The 10 Best Cool Home Office Accessories That Help You Create a Modern, Clutter-Free, and Organised Home Office That Enhances Focus and Productivity (2021)

The 10 Best Cool Home Office Accessories That Help You Create a Modern, Clutter-Free, and Organised Home Office That Enhances Focus and Productivity (2021)

While more and more people work from home, and it has become necessary to create an organized workspace in the interior of your home. Here is a brief guide on how to reduce clutter and add clutters to your home office with these cool home office accessories. Take a gander at the sundry of delightful products and mementoes that will brighten up your home office place.

Reduce Clutter and Add Clutter to Your Home Office with These Cool Accessories

If commuting between home and office has been a time-consuming thing, you might have loved working from home. And why not. You have extra time now with no need to travel daily. Moreover, your lunch break can be another opportunity to get done with regular household chores. And the best part can be a relief from interruptions of your talkative desk neighbours.

Although there are many pros of working from home, you miss the office level comfort. At times, it can go not easy to discover the motivation to do the work. This happens mostly when your workplace is doubling as the dining room, living room, bedroom, or kitchen daily. However, you can still roll up your sleeves to do your work by adding the necessary energy catalyst. No! You don't need to do something huge. Some simple organisational solutions can go a long way in promoting your productivity. With a list of cool home office accessories by your side, you can choose to set up an inspiring workplace.

While selecting home office accessories, you need to remember how you desire your space to look and feel. Here are some options that you can add to your home office to promote your work experience.

How to Make Your Home Office Clutter-Free and Productive?

Organise Items with Drawers

Drawers can do wonders. Like arranging small bowls and trays, you can use them to hold little things such as office supplies, staplers, paper clips, and more. And if you have something that doesn't fit in a drawer, you can get a custom storage setup.

Define Your Style

As mentioned earlier, you should analyze the style you want to keep at your home office. Besides, listing things that you like the most can help shorten the number of items you are taking back home. And if there's anything that goes against your home office style, you can leave it there.

Introduce Colour Coding


A colour-coding system is a modern method to add peace and arrangement. Visual cues are simple to read that make retrieving and locating things easy when you classify them by colour. This system is a useful and common practice for storing files. Assigning several hues to various file categories ensures you discover particular documents with ease.

Divide Your Home Office into Zones


You can divide your office room into various zones to make sure you maintain a good workflow and perform multi-tasking. Some examples of zones include office supplies, desk, space for file storage, and individual place for printing supplies and printer. Avoid keeping your printer on the tabletop. Else your workplace will look dull and bulky. Dedicate one drawer for your electronic gadgets and chargers to find things easily.

10 Best Cool Home Office Accessories

After a quick setup guide, here's a list of ten cool accessories you must consider for your home office.

Lumbar Support Cushion


In an all-day sitting job, your spine is most likely to suffer. A lousy set up in the home office environment can further worsen things. If you don't have sufficient space for a comforting office chair, a lumbar support cushion provides the necessary back support. This pillow has memory foam inside that uses body heat to adjust to your support requirements. Besides giving support to your back, the cushion also relieves pain in the middle, lower, and upper back. Another plus point of using a lumbar support cushion is getting support for your lower back's spinal curvature to get that optimal comfort. As a result, you work with a proper sitting posture, reducing strain and fatigue on the body's muscles.

You can connect this backrest to various types of chairs with downward and upward adjustments available. You can buy Alpha+ Comfortable Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 1,449.


In an office, you might not be using multiple devices, but you will at home. And to connect all those simultaneously, a USB hub comes in as a great help. With this, you can connect the keyboard and mouse alongside charging your mobile phones. The hub from TechGear comes with an on/off switch, which provides easy control. Its features include 4 USB ports (3.0) with surge protection that are back compatible with USBs 1.1 and 2.0 type. The extra 5V and 2A AC and DC power adapter allow a stable power supply to all the ports. It works efficiently with devices such as a keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. The protection capability of the hub allows for full safeguarding against voltage wavering and current spikes.

Moreover, the lightweight and compact construction of the device helps you store and carry it with ease. Also, a streamlined build plus the white lines make this device more elegant. You can purchase TechGear 4 Ports USB HUB in black from Flipkart for Rs. 283.

Weekly Calendar Desk Pad


Knowing how your entire week is going to help you stay focused. For this, you can use a digital calendar or a physical one at your desk. Among the two, maintaining a paper layout of the schedule prevents the hassle of switching to a digital program or software. Here's a weekly planner that comes with fifty tear-off sheets. It is the best accessory for busy people who desire to arrange their day correctly. Also, it is a great time management tool, wherein you can note down your main priorities.

This calendar desk pad is best for adults and kids who want to do exciting activities. The undated notepad helps you arrange your assignments, tasks, appointments, chores, responsibilities, health, and fitness. It enables you to increase productivity and stay on track with goals, passions and dreams with an arranged schedule. This COI Doodling Undated Desk PAD is available at Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 249.

Desktop Hourglass Set


No doubt timers are built into everyone's smartphone. But a thirty-minute and five-minute timer setup can beautifully and effectively manage your time. Watching the sand fall through the hourglass can keep you concentrated for a specific period. And after running out of time, you can assess your productivity level.

Here's a tip to improve focus at work. You can set the 5-minute timer for non-productive activities such as social media, phone gaming, and email. When the sand runs out, quit those activities and return to work. It helps you stay focused, achieve goals, and improve your productivity while taking short breaks. You can buy an organic Hourglass Sand Timer Set from Amazon for Rs. 6,613.

Heating Pad


A chilly environment can compel your mind to quit working and find a warm place to rest. Here, a heating pad is a great tool to help you stay warm and focused. This pad comes with six heat settings and turns off automatically after 2 hours of usage. It is a user-friendly device that gives managed hot fomentation on inflamed and injured areas to reduce chronic injuries. Further, it also helps with tissue healing and vasodilation. This heating pad's other benefits are decreasing muscle spasm, relieving pain, relaxing tense muscles, and improving motion range. The flexible and soft pad has three modes of temperature that regulate with the LED indicator. You can place this heating pad in between your desk chair and lower back.

Add Tynor Ortho Heating Pad to your home office accessories from Amazon for Rs. 577.

Wireless Charging Pad


If your desk is messed up with charging cables, a wireless charging pad is what you need. This not only prevents you from the hassles of wires but also allows you to put/pick your phone instead of daily plugging simply. Moreover, a temperature control feature makes sure you get a safe charging temperature.

The portrait mode also helps you use your phone for web browsing, chatting, and other activities. However, for this wireless charger, you need a device compatible with Qi technology such as Samsung, Google, Apple, etc. It also works with plastic cases at up to a distance of 3mm. It also has an LED light to confirm that your mobile phone is appropriately aligned and charging. Another excellent feature of this device is foreign object detection.

This Belkin Boost Up Qi (5W) Wireless Charger Pad is available on Amazon for Rs. 2,199 with a 2-year warranty.

Invisible Laptop Stand


If you are using a laptop for most of your work, you should get this stand. The portable, lightweight, and sturdy stand fits on your desk and makes using the computer easier. With fibreglass and unique PU material construction, it has an inbuilt magnet that helps you to unfold and use the stand quickly. With this stand, you get two elevation adjustments, making it a perfect match to your ideal posture and height. The flexibility also helps protect you from shoulder and neck pain when working for a long time.

It also comes with a unique adhesive that makes it easy to attach/detach the laptop without a scratch. It is compatible with a vast range of laptops, such as 15.7 inches. You can buy STRIFF Laptop Stand from Amazon for Rs. 399.

Cable Management Box


Do you love keeping multiple electric gadgets around while working? With this, you get a mess of cables on the desk, managing which can be difficult. But a cable management box can make all things easy. In this box, you get flexible space to keep your cables and power adapter safe with two open ends. If you face problems with your dusty and untidy wires, this box will be a perfect solution. You can also place it easily under or on the desk or behind/next to the computer. Or put it anywhere else to ensure clean management and organisation of connectors and cables.

The box features rubber and screw washers to ensure shock absorption and protection. Further, a detachable design makes it is comfortable to arrange and clean cables. The box insulates cables and power adapter from pets or children wandering around. You can purchase ORICO ABS Power Strip Cord/AC Adapter Wire/Charger Line/USB Network HUB Cable Manager from Amazon by paying Rs. 999.

Mini USB Vacuum


Taking care of your computer/laptop is essential to keep it working in the best condition. Use a desktop vacuum cleaner for this purpose. When working at home, biscuit crumbs, eraser crumbs, and pencil crumbs are common debris that can impact your electronic devices. Although these can be proofs for your kids' artistic creations, your computer will hate the debris.

Here's a kitten-shaped USB vacuum with a nylon brush for high tenacity and comfortable cleaning on the bottom side. It has a huge tank to hold debris, and you can clean it by turning in the clockwise direction to open the bottom. It is available in pink with a battery capacity of 720 mAh. Furthermore, a wind force of 360 degrees prevents the waste scrap from drifting, and its spiral blades can be cleaned with ease. This Mini Vacuum Cleaner, Portable USB Vacuum Cleaner is available for Rs. 1,899 on Amazon.

A Kinetic De-stressing Desk Toy


Breaks are a must during full-day work schedules as they help relax the mind, body, and muscles. Although many jobs need complete dedication and commitment, working non-stop for hours (and days) can be detrimental to your health. However, you don’t always need to get up from your office desk for this break. You can have a toy besides other things on the tabletop to cause a diversion from stress and negative thoughts during the day.

Here, perpetual motion comes in as a great help, allowing you to have fun with physics. Yes! We know that’s going too technical, but here’s a simple suggestion. This mini steel balance, weightlifter toy with science psychology produces perpetual motion to calm your mind. With metal construction, this 6.35x5.08x2.54cm toy weighs mere 40 grams and feels no burden on the desk. And when you are not playing, it sits there as a cool piece of décor. Add this kinetic art balance toy to your office desk for Rs. 469 from Amazon.



Plants are necessary for the environment, be it of your home, office, or any other place. Although this decoration needs a little bit of upkeep, it will be a worthy investment for a greener workplace. However, not all the plants could be the right option as each requires different care and price. But a little bit of research helps you get the perfect plant for your work area or desk.

The smiley plastic plant with a pot is a fantastic choice in yellow. It has a diameter of 3 inches and a height of 4 inches. This good luck plant is known to add prosperity. Also, money plants need less care and are simple to maintain. The benefit of adding them to your office is that they act as air purifiers and remove airborne toxins. You can buy Rolling Nature Good Luck Money Plant in Smiley Cup from Amazon for Rs. 255.

Bonus Tip

Only Keep Essentials

It is common to have random supplies and documents scattered across your work desk, especially when working at home. Here, you need to analyse and keep only those you need for your work or compliance reasons. For unwanted or less used documents, you can scan them and store digital copies on your system.

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Give a makeover to your boring office desk and make yourself more productive!

You can’t change the fact that you have to work at a desk for 8 hours a day. However, you can transform the boring desk into something awesome, stylish, and more productive. A cool, organised home office workplace is key to remaining motivated throughout the workday. Above mentioned home office accessories can make your office workspace a place of inspiration and productivity with these handy and innovative must-have desk accessories.