It Can All Come Down to the Gifts Given at Corporate Events as Those Go Home with Attendees: Make the Right Impact with 10 Gift Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event (2019)

It Can All Come Down to the Gifts Given at Corporate Events as Those Go Home with Attendees: Make the Right Impact with 10 Gift Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event (2019)

Corporate events or parties bring colleagues together and this is the best time to gift. There should be no ulterior motive to gifting corporate gifts. They should only be a sign of appreciation or acknowledgement of colleagues or subordinates. Here is a complete list of 10 of the best gifts to gift during the corporate events.

Gifts to Consider During Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate gifts can range from a whole lot of things. They can be pens and office supply, they can be USB keys, they can be drinking bottles with the company logo on them, and just about anything.

They are of great value, and for any company that wants to promote its brand more should consider corporate gift ideas from time to time. The benefits of corporate gift ideas are many. For instance, these gifts help Develop your B2B relationships. This is because people love gifts and will tend to pay more attention to the company that gives gifts. Also, a corporate gift raises your brand awareness.

Distribute gifts with your brand name and logo to people and let your company be well known out there. Corporate gifts help maintain customer loyalty and generate more leads to your company.

Tips When Selecting Corporate Gifts for an Event

Ensure That You Give Them Practical and Meaningful Gifts

Practical gifts work all the time. Ensure that the gift you want to give them assists them to be more efficient. If it won’t meet their needs, then they could see it as another piece of junk and won’t make any impact on their lives.

Customize Them with Imprint Designs as Well as Themes Relevant to the Event

Today, many gift ideas in the market can be customized. Apart from just putting your brand and logo on the gift, go an extra mile and personalize them appropriately. You can but their photos on the gift or even their name and a personalized message. This one work all the time.

Use Brand Messages and Corporate Logos Sparingly

When you use a brand name on the gift idea, make sure the company logo or name is added in a subtle manner. Putting the print in one corner, adding the logo alone , using small prints are some ideas. The gift recipient feels appreciated by the company and feels as if they are part of the company. Therefore, even as you are thinking of getting the appropriate gift for the next corporate event, be sure to incorporate the brand message and corporate logo but remember sparingly.

Ensure They Portray Originality without Compromising the Value

Originality goes a long way to boost your company’s trust. Therefore, do not purchase low quality and unoriginal gifts but rather high quality. This way, your recipient will build trust with your company. Try to look for gifts that match your brand values and image.

Hire a Professional to Identify the Most Appropriate Gifts for Your Corporate Event

Sometimes it saves you money when you hire a professional to advise and help you come up with the appropriate gift ideas. Nobody is perfect. And maybe your decision may not be the appropriate one for the event. A professional will advise you appropriately; or together you can better brainstorm and come up with the ideal gift. This would, in the end, save you huge chunks of money.

Consider Variations

When buying a corporate gift, consider gift variation especially if your company targets different age groups or gender and another level of education, and more variations. A gift that a teenager finds appropriate may not be an appropriate one for an elderly person. The best gift for women would not suit men. Therefore consider such variations before you invest in the corporate gift. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of time and money.

Gifts for Corporate Events that won't Disappoint

1. Spa Hamper


This gift hamper is perhaps the best corporate gift you can buy for your returning customer of the year. One of its components is the high-quality face terry towel. It has a vanilla scented candle with aromatherapy capabilities that will uplift your mood. Its natural loofah exfoliator removes all the dead cells on your skin leaving it smooth. One also glows and looks young. There is a cleanser as well. With the blend of almond and an ayurvedic blend of honey, you can rest assured, of skin which is both smooth and graceful.

To condition and moisturize your skin, this gift hamper also contains vanilla shower gel and almond coconut body butter. The former has essential oils with great fragrances while the latter has ingredients such as shea butter. All that is available at for Rs.1,700/- only.

2. Travel Adapter

How about a travel adapter as your corporate gift idea? It will ensure that travelers going abroad have it easy once away from home. That's regardless of the destination. It will accept plugs of all the countries in the world. This travel adapter from Yashmit comes with a universal power indicator light. It also comes in a wide array of colors and requires 125 V - 6 A, 250 V - 13 A. Order this gift of a travel adapter at Flipkart for just Rs.158/-.

3. Google Home Mini Stand


This speaker holder is yet another excellent gift. Its outlet holder fits the Google home mini perfectly and is made to hold the unit securely. It can be mounted on the bathroom, bedroom, office, and garage so long as there is a socket. Its cords management feature avoids inconvenience. That's because managing the cord is as simple as wrapping it around the reel and hiding it well on the back of its holder. This helps to save the counter space as well as keeping everything modern. Also, it is a secure fit.

You can hang up the Google home mini cord on an outlet to make your device less likely to be the subject to messy spills or cord related accidents. It is easy to install and use. You won’t require a screwdriver either any tool. It works with the horizontal and vertical outlets and won’t block the second plug. You can order it today from for Rs.899/-. Here it is backed by an 18 –months warranty upon purchase.

4. Travel Coffee Cup

This mug could be the perfect gift idea in 2019 for your corporate event. It is made of high-quality material and also takes care of both your hygiene and health. The mug is very sturdy and cleaning it also is so easy. The mug lets you enjoy your coffee anywhere at any time. It is made of premium stainless steel with a capacity of 400 ml, and is the best way to keep the morning coffee hot as one continues with their routine. It has an elegant design and will blend into any kitchen décor. It is durable and elegant, and is now available on Flipkart for Rs.420/-.

5. T-shirts

The Effit Create Your own Polo t-shirt is purposely for corporate use. Use it for any promotional and marketing purposes. It can also be used for any kind of office party program. As a corporate, you can personalize it using the company logo or any message. This can be the best corporate gift idea that you can gift your clients too. Other specifications of this t-shirt include; being short sleeve, having a collar, the printed area is 8.27x11.69. Available in any color that you may desire, this t-shirt is perfect for this summer. You can order it today from for just Rs.260/- each for five t-shirts, Rs.240/- for 11, Rs.219/- each for 21 and Rs.209/- for 51.

6. Custom Headphone Holder

The customer headphone holder is perhaps one of the best corporate gift ideas to buy in 2019. It is a double headphone holder with a sleek addition to your home. It also has a sturdy stand for the most cherished headphone. The stand is made from a half an inch and three quarters schedule 40 black iron pipe components. These have been cleaned and sealed. The headphone stand dimensions are 8 inches in height; the base width is 3.6 inches while the bar length is 8.5 inches. If you are in search of this perfect corporate gift idea, then place an order at for only Rs. 2,457.

7. Tote Bag


These are ideal gifts for corporate events as well. One can choose to monogram it with a single letter, initials, name or logo depending on what they deem fit for their brand promotion. It promotes organization thanks to the various pockets. For instance, it has a zippered top pocket as well as an outside pocket. That also means ample space for what you decide to carry. Dimensions are 17 by 14 by 4.5 inches. Its material is a heavy canvas for durability. The material of the handle is a fabric that makes it durable and also offers comfort as one carries the bag around. Its bottom gusset gives it an elegant look. It is currently available at for Rs.1,262/- only.

8. Perfect Shave Kit


A perfect shave kit does it all the time as the most appropriate corporate gift ideas that won break your budget. For only Rs.1,039, you can get this perfect shave kit from it is a carefully curated kit and has the most premium natural herbal shaving essentials. It is a sake shave kit, for smoother and better shaving experience. It also comes with 100% natural pre-shave oil, post shave balm, herbal shave gel, premium wooden shaving brush and the soft face towel. It is suitable for any type of skin, and is a complete shaving regimen for an elevated shaving experience.

9. Journal

The journal is an analog system for the digital age. The book will help you track the past organize the present and also plan for one's future. This gift is a blank notebook that comprises of 128 dotted grid pages which are 64 sheets, and it is perfect for a beginner. It can also be an appropriate one for a seasoned pro. It measures 5 by 8.5 inches hence easy to carry around and store after use. It's cover's material is durable faux leather which is not only soft to touch but also durable. Its round corners add elegance to it.

The papers are also acid-free. As a result, it feels smooth when writing. Equally important, bleeding as well as ghosting when jolting something down becomes a thing of the past. Other features include a ribbon, inner pocket, and elastic closure. It opens flat for perfect writing experience. This could make the ideal corporate gift that you need to grab. Grab it from for Rs.550/- only.

10. USB Mouse Pad Calculator

The USB mouse pad calculator could be the ultimate corporate gift for the next event. It has a quality finish, and you need a one touch press on the power button to switch it on. And open up the USB Hub docking ports. It has blue light moods and provides ample space for name or logo printing. The USB mouse pad calculator comes in individual box packing, is suitable for all kinds of desktop computers. It can also serve as the ultimate corporate gift.

Other features include five USB port hubs for pen drives and other USB devices, 5 USB Hubs, one in and 4 of them out. The calculator has a touch screen and 12 digits with a big display. It comes with two speakers for connecting to the mobile phone, computer or iPod. The calculator measures on average, 24 by 19 centimeters and comes in black color. It is currently available on for Rs.120/-.

How to Choose Gifts Based on Your Budget

Low Budget

Low cost is not low impact. Therefore, a gift can be low cost and still have created the desired impact on your clients. What is important is that you are supposed to think outside the box while shopping for the best low-cost corporate gift idea. This means that if you are going to give out a pen as a corporate gift, ensure you make it different from any other promotional pen. For instance, you can choose one with an out of this world ordinary ergonomic design. On the other hand, you can consider an unusual gift that has an artistic design but relevant to the event. Maybe you can choose a crafted mug which features a beautiful painting or better still their photo on it.

Medium Budget

A midsized corporate gift idea could be anything that ranges between Rs.350 and Rs.1,755. Choose one that your clients will accept but should be below Rs.1.755. At that price point, the gift is still reasonable to find a creative gift idea which is original and memorable. Common gift ideas that fall within this price range could be blankets, umbrellas, scarves, Tot bags and much more. The most vital thing is that the design of the gift that you pick is attractive and unique. When you buy in bulk with a custom design is the best way to have the price driven down without having an impact on the quality of the gift. Therefore, don’t desist from buying generic corporate business gifts that are bought ready-made.

High Budget

The high budget prices will usually fall between Rs.1,755 to Rs.7,020. For a special corporate event, it is vital for one to go an extra mile and get a special corporate business gift that people will love and cherish. Among the best gestures would be a limited edition print. With the aesthetic value and the stamp of originality, a creative and beautiful print will last for a long time.

From our editorial team

Gift To Impress On The Corporate Event

It may sound wrong, when you decide to gift in order to impress. Though not a wrong thing, you definately need to impress those you are gifting. Choosing a gift comes with some measures, especially a corporate gift. You should not give the wrong impression to those you are gifting and also not to gift beyond the limits of your budget. Some tips, such as those mentioned are worth considering. Also, do no gift with any ulterior motive, let all the corporate gifting be formal.