The Only Gift Guide You'll Need to Buy an Amazing Xmas Gift for Husband This Year: Top 14 Christmas Gifts for Men (2018)

The Only Gift Guide You'll Need to Buy an Amazing Xmas Gift for Husband This Year: Top 14 Christmas Gifts for Men (2018)

Have you started dreaded Christmas shopping of late? There's so many people to buy gifts for and so little time that we figured you could do with some help. Someone like your husband deserves a great Xmas gift and you know it, which is why you will love the list of Xmas gifts for husband in India that we've put together just for you. Torn between two or more items? Use our gift buying guide to help you decide. Read on to find the best Xmas gift for your husband.

Guidelines for Selecting a Good Xmas Gift for Husband

Opt for a Gift Which Can Be Useful to Him All Year Round

Christmas gifting something that we never put much thought into. As a result we sometimes end up gifting the same old sweater, jacket or woolen scarf. Seasonal gifts are great, but wouldn’t you like to gift something that comes in useful during the rest of the year as well? Gifts which serve some purpose are always better received. Other gifts end up staying in their packaging or stashed at the back of the cupboard. Sometimes gifts which are not useful end being re-gifted or donated as well. If you don’t want your gift to have the same fate, then pick something which is functional.

Get Him Something He Will Enjoy Using

Your husband is someone who holds a special place in your life and in your heart. He may not directly criticize your gift, but you will know all the same if he finds no use for it. So pick a gift for your husband that he could actually use throughout the year. Christmas is a special occasion. It’s the time we spend with family. So make it count by surprising your husband with a special gift which is unique and at the same time useful.

You can pick electronic gifts, like a key finder or a Bluetooth speaker. If you want to gift clothing pick a shirt in a material like cotton or linen which is suitable for being worn the year round. There are plenty of other useful gift options that you could go for. You could give him fitness equipment or maybe buy him a membership to a gym, gift him a spa certificate, a multi-pocket backpack, a Swiss knife…the choices are practically endless.

Try to Be Creative

Go for gifts which suit his interest or maybe something that you can both enjoy. Be creative in your approach. Search for uncommon gifts on the net. You will find things that will amaze you and surprise him. A certain way to make sure that your husband likes the gift that you buy for him is to pick something suited to his interests or something that he needs as part of his daily routine. Focus on his favourite weekend activities. Does he like to go off on a hike or is he a more having a barbecue and beer party with friend’s kinda guy? Does he spend his Sunday morning playing squash or does he sleep in? These simple question swill guide you to the perfect gift for your husband.

11 Best Xmas Gifts for Husband in India

Portable Bed Set


The Peppe Home Cotton Rich Slim Foldable Sleeping Cushion Mat Bed is a foldable and easy to carry bed made of organic components like natural kora river grass, foam and cotton. It measures 6 bx 3 ft. This multi-colour, anti-bacterial bed is good for the spine and the back muscles. Buy this bed for your husband if he is fond of the great outdoors or travels often. This bed is easy to pack and unpack. It’s also easy set up as it requires no sheets, or extra bedding. All you need to do is just unfold and that’s it. It costs ₹1,205 on

Portable Coffee Maker


If you husband is one of those people whose morning doesn’t start until he gets his cup of coffee then the perfect gift for him would be a coffee machine. Instead of the bulky electronic coffee machines that require a lot of time and maintenance, get him the Generic Honana Portable Manual Coffee Maker Outdoor Handheld Mini Pressing Coffee Espresso Machine. Unlike other coffee machines, this one requires no electricity, and is totally portable. Your husband can use it to make coffee on the go anytime he wants. This one’s also perfect for camping trips and outdoor picnics. Buy it for ₹6,504 on

Designer Threads

If budget is not a strict concern then we would suggest that you splurge a little on your man and gift him something truly luxe. Designer wear is expensive, but it’s also limited edition and exclusive. Get him this vibrant floral print shirt from Paul Smith. This extremely versatile shirt is perfect for all seasons; it can be worn under a jacket in winter and paired with a simple pair of shorts in summer. Your husband can wear it to parties, semi-formal lunches, and on holidays. This shirt has been crafted in Italy from light and breathable linen fabric and costs $347 which is around ₹24,275 on

Smart Watch

Smartwatches are the gadgets of today. Gift your husband a smartwatch to help him go through his day much more efficiently. The Mi Band from Xiaomi may be one of the cheapest smart watches available on the market, but don’t dismiss it because of its price. This sleek smart watch can do everything that it’s more expensive counterparts can. It has an OLED display and monitors your sleep pattern, heart rate and steps taken throughout the day. This Smartwatch can unlock your android phone, give incoming call and message alerts and is resistant to water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more. Buy this handy device for ₹1799 on


Wearing cologne not only increases a man’s sexual appeal, but also makes him more confident. Gift your husband a bottle of cologne that he can wear every day. Blanc from is an exotic, musky and manly white oriental fragrance, with aromatic notes of citrus. The top notes of this cologne contain traces of lemon, birch leaves, cardamom, the middle notes consist of lavender, geranium and juniper. The bottom notes are mainly amber wood, musk and sandalwood. Buy this heady fragrance for ₹1,399.



Gift your man a belt for one simple reason…because he needs one. Men are always in dire need of belts, as they seem to wear one down pretty quickly. Get him this reversible black and brown belt from Amicraft. This genuine leather belt is the perfect accessory to a variety of outfits. You can wear it both formal and casual wear. It’s adjustable too. Just remove the buckle and cut it down to size. We simply cannot emphasize how versatile this belt is. Buy this stylish belt for your man from for ₹399.

Pocket Photo Printer


If your husband prefers photos the old fashioned way, that is, printed on paper then gift him a photo printer. The HP Sprocket is a small compact printer and prints 5 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3 inches) stick able snapshots. It will fit snugly into your husband’s office bag and can be easily connected your mobile or tablet. Access your social media photos through the HP sprocket app and print them out directly. You can even add fun text, borders, emoji's and more. The device is about the size of a mobile phone and weighs around 170 gm. It can be charged by a micro USB. For best results, use original HP ZINK sticky-backed photo paper - it's specially designed to ensure that you get bright, glossy photos with vibrant colors every time you print. Buy this device for ₹7,999 on Amazon.



A wallet is one of the most common gifts that women give to their partners. But we have to admit that it’s also one of the most useful. If you have decided to gift your husband a brand new wallet then we recommend the Wild Horn Genuine Leather Wallet. This black bi-fold wallet with the Wild Horn logo will keep all your valuable daily use items like credit cards, cash and IDs safe and secure. It measures 11.4 x 13 cm and has six separate slots for keeping your stuff. Buy this wallet for ₹480 from

Home Theatre System


If your husband is a movie buff and also fond of technology, then the best gift for him would be to give him movie viewing experience like that in a theatre Get him a home theatre system. Sony HT-RT40 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theatre System is the perfect choice for you. It has real 5.1 channel surround sound which provides immersive sound. You can have one touch wireless listening with NFC and Bluetooth. It’s compatible with the Music center app. You can enjoy your favorite playlist by just plugging in your USB with tall boy speakers. Buy this wallet for ₹20,270 from



A very useful gift, one that he would use almost daily is an electric shaver. With an electric shaver your husband can go through his daily shaving routine faster and much more efficiently. The Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric Shaver is cordless device with a Skin protection system that gives the smoothest shave. It’s a 100 per cent waterproof and has dual precision which effectively shaves long hairs and short stubble. It provides 50 shaving minutes with a 1 hour charge. It also comes with a pop-up trimmer which is perfect for sideburns and mustache. It has a 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase. Buy this shaver for ₹3,799 from

A Rucksack


Gift you husband a backpack which does the job of a duffle bag. The Yark black rucksack is made of polyester and has a capacity of 60 liters. This is a must have rucksack from Yark collections. It features one big main compartment with several small pockets and has two side mesh pockets for bottles along with additional 5 L storage at the top. It has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, which keeps it secure and makes it easy to carry. It’s a must have for people who like to go on hiking adventures and camping trips. It’s the perfect piece of luggage for solo travelers who like to travel hassle free. Buy this bag for ₹1,566 from

Personalised Christmas Gifts for Men

Reaching out to your husband will be easier with gifts which are personalised. Try out our personalised gift suggestions to give your husband an intimate surprise.

Hand Made Chocolates

Give your husband a flavorful and sweet surprise. Gift him some handmade artisanal chocolates. Buy the Just Trufs Artisanal Mint Couverture Chocolate Bar from This very special milk chocolate is manufactured in India from single origin cocoa beans which are cultivated in South India. These chocolates have been created by people trained in the subtle art of chocolate making, and contain a unique note of cocoa. The reduced sugar content makes this chocolate surprisingly smooth and infused with a fresh mint flavour. This chocolate is free from any emulsifiers or soy lecithin and is made using the finest quality of cocoa. This milk chocolate contains 45 per cent cocoa and has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture. Buy it for ₹150.

Coffee Mug

A boost of caffeine gets one going on busy weekday mornings when getting out of bed seems like a tedious task. A personalised coffee mug will make your husband’s mornings a bit brighter. Vistaprint lets you create customised coffee mugs for as less as ₹225. If you are looking for a small pocket friendly gift to make your husband feel special then give him a personalised mug. You can combine this with another gift when you are presenting it to him. This mug can be customised with a text, or a photo or both. These unique pieces can be used for drinking warm beverages, as a pen stand, a small plant holder or just as a showpiece.


A personalised organiser will make your husband feel more professional and get him more enthusiastic about day to day tasks. Gift your husband this black leatherette organiser from

This beautiful black leather organiser has a buckle strap with a lock mechanism which keeps it secure. It and weighs 553 gms. This single ruled planner has 420 pages and is of Printland brand. The planner has stainless steel ring binding. There are 9 compartments inside the planner and it comes with a free ball pen. With this handy planner your husband will never miss another doctor’s appointment or a meeting with friends. You don't have to constantly remind him about the children’s parent teacher meeting at school or about paying the electricity bill. He can note it all down in one place and make time for everything. Buy this useful organizer for ₹685. For the personalisation they use the Arial font. You can chose the font boldness.

From our editorial team

Choose fun over functionality

There's a reason why expressions like 'tis the season to be jolly, and festive cheer are used when describing Christmas, because it's a time when everyone is meant to be happy. Do you think yet another practical but absolutely boring present is going to put your husband in a great mood? So when making a choice between something fun he will enjoy, and a sensible and practical gift, choose the former. You have all year to give him sensible things, for this once day aim at getting him excited about opening his gift.