Willing to Listen to Sophisticated Statements for Your Kitchen? Here are 13 Best Kitchen Colour Ideas to Modernise Your Heart of Home in 2020

Willing to Listen to Sophisticated Statements for Your Kitchen? Here are 13 Best Kitchen Colour Ideas to Modernise Your Heart of Home in 2020

The kitchen room is also known as the mother’s workspace. Kitchens are where life happens: family dinners, teaching your kids how to cook, and more. If you’re thinking about to transform your family's favourite room in the house by choosing modern kitchen colours? We appreciate your decision! Here are 13 of our favourite small kitchen colour ideas. Give one a try to re-energize your workspace.

Importance of Right Colours in Kitchen

Kitchen, one of the most important but underrated places in a house which is often ignored by us as we consider it just another room in the house. However, the lady of the house who spends hours in this room, for her kitchen holds a special place in her life. Her day starts in the kitchen and also ends in it and at times she is also chit chatting or gossiping over the phone while cooking dishes for the family.

Therefore, a well-decorated and colored kitchen is important which can create a pleasant atmosphere to cook in. The colouring used in the kitchen should be warm, earthy and bright colours depending upon your choice and the size of the kitchen. Certain colours can uplift your mood and seem friendly when you enter the kitchen. Using the right colours not only reflects light, but someone working in a beautifully coloured kitchen pays more attention to cooking with a subtle state of mind resulting in a tasty and well-balanced meal.

Do's and Don'ts While Choosing the Kitchen Colour

The colour of the kitchen or any room of the house depends on one’s personal preference. However, there are certain things to be kept in mind before you go through the shade card and choose a specific colour for your kitchen.

Do understand that even the most beautiful cupboards and counters in your kitchen can be turned stunning by using the right colours. Do consider adding lighting fixtures along with colours to increase the brightness of dark colours. Do checkout for chalkboard paint which when applied on kitchen door or wall would allow you to draw something interesting on it. Do check the amount of natural light that comes inside and choose the colour and lighting fixture accordingly; so that the place is well lit and uses vibrant hues if you are fond of bright colours. For traditional style cabinets, choose classic colours like soft whites and shades of cream or natural wood colours to enhance the traditional look. And for designer cabinets made from oak or maple wood, the wood polish can be used to bring out their natural shade.

Now moving to some don’ts before you plan to get your kitchen coloured and decorated; the first and most important one is to not get your kitchen painted in a dark colour if the space is small. Don’t hesitate to use grey or shades of grey in the kitchen as they bring a certain cool vibe and would look great with contrasting dark colour cabinetry, counters and flooring. Avoid using too many different colours as it may take away the overall effect of the colours. Don’t forget to experiment with contrast or different shades of colours and get a 3D colour photo on your mobile or computer to check the outcome before the actual colour is being done.

Best Colours for Small Kitchen

Light and warming earth tones are best suited for a small kitchen as these colours make even a tiny place look spacious. Match the colours with cabinets and ample lighting to give the required positive look to your kitchen. Try to use two or three shades at the max so that a small kitchen doesn’t seem too cluttered or busy.

White, Eggshell Blue and Dove Grey

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This cool combination makes small place look enlarged as it provides a range of various design possibilities. White color walls, curtains and ceilings reflect light and make the kitchen look larger as it draw away the perimeter of kitchen. Paired with dove grey colored marble countertops and cabinets along with eggshell blue colored furniture and some dishware in yellow and blue color complete the look. This color blend is perfect for the white lovers and it adds a soothing and cool atmosphere to your kitchen.

Turquoise, Lime Green and Goldenrod Yellow

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Get a retro look with the shades of Turquoise, Lime Green and Goldenrod Yellow by using them wisely in different parts of the kitchen. Medleys of different ceramic tiles in turquoise can be used to get attractive backsplashes while lime green and goldenrod yellow colour ceramic ware and earthenware can be used to highlight corners. Glass countertops in the kitchen will give brightness to the kitchen while setting the right balance for different colours. Small decorative items in lime green and yellow will give the right colour outline for your kitchen while giving it an expanded look.

White, Off-White and Natural Wood

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A white on the white palette can be very soothing and is an elite colour combination, especially when it’s paired with some natural wood. The white and off-white expand the borders of your small kitchen and make it look sober and gracious, while the natural wood balances the whiteness and take the extra shine off the white surfaces. You can choose white for the ceiling and walls, while the drawers and cupboards can be painted in off-white and leave the natural wood colour for wooden flooring and selected wood cabinets to give a vintage touch in your small kitchen.

Yellow, White and Black

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Yellow has been the favourite colour for small kitchens for a long time and when paired with black and white, gives an attractive aura which is never out of fashion. The yellow hue whether used as a wall colour or used in cabinets for a smooth finish gives a pleasing splash. The vibrant shade of yellow greets you cheerfully in the morning and sets the kitchen aglow once the lights are on in the evening while giving a magical impression. White tiles in the background and black marble countertops set the right outlines and give the impression of a bigger space.

Mint Green, White and Aqua

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Give your kitchen a royal look with this calming combination which is very lively as the minty pastel interplayed with saturated aqua tones balanced with white keep the look bright and cool. A white marble tabletop on which mint green tableware is displayed along with white furniture gives a classic look to your kitchen. The seashore leanings can be further added with a tropical zing by adding few accents of orange colour. The overall gelling of these colour schemes give a very soothing and expanded look to your kitchen.

Bright Colours for Kitchen

A lot of action happens in the kitchen apart from cooking like small snacking and teaching your kids about cooking to small chitchats with your friends while preparing a dish in the oven. A bright coloured kitchen looks very lively and vibrant while it provides a positive and engaging environment to the chef inside you. Contrasting blend of cool and warm colours with neutral palettes and solid streaks – this deadly combination of colour schemes will turn your kitchen into a stunning space that will not only stimulate your senses, but you will feel an emotional connection with your kitchen.

Blood Red and White

Solid colours make a strong style statement and have a very striking impact on our nature and behaviour. For the blood red and white contrast combo, you can get all the cabinets and drawers painted in blood-red while keeping a white backsplash and counter to complement it and to maintain a balance. A lot of natural light during the day and white light during the evenings can work as a perfect background for the dense and striking blood-red colour. Few white colour kitchen objects will set the right tone for this colour combination.

Blue, Yellow and White

An amazing contrast; blue and yellow are the playful and vivacious colours which are especially liked by the young and accentuate the clean lines of your kitchen. Navy blue and mushy yellow can be used in the table and cupboards while the colour scheme with alternate white can be used to demarcate zones in a big kitchen. The tabletops and counters can be kept simple in white marble which uplifts the mood of the kitchen and provides the required brightness. Few kitchen appliances or utilities in blue or yellow complete the island kitchen layout.

Bright Blue and Beige

Ever seen a gentleman wearing this combination! Yes, this magnificent combo never fails to impress and is timeless. This is one out of the box colour scheme which, when mixed with white marble tabletop and sink along with white marble flooring gives an enigmatic impression to your kitchen. The drawers and cabinets can be made from beige coloured plywood while bright blue and beige coloured tiles can be used in the background to compliment the contrasting colours. Few wooden kitchen accessories in beige would be the icing on the cake.

Marigold and Lavender

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Two nature-inspired colours, Marigold and Lavender are perfect contrast colours which can transform your kitchen into a vibrant and attractive room. The base and wall cabinets can be painted in marigold while the shade of Lavender can be used in the background to subtle the hue of yellow. White or light grey colour can be used on the tabletop and basin area while a natural wood or white marble flooring would add brightness. This is a colour combination which gives a different look in natural light and when you light up your kitchen in the evening. This pretty colour combo would allow you to soak in the natural beauty of marigold and lavender while you are in your kitchen.

Bright White

The combination of bright white with background shades of black or grey can make wonderful design while making your kitchen come alive. If you are a fan of white colour, then a bright white with backsplashes of contrast would give certain coolness to your kitchen. You can choose white colour mica for the cabinets and shelves while the counter and tabletops can be constructed from white marble. Add white and black colour mix design tiles, white marble flooring and some glassware in the cabinets fitted with glass makes for a soothing atmosphere in your kitchen. The best part about a kitchen painted with bright white is that it always seems well illuminated.

Blue and Orange

Like blue and yellow, blue and orange is also a peppy colour combination which gives a very energetic tone to your kitchen. Light or dark blue shades can be used in the upper kitchen cabinets, while the lower racks and cabinets can be painted with orange colour. Use of white marble floor with marble tabletop, platform and sink neutralize the hue of both the vibrant colours a bit, hence allowing a colour balance in the room. Few kitchen items, vase or artefacts in matching blue would highlight the place even more while adding the much required funky tinge to the kitchen.

White and Rustic Green

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White and rustic green is a deadly combination if the colours are used wisely in the right places in your kitchen. Walking into a kitchen with a background in rustic green is like walking into a lawn every time you step in. The ceiling of the kitchen can be kept white, while the cabinets, cupboards, sink and working table can be painted in light and dark shades of rustic green. Wooden floor combined with a wooden tabletop and thin wooden borders running across the platform intricate the nature element even more into this room. Few decorative items or crockery in rustic green colour will make the look even brighter.

Dark Grey, Off-White and Rich Brown

This kitchen would give you a woody - woody feeling while you are chopping the vegetables or preparing a soup for the evening. The nature-inspired colour combination uses dark grey cabinets and drawers with matching marble kitchen top and sink in light grey, while the background tiles, ceiling and walls can be painted in off-white shades. Rich brown wood along with wooden floor can be used to create a platform on one side which would give a great contrast effect in the room and a working table made of strong wood in the middle of the kitchen changes the entire aura of the kitchen. Few stools in dark grey and small rich brown art pieces in the corner will beautify the entire appearance of your kitchen.

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