Showing Gratitude Never Goes Out of Style(2022): 12 Favorite Unique Than You Gifts Options to Wow Your Wedding Guests and Where You Can Buy Them Right Now.

Showing Gratitude Never Goes Out of Style(2022): 12 Favorite Unique Than You Gifts Options to Wow Your Wedding Guests and Where You Can Buy Them Right Now.


Now that you’re done & dusted with your wedding shenanigans, it’s time you thank those special ones, without whom your big day wouldn’t have been as special. That being said, if you do want to offer up a small gesture of thanks to the family and friends that have travelled from near and far to celebrate you, a wedding favour is a great way to do exactly that. We've got 12 wedding favour ideas to get you started.

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Tips to Choose Wedding Favors

It’s the season of weddings in India which brings along a lot of gifts. This also means that another point has been added to the to-do list, wedding favours. At the wedding, we are excited about those gifts but guess what, guests are equally excited about theirs. We will be discussing some tips that you should keep in mind while you hunt for the wedding favour. And, we are also going to share some gifts to make things easier for you.

6 Tips to Choose a Perfect Wedding Gift for Guests

Decide the Purpose of the Gifts

The wedding favour is from the bride and the groom for the guest’s presence. Hence, it should be something admirable that shows love and support. We all love handmade items whether it’s just a note. So, to make your guests feel important, why don’t you write a short note while handling the souvenir. But wait, in an Indian wedding, we’re looking at on average 1000 people. Don’t fret, simply hire someone and hand over the note. Ok so, one thing off the checklist, what’s next? The theme. It should feel connected which makes sense. Let's get onto it.

Stick to the Theme

The theme of the wedding makes it easier for you to choose the wedding favour. After all, a return gift for guests according to the theme makes sense. Then, it feels more connected. For instance, if you have a beach-themed wedding, you can opt for seashells, sand buckets, swim tubes, etc. if you’re opting for a nature-related theme then, you can go with pebbles in the water, garden seeds or balls, etc. Gifting something unique and theme-related will make your guests remember it every time they see it.

Think What the Guests Might Expect


We all eventually get stuck at this point. This can be one of the cumbersome situations in the whole wedding. But if you want, you can categorize your guests according to priority or how close they are to you. Now, this is where you’ll have to switch places and become the guest. What would you like to have as a guest? This should help you in answering. Plus, you can have different gifts for different ages. For instance, for kids, you can get chocolates or candies and for adults, something like a shawl or coffee mugs, etc.

Design, Style, and Packaging

We all agree that the first thing we look for in a product is its packaging. Hence, to give the wedding favours a boost, a nice packaging with a decent design or style will surely make it memorable. If there are different wedding favours at different events, you might want to choose the packaging accordingly. Edible wedding favours are also in trend so, using elegant jars will increase their value. The mini bags in stores is something you should look out for. Their simple and small structure makes them adorable. You can find various designs and styles according to your favour.

Think Out of the Box

It’s a priority to make the wedding interesting and unique. Hence, someone with a creative mind is a necessity. We’ve got meaning, style, and theme-related off the list. We’ve seen flowers and beautiful vases at weddings. Here, at the tables, you can put a cylindrical column filled with chocolates or candies or small gift boxes in their rooms. Mini items are in trend like mini jars, mini trees holding the name of the guest, mini ice-cream bowls with a chocolate bowl, etc. Such uniqueness will ensure that your guests will remember the time. There are tonnes of ideas which you can use or mix then and create a new one.

Decide the Budget

An important step that helps in deciding the right wedding favour. The number of guests at the wedding is a big factor in this. If you want, you can divide the budget and get gifts according to priority. There are many wedding favours you can get in bulk at a lot less price. Then, for your close friends and family, you can get something exotic. If you think a bit of stretch in the budget is possible, why not go for it? After all, it’s your wedding.

12 Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests

Personalized Masks

With the pandemic with us, masks would be proven as a great favour. With the protection of N95, you can be relieved and focus on the work. Plus, customized masks make things quite unique. You can apply logos like “Him” or “Her” to identify who’s from whose side. You can get these Masks at a discounted price as you order more. For instance, you can get 500 masks for Rs.30,000 instead of Rs.40,000

Scented Candles


These would be a perfect item that will enhance the appeal of your guests' house. There are over 10 scents to choose from. Most popular would be Vanilla, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Cedar, and Sea and Sun. These shot glass scented candles can burn for straight 10 hours. Such fragrance will rejuvenate one. You can get these on Amazon for Rs.2,970 if you order 30 candles.

Custom Cookies

Who doesn’t love munching on sweet and crunchy cookies? Everyone does! Cookies are anytime snack so giving customized options to your guests is a great idea. You can add the bride and groom’s names to it. Their price depends on many factors such as weight, size, pieces, flavour, dietary preference, any engraving, and other requirements. So many things to choose from but one guarantee is worth remembering.

Customized Hand Sanitizers

Health is a priority as much as having fun. Hand sanitizers and masks are vital in today's world when we are faced with a pandemic. Customized Sanitizers will be great when we “Bride” and “Groom” tag to it to distinguish who the guest belongs to. They come in 4 variants are Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, and Jasmine. The 50 ml bottles will be Rs.12,500 if bought 500. The price becomes Rs.25,000 for 100 ml bottles. They will be considered as a nice wedding favour.

Garden Seeds

Planting seeds, nurturing them, and watching them grow eventually is a great experience. Then, why not make it a wedding favour which will be memorable? The Vinca Seed Balls would be a great choice indeed. In one pouch or potli bag, there will be 10 seed balls and one greeting card. You don't have to plough, they are already in a ball of compost and soil. Simply plant them and in around 7-14 days, they’ll germinate. They’ll be Rs.3,570 which is a set of 30 bags.

Hot Cocoa


In winter, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa makes for a soothing break. So if your wedding is in winter, it's a great idea to hand out hot choco gift sets. Hence, sachets would be a nice wedding favour. You’ll get the box of Rs.249 on Amazon that contains 10 sachets. If you want to present it nicely, add mini bags to store them. They are indeed eye-catching.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps with herbal extracts have been on the market for a long time to give people an option apart from regular soaps that are often full of chemicals. Your guests may like getting a pack of soaps that are useful and practical, so it can be considered a great wedding favour. Plus, herbal soaps are great at cleansing, detoxifying, moisturizing, nourishing the body. The set is of 12 soaps that contain Chandan Haldi, Aloe Vera, Pure Neem, Saffron, Sandalwood, and more. They are eco-friendly are quite cost-effective. You can add this set to your bag for Rs.249.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Mugs are considered a decent wedding favour. And as this is something that you can customize then, it opens opportunities. To make it better, add the bride and groom’s name and for some special people, customize as you like (it’s optional). With made of high-quality ceramic, the durability is unquestionable. If you want to add a nice touch then, prefer a nice packaging related to the theme. You can get the set of 50 mugs (300 ml each) at Rs.5,000.

Hand Fans


this would be the perfect souvenir for the time of summer. Not only it’s fashionable but also nice at its job. This Japanese hand fan also holds value as a prop. So, the teens will be taking a lot of pics. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from and if you don’t like them then, you can always choose to customize them. You can the set of 30 hand fans for Rs.6,300 on Amazon.

Personalized Chocolates

This will no doubt going to be a great return gift. The kids will surely fall for it if not the adults. Assorted chocolates can also be used during wedding events or at the tables during any performance. As they are personalized, you can choose the type of chocolate, their shape, if mint is to be added, the cover on it, engraving, and even the wrapper. You can get these Assorted Chocolates for Rs.1,180 per kg.

Customized Fleece Blankets


A nice warm fleece Blanket will be a good wedding return gift. Highly useful for families during winters, pick out an option that uses high-quality material to make it wonderful to use during chilly times. There are also tonnes of styles and designs to choose from. And if nothing suits you, you can always knock on the door for customization. You can get yourself a set of 45 super soft fleece blankets for Rs.6,705.

Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

This unique hugging salt and pepper figurine check almost every criterion mentioned above. It’s useful, unique, budget-friendly, and wedding-themed. There are great chances that your guests will love it. Two Ceramic Shakers on a wooden plate make it look appealing. Its dispenser is also at a different location so, be careful. You can get this hugging salt and shaker figurine for Rs.350.

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Wedding Favor

Let’s take a look at some mistakes you shouldn’t make while on the hunt for a wedding favor.

Cheap Wedding Favors

It’s an important thing that you get your guests a decent souvenir at the wedding. Getting something cheap means it won’t be much use or can be breakable. If you’re expecting a good gift so are they. There are chances that you have a long guest list but there are ways you can tackle it smartly and save money. If you think you don’t have many options, go with something homemade like cookies or sweets. Edible souvenirs are considered a lot better than cheap ones. Not satisfactory? Use nice packaging and add a thank you note. These good gestures do make a difference.

No Meaning

Your wedding favour should have a purpose. These favours are there to show gratitude to the guests and be thankful. Giving them a gift that doesn’t have meaning simply doesn’t make sense. So, how to overcome it? Use your story (bride and groom) to your advantage. If it all started with a cup of coffee then, offer mugs or cocoa sachets. If you both are good at cooking or baking then, go with chocolates or cookies. Your wedding favours are there to tell you something about yourself. Such favours might look simple but in reality, they express a part of your life.

Complicated DIYs

Handing your guests a complicated souvenir is not a good gesture. If you were a guest, would it nice if you have to make your gift yourself? I doubt that.They’ve given you something meaningful, hence, it’s your responsibility to do the same. They are here to enjoy your wedding not solving puzzles or getting busy with DIY gifts.The formula is simple, don’t give it if you don’t like it. This will make things a lot easier for you and you’ll end up deciding something appreciative.


This is a big mistake not to have enough gifts. This is something you can’t challenge. Letting some of your guests leave empty-handed isn’t just sad for them but for you. It’s not only about the guests but there are chances that some of your favors might be damaged.So, it’s always better to get more than to get less. You can always share or donate the rest of the wedding favors after the wedding. But disappointing the guests can make them feel less important.

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