If You're Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Boss, Look No Further Than a Pen. Choose from Our Selection of Luxury and Budget Pens as a Gift for Boss (2020)

If You're Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Boss, Look No Further Than a Pen. Choose from Our Selection of Luxury and Budget Pens as a Gift for Boss (2020)

Have you ever wondered why pens cost differs from a very low price to extremely high? The pen is something which seems very simple but actually it's not. The best part about pens are, they can be gifted to anyone, from family to friend, from lover to boss. It fits everywhere. But before buying a perfect pen, proper knowledge about the pen is needed. Here BP-Guide, we are suggesting you some of the best pens available in the market of every range. Just in a single click, you can get these pens and for bonus, we have also given tips before choosing any pen.

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Why is Pen Gift for Boss an Awesome Idea?

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A gift says a lot about the recipient and also the giver. You can see the means of gifting being abused, and falling back on the regulars like watches, jewellery, gadgets and whatnot. However, if you are looking to add some value go for pens. Fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, Different colours, materials, styles, the options are endless. You can buy pens at any price range starting from Rs.100 to Rs.50,000 and beyond.

While you have wonderful possibilities when it comes to pens, is it really a good idea? We say it is! A pen embodies intelligence. You are recognizing the vital role the person plays in your life or career and respect him/her for it. For a writer, pen indicates creativity and an unhindered flow. Pens can also symbolise a new phase in life or a new era depending on the circumstances.

Considering all the above factors, don't you think a pen is an awesome gift for your boss? Pens are also practical and useful. It leaves a lasting impression, especially if it is personalized with your boss’ initials. Still think it’s not enough, Look for gift sets that have a wallet or a personalized keychain along with a pen. We’d suggest a fountain pen for your boss, even if he carries one or not.

Luxury Pens are Really a Thing: 5 Fitting Pen Gifts for Boss

Good quality, fluid pens are really a thing of luxury. While you can get good pens at all ranges, the pricier the pen is, the better the quality and the material are. They balance oh so perfectly and facilitate you to write for long without hurting your hands. And we are not talking about gold, diamond-studded pens, Pens with clean lines and perfect weight distribution definitely cost as much.

Windsor Matte Black Fountain Pen

A classic, timeless design from the Italian penmakers, the Windsor Matte Black Fountain Pen is everything you desire in a pen. Fashioned from black resin, the pen comes with black ruthenium trims and a fitting tassie. With a black finish, the pen is topped with a 14k gold nib. The nib, itself is medium-sized and is handcrafted. The built-in piston style ink filling mechanism is robust and highly effective. The pen showcases a lasting build with strong lines and clean-cut. Costing you Rs. 22,000, the pen is worth every penny you spend. It is available to buy at William Penn.

Waterman Perspective Black With Chrome/Silver Trim Ballpoint Pen

A fountain pen while being regal is not for everyone. But a ballpoint pen is used by everyone. And if it’s one by Waterman, just grab it for your boss. A contemporary design with a deep black body and chrome trims, the pen is the epitome of elegance, ergonomics and innovation. Waterman’s typical two-pronged, jewelled clip just tops it. The stainless steel nib adds to the comfort and delivers a divine uninterrupted flow. As usual, the pen is presented in a Waterman gift box embellished with Waterman logo. The Parisian pen maker’s Waterman Perspective Black With Chrome/Silver Trim Ballpoint Pens are exquisitely crafted bringing together luxury and comfort, giving you the ultimate experience. But it comes at a cost of Rs.12,563. Buy yours from iBhejo.

Montblanc John F. Kennedy Special Edition Ballpoint Pen

Luxury thy name is Montblanc! Beautiful, elegant and conservative, that’s Montblanc Pens. They last long and are even handed down as heirlooms, so long is their lifetime, if handled carefully. If you are looking to impress your boss, go for Montblanc John F. Kennedy Special Edition Ballpoint Pen with your eyes closed. But you need an unlimited pocket, that would take a hit of Rs. 54,000, the price of the luxury.

The special edition pen, celebrates John F.Kennedy, the historical figure. The pen carries small and specific references to the man himself. The blue resin pays homage to JFK’s time in the US Navy. Likewise, the three platinum-coated cap rings refer to his three brothers. The pen is part of a limited edition of numbered pens and as such, is a rare collector’s item. Wrapped in an individual box, the pen is available to buy at William Penn. The website William Penn, also offers you a personalization experience for this pen

Sheaffer Ferrari 300 9503 Fountain Pen

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Is your boss a Formula 1 enthusiast? If so, we have the perfect gift for your boss, something that doesn't empty your pockets. Teaming up with Ferrari, Sheaffer has launched the Sheaffer Ferrari 300 9503 Fountain Pen. Inspired by the Ferrari racing car, the pen also features a shiny red finish and a svelte design. The nickel-plated chrome trimmings add to the graceful look. Just like the team, the pen also delivers an exceptional writing experience. Priced at Rs.4,640, you can buy it from Amazon India. The pen comes packaged in a luxury Sheaffer gift box along with two cartridges and 1 piston convertor.

Hugo Boss Formation Grained Black Ball Point Pen

Chances are you would have owned or at least heard about the brand Hugo Boss. Synonymous with luxury goods, the brand also has a range of writing products aimed at providing a refined and smooth writing experience. The pen itself has a soft and grainy texture with a look of sophistication. The cap is made of a series of barrels followed by chrome rings. The modern look of the pen makes for a sleek and classy feel. The Hugo Boss Formation Grained Black Ball Point Pen costs you Rs.7,000 at William Penn with an option of personalization.

Great Pens That Fit a Lower Budget

India has quite a lot of budget pens offering a standard as smooth and refined as the luxury pens. The brand, Parker which once held a status up high is affordable and is favoured by many as is Pierre Cardin. So, if you don't have a big budget, worry not, You still can impress your boss.

Personalized Pierre Cardin Gift Set

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Flair Writing Industries Limited, a leading manufacturer of writing instruments has the lead on the budget pens. Pierre Cardin, a stylish and sleek pen with a gleaming black finish and gold trims is the personification of grace and elegance. With a medium-sized nib, the pen gives you a luxurious writing experience. Fitted with a converter, the pen comes in a velvet-lined gift box along with 4 ink cartridges. Available for Rs.695, Pierre Cardin Gift Set can be bought and personalized at IGP.

Parker Aster Matt Bk GT Roller Ball Pen

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Similar to ballpoint pens, rollerball pens give you fluid and beautiful writing experience. Made by Luxor for Parker, the pens feature a contemporary design with a touch of flair. With a matte-finish metal body barrel and gold-plated trim, the pen emphasizes elegance and grace. The cap is also black with the typical Parker clip. The metal body accounts for a heavy pen but that should not hinder your writing in any way. It has a rollerball tip which accounts for smoother writing when compared to a ballpoint. Priced at Rs.1,100, buy the Parker Aster Matt Bk GT Roller Ball Pen from Luxor India.

Rudi Kellner Blue Diamond Fountain Pen

Completely different from the sleek pens we had for you, is the Rudi Kellner Blue Diamond Fountain Pen that features a retro look and feel. With a classic black cap, the pen has diamond-cut lines all along the body. The clip is a standard chrome clip with a sparkling blue diamante stone. The premium quality medium nib glides on the paper making your writing experience a pleasurable one. The pen comes with 6 ink cartridges and an ink converter. Perfect for everyday use, the pen is available to buy for Rs. 400 at Paisa Wapas.

Pelikan Style Fountain Pen

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While being on the higher range than the other pens in the budget section, the Pelikan Style Fountain Pen is easily a must-have. A perfect example that price doesn't matter when it comes to good pens, It’s the quality and the reputation that matteRs. Tastefully designed with a modern touch, the pen is a mixture of hard and soft materials. The body consists of a basic window to check on the ink level. The pressure-resistant stainless steel nib gives you stress-free writing. The pen is quite good looking and can be used with cartridges and converteRs.Available for Rs. 2,275, the Pelikan Style Fountain Pen can be bought online at Amazon India.

Pilot White Tiger Roller Ball Pen Blue

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Did you ask for more Rollerballs? Here you go, the perfect one just for you. The Pilot White Tiger Roller Ball Pen, crafted with a touch of exotic accent, the pen is the epitome of beauty and finesse. The sleek and smooth pen is perfect for everyday use and can take quite the usage due to its brass barrel. Balancing out the weight is the brass cap. The pen has a silver matte finish. With stainless steel accents, decorating the middle band is the white tiger stripes. It comes in a black gift box with a Pilot G-2 gel ink cartridge installed. Buy it from Luxor for Rs. 1,200.

Pen Gift for Boss - Tips to Make it a Success

Giving a pen seems to be a normal gift but it's not as simple as it looks. While gifting a pen also one needs to think before buying a pen gift. The pen gift can be given to anyone but the person matters the most. A perfect pen has to be given to a particular person. Here we are suggesting some of the very important points which one need to take care before gifting pen.

Gender Matters

Don't scream sexism when we say gender matters when you buy a pen gift for the boss. While there is no gender stereotyping when it comes to pens, it is the slight details like the pen size, type and the necessity that makes the difference. When it comes to women it is better to go for slim and sleek pens. They are comfortable to hold and don't strain their hands. Moreover, they give more of a feminine vibe. Not to mention they are lighter than their counterparts, the chunkier pens.

But it plays right opposite when it comes to men. They prefer chunkier pens with a big barrel which are heavier as a result. The chunkier pens are easier to hold in their large hands. In addition to that, you might also want to keep an eye on the style and the colour of the pen. While men go for solid colours like black and silver with a smooth finish, women might go for a feminine look. Leading brands like Parker have rose gold pens catering to women.

Play to Their Style

Pens can also be a fashion statement, a subtle expression of their inner selves, especially if they are carrying it daily. It can also be an easy indication of our preferences and style. It’d be good if you didn't underestimate pens. You can get pens suiting every personality and trend, be it bohemian or classy or glamorous or modest or artistic, you can find a pattern and colour that goes with their personality.

Engrave it If Possible

Everyone loves a personal touch to the gift. And that makes the gift truly special. Engraving can be subtle like on chrome-finish pens or bold like on lacquered pens. And always go for initials, a sentence or the full name detracts from the beauty of the pen. Most sellers offer personalization but do check for if the pen is suitable for engraving. Finally, go for a contemporary stylized font since it is a personal gift.

Keep the Profession in Mind

Pens are an extension of the self and have to be chosen depending on the profession as well. Someone with an air of authority would go for solid dark colours, chunky barrel and simple lines. This gives a professional vibe. But if you are gifting a pen to someone who has to write for long periods of time at a stretch, comfort should be the first and primary concern. When it comes to someone in the art world, the pen would be a showcase of their eccentric nature and should be selected with that in mind. But if the pen is most likely to stay in handbags or carried everywhere, a ballpoint pen would be the better choice.

The Tiny Tech Details

After covering all the superficial factors, don't ignore the finer technical details, like the fill type and nib. When it comes to ballpoints and rollerballs, it is pretty much straight forward. But, fountain pens are not so. Fountain pens can accept both cartridges and bottle-inks. Most pens nowadays have features of both types. Make sure the one you get is of the same. And also, that the pens accept cartridges from other brands. If not, they should come with a converter at least.

The nib size, though, varies for everyone. Not everyone goes for the same nib size. But if you are a beginner, go for a medium nib. Smaller the nib, finer the writing but less smooth. “Medium” is the most famous type to go for but there are those who prefer “Fine” nib too. Then again, it depends on personal choice and comfort too.

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Always Take Care About Choice and Need

A Pen seems to be a very normal gift but it's not. Before gifting, try to have knowledge about the choice of your boss. After getting an idea about the boss's taste, gift something relevant. Make sure you gift this pen with proper packing and a proper smile on your face. In addition, you can a notepad too or there are pen sets in the market with additional accessories, you can always opt for them. Happy gifting.