Looking for Perfect Online Return Gifts in India(2020)? 10 Return Gifts Online That will Remind Your Guest of the time spent at Your Events and Shall Be Cherishes with the Great Memories.

Looking for Perfect Online Return Gifts in India(2020)? 10 Return Gifts Online That will Remind Your Guest of the time spent at Your Events and Shall Be Cherishes with the Great Memories.

It's the birthday of a child, or you are celebrating your latest promotion, parties are a great way to share your happiness with your close ones. While organizing the party, every detail matters, be it decorations, food items or drinks. There's another important thing which most of us forget - Return Gifts. So, make your party entrenched in your guests' memories by choosing from this hand-picked range of return gifts!

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All About Return Gifts

If you are hosting a party for a birthday, home warming, anniversary, marriage or for any other celebration; presenting a return gift to your guests is a wonderful way to thank them for being present on the occasion and acts as a token of appreciation for blessing you and your family with their good wishes. A return gift for guests is a memoir of the party which would remind them about the beautiful moments they have cherished on the occasion. Also, giving a return gift is a nice way to strengthen your bonds with your relatives, friends and well wishers.

Why Should We Give Return Gifts?

The tradition of giving return gifts is centuries old and history mentions kings, queens and royal men showering their guests with return gifts on various occasions, celebrations and festivals. Giving a return gift was so important that a separate part of the total money spent on celebrations was kept reserved for these gift items. Mostly these were costly gifts such as gold items, jewels and gems as the kings would show off their wealth and generosity through these gifts and was a token of remembrance for the visitors in the grand parties.

The tradition still continues in most of the marriages where return gifts are presented to close relatives and not only in a marriage, but these can be presented on any occasion to the guests as they have taken out their time to visit and make the day extra special for you, so why not make them feel good with a nice gift when they return back home. This will make your guests feel important and they will appreciate that you have carefully chosen a gift which is apt for them. A well researched gift for individual guests as per their age, liking and gender etc. also shows your taste and eye for detail.

Things to Remember While Choosing Return Gifts

Your guest list may comprise of people from different age groups, beliefs, backgrounds and varied likings, so no one gift can necessarily be apt for everyone. Make sure that the person receiving the gift has some meaning for it and it’s practically useful for him. For example, gifting a bangle box to an elderly wouldn’t make much sense; rather it can be liked by a newly wed couple. You can make the gifting experience unique by making the gift personalized for everyone. Not only this shows your love for them, but they would surely remember it for a long time.

Return Gifts Online for Wedding Party

For wedding parties, choose a return gift which has a cultural touch and can add some value to the life and home of your guests. God idols, lucky charms and metal items etc make for a perfect return gift for weddings. We have researched few such items which are popular return gifts for wedding parties and they would certainly ease your confusion about choosing one.

Marble Enamel Painted Ganesha Placed on Chowki

Source www.amazon.in

We worship lord Ganesha before every auspicious occasion or before starting a new venture, business and while purchasing home, vehicle etc. So, how can the big day of your life be untouched with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Surprise your guests with this small handmade Ganesha sitting on a chowki. The article size is 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm, made of makrana marble and is hand painted by enamel paint.

The small idol also has embossing and stone work which gives this idol a very traditional and attractive look. A nice gift item which can be placed in home temple or living room and increases the divine quotient in the room, this Marble Enamel Painted Ganesha Placed on Chowki can be purchased from www.amazon.in for Rs. 260.

Minakari Glass

Minakari is an art in which a metal surface is colored and decorated by fusing different colors on intricately carved designs. This Peacock design tumbler is made from stainless steel and has amazing colorful Minakari work on it. The glass is an excellent traditional return gift item for marriage functions, has diameter 2 inch, height 3.2 inch, weighs 120 gm and is available for Rs. 69 per piece (min. order of 25 pcs.) at www.wedtree.in.

Lakshmi Diya Pooja Thali Set

Source www.amazon.in

Goddess Lakshmi, symbol of wealth and good fortune is prayed on all the auspicious occasions by Hindus. The Lakshmi Diya Pooja Thali set which comes in a beautiful designer potli bag is made of metal, with dimensions 8.6 x 8.3 x 7.3 cm and weighs 40 gm. The silver color Lakshmi Diya has Goddess Lakshmi idol holding two lotus flowers which represent beauty and prosperity and the other two hands are in ashirwad mudra. The multi layered temple pattern and the lotus shaped diya gives it a very traditional and religious look. The Lakshmi Diya Pooja Thali Set can be ordered from www.amazon.in for Rs. 225.

White Metal Swan Tissue Holder Gold Finish

A useful return gift item for our guests which is elegant and fits into the traditional gift items category, this Gold finish white metal swan designed tissue holder has beautiful and intricate designs. The two swans facing in opposite directions and the space in between which can be used for keeping tissue papers makes for an excellent artifact in kitchen or dining table. The item dimensions are - length 3 inch; width 2 inch; height 4 inch, weighs 126 gm and can be ordered for Rs. 180 (minimum 25 pieces) from www.wedtree.in.

Brass Fruit Bowl (7 Inches)

Source theoneshop.in

One more traditional and useful gift which is an economic and praiseworthy option as a return gift, the medium sized brass fruit bowl has intricate carvings of leaves, flowers and designs. A peacock spreading its wings is the theme of design in the middle and the borders have few designer holes which add to the beauty of this brass bowl. The bowl has dimensions: length 17.5 cm, width 17.5 cm, height 6 cm, weighs 180 gm and can be ordered for Rs. 275 (minimum 5 pieces) on www.theoneshop.in.

Return Gifts Online for Kids Birthday Party

Children are always excited about their Birthday as they get to play games, eat chocolates, cakes, and cookies and yes, also get nice presents. The kids who have arrived to attend the birthday party of your little champ will be delighted to get a return gift and will go back home happily only to tell the stories about the party to their parents and show them the return gifts. Let’s check few cute little items in this category from which you can choose one or more items and put them in the gift bag which is the last item under this section.

Fruits Design Acrylic Tumblers with Airtight Lid

Kids will be happy to receive these attractive tumblers which have fruit designs and silicon handles which is Mickey and Kitty shaped. The tumblers have air tight lid which are seal proof and the tumblers are made of ‘A’ grade quality thick acrylic material which are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. These are dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe, non toxic and made of food grade material. Each tumbler has a capacity of 500 ml and is available for Rs. 225 at www.returngiftwala.com.

Star Sunglasses

These colorful star sunglasses can be used to play during the party and post party; you can keep them in the return gift bag with other gift items. Kids are surely going to love these star shaped birthday goggles and are perfect for few birthday clicks as well. The star sunglasses will add a pop of style and color in outdoor or bollywood themed parties and set of 12 sunglasses is available on www.mybirthdaysupplies.in for Rs. 499.

Animal Theme Spoons with Rubber Embossed Top

Made from BPA free food grade quality plastic, these spoons have a rubber embossed top which is detachable and dishwasher safe. Kids are going to adore the cute designs which are in the form of rubber embossed top and these toxic free animal theme spoons which are suitable for children of all ages, are available for Rs. 45 on www.returngiftwala.com.

Wooden House Coin Bank

The wooden house coin bank is made from natural wood and has a coin slit at the top of the house through which kids can drop the coins. There is a removable lid at the bottom which can be used to empty the box. This gift inculcates the habit of saving in the kids and the cute colors and designs would be adored by them. The three pieces have drawings of tortoise, zebra and giraffe respectively and the dimensions of each house are – 8 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm. The set of 3 wooden house coin banks can be purchased from www.partyone.in for Rs. 269.

Pink Smiles Loot Bag

You need a nice bag to keep the return gifts while you say goodbye to the little guests when the party ends and handover the hamper / bag to them. The pink smiles loot bag solves the purpose with style as the smiley faces on the pink color background gives an attractive look to these bags. You can keep birthday return gifts, stickers, goodies, chocolates, balloons etc in this bag and present to the little guests. A pack of 10 bags is available for Rs. 169 on www.mybirthdaysupplies.in

Return Gifts Online for Anniversary Party

Source pcrestcc.com

It’s your anniversary party or you are celebrating your parent’s anniversary, a beautiful memento as a return gift will make it memorable for the guests. We have carefully picked few items which make it to the list of popular return gifts online in India for anniversary.

Oxidized Rath Shape Tea Coaster As Table Showpiece

Made from oxidized silver, the rath shaped tea coaster has beautiful intricate designs on the chariot and on the coasters. Completed with a pair of horses, the rath shaped coaster is a fine piece by skilled craftsmen and makes for a beautiful return gift for anniversary parties. This excellent artifact will add a traditional touch to your dining or living room and can be personalized by getting the name of the recipient engraved on the box. Premium gift wrapping and a thank you card is also available for bulk orders. The article is approx 6 inches long and can be ordered for Rs. 415 from www.boontoon.com.

Navrang Jewelry Box

This multipurpose Jewelry box made from wood and aluminum has an antique look with a mix of oxidized silver and rose gold color. The inside has a layering of good quality red color velvet to protect your jewelry from scratches and any damage. This multipurpose box can be used as a vanity box or accessories box as well and you can use it as a return gift on anniversary by keeping a nice jewelry set inside the box. The Navrang Jewelry box comes with a lock and the box is available for Rs. 198 on www.flipkart.com.

An Ethnic Crystal Akhand Jyot With Brass Finish

This ethnic crystal akhand jyot with brass finish is an elegant mix of traditional design with a modern look. The vintage design and usability makes it one of the most sought after return gifts on various occasions including an anniversary party. The beautifully joined crystals make the jyot look enchanting when the flame is lit inside it and the partially covered flame of the diya is prevented from the air of fan etc. The top and bottom are made of metal with a brass finish and this akhand jyot has dimensions - 2 inch x 2 inch x 4 inches and can be purchased from www.boontoon.com for Rs. 390.

Polyresine Modern Art Beautiful Miniature Couple Figurines

Source www.amazon.in

This modern art miniature model mimics the hands of a couple holding each other over two intertwined rings on a designer base. The art is made of Polyresin coated with silver color, has dimensions - 10 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm and makes for a beautiful anniversary return gift. The modern art miniature couple figurine by Ethnic Karigari can be ordered online from www.amazon.in for Rs. 422.

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Add Extra Bit of Charm by Your Smile

You have put in so much effort into making your party successful. Why not go for that icing on the cake when it comes to treating your guests? Choose one of these return gifts and have your party memorable in their minds! Give these return gifts with a smile on your face to leave a mark on your guests. Your smile will give your guest the feeling of affinity.