Looking for Gift Ideas for Husband Christmas the First Year After Your Wedding? We Got You! 10 Ideas to Impress Him With

Looking for Gift Ideas for Husband Christmas the First Year After Your Wedding? We Got You! 10 Ideas to Impress Him With

The season of joy, happiness and goodwill is doubly meaningful for you this year as it is the first Christmas you will be celebrating with your husband. No doubt, you are looking to make it a special one for him - from making Christmas goodies to finding the perfect gift. We have put together several ideas that can help you make this Christmas something you'll both look back with fond memories.

Great Ideas To Make Your First Christmas After Marriage Special

Cook Your Husband His Favourite Meal

Your first Christmas after your wedding is really special for the two of you. It is the perhaps the first big celebration after your wedding day that you are celebrating together as a couple.

Make the most of this day and pamper your husband with all the romantic gestures. One of the best ways to do this is to cook him his favourite meal.

In the days leading up to the festival, you can casually ask him what he would like on Christmas. You can also ask his family and friends about his favorite dish if you aren’t sure yet of what will work on Christmas, or perhaps you can find out his childhood favourites from his mom and recreate it for him. Or you can start a brand new tradition and make something unique. Think of what your husband will enjoy and decide.

There is no dearth of resources online and offline if you are looking to cook something new. However do try it out once before you schedule it for the big day.

A special home cooked Christmas meal will really make the day for your husband. He will appreciate your efforts and will remember this thoughtful gesture for the years to come.

Think Up of Fun Activities To Do Together

It is the memories that you create together that last a lifetime! If you wish to have a fun time with your husband on Christmas, then think of some enjoyable activities.

You can play his favorite video game on your first Christmas together. Or you can enjoy a Christmas-themed dinner at a restaurant.

If time allows, then you can also plan a mini getaway with your husband. Pick a location you both have always wanted to visit and make necessary reservations. But do so well before time so that you do not have to face unnecessary hassle. The holiday season is usually when the probability of getting bookings drops, so you will have to think ahead to make it memorable for him.

Watch Your Wedding Video To Relive Memories

Take your husband down the memory lane on your first Christmas together as a married couple. Spend a few hours reliving the day you vowed to spend with each other.

Dig out your marriage video, grab some snacks or make popcorn and play it on your TV . Revive those magical memories from when you got married and enjoy your day together. Watching your wedding video will also revive the romantic vibe. It is also a nice way of looking at how far you have traversed together in your beautiful journey of love.

10 Fantastic Gifting Ideas for Your Husband Christmas in the First Year After Wedding

Shining Memory Personalised Lamp

Source www.fnp.com

This personalized fluorescent memory lamp is an awesome gift for your husband on the occasion of Christmas. Pick out a favorite picture of you two and get it printed on this lamp. The photo gives out a glowing effect once the light is turned on, making the photo look awesome. What an fantastic way to experience a lovely memory. The photo remains visible even after the light is tuned off and will not fade away for some time.

The gift includes the wooden base holder as well as the bulb. With this gorgeous gift, you can turn your favorite memory into a keepsake. Switch it on whenever you want to set a romantic mood.You can shop for this magnificent shining memory personalized lamp from fnp.com for Rs.799.

Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe

This amazing book which covers great culinary traditions and landmarks across the world is an interesting gifting option for your spouse on the occasion of your first Christmas together. Especially if he is a foodie!

The book lists a number of popular and extraordinary places across the globe that offers outstanding food and experiences
Specially put together by National Geographic, it brings together all the scrumptious dishes that one must try from around the world,and the unique stories behind them. For example, the book features the places to get the freshest Sushi from Tokyo, the great wineries of the French and many other such classics and must-trys .

The book also talks about the cultural importance of food and its influence. A truly one of its kind gift he will cherish for years. You can shop for the same from flipkart.com for Rs.2,299.

Golf Bar Set

For a hubby who likes to tee off, this cool golf bar set could be an ideal gift for Christmas. Themed as a golf kit, the kit comes in a leather golf bag containing a cork opener, ice-crusher, and stirrer. Packed in a premium box, the kit is a great gifting idea.

Your hubby will find useful while partying with his friends, and it'll also come in handy during get-togethers. As it is a season of celebration, you may have a lot of guests over and this bar set would be your perfect ally while hosting. You can get this awesome set from excitinglives.com for Rs.1,499.

Assorted Tea Bags Gift Box

A simple gifting idea for tea lovers. This set carries an exotic range of tea, specially picked to showcase the best flavors. It includes the amazing flavors such as Chamomile, Classic Assam, Tulsi Green, Kashmiri Kahwa, Masala Chai and Peppermint tea. It is indeed a delight for a husband who is fond of teas and is not too hung up on getting snazzy gifts. You can shop this for your husband from excitinglives.com for Rs.180.

Antique Pocket Watch With Box

Smart watches, wrist watches, mobile phones - we do not need pocket watches like yore to tell the time. But an antique pocket watch still has its own unique charm. Give this classy and timeless gift to your husband on the occasion of your first ever Christmas celebration as a couple! It is handcrafted and has an antique finish of brass. The elegant watch has an old ship print at its back and comes with a gorgeous storage box. The pocket watch is made of wooden, metallic and brass material. He can keep it as a collectible or even wear it whenever he wishes to stand out with his style. Buy it from excitinglives.com for Rs.590.

Automated Tie Rack

Make life easier for hubby dearest by gifting him this automated tie rack! It is a very useful gadget for the modern day lifestyle. Motorized and sleek, this motorized tie rack is to be clipped on your cupboard helping you to store all your husband ties neatly. It keeps the closets as well as drawers free from clutter. With one click of a button, the rack rotates and displays the ties in a very organized manner. It also has a small light in it that helps you locate the right tie in the dark. A marvel of technology indeed!

The rack has 30 hooks for all sorts of ties and it also comes with a warranty of 1 year. Your husband can keep all his ties and belts in this awesome rack and can select his favorite tie in no time. You can buy the gift from excitinglives.com for Rs.2,999.

Personalised Boxer Shorts

Give this naughty gift to your hubby on Christmas. It is personalizable and features a cute symbol of a kiss made out of velvet. A very romantic and intimate gift for your partner to spice up the festival season!

Ensure that you select the size of the shorts correctly as it cannot be returned. Your husband can wear it at home while lounging around and it can be a special gift that will be more like an inside joke. Surprise him with this cute gift by shopping for it from excitinglives.com for Rs. 799.

Philips SHL3060BK-00 On Ear DJ Headphones Black

Good quality headphones are something that is always welcomed, particularly if your husband adores to listen to music.

Inspired by the powerful sound and bass experience we have with DJ music, the Philips SHL3060BK-00 On-Ear Headphones Black has been designed to provide a stunning audio experience. It has a frequency of 10 to 22k Hz and impedance of 24 ohms. The sensitivity of the headphones to the sound pressure is 106dB, giving a fantastic sound quality. Other features include soft breathable ear cushions which makes it wonderful for long listening sessions as well as a compact design that allows for easy storage.

These amazing headphones from Philips come with a warranty of 1 year . Give it to him as a token of your love on your first ever Christmas together as a couple. Shop for this from giftease.com for Rs. 882.

WildHorn Black Men's Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Gift this WildHorn black men’s wallet to your hubby. The wallet has 2 compartments and is made of high-quality material. The set also has a belt and a keychain that has a very classy look. This pack of essentials could really be useful for your hubby. He can keep his money and cards in this wallet and wear the premium quality belt for any formal occasion and corporate event or function. It has a very sophisticated look and your husband will be pleased with this practical gift. Buy this from Amazon for Rs.1,062.

Elite Micro FiberFormal Tuxedo Bow Tie, Hanky & Cufflinks Set

Source www.amazon.in

Add some glamour to your husband's professional wardrobe. This Elite microfiber set comes with a classy formal tuxedo bow tie that accentuates any outfit that it is worn with. The set also has a handkerchief made of quality material. The cufflinks have a gorgeous black geaming pattern on it.

Your husband can wear them on special days at work, weddings, and other such events. All products are made with materials that are really durable. This could be your special gift to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. Shop for this awesome set online from Amazon for Rs.449.

Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Your First Christmas

Make A Stranger's Day by Paying for Their Meal at Your Regular Restaurant

Good deeds bring out the best in you and leave you feeling utter joy! And Christmas is the time to share your love and blessings.

If you wish to enjoy your Christmas with your husband by doing something meaningful, then you can pay for a stranger’s meal at any local restaurant. Christmas is a festival that everyone loves to celebrate and you can simply make someone’s day by paying for them. Helping those in need is a great way that will also bring you satisfaction. You can literally see them smile with happiness for this little gesture that you do for them. It will make your special day memorable!

Make Him A Christmas-themed Playlist

In the days before ditigal music, one of the ways to show your love was making mix tapes. In today's world of streaming music and musci apps, playlists is the way to go. Mark the memorable First Christmas by gifting your husband a fabulous playlist.

You can curate a special playlist for the two of you and dedicate this to him. It can include Christmas jingles as well as romantic songs that you both like. You can include the songs that you used to listen to while dating particularly those songs that hold a special meaning for the two of you.

Play these in the background and groove to the amazing music with your husband. Enjoy a little romantic dance on your first ever Christmas as a married couple. Surprise him with this cute little gesture.

Consider Buying Christmas Goodies for Homeless Kids

This is something you can do as a couple and it will be really rewarding! Buy some Christmas goodies like Santa Claus caps, cupcakes, chocolates, and other food items that make Christmas the special day it is.

You can create small packs of such goodies and distribute the same to the homeless kids that sadly we see on our streets. Afterall, they too deserve to celebrate this awesome festival. Happiness and joy only multiply when shared and this could be a great way of making someone smile. Create this treasured memory of geneorisity with your husband that you can always look back to and maybe even recreate the next Christmas.

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Don't Get Too Stressed, Even Small Gestures Will Do!

Preparing for your first ever Christmas usually becomes a quest for making it absolutely perfect in every way. While you must do everything to make the day special for your husband do not go overboard and stress yourself so much that you lose the joy of the festival. Take a step back if you are panicking and let go of unreasonable expectations. The only thing that matters is spending the festival together and making wonderful memories.