizer is made with good quality metal and has a white finish to it. You can easily assemble it and hand it on the door. Buy it for Rs. 585 from

Other Useful Hacks to Store Things in Your Kitchen

Some other useful and innovative ideas for storing things in your kitchen are:

  • Put up hooks everywhere in the kitchen. These hooks can be bought in different sizes and colours and transform your dull kitchen into an attractive one. You can easily hand your kitchen towels, aprons, mugs, spoons, etc., on them a save a lot of space.

  • If you have been throwing away the used cans, then stop! You can use them to store your teaspoons, knives. You can drill a hole in them and hang them on the wall or the shelves. If you have a creative hand, you can paint on them and make them look attractive.

  • If you have a window in your kitchen, then you can use the window sill as a storage space. You can put small plants on it and make your kitchen look lively. You can also store your cookbooks on it or put the tins we talked about on point 2.

  • We all have those office organizers sitting in our homes, which come as gifts from friends or co-workers. You can use them to store small things lying around in the kitchen.

  • Another creative way of making storage space in the kitchen is to hand a pegboard. Instead of putting up shelves to hold everything in the kitchen, you can place pegboards and hang your things on them. It makes it easy to hang all sorts of different dishes, spoons, etc., on it.

  • If you don't have enough space in your kitchen to put a dining table in it, you can install a fold-down table. You can place them on a wall, in front of a window, open it when needed, or leave them closed.

  • You can also use the top of your fridge and the sides as a storage space. Place bottles and jars on the top and use a cloth hanger that has pockets on the sides to put your cookbooks and other knick-knacks in it.

  • Let us not forget about storing our knives. You can use a magnetic knife rack. You won't need to keep your knives on the countertop anymore. Simply stick them to the wall with magnetic racks!
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