Awesome Techniques To Keep Your Refrigerator Smelling Fresh! Do Away With Bad Odours By Learning How to Deodorize Your Fridge with These Great Hacks (2021)

Awesome Techniques To Keep Your Refrigerator Smelling Fresh! Do Away With Bad Odours By Learning How to Deodorize Your Fridge with These Great Hacks (2021)

We may often forget all about cleaning our fridge except when it suddenly starts smelling strange. Retain the freshness and keep the fridge smelling great is easy and does not take much time. Here is a comprehensive guide that tells all the different ways to keep your fridge selling great at all times. Learn of some of the home products you can use as well as how to deodorize a fridge effectively.

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Keep the Fridge Clean: A Forgotten but Important Task

Your refrigerator is a critical necessity for your house. You can keep the perishables and the packaged food items all at one place. It will also help you to categorise the various food items together and keep them fresh. However, it must also be cleaned regularly; else a bad smell could build up that can cause a severe embarrassment when there are visitors in the house.

Understandably, cleaning the house is an exhaustive task in itself. If the refrigerator is added as an activity, it could be a heavy task for you. However, there are several easy hacks that you can undertake to clean the fridge regularly. It will help to keep the foul smell away. In this article, we will discuss some of the easy hacks that can help to deodorise the fridge.

How to Deodorize your Fridge: Keep your Fridge Smelling Fresh Using These Easy Techniques

Use Vinegar

Naturally your refrigerator will have different types of food stored – some may be raw, or some others may be packaged food. Some of them may be kept for a long time leading to foul odour from the fridge. One of the ways to get rid of the odour is by using vinegar that can neutralise the bad smell. You may keep a bowl of fresh white vinegar in the fridge to neutralise any odour.

You may also use the vinegar to wipe the racks and other fixed parts of the fridge after turning it off for some time. While using vinegar, you may add some warm water too. It can be done before filling the fridge back with the food you need to refrigerate.

Use Baking Soda

It is necessary to keep your house free from odour. However, you may remain unaware of the smell that may emanate from your fridge. How can you deodorise it if it happens? You can use baking soda that you may get at any grocery. It can mask off a bad smell. You may take a bowl and pour some baking soda. Just place it in the fridge and keep it for a few hours. There will be no foul smell anymore.

Another ways is to mix hot water with two spoons of baking soda and use a sponge or a dry cloth to clean the different parts of the refrigerator. If there is any residue of food that may have dropped, you can apply a baking soda paste and keep it for some time. Then scrub it away, and there will be no odour.

Lemons are Useful to Battle Odours

Lemon juice is also known to help a lot in cleaning and masking off a foul odour. You may just cut a few pieces of lemon and leave it in the fridge. After some time, you will find the bad smell is no longer there. Instead, there will be a fragrance of lemons. It is because citrus juices can help to freshen the fridge. You can soak cotton balls in lemon juice and wipe the interiors periodically.

For the long term, you may cut a few slices of lemon and place them in a bowl or dish. Then, sprinkle around two spoons of salt on the pieces of lemon. Also, you may add a few spoons of baking soda and keep it aside for a few days. You will be startled by it's deodorising properties..

Remove Food Causing the Odour

One of the reasons that bad smell comes out from the fridge is that we do not check the food items that we put in the refrigerator. Most of the things are perishable, and we must consume them within a few days. Some of the packaged food items must also be had within the requisite time; else they will get spoilt and lead to a bad smell. You must check the fridge regularly and remove the spoilt items. You may check the "use by" date to ascertain the packaged items that must be removed.

The fruits and vegetables must be placed in racks so that they are in front of you. If you put them in the drawers, always remember to consume them faster. If you keep leftovers in the fridge, always remember to finish them early and not leave them for a long time.

Do Not Allow Build Up of Odours

It is essential not to allow foul odours to emanate from the fridge in the first place. You can keep odour removers on the shelves. A mix of baking soda and vanilla can help you. Other options are a small bowl of white vinegar and dried coffee. You must also use airtight containers to store different food items. Else you may find that it would be unbearable for you when having it.

It becomes necessary to clean the fridge at regular intervals. Just turn it off and remove the food items. Then you can use soapy water and use a dry cloth or sponge to clean the whole fridge and leave it to dry. You must also ensure that the temperature of the refrigerator is ideal for keeping the food items fresh. If the temperature of the fridge is warm, it may lead to rotting of the food. That can lead to a bad smell.

Using Baking Soda and Essential Oils

We have discussed some of the ways to keep the fridge clean and prevent a foul odour. You may also use a few DIY items that can help you too. All you have to do is to take a bowl and add some baking soda. Also, add a few drops of the essential oil - any kind that you like, for example lemongrass. While there is no specific ratio for the baking soda and the oil, it is suggested that you use three drops of oil for every half a cup of baking soda. Now, you must mix the oil with the baking soda thoroughly and put it into a jar and place it in the fridge.

Use Readymade Fridge Fresheners for Easy Odour Removal

Vamsha Fridge Freshener

If you are looking for a simple and no-frills fridge freshener, then the Vamsha fridge freshener can be an option for you. It uses a combination of bamboo carbon along with natural zeolite that combines to remove the ethylene gas and enhance the shelf life of the perishable food items. It can also absorb the foul odours and remove any harmful bacteria associated with the foul smell. It is ideally kept near the fruits and vegetable units that are more prone to release a foul smell.

The product can be freshened by placing in the sun for a few hours. It is a long-lasting product and can usually work for around six months. A twin pack of the freshener weighing 40 grams each is priced at Rs. 330 on Flipkart.

Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh

The Arm & Hammer brand is known for its baking soda, and as we have mentioned earlier, baking soda is known to mask a bad smell very well. This product is among the best fridge fresheners and is convenient for users too. It comes in a suction cup that allows the user to place it anywhere they wish. It comes in a compact container and is not like the other products that use baking soda as the base.

A pack of four each weighing around 122 grams cost Rs. 2,999 on Amazon.

GreenTech Environmental Pureair Fridge Purifier & Odor Eliminator


This product from GreenTech allows your food items to stay fresh for a long time. It also prevents the food from getting spoilt by keeping it fresher. The product comes with a lithium-ion battery that can last for around 18 – 24 days at a time. The product can also get charged easily overnight. It also helps in ionisation that helps to kill the bacteria and keep the food items as fresh as before. The product can also get rid of the ethylene gas that can ripen the vegetables and fruits faster. It is a convenient product that has no filters and works better than baking soda. One of its unique features is that it can oxidise the residues from pesticides.

It is available at Rs. 9,943 on Amazon.

Remodeez Refrigerator Deodorizer


Activated charcoal is another masking agent that can help to deodorise your fridge. It is the ingredient that is used by this product from Remodeez. It is made from activated charcoal taken from coconut husks. This product is known to be more effective in deodorising your fridge. It can also remove smells caused due to chemicals within a short time. It is safe to use and does not contain any toxins. The container has a dual lock mechanism, and it can be attached to any place in the refrigerator.

It is priced at Rs. 2,698 on Amazon.

NonScents Refrigerator Deodorizer

This product from NonScents is known to be a fast smell remover and is among the best fresheners too. It can remove the bad smell within a matter of a few hours and keep the fridge fresh. It is made from safe materials and is non-toxic too, so you can be assured that there is no harmful effect on the food. It comes in a spill-proof box that you can carry with you. It is a good product though has a bleach-like odour that may create a problem for a few people.

It is available at Rs. 3,249 on Desert Cart.

Use These Tips to Keep the Fridge Clean and Remain Smelling Fresh

Keep Similar Items Together

It is useful if you keep similar items together. This way, you can keep a better watch on the freshness of the items in the fridge. The perishables must be checked frequently, and if they are together, it will be easier for you to use them daily too. You will be able to plan the meals accordingly. If you keep similar items together, it will remove the clutter from the fridge too. You can also find the food items quickly and do not have to search around for a long time.

Remove the Old Items

It is needed for every family to clean the fridge at regular intervals. Ideally, it can be done on the weekends before they go out to the grocery. If you keep similar items together, it will be easier for you to check whether the items are still fresh or not. It will be easier for you to check to "use by" date and dispose of those that are passed the date. You must also check whether the other perishables like the meat, fruits and vegetables are still fresh or not. If you feel otherwise, you must remove them from the fridge. You should check every day the amount if such perishables that are remaining and use them in your daily menu.

Wipe the Containers

You must place the jars together and wipe them regularly to ensure that there are no juices or jams on the sides of the jars. The stains can accumulate on the sides of the jars and can lead to a bad smell in no time. It Is better that you wipe the inside of the fridge as well regularly. You can use soap and water to clean the refrigerator.

You may also place fridge mats to prevent the floor of the levels from getting soiled. The kids may insist on taking the food out from the jars and spill some of it. The fridge mats will prevent the fridge from getting soiled. It will be easier for you to take these mats and clean them. You can also use baking soda and lemon juice along with water.

Label the Racks

We have already discussed why you must keep similar things together. It would help if you placed them in small baskets or containers. It will be easier for you to pull them and search for the required food items. You can label the doors that will make it easier to locate the food items that you have placed there. You can also quickly find the shelves that you have to check for the freshness of the items.

You can also label the baskets that will be more convenient to understand which portions in the fridge will require immediate cleaning. To do this, you must keep in mind the time when you had bought these items. If they are in the refrigerator for a long time, the perishables are bound to get spoilt.

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Clean And Lingering Refrigerator Scents

One of the main reasons why fridges smell, is because of the dis-organization of the many foodstuffs kept. With so many foodstuffs kept in a disorganized way, you might not know what foods have expired, causing foul smells. You should, therefore, take the time to once in a while clean your fridge and since this may be a tasking endeavor, you should organize the fridge, to avoid spills and know what items have expired. This way, you won't have to keep on cleaning the fridge all the time and you will be able to maintain a clean fridge.

While there are food items that are highly perishable and though still have to be refrigerated, you will need to employ the use of a fridge deodoriser to do away with bad smells and keep the fridge smelling fresh all through. Some of these handy products have been aforementioned and you can even use some handy home products such as baking soda, to help clean and deodorise your fridge.