Turning 21 Years Old is the First Big Landmark Post the Teenage Years and Deserves a Celebration. Tips and Appropriate 21st Birthday Gift Options for Him & Her (2022)

Turning 21 Years Old is the First Big Landmark Post the Teenage Years and Deserves a Celebration. Tips and Appropriate 21st Birthday Gift Options for Him & Her (2022)

Many people celebrate this mark of life as a big day after the 18th birthday. And that's why you should also try to make the day memorable for the birthday boy/girl. While you can add some surprise celebration, here are some fantastic 21st birthday gifts you can pick to make him/her feel special.

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Many people celebrate this mark of life as a big day after the 18th birthday. That's why you should also try to make the day memorable for the birthday boy/girl. While you can add some surprise celebration, here are some fantastic 21st birthday gifts you can pick to make him/her feel special. Our gift experts have carefully selected these gifts that delight both the giver and receiver.

How to Choose 21st Birthday Gift

Consider His/Her Hobbies

If you are close enough, you can easily understand the likes and dislikes of the recipient. It could be an evening with a coffee cup while watching television or some binge-watching. Or, he/she could be a nature enthusiast, wherein, you can gift a ticket for some type of trip or adventure activities with nature. Thus, considering his/her hobbies can significantly help in choosing the right 21st birthday gift.

Recall Past Conversations

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That's another way you can judge if the recipient needs something or likes an item a lot. During some casual conversations, he/she might have dropped hints to those dream buys or some wish yet to be fulfilled. If the sure thing is reasonable, then gifting that thing will improve your relationship further alongside making him/her happier. However, for this, you need to recall all the past conversations to get some clues.

DIY Gift

In today's time of fast-paced lifestyle, giving someone a handmade gift immediately sends the impression of how much you value them. And, if you are looking to make something on your own, you should take advice from an experienced person. You can discover some fantastic ideas on video platforms like YouTube, where many videos are available.

Whatever you do, don't forget to put your heart and love into making the gift. The most popular DIY gift ideas are homemade gift baskets and booze cakes. Rather than a typical gift basket or cake, which is filled with sweets, you surprise your close ones with their favourite beer, mixers, and drinks.

Color Coded Gift

What's his/her favourite colour? Why not gift that colour added with those of happiness, joy, and the most important one, the feeling of being unique? Yes! You can create something thoughtful out of a single-colour theme. You can pick from things such as favourite books, jewelry, etc. And, giving such a gift to your 21-year-old friend would make the moment truly unique as well as a precious one.

30 Best 21st Birthday Gifts

Now, after a quick guide to the selection tips for 21st birthday present, here are our top picks for the same.

21st Birthday Gifts for Her

Grooming and Make up Gifts for the Diva Celebrating Her 21st Birthday

1. Volumizing, Curler and Straightener Hot Comb to Create Relaxed Waves or Straight Hair

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She loves her hair. Doesn't she? She's just out of her teenage years, during which she had been trying many different styles to flaunt among her friends. Now, that makes her 21st birthday a perfect opportunity to gift her a beautiful set for styling those strands. Alan Truman Volume is a combination of a curling rod and volumizing brush that help her unlock endless styling opportunities. Features like cool touch ionic bristles, tourmaline ceramic, 8 heat settings, an auto shut-off and auto temperature lock make it a high-performance hair styling product. This well-designed hot brush is available on nykaa.com for Rs. 1,600.

2. A Makeup Kit for Timeless Beauty

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If you are looking for a gift for someone who is a beauty-loving person and you don’t have much idea about the inventory in their makeup bag then Miss Claire Make-up Palette would be the best bet. The beauty box includes everything to get that glam look. It has a collection of 6 lip glosses, 6 blushers, one mascara, 25 eye shadows, an eye pencil, eyeliner and enclosed applicators. You can purchase this All-in-one Face Makeup Palette from nykaa.com. The price of this veritable kit is Rs. 1,420.

3. Brush Collection for Perfect Makeup

Makeup brushes are just perfect for a beauty-obsessed 21-year-old friend. The best part about this gift is that unlike other makeup or skincare products, you don’t have to worry about their preferences. It’s a foolproof gift, as makeup brushes are a must for a flawless and smooth makeup application. Zoeva Makeup Brush set contains 15 pieces for the eye and face, so there is everything that is needed for any kind of look. These handcrafted brush sets are made with genuine wood and are available on Flipkart. The price of this luxurious soft-bristled brush set is Rs. 415.

4. Hair Dryer for Beautifully Styled Hair

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A hairdryer is an essential accessory that one must have on their dressing table. In fact, this useful tool is a fabulous gift for anyone. The word-famous and best-selling Phillips’s hairdryer is cute, compact and powerful. The gently drying feature results in beautifully styled hair. The brush diffuser is handy to manage hair easily while drying. The foldable handle and compact design make it travel-friendly. The pretty pink colour and the floral design of this hairdryer are eye-catching. You can purchase this product on Amazon for Rs. 1,215.

Gifts for Relaxation

5. Spa Bath Bomb Birthday Basket for a Day of Pampering

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And why only hair? Girls are careful about their skin as well. That's where your idea of the next amazing 21st birthday gift comes from. Yes, you guessed it right. It's a skincare kit for the birthday girl. Your lovely 21-year-old girl will be pleased to receive it, and will also feel very special. The Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Bath Tub Kit is one such great choice. All the things are packaged colourfully and securely. The Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Bath Tub Kit is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 1,360.

6. De Stress Therapy for Better Mood

Some youngsters are overloaded with stress due to various reasons. Besides exercise, a good diet and enough sleep, one way to reduce anxiety and agitation is to relax and calm their mind. The Forest Essential De-Stress Therapy is a powerful formulation specially made to de-stress the senses and calm the mind. Formulated using naturally distilled essential oils, the product is free from chemicals and parabens. The product is available on forestessentilasindia.com for Rs. 1,750.

7. Shower Steamers Aromatherapy for an Amazing Unwinding Experience

21st birthday is a milestone worth celebrating. There are a lot of life events unfurling: Graduating from college, looking for internships, securing jobs etc. Life is super-exciting, but it could also be a slightly terrifying and anxious time. A gift that helps them to relax and unwind will aid them to sail through this phase easily. The calming aromatherapy shower steamers cleverly not only smell Ah-mazing, but also melts away stress. The beautifully gift-packed shower steamers aromatherapy includes 6-shower bombs in a variety of fragrances. You can purchase this product on ubuy.co.in for Rs. 1,499.

Bags and Wallets

8. Tote Bag for the Stylish Lass

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At the age of 21, she is probably hitting coaching and college centers, to catch up on everyday classes and studies. In this case, a tote bag could be a better gift idea than anything else. A fashionably chic, eco-friendly, and bold could feel amazing to the recipient.

You can check out the Mona B Vintage Script Canvas Bag for her. The material mix of this bag includes vegan leather and recycled canvas. Though the material used might highlight some imperfections and variations, a blend of urban American fashion trends makes it trendier. The cute handbag will help her carry everything that she requires in style. You can purchase this Mona B Vintage Script Canvas Bag Recycled Tote from Amazon at the price of Rs. 1,499.

9. Designer Leather Bucket Bag to Chuck in As Many Items as She Wants

Source www.igp.com

Its 21st birthday and it’s that time of their life to have fun and discover themselves and in that journey, they will also find their personal style. One timeless style when it comes to bags that must be the wardrobe staple of every 21-year-old is the ‘bucket bag’. The voluminous shape of this bag practically allows them to carry all their essentials over the shoulder including their hand sanitizer. The Designer Leather Bucket Bag available on igp.com is a perfect gift that features a flap closure, handles and an alluringly inflated shape. It is convenient for daily use. The price of this stylish accessory is Rs. 745.

10. Silk Embroidered Wallet – A Heirloom Gift

Personal style and taste become increasingly ostensible by the 21st birthday. Keeping this in mind choose a gift that is both elegant and practical. A wallet is the most useful accessory that makes an excellent gift. It is in fact a good graduation gift for a 21-one-year old who is achieving a milestone in her life. The Anaqat silk embroidered wallets in pretty pastel shades are a timeless gift. The intricately embroidered wallet has 8 card slots and 4 cash compartments and 1 zipped coin pocket. It can also hold a mobile phone. Available on theamyrastore.com, the price of this baby pink wallet is Rs. 2,399.

For Jewellery Fan

11. Monarch Pendant Set – A Beautiful Personal Gift

Source blingvine.com

A pendant set is a perfect gift for a 21-year-old, as it is the beginning of her journey in adulthood. Gifting her the beautiful Monarch Pendant Set will jumpstart her jewellery collection and flatter her style. The exquisite design that embodies beauty and grace is a perfect accompaniment for any occasion. If you are looking for a minimalistic pendant then this is it. The product is available on blingvine.com for Rs. 2,400.

12. Evil Eye Symbol Bracelet – A Gift with Meaning

Evil Eye (a reflector of harm) is a symbol believed to nullify the effects of negative energies. Possessing deep religious and spiritual importance, this evil eye is usually used in the form of jewelry, which is quite trendy and fashionable. The evil eye symbol bracelet available on talismanworld.com is crafted in 925 sterling silver and studded with white cubic zirconia. If you are looking for a jewellery piece that emits positivity with stately craftsmanship then this is the perfect bracelet to gift. The price of this Bracelet is Rs. 2,399.

For Girls with Green Thumb

13. Watering Can – A Useful Gift for the Plant Lover

Caring for a plant teaches a person a lot of life lessons like how to care, and be patient to witness the fruits of their labour. One accessory that all plant lovers need is a watering can. When this watering can is beautiful and quirky, it makes the watering time a fun activity. The embossed metal watering can be available on jaypore.com has a glazed turquoise finish with a narrow spout. This unique handmade and decorative product is just right to water her indoor botanical garden. The price of this charming little can is Rs.1,495.

14. Rapunzel’s Castle Succulent Pot – For the Spirited Girl

Source www.deczo.com

Most girls grow up watching Disney princesses’ movies, who have their own castles, prince charming and a happily ever after story. So, at some point, many of the girls dream of having their fancy castles. If not a castle to live in, how about gifting the enchanted 21-year-old princess, the Rapunzel Castle Succulent Pot? It adds a captivating beauty to the birthday girl’s garden. The artistically designed pot is durable and is a visual delight. Gift this perfect gift to the young gardener. It is available on deczo.com for Rs. 2,995.

15. Gardening Gloves - to Protect the Green Thumbs

The gardening gloves is a pretty useful gift for gardeners, as it protects them from dangers like insect bites, infection caused due to chemical fertilizers etc. It is a must to wear protective gloves while gardening to reduce the chances of getting hurt and infected. The pink ergonomically designed gardening gloves from Trust Basket are durable and stylish. It protects the delicate area of your arms and is the best present for 21-year-old gardening enthusiasts. She is sure to appreciate this stylish and practical gift. The gloves are available on turstbasket.com for INR 169.

Gifts for Him

Gadget Gifts to make Life Fun and Easier

16. Smart Watch to Keep the Geek Happy

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21 is the age when one starts to understand the power and value of time. And, you can gift the person something stylish and thoughtful like a wristwatch. Select his favourite brand and surprise him on his 21st birthday. A wristwatch gives a sweet reminder that it does not matter how hard your life presently is, the best time is not very far away. And, picking one with smart features like the Fossil Touchscreen Smartwatch will be a useful addition to his collection.

It is loaded with amazing features like built-in GPS, Swim proof design, heart rate and activity tracking, speaker with audible alerts etc., This smartwatch is a wonderful gift to ‘Gen-Zers’. You can purchase this smartwatch on Amazon for Rs. 18,495.

17. Tai Chi Kit for Increased Energy and Stamina

Tai chi is a popular Chinese martial art and there are millions of people around the world enjoying and practicing it. If you are looking for a gift to someone who is already practising martial art then buy him a gift related to his hobby. A Tai Chi Ruler is a specially shaped stick that is used to improve the quality and circulation of chi. This is an excellent tool for practising the Tai Chi Art. You can purchase the wooden Tai Chi Ruler from ubuy.co.in. The price of this exercise equipment is Rs. 4,182.

18. Beanie Hat Bluetooth Headphones – For Great Sound Quality, Style and Comfort

Source www.amazon.in

Beanie hat headphones is a perfect gift for someone who does not like to use earbuds. This stylish beanie has a nice knitted design and texture and is warm and comfortable. It is soft inside and out and provides maximum fitness. It has some amazing features. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology makes it easy and quick to connect and pair with any device. The advanced speakers and mic, high-density built-in rechargeable battery, hands-free calling makes this beanie perfect to listen to music while also keeping ears warm during cold weather. The product is available on Amazon for Rs. 2,840.

19. Cell Phone Charger and Phone Sanitizer – For Complete Sanitization

Source www.amazon.in

Equipped with UV lights, the portable charger and sanitizer are just perfect to disinfect the phone in a few minutes. During this pandemic time, what could be a better gift than this? The Amtidy UV sanitizer provides 360-degree sterilization. Not just your phone, but it also sterilizes credit cards, keys, watches etc. The built-in USB charging port will also charge the mobile phone. You can purchase this product for Rs. 1,999 on Amazon.

Grooming Gifts

20. Beard Grooming Set – A Handy Gift to Maintain His Beard

Source www.amazon.in

If women love fashion, men love to groom themselves. That's when gifting the 21-year-old male in your life a grooming kit can come in as a perfect option. While you may find many choices online, if your man has a stylish beard, you can get him the Beard Grooming Kit by The Man Company. This will not only help you express your love and care for him but also respect his style and choices in life. The beard grooming kit is available on Amazon for Rs. 900 and comprises a complete set for him. Get this fantastic kit for him and make him feel special while he might be just in the starting phase of keeping a splendid beard.

21. Fragrance Gift Box – For Luscious Scent

Fragrance Gift box is the unsung hero when it comes to gift-giving. A fragrance gift may seem like a risky idea, as it’s intensely personal. However, gifting the recipient’s favourite perfume shows you actually know the person better. Moreover, the fragrance set is so much more special and decadent. The scuba cologne available on ustraa.com has a fresh and deep fragrance, which keeps the person charged all day. The price of this intensely masculine Perfume is Rs. 1,518.

22. Bath and Spa Kit to Pamper Him

You will never go wrong with a pampering gift be it a 21-year-old best friend, sibling or just about anyone else, who needs some time to breathe and relax. Encourage your friend to indulge in some spa-worthy self-care with the Bryan & Candy Spa Gift Kit. The kit includes beard moisturizer, beard oil, beard and face wash, clay face mask and de-tan face scrub. This unique pampering gift is available on bryanandcandy.com for Rs. 1,452.

Travel Gifts

23. Backpack to Backpack the World

Source www.amazon.in

Whether your friend is in college, school, globe-trotting, or working somewhere, he requires a cool backpack to carry things. The large-sized black and grey colour trekking rucksack is a trendy bag for 21-year-olds. The huge compartment size fits several pairs of clothes. There is a separate pocket for shoes, water bottles and other accessories. This 55 L capacity bag is available on Amazon for Rs. 799.

24. Instant Polaroid Camera to Capture Special Travel Moments

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to give a cool gift to someone who loves to travel or click often, an instant polaroid camera would be a perfect option. A compact camera generates credit card-sized pictures and comes loaded with many features. Instax Mini 9 from Fujifilm is a fantastic product that you should consider. It features a built-in flash for extra illumination and exposure in dim/low light situations.

The Fujifilm instant mini 9 camera is a compact one with an iconic and cute design. The smoky white camera is simple to use and compatible with the mini film. Undoubtedly, it is the best gift for your friend turning 21 who loves photography and capturing every moment of his life. You can buy Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera (Smokey White) from Amazon at the price of Rs. 3,999.

25. Quirky Travel Tee Shirts for Wanderlusts

Help flaunt the style statement of your friend with comfortable, and cool travel-printed t-shirts. The quirky quotations, simple design and a nice fit make these t-shirts perfect for the voyage he is planning for. Also, there is no great occasion other than a birthday to present one with such a special gift. And, without doubt, the 21-year-old who just left the teenager behind will surely find it a delightful gift. Crafted in pure cotton material, the t-shirts are available on beyoung.in. These t-shirts have a comfortable fit, stylish print, and soothing fabric, which makes it a perfect gift. The price of the combo T-shirts (pack of 3) is Rs. 849.

26. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader for better Reading Experience on the Go

Kindle is the right gift for a hardcore voracious reader. It is also a great companion while travelling as one can carry as many books as they want. Reading on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader is an amazing experience. It features 300 ppi, glare-free Paperwhite display, and has twice the storage space as the previous generation. The sleek modern design kindle paperwhite is lightest and thinnest and perfect to carry while travelling. The large storage space also helps you store more audiobooks. The Kindle paperwhite is available on tatacliq.com for Rs 12,869.

Gifts for 21-Year-Olds with Cool Hobbies

27. Acoustic Guitar – Pitch Perfect Gift for Music Lovers

A guitar is an unforgettable gift, especially for those who already play this instrument. An acoustic guitar would be a great addition to their collection. Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar is a highly durable and stable product that can be comfortably used even by beginners. The guitar is easy to tune and effortless to play. This unique acoustic guitar is a great way to set his musical journey on the roll. You can purchase this product on yamahamusicstore.in for Rs. 6,990.

28. Waterproof Bone Conduction Earphones for Avid Swimmers

Source www.felzon.in

Besides the energy drinks and bars, one way to focus better and improve physical performance during swimming practices is with some catchy lyrics. With today's fast-paced innovation, you can find state-of-the-art headphones that are not only water-resistant, comfortable to use, but also comes with excellent sound output. The Bone Conduction Headset Open Ear Headphones are a class apart. The 140mAh capacity, Bluetooth v5.0, low power chip and more stable performance make it an awesome gift for the 21-year-old. The product is available on felzon.in for Rs. 6,748.

29. Laptop Lap Desk for the Passionate Blogger

Source www.ikea.com

These days, many young adults are into blogging writing about things they are passionate about. If you are seeking a gift for the 21-year-old blogger then a Laptop Lap Desk would be a perfect gift. He can enjoy his blogging journey and write from his bed, couch, hammock or from any place with this laptop desk. It eliminates the neck strain and provides a space to rest his arms. The Byllan Laptop Support is available on IKEA website for Rs. 1,666.

30. Sketching Wallet for the Talented Artist

Source www.amazon.in

Scenic vistas pop up unexpectedly and many of us click a quick picture using our mobile phones to capture the view. However, those who love to draw/sketch carry a sketchbook with them. The Derwent Sketching Wallet is made for this purpose, i.e., to sketch while on the go. This portable and compact wallet include all the accessories you need to draw. These are packed neatly in a high-quality faux leather wallet and secured with a large Velcro strip. Available on Amazon, the price of this Sketching Wallet is Rs. 2,001.

Bonus Idea

Fun Theme Ideas for 21st Birthday Party Celebration

Masquerade Ball

The ultimate party theme of Masquerade Ball is absolutely perfect for 21st birthday celebrations. For this mysterious and glamorous theme, you can go for art-deco style decorations complete with drapes, feathers etc.

Gatsby Party

Inspired by the 1920’s, your 21st birthday is a perfect occasion to party like Gatsby. Feathered headbands, pearl strands, old school suits for guys, sequinned dress for girls and with the flawless mix of ragtime and jazz music, the party is sure to be fun!

Bollywood Glamour

Bollywood theme is a musical and colourful extravaganza that provides an ultimate experience and is bound to blow away your guests! The theme offers some serious fun in a quirky way!

Arabian Nights

You may not have a genie’s lamp, but that should not prevent you from throwing an enchanted theme party for your friends. The Arabian Nights is quite a versatile theme that is both luxurious and fun. Hire some props, add some colour and texture and get grooving to some Arabian music with belly dancing to add sparkle to your evening!

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The "21st" Definitely Calls for a Celebration!

Is your friend, lover, sibling, or any other beloved one turning 21? That's an essential phase of life as the person has completed his/her first post-teenage year. And, it calls for a celebration. While moving ahead towards life's period of adulthood, the person is going to have both responsibilities and freedom in life. And you can share your support and love for them by getting them a nice gift as mentioned in this post!