10 Gift Ideas That’ll Impress Your Daughter(2020):  Make Her Happy, by Giving Her a Gift that She Will Not Only Flaunt with Pride but Always Smile Fondly about.

10 Gift Ideas That’ll Impress Your Daughter(2020): Make Her Happy, by Giving Her a Gift that She Will Not Only Flaunt with Pride but Always Smile Fondly about.

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! There’s festivity in the air and fairy lights probably twinkling at least 100 metres away from you. It is also a good time to make your loved ones feel special by giving them gifts and showering love upon them. Kids, in particular, look forward to receiving Diwali gifts. If you are looking for some options to gift your daughter, then we have some Diwali gift ideas for her. Consider these ideas and buy the best one for your child.

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Tips on Diwali Gifting

Planning Ahead

Festivals are a busy period for every household, be it Holi, Diwali or Christmas! From buying festive centric items for the house and family to spending time and money on getting gifts for loved ones, it takes a lot of effort in keeping up with the rituals and formalities or affectionate gestures during such celebratory times. To avoid getting caught in the rigmarole of budgetary constraints, increased prices and other market conditions, it is best to plan ahead so that you get the perfect gift for your dear ones and more bang for the buck! To begin with, don’t get carried away with the discounts and keep in mind the taxes too.

Consider gift cards as an option as well, since there’s a wide variety to choose from that includes retail outlets, movie tickets, e-commerce websites and more. Since a gift card can be used just once, it is better to get multiple cards in smaller denominations with enough validity.

Figure out the Types of Gifts to Go for

No matter what age group you’re aiming at or what occasion you’re buying a gift for, there would be times when you are sure to become clueless at times about what to get. At any age, the range of options available makes all the difference in the selection of gifts. In that respect, it is best to ask your loved ones if there’s anything specific they’d like. If the gift you choose is not of use to the receiver, it’d be an effort wasted, not to mention the money spent. Ultimately, your gift would just be lying in some dark corner of the house. Hence, it is good to buy specific gifts for people only if you know what they like or choose a general functional gift item. For instance, candles and diyas are apt for gift options during Diwali, as are gift hampers with chocolates, sweets and savouries. Avoid buying sweetmeats as their shelf life is short. You can go for thing like USB drives in bulk if you are getting them at a good offer and then you can gift ahead to people who work or to students.

Go Handmade for a Special Touch

People love a personal touch and when you give them a handmade gift, it feels all the more special. If you don’t have time to make a gift yourself, then there are a lot of websites where you can get handmade gifts as well. A DIY gift holds special meaning and carries the giver’s love to the receiver in addition to the creative talent, and excitement involved in the process.

Handmade gifts have a better chance of being used than a store-bought one which may just stay unused in a shelf. Furthermore, handmade gifts are easy on the pocket too. Each handmade gift is weaved with a memory or story that occupies a special place in the hearts of the giver and receiver. In terms of choice, you can go for home décor gift items like paper lanterns, candle holders, festive gift pouches with trinkets or chocolates wrapped in them, paper wall décor, cash gifts in special handmade envelopes, decorative gift trays with dry fruits, assorted teas or spice mixes, homemade snacks in decorated mason jars, eco-friendly diyas with clay idols bundled together, and more.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Young Daughter ( Less Than and Upto 10 years)

Owl String Art Kit

Girls this age love toys and may perhaps even ask you for what they like. If she doesn’t know what she’d like for Diwali, then there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, there are ample craft kits which she’ll enjoy learning from and developing a new skill. An ideal gift for your daughter, the Craftastic String Art Kit is a lovely way to stimulate her creativity. Featuring an owl, starburst and the word, ‘yay’, this art kit is easy to use. The Craft-tastic String Art Kit includes 3 different 8.5” pre-printed sturdy foam canvases, 60 yards of threads and 179 push pins. All that needs to be done is that the push pins need to be pushed into the pre-patterned foam bases and strung. Once complete, the artwork can decorate your daughter’s handicraft on her room’s walls. The Owl String Art Kit from Craft-tastic is priced at Rs.4,287.

DIY - Lip Balm Kit

A fun activity for girls who enjoy practicing their creative talent, this Girl Zone DIY Lip Balm Kit comes with 22 pieces of makeup with 4 flavour tubes, 5 pots for mixing, 3 glitter pots, sticker sheet, mixing tools, bag, and base for preparing the lip balm. Whether she does it alone and enjoys this fun activity with her friends, your daughter will love choosing from 4 juicy scents like pineapple, orange, grape and cherry. The kit comes with detailed instructions and is an ideal Diwali gift for your angel, priced at Rs.2,809.

Fat Brain Toys Fold Origami Brainteaser

Excellent as a brain teaser, the Fat Brain Toys Fold Brainteaser offers a huge set of different puzzles to keep the little one occupied for hours and can be taken along wherever she goes. Ideal for helping develop varied skills of patience, problem-solving and logic, the puzzle set can be used over and over again. With 10 exciting origami puzzles in beautiful geometric designs, the set includes solutions to each brainteaser and also comes with other puzzles with variations. It helps develop the child’s fine motor skills and has been designed for repeated folding and multiple use. The Fat Brain Toys Fold Brainteaser is priced at Rs.2,177.

You are My Sunshine' Music Box

A hand-cranked wooden music box that has been inspired by the popular song, “You are my sunshine”, serves as a beautiful gift of love for your daughter this Diwali to let her know just how special she is and also a lovely décor piece for her room. Mechanically crafted, the music box does not require any batteries. All that needs to be done is turn the handle and it’ll start playing the popular music in an orchestral tune. The music box is lightweight and portable, measuring 6.5 x 5.2 x 4 in centimetres and has been carved beautifully, making it a gorgeous collectible as well. Made of wood, this Music Box will be a treasure your daughter will cherish for a long long time. Priced at Rs.699.

Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope

A mini microscope, the Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope is a perfect gift for your daughter if she’s a science enthusiast. Powered by a USB that can be plugged to a laptop or desktop, the object under the microscope will appear on the screen. The digital device can also take photos and videos for later viewing. A great addition to any science fair project, this handheld digital microscope comes in three different colours of blue, pink or green and offers a magnification of up to 54x with high-resolution images. Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope is an all-in-1 device which brings technology into the hands of your young learner sparking her natural curiosity. Priced at Rs.4,747.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Teen Daughter

Decorative Lighted Jars

A beautifully decorated light up a jar with messages of love, this colourful Glass Jar is filled with star-shaped LED lights with a message that says, ‘All you need is love’ A gorgeous gift for Diwali, this is bound to light up her heart and make her feel special for life. Priced at Rs. 4,089, the Light Up Jar lantern size 4.25”x7.48” with magic glitter paper and LED lights inside. Turn on the lights, you can see the amazing shining effect.

Heart Charm Bracelets

This dainty bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry but also an inspiration from a parent to a daughter. With a sterling silver, gold and rose gold plated bracelet charms and pendants, it will be a good gift for a daughter. This 925 sterling silver bracelet is perfect for comfortable wear and suitable for all skin types. Handmade with hypoallergenic nickel and lead free silver plated, the Blue Morano Heart Charm Bracelets is priced at Rs.766.

Pro 3D Pen

If your youngster enjoys creating incredible pieces of art, here’s a perfect tool to help satiate her creative desires! Pro-3D Pen is innovation at its best. Now, she can dream and create in 3D, whether it is something as simple as fruit or something as elaborate as a house. With 3 adjustable speed dials (low, medium and high) she has the wind beneath her wings with the Pro-3D pen. The Pro-3D pen set comes with a filament, pen holder, data cable, a 3D pen, an AC adaptor and an instructions manual. A futuristic gift creation, the Pro-3D Pen is priced at Rs.2,099.

Ugears Treasure Box

Parents always find it challenging to keep their kids occupied creatively. Now do away your daughter’s blues and introduce her to a fascinating world of steam locomotives with fun and exciting DIY Ugears Treasure Box! This Diwali, gift her this intriguing product which is an attractive and delicate mechanical treasure box for keeping notes or storing jewelry. Renowned as a mysterious and intriguing puzzle box in numerous cultures, especially in Victorian England. this fragile carved artwork invites you to get a glimpse into the mystery that the moving gears conceal. A DIY gift product, it has 190 components and takes about 4-5 hours of assembling. Made of wood, the box’s components come pre-cut and ready to assemble. The Treasure Box is made of intricate layers that lock together to create an operational piece with a key rooted in the carved lid. Priced at Rs. 4,095.

Bluetooth Speaker and Water Bottle

Whether it’s her impromptu parties, outdoor activities or her simply hanging out with friends, here’s something that’ll make her outings with her friends livelier and exciting. A wireless speaker slashes a reusable water bottle, your daughter can now dance and get her to drink on! The device just needs to be charged with the USB cable that comes packaged with the speaker/bottle, and her favourite playlist can be connected via Bluetooth®, while she continues sipping her water and enjoys her tunes at the same time. She can even answer calls with the touch of the speaker, which is seamlessly embedded into the bottle’s top. Measuring 9.75" H x 3" Dia., the Bluetooth Speaker and Water Bottle is priced at Rs.2,583.

Bonus Tips: Celebrating Diwali in a Unique Way!

The festival of lights is a lot more than the usual birthday event or an anniversary celebration or a milestone achieved. It is an occasion that’s looked forward to through most part of the year and is considered a significant time to make new beginnings and celebrate abundance in all aspects of life. Right from the rituals observed to the kind of décor you put up at home or in the office, to buying gifts for people you love and care about, Diwali is SPECIAL in every sense of the word. So why should your efforts be any less in celebrating this beautiful festival?

  • Celebrate the Early Way – It’s natural to resist the temptation of shopping for stuff that’s eye-catching, be it the bright lights, lamps or curtains. However, most of these things are made of low quality plastic which is damaging to the environment. Opt for biodegradable, traditional, handmade and cost-effective candles and diyas instead, through which not only will you be contributing to a healthy environment but also reducing your exorbitant electricity bill!
  • Fire the Crackers Away – Why indulge in noisy and polluting firecrackers when you can opt for eco-friendly ones. Made of recycled paper, these crackers make less noise and cause less pollution to the environment. If you can do without the firecrackers and really want to breathe good, clean and fresh air, it is best to avoid burning them at all.
  • Unique Gifting – Celebrate a green Diwali and gift items like kitchen herbs, air-purifying or feng shui plants, terrariums or bonsai or choose solar-powered gadgets, khadi apparel or jute bags or handcrafted cards made of recycled paper. Wrap your gifts in newspapers.
  • Recycled Home Decor – Give off a festive green tinge to your home décor by recycling everyday items innovatively and create beautiful items that will not only brighten your space but be eco-friendly too.
  • Share with the Community – Everyone spends on their loved ones and tries to go the extra mile in making festivities extra special for their family and friends. This Diwali makes an effort and makes it memorable for someone who’s not attached or close to you as well. Have a look at your wardrobe and see if you have clothes you no longer use and gift them away to the less fortunate ones. You can also donate other household items, accessories, footwear or food, fruits and sweets by lighting up someone else’s heart and have them celebrate Diwali differently as well. Don’t forget our four-legged friends who are uncomfortable with all the noise and pollution during Diwali. Provide them shelter, food and bedding in addition to some love and care if you can during this time.
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Gift Her a Memory Book

A memory book is for keeps and your child is going to love it. You can create a one-of-a-kind book displaying your kid’s pictures, right from the day she was born to his various sporting events, birthdays, holidays, family get-togethers and other main events. You can even buy a memory book and stick pictures in it. Wrap it creatively and gift it to your child-going down memory lane will be a blast!