Make this Festive Season a Zero-waste One: Eco-friendly Diwali Gifts You Can Get this Year For Your Family & Friends (2020)

Make this Festive Season a Zero-waste One: Eco-friendly Diwali Gifts You Can Get this Year For Your Family & Friends (2020)

Every year most of us buy the same old gifts such as firecrackers, plastic-based figures, and so on, which are gradually going out of trend and are also harmful to the environment; so, why not go with something different this year, something environment-friendly as well? Keeping this in mind, we bring you some of the best options for eco-friendly Diwali gifting you can purchase this year.

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What are Eco Friendly Gifts?

Carbon footprint is a concern that the world is waking up to and taking positive steps towards reducing it. We do agree that the packaged gifts are the least contributors in the carbon footprint. However, we certainly can reduce it even further by selecting eco-friendly gifts for Diwali. Buying gifts that are organic ensures that when not in use, they can be recycled, and even when they end up inside the earth, do not harm mother nature.

How to Identify Eco-Friendly Products

While we might want to contribute towards the ecosystem, not all the gifts with organic label are eco-friendly. There are so many companies out there who put a symbol of green or eco-friendly. However, you need to be sure about the right buy. Here are the few tips that you can follow up to get the real eco-friendly products.

  • Go for the products with the official certifications and labels: There are so many official organisations out there whose certifications and labels prove the purity of the product. Reputed third party organizations assess the quality of the material, ingredients in the product to identify if it is eco-friendly. You can go on the websites of these organisations and check for the certifications issued by them. For instance, the energy star, green seal, USDA organic seal are some of the certifications that the companies manufacturing organic products aspire to get.

  • Do a bit of research about the company: Do not be tricked by the brown and earthy tone paper bags as companies might just use it to pick on the customers at times. Several brands out there are duping the customers of their money by making them believe that their product is recyclable. However, researching a bit about them and getting information from other sources reveals that these companies might not produce eco-friendly products and just mislead the customers.

  • Look for energy star ratings: Most of the electronic items will assure you the energy efficiency by mentioning the number of energy stars. Something that started as the voluntary program and as a spinoff of the environmental protection agency. So, if you are planning on to give electrical gadget as gifts to someone then checking the energy star would actually be a good idea.

Options For Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifts to Buy This Season

So, let us now check out some of the eco-friendly Diwali Gift Ideas that you can gift this festival.

Eco-Friendly Gift Hamper

This eco-friendly gift hampers from Brown Living is an excellent gift for both men and women. The hamper consists of two newspaper pencils, 2 paper pens, 2 seed pencils, one fragrance-free soap bar, a travel cutlery pouch, cleaner, hanky, bamboo toothbrush, and one fragrance-free soap bar. So essentially, you are giving a box of organic happiness to your loved one with this eco-friendly gift hamper. You can buy this eco-friendly gift hamper on for just INR 1,650.

Swarnalekha® 7 inch Terracotta, Eco-Friendly Laxmi Ganesha Pair Idol Lakshmi Ganapati Murti


On the occasion of Diwali, praying both Ganesh and Lakshmi are auspicious. Moreover, gifting your loved one's idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi bring good luck and wealth to the family. This festival, while gifting someone good luck and wealth, let us ensure that we take care of mother nature as well with this terracotta, eco-friendly Lakshmi, and Ganesh Pair idols since the idol is made from high-quality natural clay and therefore wholly organic. You can buy this beautiful Ganesha and Lakshmi idol set on for just INR 899.

Eco-Friendly Dried Multi Colour Sola Flower Bouquet For Home/Office Decor & Gift


If you want to gift someone a part of nature that stays with them throughout their lives, then this beautiful creation of dried plants are worth trying. The dried plants are perfect for home and office décor and do not include any byproduct of petroleum products. The natural white and bronze plants are a perfect gift for Diwali and other such occasions. Get this gift item on Pepper Fry for just INR 599 and gift your loved ones and make this Diwali beautiful.

Lucky Bamboo with Eco-Friendly Diyas

Yet another eco -friendly and close to nature gift idea that we think you will love is bamboo with eco-friendly Diyas. Lucky bamboo is the sign of wealth, good luck, and happiness in life, therefore making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Moreover, this eco-friendly bamboo will require the least amount of maintenance, with only minimal water and sunlight.

Further, you do not have to worry about the temperature as bamboo can be kept in the air-conditioned rooms as well. In this gift pack, you get two sets of eco-friendly diyas, 2 layers of the lucky bamboo plant, and a red coloured Square plastic planted with rounded edges. Buy this gift on for just INR 350 and gift your loved one a piece of nature to keep.

HomeStorie Eco-Friendly Bamboo Storage Boxes with Lid, Brown, Set of 3 Storage Basket (Pack of 3)


Over the years, the definition of storage boxes has changed drastically with new designs, patterns. You must have noticed that even the most luxurious brands have stepped into the storage space creating uber-stylish storage items. So, we suggest these eco-friendly bamboo storage boxes in three different sizes as one of the unique gifts for your near and dear ones.

These multipurpose storage boxes are not just eco-friendly but also sturdy and can hold weight. When gifting this eco-friendly bamboo storage, you are helping others as well in contributing towards nature. This bamboo storage is available on Flipkart for just INR 1,499.

Dusty Peach Muga Silk Designer Saree with Handworked Border


If you are under the impression that there is nothing in apparels that could be labelled as eco-friendly, then this silk designer saree is for you to consider. This dusty, each muga silk saree is handwoven and, therefore, eco-friendly. The cutdana, zardozi, and sequins work on the saree is something that makes it unique. So, if you are searching for a gift for a person who is absolutely crazy about the clothes but wants to keep it eco-friendly, this silk saree available on is just the right choice for you.

Earthism Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fibre Airtight Canister 1250 Ml (Pink)


Stylish and eco-friendly is what makes this bamboo fibre airtight canister a nice gifting item. That is not the only USP of this cannister as it is also available in 3 sizes and it 100% biodegradable. Since the cannister is made of bamboo fibre, it is sustainable. The cannister is FDA approved and 100% food grade with natural anti-bacterial properties. A perfect alternative to lethal plastic, Styrofoam products, and melamine, these bamboo cannisters are perfect for storing sugar, dry fruits, tea, etc. can be kept in both house and office. Buy a couple of these bamboo cannisters on at just INR 749 and give back to nature when you are gifting a person.

Bamboo Cup / Eco-friendly Teacup – Set of 4


A perfect replacement to the melamine, ceramic, and plastic cups, these bamboo cups are eco-friendly and an ideal gift for a nature lover. The reusable, eco-friendly cups are also healthier as these do not contain any toxic and chemical-laced material. Let us save the globe with this beautiful set of cups that showcase your style and also the concern and contribution towards nature. You can get a set for gifting to your loved one at just INR 540 on

Terrific Trifecta Air Purifying Plant

This set of trifecta air purifying plants is a perfect gift for those who love to keep the air around them clean and breathe pure air. Now you would think that who does not love to breathe good, and therefore this plant strikes us as one of the most thoughtful gifts you would want to gift to someone.

One of the plants in this, Golden Syngonium, is an evergreen plant and requires minimal maintenance. Then you get Milt Sansevieria Plant, which is known for filtering out formaldehyde, and the last but not the least Jade Plant is also an air-purifying plant. In gifting this set of plants you are gifting someone pure air indeed. Buy this set of plants on for just INR 999.

Sustainable Living Starter Kit

For greener earth and better living, consider this sustainable living starter kit on The kit will include 1 A5 seed notebook with 40 pages and seed infused outer cover. Once all the pages are over, all you need to do is plant the cover in the earth, and the magic happens when the plant simply grows. You have 2 seed pens whose stubs can be planted in the earth, and the plant grows out of it.

Other items in this kit are 1 bamboo form and spoon that can be used as a regular cutlery, 1 bamboo straw, 1 sisal cleaning brush, 1 handmade soap, 2 pieces of the bamboo toothbrush, and Beeswax food wraps. All these items are recyclable and a source of giving back to nature, thereby saving mother nature and living a sustainable life.

Offbeat Yet Practical Eco-Friendly Diwali Gift Ideas

Now that we have revealed our list of sustainable and eco-friendly gifts, you have plenty of choices to pick from and give your loved ones what they absolutely love. In giving these eco-friendly gifts, you are doing your part towards nature and stand as an inspiration for others to follow you. So, when we together are doing good things in taking care of the earth, let us drop a few more gift ideas that might be offbeat but very interesting eco-friendly Diwali products.

Reusable Shopping Bags


Remember that exact moment where you reach a store only to read the caption – Bring your own shopping bags. Yes, we all keep forgetting that using plastic bags harms the environment and is the wrong choice. Gifting reusable shopping bags from the authentic eco-friendly brand is a thoughtful idea.

There are various designs and patterns nowadays available in eco-friendly shopping gifts as well for you to choose from. Moreover, you get different colours and shapes of these bags, such as eco-friendly tote bag, which could be a good option for gifting responsibly. You would find the bundles of the bags in different shapes and sizes for different purposes, and these are durable. Here is one such set available on Amazon for INR 499.

Solar Power Based Chargers


For the gadget lovers who want to try on new products, gifting them a solar power charger is a great idea. Electricity usage is one of the major reasons for increasing carbon footprint across the world. On the other hand, solar power can be used to operate the gadgets and reduce the carbon footprint and the harm that we might be doing to nature. What more is the benefit of charging your gadgets, especially the important ones such as laptops and smartphones during the power outage and other such emergencies like stuck in remote areas and so on.

There has been an increase in the usage of solar-powered gadgets and appliances with the hope that we will be able to save the earth and pay gratitude to nature that gives us so much. You can be a part of this noble by reducing the carbon footprint and motivating others to do so. Check out this portable 20000 mAh Solar Charger from Probeatz that's available on Amazon for INR 1,499.

Bamboo Bathroom Products

The zero-waste bathroom bundle is your gateway to get freed from the usage of plastic items in your washroom and therefore save a massive chunk of waste and garbage that goes back into nature. You can find the reusable bamboo toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner bars, reusable facial rounds, menstrual cups, soap and shave bars, deodorants, and so on.

These zero waste materials ensure that you are not contributing to the garbage that goes into the landfills and living responsibly. Why not gift it to your loved one to help them make a difference and enjoy these nature-loving products? Bamboo India has a host of products that you can choose from.

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Bring a Positive Change this Diwali!

It is high time that we all start taking the fight against pollution seriously! Pollution levels are rising unprecedentedly, and it's a fight of which we all are a part of. As it's said, change starts at the lowest level, and if we can't bring a change in our habits, how can we expect others to make that change? Hence, this Diwali, be that change and instead of going with the same, old environment-against gifts, go with nature-pro ones as mentioned in this post.