Make Your New Boyfriend Realise His Importance in Your Life: Endearing 2 Month Gifts for Boyfriend to Celebrate Your Love (2019)

Make Your New Boyfriend Realise His Importance in Your Life: Endearing 2 Month Gifts for Boyfriend to Celebrate Your Love (2019)

Just completed 2 months of your relationship starting and want to make your boyfriend feel special? We present you with these cute small gifts for boyfriend which would make him fall in love with you even more! These gifts can not only be used by him in his day-to-day lives but are also pocket-friendly so that you don't have to spend out a chunk of money and also convey your love to him in the simplest yet the most beautiful way.

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Why Celebrate the 2 Month Anniversary?

‘61 days later, 61 is who he found’, this verse from World Slam Poetry Champion, Harry Baker is just heart rendering. It speaks volumes. The story is of ‘59’, a number who feels like an outcast, a misfit in a word full of numbers. After a tumultuous journey of toil and heartbreak, he finds his lover '61'. They’re perfect for each other. Seems relatable? Reminds you of your boyfriend? After days and days of moping around and looking for love, you finally have the man of your dreams, haven't you?

And the clock has swiftly quickened its pace since he’s been around and it has been almost 2 months, almost 61 days. You want to show him how much he means to you and tell him how the two past months have been the best months of your life.

We also know that you’re not quite sure about what to give him because it's so hard to find gifts for guys, correct? Especially at this stage. Your relationship, though has hit a milestone, is still a budding one. It is still tender and has a long way to go before it blossoms into what you hope is a lifelong bond. You don’t want to seem too pushy with your gift but you don’t want it to feel like it’s just another gift, right? You want to hit that sweet spot. We’re your sounding board. Our advice on gifts is always on point and we have just the right things for you. Want to know what? Read on!

Alright then, before we show you some gifting options, why don’t we teach you some tips and tricks about how to buy the right gifts for your Babe, Cutie-Pie, Bae, basically whatever you call your boyfriend.

Tips For The Right Gift For Your Boyfriend On the 2-month Anniversary

After years of gift giving, research and innovation, we have finally figured out the right gifts which can be practically gifted to everyone and for everyone occasion. We have narrowed them down to some common rules but there are some specifications in particular cases, cases like the one at our hand right now. This is a very specific niche and it is someone that you don’t want to creep out, scare away or make feel less loved. It is an extremely tight corner. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about that. Just follow the instructions, tips and tricks laid out by us and you’ll sweep him off his feet even better than he sweeps you off yours.

Personalise Your Gift


Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than personalisation. You need to customise the gift and make it by the inch for your boyfriend. If you’re hoping he thinks that your gift is cute and you want him to feel extra special then, you’ve got to go the extra mile and personalise the gift for him. Take a trip down the memory lane. Jog a bit and find the most memorable moments from your 2 months with him and maybe even the time before that, trace your conversations and look for a spark that’ll drive your gift and then refresh his memory with your gift. Let the gift be a constant reminder of what you have with him, your love, his love for you and a specific moment in your relationship. If you can nail this then it is game, set and match.

Don’t Go All Out

Do not buy something that is ridiculously expensive or a bit too gaudy. Look for something simple, elegant, useful and meaningful. If you buy something that is a little too expensive then that’ll put him under the pressure of buying something equally or more pricey and will put him in a tight spot. You don’t want that, do you? Stick to modest gifts that have some meaning to them rather than just costly gifts. Money can’t buy happiness but love can. So give him all your love bottled in a gift that is not too costly (our recommendation is in the ballpark of Rs. 200-2,000).

Say a Story

Let your gift say things that you couldn’t or maybe can’t. Pour your life into it and also the magic potion of your love and let it brew. Let the whiff of romance work its way around things and boom! You’ll have made the perfect concoction, the perfect gift. One which says a story. Your story. And funnily enough, it becomes a part of the next bit of your story as well. Make sure to have this thought in your head while you are looking for a gift. Don’t give him a gift, gift him a memory.

Cute Gift Options for Your 2-Month Anniversary with Your Boyfriend

So, you know all the secret ingredients, now is the time to turn to the internet and scour for the perfect gift. There is a sea of options available, right? It is probably making you super dizzy. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve narrowed the gifts down to a handful. These are the crème de la crème, the piece de resistance.

PS: You don’t need to thank us, just make sure that your pretty face has a smile as wide as your boyfriend’s.

The following are our top gifts to give your boyfriend to celebrate 2 months of being with him (2 Month Anniversary Gifts):


This is probably the most beaten up, played out, the clichéd gift that you can give a guy and you can almost never go wrong with a wallet. The only time you can go wrong is when you give him a wallet when he already has one and the one that he has is better than the one that you are gifting him. So, how do you ensure that you give him a wallet that will bowl him over? Easy. You add a bit of personality to the gift and that’ll work like pixie dust. Maybe get him a personalised wallet with his name inscribed on it or maybe his initials or if you want to take that leap of faith then you can get him a wallet with both his and your initials. This Black and Red leather Wallet looks like a perfect gift that you can give to your boyfriend. You will also get an option to personalise it with his name. Just provide them with the name you want to be there and you are done. This luxury piece will cost you around Rs.499 on

Sports Jersey (Pair)

Source Amazon

It is very likely that your boyfriend is a sports fan. Can be any sport, literally any sport. Most men indulge in sports and they are very serious about the teams that they support. Something that will really make him love you beyond return is if you show some support towards things that he so direly loves. Get him a jersey of his favourite team! And get yourself one too. Maybe have your names or pet names printed at the back. Just make sure that you get the sport and the team right and this one is a sixer or a goal, three-pointer? Whichever sport it is, you are winning at the game of gift giving. Game, set, match made in heaven! This polyester sports t-shirt is the best gift you can ever give to your cricket lover boyfriend. The Jersey looks like the official Jersey of Indian National Cricket team. Next time whenever there will be any match of India, he will feel pumped and support his team like never before. You can get this one for Rs.499 on

Augmented Reality Game


If your guy isn’t into sports, then there is a very high chance that he is a hardcore gaming fan. A majority of men are really into sports as well as video games. So if you know that your guy really, really likes gaming then let us help you tap into this frenzy and win him over on your 2 months anniversary with some really amazing gift. This is not really a video game but an augmented reality game. Help him to say goodbye to those boggling and uncomfortable lazy poses while playing video games. Just Mount your phone over this gun and watch him jump into action, honing his reflexes and beating the lethargy. This is a very interesting game and it will definitely refresh the mood every time he will play it. You can get this for Rs.2,400 on

DVD of His Choice


Time to re-route the car and go down the cheesy lane. If your boyfriend is a romantic, someone who is always talking about love and romance and the moon and you. If he’s the poetic kind, the kind you see in movies and think, ‘Do they exist?’ Then give him a DVD, with a twist. You knew a twist was coming, right? Give him your favourite movie DVD. That’ll let him know that you want to share your favourites with him now. Or better yet, if you guys connected and bonded over some movie or book then that is the go-to book or movie DVD to give him. As much as I can guess, Game of Thrones might be his one of the most favourite series and I bet if you give him something related to Game of Thrones to him, he definitely is going to hug you for that. Just think about it. What about giving a DVD of the most thrilling season of GOT. Well, we got the DVD of GOT season 7 for him for just Rs.1,699 on Don't delay!



If he is into reading, then a book will be better than anything else. Just make sure you know what book he is vying for and you understand the kind of literature he likes. In case you can’t, then get him something off of the Amazon's bestsellers list which should do the needful. In this modern era, we are living in an environment where it's really hard to find a positive aura. Wouldn't it make perfect sense to get him something which will help him to be positive in any circumstances? Resilience, happiness and freedom come from being positive. This book "The subtle art of not giving a f*ck" is the best option to go for. You can get this just for Rs.299 on

TV Show Mugs

You’ve probably just scratched the surface when it comes to understanding and learning about your boyfriend. You’re still in the ‘Honeymoon’ phase and according to our expertise, the most common subjects that people touch upon during this period usually surround experiences and interests particularly around movies and TV shows. It is highly probable that your boyfriend keeps braying like a sheep about the show he likes or the movie that changed his life. This gift is a safe bet, always! Get to know about his favourite movie or favourite TV series and then gift the mug accordingly. If your boyfriend loves Game of Thrones then this magic mug is made for him. Do check out on and get it for just Rs.499. The logo of GOT will appear whenever he will drink hot beverages from the mug.

Formal Shirt

Most guys are underdressed, almost always. We believe that might be the case with your boyfriend too. Your boyfriend is probably the kind of guy who might show up to a corporate interview wearing a Hard Rock Café t-shirt that barely fits him anymore. But love is love, right? So give him a fix. Just get him a nice, formal shirt and bat your eyes. Next thing you know, he is the CEO of a major corporation and he’ll always know why. This light grey shirt will look awesome when he will wear it. Don't think so hard and order it now just for Rs.1,899 on

Versatile Reversible Belt


Why give someone a belt that just serves as a placeholder? Gift someone a belt that is a style statement and is also more functional. A reversible belt does just that. Your boyfriend would really appreciate the functionality that the reversible brings with it. It is one belt but serves the purpose of two, so you can choose the colour that blends well with your tone and complements your outfit. And if your boyfriend is just like that then you’ll have to help him with this as well. This soft and stylish leather belt can be worn in any event and with any attire. Be it a formal one or casual, this belt will look awesome on both. The cost of this belt is around Rs.470 on

Personalized Hoodie


This is the holy grail of guy gifting. Your boyfriend probably loves hoodies more than he loves you and he’ll love you even more if you gift him a hoodie. But don’t gift him any hoodie, gift him a hoodie that is personalized. Emboss a phrase or a message onto the canvas that the hoodie is. You can get it printed or painted. Our suggestion would be that you should get it painted, makes it even more special. You can get one personalised hoodie just for Rs.475 on


Source Ajio

The sneaker culture is on the rise across the globe and the average guy love sneakers. A sneaker might be a tad bit heavy when it comes to the sum involved but it certainly makes for a great gift. Look for economical options and also weigh in the look and how chic the sneaker is before making a purchase. Sneakers are usually quite durable and last for approximately 2 years. You want to spend a lifetime with this guy, make him feel like that’s actually the case. We've looked at various sneakers and concluded that these Levi's Sneakers would make for the perfect gift for this occasion. It will cost you around Rs.2,799 on

One Important Note

The most important thing is to be yourself and just love him with all your heart. Materialistic things fade but love never dies, it is the only thing that can transcend all boundaries even those created by time. Take this opportunity and immortalize your 2-Month Anniversary with him, immortalise your love. Etch it into history.

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