Looking for the Best Office Wear Gold Bangles? Here We Presenting 11 Trendy Office Wear Gold Bangles and Daily Use Bangles That are Solid Enough and Yet Stylish (2020)

Looking for the Best Office Wear Gold Bangles? Here We Presenting 11 Trendy Office Wear Gold Bangles and Daily Use Bangles That are Solid Enough and Yet Stylish (2020)

If you are someone fond of beautifying oneself and especially in love with wearing bangles but cannot feature your fabulous collection at the workplace, then you are at the right spot. Our selection of office wears gold bangles go nicely with your outfit. These office wear bangles designs add a refined and professional look to your image, make you look stylish even in your office wear as well as entirely professional all at affordable prices.

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Importance of Jewellery in a Modern Women's Life

Women love to dress up in the latest styles, and when it comes to getting dressed in an office, then it becomes a little more challenging. One needs to be very careful while dressing up for work, especially when it comes to jewellery. You don't want to wear dangling earrings or a set of bangles that would jingle all day and disturb the people around you due to which most women end not wearing any or minimal jewellery to office. If you know exactly what to wear that would make you look stylish, attractive, yet elegant, then you won't have to compromise with your fashion statements.

A set of perfect jewellery shows a women's personality. Jewellery wears way back to the Indus Valley civilization. Figurines of dancing girls with tons of bangles were found from that era which proves that jewellery and women are inseparable.

Jewellery comes from a Latin word 'jocale' which means 'plaything', and it was worn by men and women both later men opted out and women didn't. Jewellery plays an essential role in a women's life. Earlier it was used to enhance a women's beauty as well as to save is as an asset for her future, but now it is worn for self-love, satisfaction and pure style. The modern woman is smart and knows the importance of jewellery. She does not want to compromise with whatever she can find; therefore, she hunts for some of the best pieces, especially in gold and diamond. They are not afraid of experimenting with their style and are ready to spend the right amount on their jewellery. She likes to dress for herself; it merely makes them happy and looks attractive and confident. So, next time you are out shopping for a piece of jewellery for your work, don't hesitate to buy the best one and beat the blues.

Importance of Bangles in an Indian Women's Life

We are here to talk about the importance of wearing bangles in office and how to choose the best one for you but first let us look at the significance of bangles in an Indian women's life. It is the most valuable jewellery in India for women. It is considered auspicious, especially for married women. Over time these bangles have become very stylish and contemporary. You can find some great designs in bangles like in geometric design, unusual ones or the traditional circular ones made of glass or metals but gold and diamond is a women's favourite.

Here we have compiled a list of some trendy and cool looking gold bangles which can be worn in the office with ease. They look very stylish and suitable for the office environment as they are not flashy or jingle all day.

6 Gold Bangles for Office Wear

Precia Gemstone Bangle

Malabar Group was founded in 1993 and has been on the top of the list for jewellery shoppers. They make some of the trendiest pieces with high-quality gold. If you are looking for a sleek looking bangle which has its cuteness, then you can check out the Percia Gemstone Bangle. It made with pure 22k gold. The beautiful floral design with a stunning green emerald stone in the centre makes it look stunning. It weighs 13.55 g and has a Gold certification BIS Hallmark 916 for you to be assured of its purity. You can buy it for Rs. 94,017 from malabargoldanddiamonds.com.

The Evelyn Toggle Bangle

If you are a woman who loves sleek and dainty designs in jewellery, then you can check out The Evelyn Toggle Bangle. It is an exquisite piece which carefully made for the modern woman. It is made with 18k Gold and weighs 5.63 grams. Its beauty lies in its unique design with 17 stunning diamonds on it. You will fall in love with this bangle as soon as you lay your eyes on it. It is a perfect bangle to be worn at the workplace, and it goes well with any attire, be it your work suit, a stunning saree or even with your salwar kurta. You can buy it for Rs. 29,604 from bluestone.com.

22Kt Gold Bracelet for Women

Another great bangle for office is this 22k Gold bracelet for women from jjoyalukkas.in for Rs. 58,551. This is a very trendy design with two leaf-like designs attached at the end. It looks beautiful on women of all ages. The bangle is made with 22k Gold and weighs 9.97 grams. It also comes with BIS Hallmark certification. You would love to wear it in your office and flaunt it around among friends and make them feel jealous of this beautiful piece.

Tiana Ruby Bangle

Red is a hot colour, it shows the fire inside you, and if you can find a set of bangles in ruby red, then it is the best bet for women. You might find some great looking bangles in the market, but this beauty is extraordinary. The Tiana Ruby Bangle from Tanishq is out of this world. It looks elegant yet different than the other bangles. It is made with 18k Yellow Gold and studded with a set of sparkling red Rubies in a geometric design. There is no way you can say no to this bangle once you see it. You can buy it for Rs. 40,875 from tanishq.co.in.

Tanishq 22 kt Gold Bracelet

Yet another beauty from the treasures of Tanishq is this 22k Gold bracelet. If you like to wear something different to work and look stunning in it, then go for this beautiful bracelet made with 22k yellow and white gold. Being from Tanishq, you don't need any authentication certificate. It has a double string like design with elegant tiny balls made with yellow and white gold. Wear it with your silk saree for your next presentation in your office and leave an everlasting impression. This bangle tells a lot about your style statement. You can buy it for Rs. 70,103 from tatacliq.com.

The Adaliyah Toggle Bangle

Are you in love with geometric designs? Do you like to wear funky look jewellery but don't want to buy anything than gold then you can opt for this beautiful Adaliyah Toggle Bangle. This is a lovely bangle made with 18 k Yellow gold and studded with stunning diamonds on it. The unique designs make it look out of the world. This is one piece which is sure to attract many in your office. The weight of this piece is 5.04 grams. The cost of this gorgeous bangle is Rs. 22,846 and you can buy it from bluestone.com.

5 Bangles with Gold Look to Wear in the Office

If you are a little tight on budget and still want to wear bangles with a hint of gold in it, then you can shop for some stunning pieces in affordable prices. They look great and are not as expensive as gold which allows you to change them often and look different each day. Here are a few of them for you to choose from.

Green Enameled Gold Tone Kundan Bangles

This Green enamelled Gold tone Kundan Bangles come in a set of two and look very stylish. They are made with alloy and are studded with semi-precious stones and Basra pearls. They look exquisite and goes well with different attires. You can wear them as daily use bangles in office. It is extra special as it is carefully handcrafted and looks perfect. You can buy it for Rs. 2,249 from jaypore.com.

Voylla Women's CZ Gems Adorned Bangles

If you are looking for something chic and stunning to your office, then you can check out this beautiful set of four bangles from Voylla. This bangle set is made in gold colour and looks like a pure gold set of bangles with beautiful stones carefully placed on it to make it look exquisite. It is made from brass which makes it durable. You can comfortably wear it to your office or other formal or informal events with ease. They are available for Rs. 299 only on voylla.com.

Priyaasi Set of 2 Antique Gold-Plated Handcrafted Bangles

Another stunning piece of bangles set in 2 is the handcrafted antique gold plated bangles from Priyassi. The beautiful design on this set of bangles look a lot like a Tanishq design and will make you quite happy. It is made with brass and is gold plated. Although the design seems very traditional, it looks very classy as well. It would look good on women of all ages. You can buy it for Rs. 438 from myntra.com.

Set of Two Plain Bangles

Staying simple and elegant yet trendy is the key for office, wear jewellery, and if you like that, then you will love this set of two plain bangles. It is made in gold colour and is gold plated as well. It looks stunning, and you can easily pair it with different coloured bangles if you like. They look good on any attire, and you can wear it with confidence as they will make you look very elegant and perfect for the office. You can buy it for Rs. 476 from mirraw.com.

Naomi Open Bangle

Here comes another chick design which is made especially for modern women. It is different due to its unique design which looks extremely elegant and classy. It has white enamel detailing with 18k rose gold plating on it. It shown that today's women believe in less is more and is confident in wearing what seems perfect for them. It comes with a flat insert type clasp which makes it very comfortable to wear and can be worn daily to an office or formal events. You can buy this trendy piece for Rs. 1,900 from blingvine.com and show off your style to your co-workers.

Tips on Buying Bangles or Bracelets for Office

A bracelet or a bangle is a piece of jewellery which adds a touch of class to a woman's hand. Hands are essential to show off at work because you tend you use them in gestures; therefore, jewellery worn on your wrist plays a fundamental role in your office. It shows off your class and confidence. If you like to wear gold bracelets, then it is important to make sure you buy it carefully for office use as they are expensive and you won't be able to change them once you buy them.

    Here are some tips that will make it easy for you to buy the best set of bangles or bracelets for everyday office use.

  • 1. Choose your bangles which make you look elegant and are work appropriate. They should be comfortable to wear and should be hassle-free.

  • 2. Try to buy them 1/2 or 1/3 inch larger than your regular size as you will be wearing them every day to work and you want them to be comfortable.

  • 3. Since you will be wearing them almost every day choose the once with higher quality and grade, especially the ones with diamonds. They should be durable, and the stones studded in them should be neatly and tightly places.

  • 4. When buying a bracelet always check the clasp, it should be tight enough to hold in firmly around your wrist. Once you lose it in the office, there are fewer chances of you to finding it.

  • 5. Look for designs and colour that match your skin tone and would look good on different attires.

  • 6. Try to find something which goes well with different coloured attires. Invest in a piece which looks different yet classy and make sure you wear it with matching accessories. You should not wear a gold bangle with a silver earring; it would look out of place.

  • 7. When buying expensive bangles keep an eye on the metal type. You can find bangles made in gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and copper make sure they are strong and durable as well as valuable.

  • 8. If your bangle has cut stones check for the authenticity of the stone before investing on it. If you are buying it for office, then it should not be too sparkly as it may attract too much attention and disturb the others.

  • 9. Check the width of the band, and it should be apt for office use. A thick band may look a little too showy in an office environment.

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Solving the Office Dilemma with Officewear Bangles

Deciding the simplest and best outfits for your office can be quite a hassle. Dealing with shoes and matching pieces of jewellery could be a more significant challenge. How about solving some jewellery riddles together?

The number of pieces of jewellery must be limited, particularly when going to work. While some corporates impose a specific limit on the pieces, the others are relatively lenient. In this case, the key principle of officewear jewellery is to be simple enough not to impede the workflow in any way. There are umpteen options available at the market. But these 11 are some latest designs of gold bangles that can never run out of style, depending on the formal attire you can flaunt at work. These bangles match every outfit of the week.