Quick Introduction to Diwali Gift Giving Tradition Plus Some Awesome, Colorful Diwali Gift Ideas

Quick Introduction to Diwali Gift Giving Tradition Plus Some Awesome, Colorful Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali or the festival of lights is all about sharing and connecting with friends and family. After the morning rituals of puja, we visit everyone sharing our love and joy. How about gifting them something to remember you by? We have curated an awesome list with the best of gifts. You can find gifts for everyone from friends to family even acquaintances. What are you waiting for? Go ahead give it a read!

Mystery Behind Giving Gifts on Diwali

Significance Behind Exchanging Gifts on Diwali

Well, the gifts giving has a deep-rooted connection with the festival of lights. As we all know that the Diwali is the festival of love, appreciation, and prosperity. That's why gifts are exchanged on the Diwali to boost the feeling of fellowship and companionship among the people. Diwali gift isn't just a mere regular gift item; It defines the bonding and connection between two individuals. It signifies the respect and values of Indian culture. Moreover, Diwali is a religious festival, thus the gift giving on Diwali has holy meaning among different Indian communities. In one word, a celebration of Diwali is incomplete without the gift giving tradition.

Early Tradition of Exchanging Diwali Gifts

Exchanging gifts on the beautiful occasion of Diwali is not any new trend. Actually, the Diwali gift-giving tradition has been followed in India for a very long time. This tradition was there when Indian people didn't have much to share and their livelihood totally depended on farming. Earlier, people use to make Diwali decorations and sweets at home, and then on Diwali, they exchange them with their family and friends. It used to be more personal and intimate tradition way back where people exchange Diwali gifts to show their love and appreciation to one another. The traditional Diwali gift giving methods has taught us to be more personal and creative in our gift selection.

Diwali Gifts Tradition in Present Times

Today, Diwali gift-giving tradition has reached a new level of challenge and competition where people have totally forgotten the true spirit of Diwali gift giving and replaced it with the materialistic things. Nowadays, people share gifts to express their status and wealth. And, all those pure Diwali feelings and emotions have been totally forgotten. Nowadays, from expensive electronic items to precious jewellery items, all are given as Diwali gifts. But, that's not worth it, because the true meaning of Diwali gift is to share love, not money. So, learn from our ancestors and keep your Diwali gifts small and meaningful.

Typical Traditional Diwali Gift Giving Ideas


Oh yes! No Diwali celebration is complete without the giant box of sweet sugary treats. That's why gifting mixed box of Indian sweets on Diwali to your family and friends is a great option. You can buy a variety of sweets such as ladoo, barfi, gulab jamun etc. And, if you can't make up your mind on one sweet, then all you have to do is pack a little bit of every sweet in the box and make a giant sweet box. Nowadays, sweet shopkeepers offer a variety of new special Diwali sweets and packaging style. They design special festival Diwali sweet boxes which are very attractive and easy to gift. But, if personalizing is your style, then no worries, you can easily customize the Diwali sweets box according to your style.

Dry Fruits

Just like sweets, Diwali will be boring without the dry fruits. A pack of cashews, almonds, nuts and other healthy dry fruits are the perfect Diwali gift. Gifting dry fruits on the Diwali has numerous advantages such as; Dry Fruits won't get spoilt easily, so your guests can preserve them for the long term. On Diwali, just like sweets, a variety of dry fruits gift hampers are available in the market to exchange. Moreover, cashews, almonds, nuts are easily available in your local shop, so no need to worry about availability. Dry Fruits can be presented to any person like all your near and dear ones, including friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and business associates.

Diwali Greeting Cards

This is a bit common and old gift, but you know, "old is gold". That's why greeting cards might be old gift option, but its impact is still mind-blowing. Nowadays, Indian folks use Diwali greeting cards as the secondary gift option. A nice Diwali greeting can make anybody's dull day into the happening day. Plenty of nice quoted Diwali greeting cards are available in the market. But, you can always personalize the Diwali greeting card by writing your own personal message on them. Once the sweets and dry fruits are eaten, your friends might forget about them. But, a Diwali greeting card will always remind them about you.

10 Colourful Diwali Gift Ideas to Start New Gift Giving Tradition

Well, Diwali is a festival of lights and colours, so why to keep your Diwali gifts devoid of colours. Yep, add a splash of colour and happiness in your Diwali gift ideas. So, that your colourful Diwali gift can bring the light of happiness in your loved one's life. Well, readers, here we present you with the ten super colourful and charming Diwali gift giving ideas:

Ceramic Diwali Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

So, in the series of colourful Diwali gift ideas, we would like you to check out this colourful Ceramic Diwali Coffee Mug. Whenever your friend, takes the sip of their morning brew, he or she will remember you. Moreover, this mug has been printed with digital colours of Diwali and beautiful burning Diyas. Apart from reflecting the true Diwali spirit, this ceramic Diwali coffee mug is very affordable. You can easily order this Diwali mug in Rs.399 from amazon.in. That means you don't have to break yourself to buy meaningful Diwali gift for your associates. So, lighten the burning desires of Diwali and buy black and red ceramic Diwali coffee mug.

Colorful Plastic Acrylic Toran Hanging Wall Decorations

Source www.amazon.in

The decoration is a big part of the Diwali celebrations. Everybody cleans and decorates their home before Diwali. That's why gift a nice traditional decorative item to your friends. This acrylic toran is that Diwali decoration item which we all hang on Diwali at our doorsteps. The wall hanging toran is a way of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi in the home. This Rajasthani Colorful Plastic Acrylic Toran reflects the true Indian Diwali culture. Your friend can use this toran at the main entrance of their home or can use to decorate their home temple. This is going to be very helping gift item for your friends and family. And, a true gift always has to be useful and interesting. Buy decorative torans on Amazon for Rs.1,450.

Wax Colorful Teddy Shaped Candle

Who doesn't like cute and innocent looking teddy bears? Yep, break the monotony and instead of usually stuffed teddy bears, gift this waxed teddy bear this Diwali. Basically, it is a candle that can be burned during Diwali, but it also looks totally like the real teddy bear. If you have to buy Diwali gifts for the children, then this wax candle teddy is going to be the perfect option. Not, only kids, but elders will also get excited after seeing this unusual and colourful Diwali gift. So, be little creative in your thinking and buy these colourful and cute candles on snapdeal.com for Rs.280.

Colourful Floating Diyas

Source www.igp.com

Diyas and Diwali are synonyms for each other. Then, why not pick this colourful floating diya as your Diwali gift for your loved ones? Present this beautiful set of floating diyas to your friends and family this Diwali and spread the message of light. This colourful diya can be floated in the bowl of water and trust us, that will take Diwali traditional decoration to another level. Floating diyas are available in different hues of colours and shapes. So, you can buy floating diyas of different shapes and sizes to gift. Moreover, diyas are highly affordable and can easily fit your limited budget. These floating Diyas are available on IGP site for a mere Rs.380.

Customised Diwali Wishing Phone Cover

Today, everybody owns a smartphone, so why not get a bit technical this Diwali. Well, apart from giving traditional Diwali greeting cards, why not give your greetings in a new way. Just type your unique and quirky Diwali wishing message and print it on the phone cover. This way your Diwali greeting will always be in the hands of your loved ones. And, they will always remember your silly Diwali messages. Printable phone covers can be easily ordered online or you can even customize your Diwali greeting message on the mobile cover also. You can get this Phone Cover From printland.in for Rs.250.

Colourful Quoted T-Shirt

Let's start your Diwali squad this festival season with matching colorful quoted T-shirts. Buy unique and colorful quoted T-shirts for your gang and start new Diwali tradition. You can buy a variety of different Diwali quoted T-shirts online these days. And, can start a new ritual. Diwali t-shirts are available in different shades and sizes. That's why they can be used for gifting purpose very easily. Plus point of buying t-shirts for Diwali is that they are very useful and comes in the very tight budget. This can be bought from printland.in for Rs.399.

Colourful Shot Glasses

Okay, so if you and your friends enjoy having a shot occasionally, then these Desi shot glasses are the perfect gift for your group of friends. It's not mandatory that the short glasses should be used only for alcoholic beverage only. They can be used for traditional Indian spicy drinks also such as Jal Jira. These colourful short glasses are such kind of gift which can bring a huge smile to your loved ones. And, that is the meaning of gifting, to bring a smile and giddy feeling to your loved one. The cherry on the top is that these shot glasses are not at all expensive and you can totally buy them in bulk. Get shot glasses from printland.in for only Rs.170.

Colorful Floral Print Square Utility Box

Source m.mirraw.com

This Diwali gift option is a bit expensive but exquisite. So, if you want to impress your boss or your mother in law this Diwali, then this is your gift. The colourful floral print square utility box is handcrafted and with stylish floral prints. So, buy this square utility box for the picky people in your life. You can order this utility box in Rs.2,199 from mirraw.com

Rangoli Cushion Cover

Source paytmmall.com

Designing a rangoli outside the main entrance of the home is one of Diwali rituals. So, this cute little yellow and purple cushion is designed with inspiration from the magnificent colours and patterns of rangoli. You can gift this decorative Rangoli Cushion Cover to your acquaintances this Diwali to bring some colors in their homes. Apart from being the ideal Diwali gift, this rangoli cushion is very affordable and easily available online to buy. That's the reason you really can't miss buying this rangoli cushion. Paytm mall is selling this cushion for Rs.339.

Colorful Dry Fruits Gift Tray

As we have mentioned earlier sweets are an important part of Diwali celebrations. So, if you are taking the traditional route and going to buy sweets for your friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbours for Diwali. Then, compliment your sweets with stunning colourful dry fruits tray also. The dry fruit has different compartments where different types of nuts and cashews can be served. A dry fruit tray is designed very beautifully and very colourfully. Even the price of the dry fruit gift tray is very reasonable. You can purchase this from dryfruitbazaar.com for Rs.1,274.

Quirky Combo of Colourful Flowers and Sparkling Crackers

Today, you might get numerous Diwali combo gift options in the market such as chocolate boxes, flower sets, utility kits etc. But, if you are looking for one suitable Diwali Gift Combo, then nothing is better than colourful flowers and sparkling crackers. Deliver the beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and special Diwali crackers on your loved one's doorsteps on the dawn of Diwali. Well, we know crackers are not good for the environment, but the little sparkle of Puljadi won't hurt anybody unless you are dealing with strong crackers. So, spread joy this Diwali by gifting some traditional and contemporary gifts to your family and friends.

From our editorial team

Be Environment Conscious this Diwali

Every year Diwali is the time when noise pollution and air pollution reaches its max. This year take a vow to be environmentally conscious and go green. Say no to crackers this Diwali. Crackers are the numero uno reason for noise and air pollution. Not only that it is also an enemy for animals. If you had a pet, especially dogs you would understand what I am talking about. The next most important place to go green is the rangoli. Instead of artificial colours, take it up a notch and use pulses, grams and spices this Diwali. Or you could do rangoli with flower or paper decorations. Let your imagination run wild. And the final place to go green is the Diyas. Lighting diyas are an important ritual during Diwali. Go to the old-school ways and light up diyas made of mud. Shun the plastic and electric diyas this Diwali.