Heart-Warming Gifts to Show Gratitude and Appreciation to the Men in Your Life. Here is a List of the 10 Best 'Thank You' Gifts for Men (2022).

Heart-Warming Gifts to Show Gratitude and Appreciation to the Men in Your Life. Here is a List of the 10 Best 'Thank You' Gifts for Men (2022).

From Father to son, brother to friend or colleague, there is always something you can give to show how much you value them. This is a 'Thank You gift. They have been there for you and you have also shared both enjoyable and hard times together at one point. Ergo, BP Guide is here to help you with tips on buying a gift for the men in your life to appreciate them. Figure out the coolest thank you gifts for a man as well as some of the best types of gifts to give.

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The Magic of 'Thank You'

What is that one thing that can bring a smile to a person's face instantly; is a show of gratitude. Have you ever tried saying thank you to the vegetable vendor after you buy some vegetables from them or saying thank you to the lady who cleans your house? If not, you need to try it, you will see their eyes light up and they will look very grateful to you just because you appreciate them for something they thought was their job.

Thank you is a magic word and we need to start saying it more often to people around us. It not only helps you express your gratitude but also helps people to feel good about what they are doing. There are a number of ways you can show your appreciation to others but the easiest and most inexpensive way is to say thank you.

When it comes to our family members, we thank them when they do something special for us but we tend to forget the little care they provide us, especially the men in our lives. If there is a man in your life whom you think deserves a show of gratitude for simply being there for you then you need to do something special for him. The best way is to get him a thank you gift. We have curated a list of gifts that you can buy for these men in your lives be it your husband, father, brother, uncle or a friend.

10 Best Thank You Gifts for the Men in Your Life

1. European Opera Crystal Clear Glass Decanter

Source www.amazon.in

If you have been thinking of getting your husband a gift to thank him for all the little things he does for you then you get him a whiskey decanter. Men are biologically made to take care of the people they love although they might not say a lot but their actions speak louder than words. If your husband loves to host parties and has a thing for whiskey then getting him a whisky decanter will surely make him happy. It will be an amazing addition to his bar's collection.

This PrimeWorld European Opera Crystal Clear is an elegant decanter with a unique pattern. It is made of lead free ultra clear glass which makes it great to store and drink whiskey from. The decanter can be used to serve cocktails, whiskey, scotch, bourbon or mixed drinks. Your husband would love to show it of to his friends in the next party and you will feel happy to see him smile. You can buy this whiskey decanter for Rs. 1,199 from Amazon.

2. Assorted Minis Cookies Tin (with Egg)

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, is an age old saying and is quite true. If your man is a foodie then getting him something yummy as a thank you gift is a great idea. There are a variety of food items you can get for him but getting him this assorted minis cookies tin will make him one happy man. The tin has 40 bite sized cookies that he won't be able to resist. You can buy this ultra delicious thank you gift for Rs. 850 from Sweetish House Mafia.

Or even better, you can bake him cookies right at home and show your gratitude to him. Homemade cookies are not only the best but the amount of effort you put in it takes it to a whole new level. If you don't know how to bake cookies then fret not. Check out this recipe from Betty Crocker and bake these yummy chocolate chip cookies and surprise him when he returns from work.

3. Kinal Knitted Throw

Remember your dad walking in your bedroom on cold winter nights and pulling your blanket up so you don't feel cold? Well, it’s time that you return the favour. Check out this cozy Kinal Knitted throw in Blue colour. This is a perfect thank you gift for your dad. He will enjoy bundling in it while he watches his favourite TV shows on winter nights. You can order this throw for Rs. 3,890 from Fab India.

4. FUR JADEN Navy Anti Theft Backpack

Source www.nykaa.com

A sister brother relationship is a sweet and sour one. He has been a pain in your you know what since your were kids but he has always been there when you needed him. He picked you up from college, drove you to the movies, made you smile when you were heartbroken etc. You would agree that a life without a brother is somewhat incomplete and if you want to thank him for being the sweetest and most supportive brother then you can get something he would love and use. This Navy blue backpack from FUR Jaden can be a great gift for him. He can use it as a college bag, or take it with him on his travel adventures. It is a stylish bag with enough space for a large laptop, has multiple pockets and a charging point in the bag itself. It is waterproof. The bag has anti theft design where zipper of the main pocket is hidden at the back to keep his valuables safe. The bag comes with 6 month manufacturer warranty and you can order it for Rs. 1,155 from Nykaa.

5. Amagabeli Black Iron Mini Fire Pit

Dads love to have their family around them so that they can spoil them some more. If your dad is a party animal then you can show your gratitude to him for being the best dad ever buy gifting him this Amagabeli Black Iron Mini Fire Pit. This is a perfect gift for those winter nights when all you want to do is to sit around fire and eat. This fire pit can be used on balconies or outside and comes with mesh and pocker. Now, once again your dad can do what he likes best and enjoy a good evening with his family around him. The fire pit is available for Rs. 4,825 on Amazon.

6. CASINOITE Billium 500 with Denomination Chip Set

Gone are the days when people thought a boy and a girl can never be friends. If you have that special boy in your life that has been your good friend through all thick and thin then this can be the best time to thank him. You can buy this fun, personalized poker set to thank him. The Casinoite Billium 500 with denomination chip set can be a wonderful gift for a great man friend. It comes with a black case with two packs of cards, five dice and four sets of different colored poker chips and you can have it personalized for him. This is set is waterproof, crushproof and light weight and has a foldable soft grip handle to make it easier to carry it around. He will love the gift and will be grateful to you for it. You can buy it for Rs. 3,599 from Shop Mensxp.

7. Bee Sure Personalized Travel Tumbler

Source www.igp.com

Tired of running after your husband with his water bottle every time he walks outside the door? Why not get him this cool personalized travel tumbler from Bee Sure. This will surely show him how much you care for him and how thankful you are too him for being the best husband in the world. The tumbler is made of high grade stainless steel and has a BPA free plastic outer body. You can have it personalized by putting his name on it or simply have thank you written on it to remind him that you are thankful to him for being in your life. Get the tumbler for Rs. 1,155 from IGP.

8. HOMME Mixed Gift Set

This Hommee mixed gift set will make a perfect gift for your father whom you recall to be the most handsome man on Earth. Dads likes to take care of their families but tend to forget about themselves. This gift can be a perfect way to show him that he is thought of. This is a four piece premium set that has eau de toilette sprays and hair and body washes. It is compact in size which makes it easy to travel with. You dad will love the gift and might be able to go back in his youth days and look hip again. You can order this wonderful thank you gift for him for Rs. 2499 from Marks and Spencer.

9. BOMKI Grilling Camping Cooking Set

If you want to show your big brother how thankful you are to him for being like a father to you all your life then buy him this cool Bomki grilling camping cooking set. He will thank you for the gift each time he uses it to chill with his friends or his family. This is a complete grilling and camping set with all the necessary utensils. It is made with stainless steel and is corrosion resistant, BPA free, odorless and dishwasher safe. It comes packed in a custom bag which is washable and has a throw over the shoulder or wear it across handle. This wonderful gear is available for Rs. 6,272 on Ubuy.

10. Car Smart Key Remote Cover Set of 2

Source www.bing.com

Let us not forget great bosses here. If you have a boss who has been kind and supportive to you and you want to thank him for it then get him something that is useful and stylish. You can check out this cool car smart key remote cover set of 2. This is made of genuine leather and is a great gift for men who love their ride. This will keep their smart care key from scratches and dents. It is lightweight and has a smooth texture to it. It comes in two shades and gifting the set to him can be a good idea. You can buy this set for Rs. 599 only from Daily Objects.

Innovative Ways of Saying Thank You to the Men in Your Life

Buying thank you gifts are always a good idea but it should not be limited to gift only. There are other innovative ways through which you can show gratitude to the men who have been supportive, caring, loving to you.


  • Get a little romantic and plan a date night for them. You can plan it in his favorite restaurant or at home. Try to plan it according to what he likes the most to show him that you are thankful to him.
  • If you were born in the 90s you'd know the importance of writing letters but if not then it is time to try it. Handwritten love letters make a great impact and your husband can cherish it forever.
  • Take a day of your busy schedule and dedicate it to him. Tell him to relax or do whatever he wants to do and take over his responsibilities for the day. Let him unwind with his friends and ask him to share how he spent the day when he returns. Tell him that you are grateful to him for all he does for the family and this is his day off.
  • Find out his favorite childhood dish, call his mother or his sister for help and cook it for him. He will be thrilled to see the effort you put in for him.


  • Give him a gift card for the best saloon. He will love to spend the day there and reboot himself.
  • Use Internet to thank him. Put out a shout out for him on your Facebook, Blog, Twitter and other social media accounts and tell the world how grateful you are to him for being a good friend.
  • Make a goodie bag for him and have it delivered to his doorstep with a thank you note on it.


  • Take him out to meet his old time buddies and watch him have a blast.
  • Spend a whole day with him talking, bonding, cooking and playing games that you played in your childhood with him.
  • Make a photo collage of you and him together.
  • Buy something for him that he always wanted but never bought because he saved the money to buy things for you.
  • Show up at his doorstep announced with his favorite meal, clean his house, moe the lawn, walk his dog and watch that boring film he loves with him to show that you are thankful to him for being your dad.
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Showing How Much You Value the Men in Your Life!

It could be an uncle, a boyfriend or maybe a mentor, there are many male figures in one's life who have had an impact and influence over one's life. It is for such and similar reasons that you may want to give them a gift. You could have shared enjoyable and memorable moments. They could have helped you during hard times or you might also have been there for them during hard times, thus strengthening the bond. Furthermore, taking a step forward and giving them a gift will very much be in order, showing them how grateful you are. If you are looking for gifts to give, this article offers suggestions for the best thank you gifts for men and tips on buying a perfect gift.