Tired of Long-Drawn Skincare Routines? Turn to the Skip Care Skincare Trend to Save Time and Money + 8 Must Try Products (2019)!

Tired of Long-Drawn Skincare Routines? Turn to the Skip Care Skincare Trend to Save Time and Money + 8 Must Try Products (2019)!

If at one end of the spectrum is the 10 step Korean beauty regime, skip care is at the other end, and surprisingly, the results can be quite similar. This is not just another Korean beauty regime, but can effectively cut short your skin care routine and you still get to keep your glow. We have recommended 8 very effective Korean beauty products that you must consider for skip care skincare. Keep reading!

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What's Skip Care Skincare: A Minimalist Beauty Trend

Our quest for smooth glowing skin often leads to skincare products piling up on shelves and us dealing with the constant pressure of sticking to an elaborate routine. Fans of Korean beauty would particularly understand this struggle what with its 10 step routine! If you are looking to make things easier then skip care skincare routine has the answer!

Whether it's your hectic and time-starved lifestyle, or the need to take a break from beauty routines that seem simply too long, with skip care skincare you retain the benefits of a proper skincare routine without lengthy tedious steps, as the focus shifts to using fewer but amazing products that give you the skin of your dreams. This is a minimalistic approach to skincare that you can adopt for good, or just for those days when you just don't have time!

Adopting #skincarediet: How Does it Work?

Pare Down Your Routine

The popular misconception of using more products equals better skin is not really true. Instead of using products indiscriminately, we must be sensitive to the needs of our skin and stick to products that fit its requirements at that moment. For instance, if the weather outside becomes drier leading to your skin feeling tight, you could add a product layer that adds moisture. However, this can be dropped if the weather changes.

So instead of following a standard set of steps, a flexible routine that addresses the most important issues faced by your skin is a great way to cut down unnecessary product use and of course save time. Another point to keep in mind is that while It can tempting to try out new products, be cautious in your purchases so you do not have to juggle too many products. Invest in it only when you are convinced that it is a robust addition to your routine.

Use Hybrid Products

With skincare product manufacturers understanding the need for short but effective routines, more and more combo products with carefully chosen ingredients are being launched. These products are formulated such that they address multiple issues but do not compromise on the benefits on the skin. These multi-use products typically combine two or more steps eg toning and moisturising to reduce the time spent. To make this work, you will, however, need to be very vigilant while choosing products. The products need to have the right ingredients for your specific need so the products actually show results for you.

Getting Results With Less? How This Approach Helps

Apart from reducing the tediousness of having a long skin care routine, skip care skin care actually has several other benefits. Here are few of the major ones which will convince you that it is not a bad idea to simplify your daily routine.

With Lesser Products, Lesser Chances of Irritation

Overuse of products can overload the skin! Yes, in fact, ingredients that are supposed to help us can cause irritation over time.. Plus with more products, there are more chances that the skin becomes dependent and loses the ability to heal itself. So under Skip Care, you use fewer products, which potentially reduces the chances for skin damage. This is particularly true for those of us with sensitive skin.

Higher Adherence to the Routine

Life is busy for all of us - household responsibilities, work pressure, long commute. All these cut down time available for us to practice self-care. Naturally, when you are faced with a long skincare routine it can seem such a chore! This reluctance to stand before the mirror applying multiple products may end up with you skipping the entire process. With skip care skincare however, the routine becomes short and sweet and you are not put off by the idea.

You Can Get More Bang for Your Buck

Good skincare products are not cheap. Skip care helps you focus on buying a few products but those that are perfect for your skin. So, rather than worrying about buying multiple products, when you identify the products with the most effective ingredients and formulations, you are able to save money while keeping your routine intact and your skin glowing!

Tips to Build a Skipcare Skincare Routine

Interested and keen to try out this approach? Then the key is getting the right products. After all you do not want to compromise on your skin!

Identify Your Most Important Skin Concerns

Take a good look at your skin and identify what are the most pressing issues you need to consider. Acne, signs of aging, dark circles, dry skin? When you know the problems that need to be tackled, it get easier to analyse skincare products. This also helps you figure out which steps in your skin care routine are non-negotiable and which can get combined. For eg, if oiliness is an issue then toner is essential and you may not want to use combination products for this step.

Find the Best Ingredients/Products for Tackling Them

Once you know the major skin concerns that need to be addressed on a daily basis, it is time for you to narrow down the ingredients and combinations you want. There are loads of resources online that help you figure out what ingredients you should look for in skincare products for different issues. For instance, if dryness and wrinkles are issues, then products with ceramides are a good option. Find out which are the best combinations that can tackle more than one issue.

Look for Hybrid Products

Now it is time to look for actual products! Using the above two steps start looking for great products that preferably are hybrid multi-use products for the steps you want to combine. Read through the product description and find out what it claims to do. Read through the ingredient list to ensure it has all those that you are looking for, and finally read reviews online to check if the product actually performs as described.

Have a Flexible Approach

Your skincare routine should be flexible as we have discussed. Your skin will have different needs depending on the weather, the stress levels in your life, health and pollution levels. Therefore try to have products that can be helpful in different conditions. Change up your routine depending on your skin concerns and time availability. So figure out the products that you absolutely must not miss out on using every day.

Top 8 Skipcare Products to Consider to Make the Most of Your Time!

Cosrx Two in One Poreless Powder Liquid

Combining the toner and essence step, Cosrx Two in One Poreless Powder Liquid consists of two powerful ingredients - BHA and tannin. BHAs are chemical ingredients that are good for gentle exfoliation, helping the skin shed impurities from deep within which helps clear the skin from inside. Tannin is a plant-based ingredient that is anti-inflammatory and good for cleansing. Both of these are major constituents in this product and are helpful in having smooth and poreless skin. As the product is watery and not too viscous, it is suitable to all skin types including sensitive. You can find Cosrx Two In One Poreless Powder Liquid on Amazon for Rs.2,230.

Purito Centella Green Level All in One Pads

Removing makeup typically requires a thorough cleansing. K-beauty recommends that the makeup removal step be followed with a gentle acid cleanser which exfoliates the skin and renews it. Purito Centella Green Level All in One Pads are a great time saver as you can combine the second cleansing step with the exfoliating step. The pads come infused with Centella Asiatica extract and feature two sides - one is embossed which can be used for mild exfoliating action, while the other is smooth that can be used to soothe sensitive or irritated skin. The pads can also be used to calm down inflamed or acne - just place it on the affected area for 5-10 minutes. Available on YesStyle for Rs.1,497 (shipping extra).

Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub

Cleansing, nourishing and exfoliating - this face scrub does a whole lot on its own. The formulation includes kiwi seeds that gently remove dead skin along with seaweed that helps brighten the face by eliminating oil build-up and improving texture. So in one go you get the benefits of skin refining and brightening. The scrub however must not be used daily - it is recommended 2-3 times a week, which is a sufficient level of exfoliation. You can order it on Amazon for USD 15 or Rs.1,125 (plus shipping).

J.One Jelly Pack Multi-Functional Gel Primer

This product is a true multitasker - it acts as a mask, a treatment essence and a primer. Just apply it onto your cleansed face and you are ready to directly jump to wearing your sunscreen and makeup! A fantastic time-saver isn't it? This unique formulation uses three heavy-duty ingredients that deliver all the goodness to you - Hyaluronic Acid, Fullerene (a powerful antioxidant) and Chamomile Flower Water, these three together moisturise, protect and soothe the skin. The formula has a jelly texture that promises to sink into the skin in a jiffy and to retain hydration for long hours while resulting in smooth skin texture. Available on lookfantastic.co.in for Rs.2,232.

Cosrx Light Fit Real Water Toner To Cream

This product adopts a completely new approach resulting in a unique formulation that combines the toning and moisturising step. Dubbed as the 'two-in-one toner cream' this product comes in a creamy gel format that converts into water when applied onto the skin. Acting as both a toner and moisturiser, this ensures any dryness is taken care of but at the same time, it ensures the skin looks bright and glowing. You will find here a number of wonderful ingredients such as seawater, sea buckthorn and niacinamide. Although more suitable for oily skin type, it nonetheless is also great for dry skin types to use in summer. Available on BeautyBarn for Rs.1,150.

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Yet another fantastic all in one product, this is a K-beauty favourite is formulated to attack multiple skin issues like dryness, wrinkles, pores and blemishes. Mizon All in one Snail repair cream features a light texture with a host of great ingredients. The primary ingredient is snail mucus filtrate - at a whopping 92 per cent - which a well known Korean traditional skin care ingredient for hyperpigmentation and dryness. Other major ingredients include adenosine and peptides which are certified to reduce signs of ageing and help in skin regeneration. Given this combination of powerful ingredients, this is a great candidate for the all-rounder in your routine. Available on Amazon for Rs.3,200.

SK II Facial Treatment Essence

Although a rather pricey option, SK II Facial Treatment Essence is famed to deliver what it promises. This cult classic from Japan is said to help in multiple ways - it boosts hydration giving your skin a plump glowy look, it evens out blemishes and it promotes cell regeneration which makes your skin look brighter. Considering this range of benefits, it is no surprise that it has been dubbed 'Miracle Water'! Many use this product in the place of toner, essence and moisturiser, so you get to skip several steps!

The ingredient which has made the product so effective is PITERA™, a natural ingredient proprietary to the company. Available on strawberry.net for Rs.4,908.

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea

This product from a popular K-beauty brand promises intense hydration so can be used in place of an essence and a moisturiser. This serum makes use of two celebrated traditional skincare ingredients - organic Jeju green tea and green tea seeds. These lightweight ingredients help boost moisture while renewing the skin. Green tea is rich in amino acids which is great to help the skin remain hydrated, while the tea seed oil helps create a barrier that blocks from moisture being released so your skin remains to look soft and radiant longer. You can use this cream on its own after cleansing if you have oily skin or live in a place with humid weather. Available on Nykaa for Rs.1,950.

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Skip Care is the New Skin Care

When you are running out of time to even have a proper meal, it is difficult to expect someone to take out time for a proper skincare regime. In that case, skip care, which is the latest skincare trend can be the perfect thing for you. Do try out the products mentioned above. Though costly, these products serve multiple purposes and add up to less than the products you'd have to buy if you had a full on skincare routine.