Paris Is an Amazing City That Most People Have Dreamt of Visiting(2019):10 Attractions You Must-See in Paris!

Paris Is an Amazing City That Most People Have Dreamt of Visiting(2019):10 Attractions You Must-See in Paris!

Visiting the fashion capital of the world? Here are all the places that you definitely must visit if you're in Paris. Note down the favourites and plan your trip around them for a great trip. Keep reading to find out more.

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Heading to Paris? Here's What You Should Know

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Travellers are attracted to this European city due to various reasons. Some of these reasons include the breathtaking sights, places to visit, foods to taste among other things. Therefore, Paris has something for every visitor for example for historians - there are a variety of museums displaying the various historical events. However, there are various things one should consider while planning to visit Paris. The following are some of the core tips when travelling from India to Paris.

1. The Relevant Travel Documents

It is essential for anyone planning to travel outside the country to consider the various relevant documents. In each and every country there are those set regulations that govern the process of the acquisition of the relevant documents. But that should not be a hindrance to anyone in need of travelling to Paris from India. The main document required is a visa. In India, the process of acquisition of a visa is very simple. However, there are those documents for anyone visiting Paris. The main document required is a travel document which is either a visa or a passport. Other relevant documents may include financial documents, employment or studies documents depending on what is indicated in your passport, and previous travel documents if present.

2. When to Visit Paris

Paris experiences a climate that is conducive for people to visit all year round. However, what tells exactly when to visit Paris is the different tastes and preferences of the visitors. Therefore, based on the different seasons experienced in Paris, a visitor can choose when to visit Paris.

Here is a clear description of all the climatic seasons in Paris:

During the period between June to August, it is summer in Paris. This is the most preferred time by many visitors, therefore the peak season due to the sunny and warm weather. The city also experiences autumn during the period between September and October. During this season, the leaves turn brown giving the city a romantic feel, which is the perfect for some of the visitors. Then there is winter which is experienced from November to February and the temperatures decrease leading to snow falls. Lastly, Paris also experiences spring from March to May.

3. How to Move Around the CIty

Once in Paris, one of the major issues that one thinks about is how to move around the city. Paris provides various means of transport for tourists to go around the city. Walking around the city is one of the most recommended ways to get around. This is because one gets to see and experience every bit of the city, and also, one cannot get lost for all the streets are labelled clearly. Another means is through the use of the city’s metro which is a fast way to connect between places while in the city. There is also the choice of using bicycles which are normally located almost everywhere. However, there are those things that one should know before choosing the means of transport to use. One of those things is that for those visiting on a budget, it is not advisable to use a cab from the airport for it is very expensive. Also, the metro does not operate 24 hours and hence, the other option is buses.

10 Best Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is a city that is rich in many sectors. Therefore, it is very famous as a tourist attraction. Mainly, Paris is famous for its historical richness, many landmarks that are globally known, diverse foods, and the various shopping malls. However, the following are the best unique places to visit in Paris:

The Eiffel Tower

Built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was originally a communication tower. However, right now it is a globally-known attraction. It served its purpose for some time until it became an attraction leading to people travelling from far and wide to view it. In general, the Eiffel tower symbolizes various things including history, it’s a landmark that globally represents Paris, and to many, it is an art whereby artists paint the tower and use it as a model. Also, the Eiffel Tower creates very beautiful views which will make a visitor keep coming back. A good example is a view from the top of the tower for one can see the city and at night, they are lights that flicker every hour. Furthermore, there are also restaurants making it perfect to visit at any time of the day. This is one of the best places to visit in Paris for you do not want to miss these incredible views.

However, there are charges when visiting this place which you should know about. When visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, there are entry charges which depend on the time of visit, the higher you want to go up the tower, the age of the visitor, and whether you use the staircase or the lift. For adults (above 24 years), entry charges are about 10,20€ - 25,50€. Entry charges for visitors in the age bracket 12 years to 24 years range from 5,10€ - 12,70€. For children aged between 4 years to 11 years, entry changes range between 2,50€ - 6,40€. lastly, all children below the age of 4 years are allowed to enter for free. Generally, the Eiffel Tower opens at 9:30 and closes the latest by 18:30 unless its the period between 20 December to 30 December whereby it is closed by 23:45.

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is one of the museums in Paris. However, this museum stands out for it houses various historical monuments all under one roof. This is no doubt it is one of the best places to visit. Especially for those visitors who are interested in knowing more about historical events including arts and architectural designs, then this is the best place to visit. The Palace, where the museum is housed, itself is an architectural archive for it dates back in the twelfth century with many architects over the ages contributing to its construction. In addition, the museum also entails various arts dated from the middle age, therefore, giving visitors an experience of the various ancient civilizations.

It is important to understand the charges while visiting this place. tickets are purchased in case you want to attend an exhibition, or in case you have a guide. The Louvre Museum is normally open every day from 9 am to 6pm except on Tuesdays. The ticket purchase can be made either as an individual or as a group. Therefore, depending on your numbers, you can still enter the museum.

Disneyland Paris

Some people opt to travel with their families and children. Disneyland Paris is the best place to visit with children. This is because Disneyland Paris is mostly associated with children's shows and experiences. In addition, over time the Disney movies and animations have become many children's favourite movies globally. Therefore, giving your child the chance to experience these shows in real life is an exciting thing for them. Visiting Paris avails the chance for everyone to experience what Disneyland Paris presents. Disneyland Paris avails various celebrations all year round therefore anyone can visit at any time of the year. In addition, this place is filled with a variety of restaurants offering diverse meals for everyone in the family. The magic that Disneyland Paris creates is one thing everyone should experience. The place opens at 10 every morning and closes latest at 9:30 pm. It is important to note that in Disneyland Paris there are two specific places including the park and the studio which both open the same time. Therefore, tickets are sold for different places.

Notre Dame Cathedral

What makes Paris famous is the many different historical monuments that constitute the city. A good example is the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is one of the known cathedrals that date back in the Middle Ages in Paris, however, there are various facts that make the Notre Dame Cathedral stand out from the rest. One is because it is the most famous among the other cathedrals. Another thing is its architectural structure and its size. Anyone interested in understanding the historical aspect of this magnificent cathedral and the religion sector in general, then this is the best place to visit. In addition, architectural designs are also an attraction.

The Arc de Tromphe

The Arc de Tromphe is a monument in Paris best known for its commemorative function. built under the guidance of Napoleon, this monument was to mark his victory at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1806. Anyone visiting Paris, this is a place that they cannot afford to not visit. Designed by Jean Francois Therese, this monument constitutes of architectural designs that intrigue to know more about the history behind their making. There is a soldier buried beneath the arc, which makes it even more interesting. In addition, the arc contains sculptures by various sculptors including François Rude, Antoine Etex, and Jean-Pierre Cortot. There is more about this arch that is interesting therefore one of the best places to visit in Paris.

Palais Garnier

The construction of this opera took about 15 years for its construction works to be completed. That fact that it took that long to be completed creates the interest to visit this magnificent monument. Designed by Charles Garnier, Palais Garnier covers a huge area for it is 173m long and 125m wide. In addition to the phenomenal structure of this opera, Palais Garnier has other major features on the inside including the Grand Staircase which is decorated with marbles, The Grand Foyer which is a very high hall with different drawings symbolizing the different events in history, The Auditorium which is the largest stage in Europe, The Grand Organ used to purposely accommodate lyrical artists, and lastly a restaurant. This is with no doubt one of the best places to visit in Paris due to the magnificent and meaningful composition of the opera. Once you visit this place, you can't help but visit it again.

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Housed in a building designed by Frank Gehry, Fondation Louis Vuitton incorporates various arts and cultures and displays them for the public to see. Therefore anyone with an artist's point of view, gets to analyze and debate the meaning of different arts. Foundation Louis Vuitton does not only focus on displaying one type of art but rather it incorporates other different types including musicians and artists of all disciplines. For any visitor interested in art, this is the best place to visit while in Paris.

Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise

The largest cemetery and park in Paris, Père-Lachaise Cemetery is one of the most visited cemeteries in the world. This place is famous for a large number of people buried here which is approximated to be 1,000,000 people. What is even more interesting is that these tombs have notable figures, it is lined with trees, and it is located on a hilly terrain which makes the environment peaceful and attractive. Therefore for anyone interested in having a peaceful time while at the same time marvelling at their surroundings, then this could be a great place for you.

The Neo-Classical Pantheon

Paris is known for its architectural sites. Designed by one of the greatest architects of all time, Jacques Germain Soufflot, The Neo-Classical Pantheon was originally built as a church before it was converted into a memorial dedicated to famous people. The general appearance of the Neo-Classical Pantheon itself is an attraction. Therefore to marvel at the phenomenal neoclassical architecture, the Neo-Classical Pantheon is the best place to visit in Paris. Also, to witness a good example of the late 18th-century architecture, a visit to the Neo-Classical Pantheon is worth it.

The Guimet des Arts Asiatiques Museum

The Guimet des Arts Asiatiques Museum houses archived materials including books, manuscripts, photographic archives, sound archives and scientific archives. This museum originated from the idea of an industrialist who was called Emile Guimet. This industrialist wanted to create a space where different religions from different countries including Egypt and Asian countries were to be displayed. There is even more of these fascinating things in The Guimet des Arts Asiatiques Museum, therefore it is the best place to visit in Paris.

Bonus Suggestion: Try Dining on Different Foods in Paris

Regarding the different types of food available in Paris, there are those that we are all familiar with, for example, baguettes, croissants, among others. However, there are specific foods that are alien to Indians but are available in Paris. These foods may seem weird to anyone, but they are delicious.

The following is a list of the must-try foods in Paris and where to get them:
Tete de veau which simply means a calf's head. This is one of the traditional dishes in France, therefore common amongst them. You can enjoy this meal at La Ravigote.

Cuisses de grenouilles is another food available in Paris. We believe that this is for the adventurers for this meal is made up of frog legs which are sometimes served with baguette. One can get this meal from Roger la Grenouille.

Anyone up for consuming raw meat, then here is a chance to do so. Steak Tartare is a food you should try. It entails seasoned beef that is chopped in small pieces. You can try it at Les Fines Gueules.

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Vacationing in Paris

Try new types of dishes, meet new people, take a lot of photos and take the help of an itinerary and/or a trusted tour guide to make the most out of your trip. Use public transport for cheaper travel and also to avoid mishaps. Apart from that, keeping account of the weather is most important to have a memorable trip. Have a great vacation in Paris!