Brighten up Your Home This Summer: 8 Evergreen Home Decor Tips and 5 Trendy & Stylish Home Decor Accessories!

Brighten up Your Home This Summer: 8 Evergreen Home Decor Tips and 5 Trendy & Stylish Home Decor Accessories!

Decorating your home doesn't have to be difficult and break your bank. All you need is our list of 8 home decor tips to help you take the first step. We've got everything from a theme-based room to upcycled products and even indoor plants. Read ahead for a few home decor accessories that can change your living room for the better.

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Home Sweet Home

Home décor plays a vital role in making your home fresh, attractive and peaceful. It is not about adding too many things, but making use of a few items and bringing in the best positive feeling to your home. Nowadays a lot of people are engaging in personally tending to the decor of the house. If you would like to do so too, then you would find the home decor guide indeed useful. We researched and compiled some of the best tips for home decor and some great finds on the internet that you can add to your home.

Top 8 Home Decor Tips

If you are looking for ideas that do not involve lots of efforts, then here are 5 tips that gain attention of the onlookers. You can try these and enjoy positive vibes all around your home.

Create a Theme

Creating a theme for the home isn’t easy. It involves lots of aspects. In many Indian homes, the major problem with the theme or description is that they are not consistent. As the number of rooms is the numbers of themes. The flow isn’t present. You need to begin with identifying what you need in the specific room. Do you need a theme that would be ethnic to India? Then get the furniture, décor items that would fit into this category. For instance, here you need to choose colourful cushions, rugs, and toys from Rajasthan or Channapatna. Brass and copper items too are good choices for Indian ethnic theme.

When you cannot find a theme that would go with your home or room, then you can decide a colour-based theme. You can pick pastels for example. The best way to deal with a colour theme is 60:30:10 rule. The primary colour for wall paint should be 60%, the secondary colour should be 30%. It is for the upholstery and 10% should for the accent. The curtains and cushion covers are good examples. Creating a theme helps in breaking the monotony.

Add a Little Green to Your Home


Greenery lifts the mood of the room and of course, the residents’ too. A balcony garden is a good idea when you are looking for home décor options that would not cost a lot. If you cannot find enough space for one, then you can simply bring the indoor plants or succulents. Ferns and lilies are good choices.

You can find your window sill a good option to play host to the plants. The spot is a fine choice to grow herbs. They are small and do not occupy the place. Adding to that, they are also of use other than being decorative. Coriander, methi and green chillies are a few examples. They can be used in daily cuisine. You can also use plants to purify the air. Not in the living room alone, they can find space all over the house. You can bring the snake plant. It is a natural air purifier. This tall and spiky plant also does not take much space. You can even place the succulents on the coffee table. You can also spray golden paint on old tins and use them as pots for your indoor plants, for an elegant style.

Balance Elements


Instead of having the same element repeat, again and again, you should balance it out. For instance, if you have dark coloured furniture that is in the family for decades, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling the ambience. Instead, you can bring in light colours for the rest of the upholstery and accents of the room. This will reduce the heaviness of the room. You can also use the bright coloured rugs and curtains here. In the same way, if you have many antiques lined up at home, you can create a space where antiques are kept. A room can be decorated with antiques alone.

Upcycle Things

Do you have old glass bottles lying at home? You don’t have to throw them to make your home neat and tidy. In fact, they can make them add to the beauty. A dash of colour is what it needs. Paint them with the colours of your choice. Or you can choose a colour that suits your living room. You can also beautify them with threads, laces and twines. Explore the options and make them the décor piece. Or, use them as vases, or the bottles can act as the centrepieces too.

Add a Personal Touch


Get something done to suit your own personality. It can be anything. Decking up things in a special arrangement is one of the choices. For instance, collect the souvenirs and arrange them to avoid negative spaces. The key is to not fill up space. Or make adjustments to the existing furniture. If you have huge sofas, and no space around them, add drawers underneath. This eliminates the need for the study tables. Or make a patchwork of the fabric. You can sew them to be of any shape and style.

If you love to make crafts, then you can make lampshades. Inflate a balloon and wrap it with a thread or twine. Pop the balloon once the twine or thread dries. You have created a lampshade for your home. Make a dreamcatcher with twines, feathers, and beads of your choice. This is a cool décor you can bring home with much ado. You can make it to suit the colour of your bedroom, or you can add accessories to fit into your room.

Experiment with Lighting


Lighting is an important aspect of home décor. The correct lighting can help dull out the negatives and bring out the positive aspects of the design. Experiment with lighting; don’t settle for the first one you find. Instead, you can experiment with colours, designs and even the intensity of the lights. Different rooms can have different lightings. For example, you can dim, golden lights in the living room for a relaxed evening while the kitchen should have bright lights.

Organise with Modern Shelves and Cabinets

We all need storage space in our homes; however, there are several storage options now unlike the bulky metal wardrobes of the past. To give a more tasteful look to your house and to still have enough space, you can look for modular wardrobes. They come in all sorts of designs and with options of wood and without wood as well. For shelves and cabinets also you can look for functional design options.

Balance Between Old and New, Modern and Traditional

A home is a reflection of the people living in it, their ideas and their lives. Instead of making your home completely modern or traditional, strike a balance between the two. Try to keep elements from both in your home décor. This will not only look good design-wise but will also help keep memories afresh. The way you blend the two styles will show your personality too. From furniture styles to knick-knacks to wall accessories there is a whole range of options through which you can show your unique design sensibilities. If you are unsure of how to come up with a theme, consider hiring a professional to give you advice.

Top 5 Home Decor Accessories to Buy Off the Internet!

When you want to make your home décor stand out, and look attractive, then here are some options for you. You would be certainly looking for options that are suitable for your home. Here is a complete list of items that will catch your attention, and the people who step into your home. These 8 home décor items are budget-friendly and contemporary. Make your home look cool with these items.

New handmade Modern Canvas on Oil Painting Palette knife Tree 3D Flowers

Dongmei oil painting made in canvas. The flower-shaped paintings come in a rectangular shape. There are no frames. So, you can fix them as they are, or add frames to them. You can add frames that are apt for your home. These original paintings are a thick knife painting. These are purely manual painting from Guangdong, China. They are in vibrant colours and add life to your living room or bedroom. They are warm and can get your appreciation for your choice of home décor. These oil paintings on canvas comprise of flowers and come in different sizes. The painting sizes range from 30cm X 60 cm to 80 cm X 140 cm. Get the 100% knife tree 3D painting for Rs. 2,775 from

Multicolour Ceramic Turkey World Of Cobalt 8 & 10 Inch Decorative Wall Plates

Decorate your home with the unique and creative wall hangings from D Jackle. These wall plates are made of ceramic and are 10 inches in diameter. They weigh 2.2 kg, The pack consists of 5 wall plates, and there is no need of assembling of any parts. These wall hangings are elegant and make your room classy. These are multi-coloured and have intrinsic artistic features. They come in various colours and make your wall beautiful. They can add to the creativity of your home. Pepper Fry offers this pack of wall plates for Rs. 3599.

Set of Best 5 Living Room Plants

Bringing in greenery to your home is the best home décor. The plants not only can act as decorative pieces but have their own advantages. They lift the mood, purify the air and bring in positivity. This set of 5 plants comes with the coloured ceramic pots. These pots are white and red and look elegant. They are best suited for household and do not need much care and maintenance. They are recommended plants by NASA for purifying the air and removing toxins from the ambience. So, you can feel fresh.

The set has a snake plant, money plant and ZZ plant, which can be kept even in air-conditioned rooms. These plants help in improving your concentration. They let you recreate the happy memories, and are a unique gift to your loved ones. You can also use these plants at home and workplaces. They can be used in interior design to help noise reduction. Get this pack for Rs. 2,156 from

The New Look Living Room Design Long Wall Shelf

The wall shelf comes for Rs. 1,749 from These wall shelves are good choices for your living room and bedroom. Made of MDF, they are 18 inches high and 4 inches wide. It is a package of 3 rack shelves, and you get 6 shelves in total. From the brand of New Look, these shelves, come in two colours, black and white. They can be mounted easily with 6 screws. Use them for keeping your showpieces, or organizing your books.

Blue Golden Vintage Style Telephone Table Lamp with Alarm Clock

If you are looking for vintage style items for home décor, this is a perfect option. It not only stands as a showpiece but also functional. This telephone lamp adds to the glory of your home. It is eye-catching with a unique design that makes this item an antique. It is made of plastic, hence, easy to maintain and clean. The lamp is powered by an electric cord and the clock by batteries. There are 2 AA batteries in the box.

You can use this as a table lamp, clock or an alarm. You can use this to decorate your living room, bedroom, office or you can even give this away as a gift on Diwali, Christmas, or as a birthday gift. This premium quality lamp is of blue golden colour and can serve as a gift for all occasions. To clean this you should not use water, but only dry or wet cloth. You can get this from and is priced Rs. 799.

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Redecorate on a Budget!

Redecorating your home need not be as expensive. You can make your home look amazing without burning a hole in your pocket. The simplest way is to repurpose old furniture or decor. The dresser in your guest bedroom can be repurposed in your living room or your kitchen. All you need to do is to be creative with your ideas. Even rearranging your furniture can be rewarding and give a new look to the room.

Another way is to upcycle the things lying around your home. You can make a vase and planters out of waste bottles. How about a vertical garden or a hanging garden? Ever thought about changing your curtains. A change of curtains can work wonders to your room. Curtains can make your room look lighter or a formal look.