Wondering How to Celebrate a Birthday in Lockdown(2022)? Move the Party Online, with These Birthday Surprise Ideas During Lockdown.

Wondering How to Celebrate a Birthday in Lockdown(2022)? Move the Party Online, with These Birthday Surprise Ideas During Lockdown.

While there’s nothing like gathering to celebrate life’s moments in person, there are times when it just isn’t possible. If your or your loved one’s birthday is falling during the months of lockdown, then check out these amazing birthday ideas for lockdown and give the best surprise birthday ever!

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How to Enjoy Lockdown Birthday Bash?

Due to restrictions thanks to COVID-19, you may not be celebrated the birthday of your friends or loved ones like the previous years. So, it's time to get creative and celebrate the birthdays of dear ones in a different way to let them know that they are special to you. People love surprises as something unexpected like a surprise birthday party feels good. Listed here are a few ideas on how to host a surprise birthday bash for your loved ones, which is sure to bring a smile to their face.

5 Lockdown Birthday Gifts

1. Stress Reliever Herbal Teabags

Source in.teabox.com

A delicious cup of herbal tea is what one needs on a birthday to get rid of stress and anxiety experienced due to social isolation during the lockdown. The soothing blend of herbs in Be Calm tea bags helps the birthday celebrant sail through stressful days. You can buy these teabags on in.teabox.com for Rs. 349 (25 teabags)

2. Money Plant for Kumbh or Aquarius Person

We feel relaxed and happy when we are around green plants and hence, it makes a perfect lockdown gift for loved ones. The Money Plant is a low-maintenance plant and hence a great gift for anyone regardless of their experience in nurturing plants. Check out this plant on nurserylive.in for Rs. 349.

3. Crystal Quartz Sphatik for a Calming Effect

Source www.amazon.in

Merkaba is a 12-point star design that is known to create high vibration healing energies. It is a perfect tool for self-healing and spiritual well-being. Meditating with the Crystal Quartz Merkaba helps us connect with our inner self and has a calming effect, which is something that we all need during the stressful lockdown period. You can check out this healing crystal star on amazon for Rs. 449.

4. Relaxing Body Care Gift Set

Spread some cheer during lockdown by gifting the best beauty and body care product like Juicy chemistry’s combo pack. The kit includes face and body scrub, foot cream, bath salts and foot soak. The wondrous formulation and luxurious packaging make this an ideal gift for the birthday girl. Check out this product on juicychemistry.com for Rs. 925.

8 Wonderful Ideas for a Surprise Birthday Party During Lockdown

1. Throw a Virtual Surprise Party

A virtual birthday party is not only easy to arrange but will definitely surprise your friend or your loved ones. The virtual space will also give an opportunity for everyone near and far a chance to connect and no one has to miss a milestone event like the birthday of their dear ones.

Follow these simple steps –

  • 1. Pick a suitable time, so that all attendees will be able to attend the surprise party. Send them a calendar invitation.
  • 2. Pick a video platform that suits your needs and can easily host your attendees within your budget. You can choose Skype (50 people), Zoom (100 attendees), or WebEx. Send the link to everybody and make sure that everyone has access to the conference room.
  • 3. Choose a theme that will keep your attendees engaged. Keep the virtual party lively with competitions and games.

Last but not the least, don't forget to deliver the birthday cake to the celebrant.

2. Deliver a Cake at Midnight

Just imagine the glow and happiness of the recipient when he/she gets the cake at midnight, the moment when they enter their new birthday. Such moments come only once a year and you need not miss this because of a lockdown. Surprise your friend or dear one by delivering their favourite birthday cake at midnight and watching their joy on a video call. Your surprise is sure to make their birthday really wonderful!

3. Order their Favourite Birthday Dinner

If you are wondering how to surprise your friend or loved one during quarantine or lockdown then go with sending them their favourite birthday dinner. Food gives us a feel-good sensation that relieves stress and the wonderful aromas of food can go a long way! In fact, during the lockdown, online food delivery has become our salvation. Pick one of the favourite dishes of the birthday celebrant and get it delivered to their place. Make sure to check for only those services that strictly adhere to hygiene and social distancing norms. You can also send a birthday card along with the food!

4. Send Birthday Gift

Source www.igp.com

A birthday celebration is not complete without a birthday gift. Surprise your loved ones by delivering them something special that shows you are thinking of them on their special day! Pamper them with their favourite gifts and don’t forget to watch their smiling face on a video call. A grooming kit, a boozy treat, a tea or a coffee hamper, blended spa-quality infusions, a classic book to bookworms to a stunning bouquet and chocolate truffles are some of the gift options that are sure to keep them smiling for days.

5. Home Spa Day

Cooped up at home for days during lockdown is sure to make anyone relentlessly bored and tensed. An ideal solution to quieten the mind and enjoy some peaceful moments on their special day is by creating an ultimate home spa experience. Gifting your friend or dear ones a luxury spa collection set will help them unwind and deeply relax their body and mind.

The decadent spa collection from forestessentialindia.com comprises of their bestselling products that are specially curated by their experts to de-stress from head-to-toe. From nourishing hair oil, rejuvenating essentials for the body to glow lending boosters for the face, this collection is infused with nourishing botanicals to provide a holistic spa experience. You can check out this product on their website forestessentialsindial.com for Rs. 4,595.

6. An Indoor Picnic

Kids especially are jaded with lockdown as it has put a halt to all their activities, some as basic as going to school and outdoor activities. As safety comes first, we have to celebrate children’s birthdays indoors, but there is no need to get disheartened, as parents can surprise the little ones on their special day with an indoor picnic, which is a great way to save the day!

You can choose your balcony, living room or terrace as the picnic venue. Prepare the favourite food your kid loves and make all necessary arrangements. Make sure all the preparation is done secretly and surprise your child by taking him/her to the spot. Indoor picnics are super fun and kids will absolutely love it!

7. Plan a Family Talent Show

Entertainment is one of the important aspects of our mental well-being. One way to inject the much-needed fun and a surprise element to a lockdown birthday are to run a talent show by the family members. This fun bonding activity brings the whole family together. Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents can also participate in the talent show through Skype or Zoom video calls. Start practicing for the talent show a few days before the birthday.

The family members can practice their performances, which can be a dance, song, stand-up comedy, magic show, reciting poetry, a solo skit, or ventriloquist and present the act in front of the birthday boy/girl. This will definitely lift everyone’s spirits during the pandemic. Children will especially enjoy this kind of activity that will help improve their mood dramatically and makes them feel better.

8. Send a Special Virtual Birthday Card

Sending birthday cards has been in practice for several decades. During a lockdown when all of us are confined to homes, it becomes all the more important to keep in touch with friends and dear ones especially on their special days to cheer them up. A lockdown birthday card will let them know that you are thinking about them and it brings a smile to their face. Sending a card is also a cute gesture. There are several card-making apps that you can use to create a beautiful birthday card. You can personalize these ecards and make them special and distinct. Felt, Handwritten, Red Stamp Cards, Touchnote Cards, Ink Cards are some of the apps that you can use to create high-quality customized cards.

Bonus Tips

Remote Birthday Party Games

Boost the morale of the attendees with these games –

  • Trivia Night – Prepare a custom trivia or choose any topic like movies, general knowledge etc.
  • Bingo – You can choose free bingo cards available online and customize it based on the theme.
  • Decoration Challenge – Give 10 minutes to the participants to decorate the room where they are with party decorations.
  • Virtual Karaoke – Find the karaoke version on YouTube and share your computer sound with all attendees and sing along!
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Send Out E-Invites Well In Advance

For a virtual birthday party, you need to send e-invites in advance. Additionally, for virtual birthday party, thoughtfully prepare a list of the closest circles, including only people you truly want to celebrate with. Keep your guest list as short as possible, to avoid people talking over one another and paving the way for chaos, during the video party call.