Gift Your Friends Happiness and Joy this Diwali: Discover How to Create Exquisite Homemade Diwali Gifts for Your Friends to Make the Festive Season Memorable (2021)

Gift Your Friends Happiness and Joy this Diwali: Discover How to Create Exquisite Homemade Diwali Gifts for Your Friends to Make the Festive Season Memorable (2021)

Diwali is the time to spread joy and happiness all around in your social circle. If you really want to gift something unique this Diwali to your friends why not consider gifting homemade gifts? We have created a step-by-step guide for some simple yet exquisitely crafted homemade Diwali gifts for your friends which they are surely not going to forget in a hurry.

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Why are Homemade Gifts a Better Option?

It is easier to buy a gift online, but would you be able to personalise it as you wanted? You may search online or sift through several shops, but you would not get the ideal one. You would have to make one on your own. Handmade gifts allow you to create what you would feel. It ensures that you take utmost care while making the gift.

Even if you make the same gift, they will still be different from each other. It will make the recipient understand the love that has gone into making the gift. Moreover, handmade gifts are fun to make, and you can happily use the time to make gifts for your friends and family. Making a gift can bring out the creative person in you, and many of you look forward to the time when you can create these beautiful works of art. In this article, we will take you through some of the ideal handmade gifts for your near and dear ones.

How to Choose the Ideal Personalised Gift?

Consider the Occasion and the Gender

When you are planning to create a unique DIY gift, you must first think whether your plans will suit the occasion or the upcoming festival. If you plan to make customised Diwali gifts, they must be somehow connected to the festivities.

Once you have considered the gifts that can be handed out on Diwali, you must also consider the gender of the person to whom you are sending the gift. You may send out a customised pen holder to a man. A jewellery box can however only be gifted to a woman. You may also send out gender-neutral gift items like a candle holder, or a painting, etc.

Think Something Extraordinary

If you have planned to create a DIY gift at home, you must stay away from the stereotypes. The recipients will be expecting gifts that stay away from the ordinary. You must consider the tastes of your friends and come up with the idea that will blow them off their feet. It will make them understand the care that has been given to create the gift.

While your creativity must flow, it also takes time to create something out of the ordinary. You must devote ample time for all the gifts. Make a list of all the items that will be needed and order them right away. It would be disgusting to find some of the required materials missing when you are in the middle of your creation.

You Must Know the Character and Style of the Person

When creating a personalised gift, it is crucial to understand the character of the recipient. You must play to the styles liked by the person. Given that you would consider a DIY gift only for very close people, you must also have a fair idea about the likes and dislikes of the person. If you are gifting to a kid, you must ensure that the gift you are designing appeals to the kid. If you know the hobbies and desires of the person, you can come up with excellent gifting ideas. You can then shortlist from your thoughts and finalise the gift that you would like to create.

Plan It out Beforehand

When you are planning for the gifts to be handed out on Diwali, a DIY gift needs more meticulous planning. Once you have planned the gift that you will create, you must list out the items that will be necessary for making the gift. Next, try to find out whether they are available at home. Bring the items together in one place. It will be easier for you to create gifts in a single flow of ideas.

Make It a Unique Experience

If you are making a DIY gift, ensure that it becomes a unique experience – for you as well as the recipient. Whatever piece of art you are creating, try to make something that the other person may have liked for a long time. Also, you must be creative with the packaging too. You may need to think through this as well. Else, there are several packaging options online. You may go through them and choose one.

DIY Diwali Gifts: Great Ideas Your Friends will Love

Edible Chocolate Diya

Diyas are an integral part of celebrating Diwali and are an ubiquitous gift item. But what about edible diyas! And that too as a gift item. Your friends are bound to be shocked by this gift. This gift will stand apart from the other gifts that your friends would be receiving. Making edible diyas is easy. You can use roti dough. But we would prefer that you go the extra mile and make some chocolate diyas for fun.

You can use unsweetened cocoa powder along with jaggery and blended with khoya. It may be cooked a little, and the sweet diyas can melt in the mouth. Let's get down to the ingredients and how you can make them:


  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup jaggery powder
  • 250 grams khoya

How to Make:

  • Take a non-stick pot and add the jaggery and khoya. You can also use flavoured khoya.
  • Cook them on medium flame so that the jaggery melts and blends well with the khoya.
  • Add the unsweetened cocoa powder and mix well.
  • Cook the mixture for around another minute and turn off the flame.
  • Allow the mixture to cool down. You have to make 6-8 small balls.
  • Shape them into diyas and add some pistachios or anything you wish.

Dazzling Diya Holder

Diyas are inseparable from Diwali, and you can have several gifts covering diyas. But what about a diya holder! And that too using bangles. This unique diya holder is ideal for your friends and family. You must choose colourful bangles to make this diya holder. It can be made using household items. It will add a unique zing to the entire festivities at the household of the recipient.

Items You Need:

  • Colourful bangles
  • Strong adhesive gum
  • Small-sized CDs that are no longer used

How to Make:

  • First, stack the bangles one above the other and glue them together.
  • Then take the small CD and paste it at the bottom to make the base.
  • Take a diya and place it on this diya holder.
  • You may place a few colourful beads on the sides of the diya.

DIY Wine Bottle Lights

You light up your house on Diwali, and lights are also a favourite gift item for most of you. You can add some uniqueness to this gift item by using your discarded wine bottles. This gift can be placed on the dinner table of the recipient throughout the year. Let us get to learn more. Arranging it is relatively easy!

Items You Need:

  • Wine bottles (old)
  • LED lights

How to Make:

  • First, you need to get hold of a few wine bottles and remove the labels right away.
  • Then take the LED lights that you had from earlier years and place them inside the wine bottle.
  • Keep the power plug out as it needs to be connected to the power socket.
  • You can also put in some colourful glitters inside the bottle to make it more glowing.
  • Another option is to wrap the bottle with some coloured ribbons and wrap them on the neck of the bottle.

Pistachio Shell Candle Holder

If you prefer a sleek design and have loads of time, you may choose this pistachio shell candle holder as your gift item. It is laborious, but you will be dazzled with its beauty. And the recipient is bound to be blown off his feet. You must have lots of these pistachio shells and a glue gun which will help in making it.

Items You Need:

  • Pistachio shells
  • Cardboard piece
  • Varnish paints
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small but elegant candles

How to Make:

  • First, you must cut out the cardboard piece in the form of a circle. At the centre of this circular cardboard piece, draw the outline of the candle.
  • Take the pistachio shells and divide it in half. Also, remove any skin to make it look clean.
  • Turn the cardboard piece upside down. Place the shells at the edges to make them look pretty.
  • Turn the cardboard up and place the shells along the outline that you have drawn in the middle. Once the first circle is done, you continue with the next concentric circle till you reach the outer end.
  • Get hold of varnish paint and paint the entire decoration.
  • Finally, place the candle in the middle.

Colourful Jute Coasters

Coasters are among the everyday gift items that you can give to your friends. You can also make several colourful jute coasters for Diwali. Let us learn how you can make them:

Items You Need:

  • Jute rope
  • Strong adhesive/glue
  • Embroidery floss

How to Make:

  • Cut a 50 inches long jute rope and coil it tightly while applying glue to keep it in place.
  • Next, you can wrap a string of small colourful embroidery floss around the jute rope.
  • The floss must also be pasted with glue in the appropriate areas.
  • Cut the ends of the rope and paste it with adhesives so that it does not fray.

Scented Candles

Candles also form an integral part of Diwali, and scented candles can be an exciting gift for family and friends in the festive season. You don't need to buy the expensive ones online. They can be made easily at home while the fragrant smell can keep the recipient enthralled.

Items You Need:

  • Glass jars
  • Drawing colours
  • Essential oils
  • Rose petals, or any fragrance
  • Candle wax and candle wicks
  • Glitters

How to Make:

  • First, break the colours and melt them by boiling. You can take a pan and boil water. Then place the small pieces of crayon in another bowl and place it in the water.
  • Take wax from a candle and melt it. Mix the melted wax and crayon by pouring them into a jar. Also, add some essential oils.
  • Put the fragrance or rose petals along with the glitters.
  • Insert the candle wick at the centre of the jar.

Jewellery Box Made-at-Home

Jewellery forms an integral part of Diwali celebrations, and a jewellery box can be an ideal present. It can be made using low-cost items that would be readily available at home or can be bought from the market. The recipient can place some small jewellery in the box.

Items You Need:

  • Mini paper boxes – round or oval
  • Multi-surface satin paint – you can choose the colours
  • Clear glass flower knobs
  • Paint Brushes

How to Make:

  • First, paint the paper boxes by dipping the cotton balls in paint.
  • Make the hues using a paintbrush.
  • Paint the rims with a brush and the colour of your choice.
  • You have to make a hole in the centre of the lid. The size will be as per the base of the flower knob.
  • Then place the knobs into the lid properly.

Glycerine Soap Gem Stones

Gemstones are ideal to be bought during Diwali. While they may be expensive, these sleek and elegant soap gemstones can also be a beautiful gift during the festive season. The soap gemstones will require your patience as they must be cut into the size of the gems. The glycerine soaps must be soft enough to be cut by a knife. You must buy soaps in several colours as per your wish. You have to use a sharp cutter, and hence only an adult must create this gift.

Items You Need:

  • Glycerine soaps in assorted colours
  • Sharp cutter
  • Cardboard box (for packing)

How to Make:

  • First, cut the soap into smaller chunks.
  • Next, you have to cut the corners and make them look like gemstones.
  • You must use all your patience as the chunks must be shaped like a gemstone by lovely faceted shapes.
  • Once done, pack them in a cardboard box with a glittering wrapper.

Diwali Newspaper Frame

Diwali is also the time when we worship Laxmi and Ganesh. You can create a homemade picture frame with Ganesh and Laxmi that can be hung in the home of the recipient. But, first, you must get hold of a nice picture of them.

Items You Need:

  • Ganesh–Laxmi picture
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic colour
  • Newspaper – made into a roll
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush

How to Make:

  • Take the newspaper pages and roll them into a thin pipe.
  • Take a thin piece of paper and stick five of these pipes with glue. Make four such pieces.
  • Take the measurements of the picture. Cut a triangle at each of the edges.
  • Paste the four pieces together like the boundary of a photo frame.
  • Paint the boundary with golden acrylic colour.
  • Take the picture and paste on the frame accordingly.
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