Want Glowing Skin? 10 Korean Beauty Products in India to Try! See Firsthand Why the Beauty Industry is so Obsessed with Korean Skincare (2019)

Want Glowing Skin? 10 Korean Beauty Products in India to Try! See Firsthand Why the Beauty Industry is so Obsessed with Korean Skincare (2019)

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Are you looking for some serious skin care inspiration? Then, look south (read South Korea). Yes! The Koreans are known for their beautiful skin – and their extensive and multi-step skin care regimen. And now, their skin care products have caught the imagination of the beauty industry. Keen to try the 10-step Korean skincare routine but don’t know which products to buy? Don’t worry. We have curated a list of the best-rated Korean beauty products for you. Take a look.

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Read This If You Are Planning to Get into the Korean Skin Care Routine!

The latest style craze is the Korean skin care trend. Koreans are known for their flawless and glowing skin. This owes to a unique and extensive skin care regime that they follow starting from a young age. If you are planning to get to know the secrets in the Korean beauty routine, then read along as we break it up step-by-step.

It is quite daunting to know that the basic Korean beauty secret for glowing skin is a 10-step process. Yes, it is quite time-consuming and elaborate compared to the simple skin care routine that you are following right now. But, considering the amazing results, in the long run, it is worthwhile to spend some extra time and effort, isn’t it?

Products Used in Extensive 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

It may seem overwhelming to follow the 10-step routine every single day. But, let us take a sigh of relief since a few of them need not be done daily! Here, we are going to discuss each step in detail, and will also suggest reliable products in each category. You can thus, understand the process and customize them to fit your skin needs.

Oil Cleanser

Cleansing is an important part of any skincare routine. In fact, it is the very basis of all. An oil-based cleanser is usually used to remove oil-based makeup, SPF and other impurities. This is an integral part of the Korean skincare regime. Since oil repels water, using an oil-based cleanser, in the beginning, is always a good idea to remove traces of any cosmetic on the face.

Inveda is one of the leading Indian brands in skin care and has amazing high-quality products. This oil-based cleanser is rich in regenerating and protective oils and is very gentle on the skin. It does not leave the skin greasy as it transforms into milk when in contact with water. It removes even the most stubborn makeup with very little effort. The Inveda Cleansing Oil is available on Nykaa for Rs.626.

Water Based Cleanser

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The next part is to use a water-based cleanser to remove any remaining residue from the previous procedure. Water-based cleansers remove oil and dirt and leave the skin feeling supple. Always make sure to select a product that doesn’t leave the skin dry and strips out the moisture from the skin. This double cleansing process is typical of the Korean beauty regime and helps to clear pores that are blocked from oil and impurities.

Snail-slime is an important ingredient of Korean skin products. They are said to seal the moisture in the skin leaving it soft and supple. The snail repairing foam cleanser from Mizon contains snail secretion filtrate that turns into snail mucus foam upon contact with water. It is great for deep cleansing, yet leaves the skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. You can check out this cleanser on Amazon for Rs. 911.

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For those of you who find it odd to apply snail products on your face, we have got your back too. Try this green barley bubble infuser which is just as good. Green tea and green barley are also basic ingredients in Korean products. This Cleanser is free from animal-originated ingredients and contains natural extracts from green barley. It thoroughly removes dead cells and impurities without being harsh on the skin.


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After the double cleansing process, it is a common practice among Koreans to do an extensive exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells. But it is generally not advised to exfoliate facial skin on a daily basis. So, you can follow this on every alternate day, especially if you have sensitive skin. A non-irritating exfoliator promotes cell turnover and unclogs pores to leave the skin looking youthful. The Choco Caffeine exfoliating face scrub from M caffeine is an amazing product that delicately removes dead skin cells and impurities while deeply rejuvenating the skin. Check out this scrub on Amazon for Rs. 369.


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Toner plays an important role in skin care. It needs to be applied to balances the skin’s pH, especially after all that cleansing and exfoliating. Toners tighten the pores and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. The Korean skincare routine reflects the use of natural and organic ingredients in products. This Lavender & Rose Mist Toner from WOW is an all-natural product containing pure lavender, rose hydrosols, witch hazel, green tea, and cucumber extracts. It is free from sulphates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. It is quite an affordable product and available on amazon.in for Rs.287.


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Next, Essences are applied to hydrate the skin enough for it to absorb the products that follow. Essences are more fluid and less concentrated than face serums. So, an essence plays a vital role in getting the most out of the serum that will be applied in the next stage. It essentially locks up the moisture and increases the skin’s hydration level in seconds. Belief is a beauty brand that creates products exclusively to follow the Korean intricate skincare regime. The belief numero 10 essence contains the extracts of herb rose, Jericho and free of synthetic ingredients. Find this product on Nykaa for Rs.1,740.

Sheet Mask

Single-use sheet masks are formulated with active ingredients that similar to that found in serums. However, they are basically an a la carte version, that can be used as necessary. This step again, need not be followed every single day. You can use it on alternate days, and choose to apply a mask with ingredients that you think your skin needs that day. Keep an arsenal of face masks in hand and step up your game, girl! The Collagen Essence Full Face Korean Facial Mask Sheet Pack comes in 4 different flavours and contains collagen, an essential ingredient in skin care. It can be found on Flipkart for Rs. 464.

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Now, if you are not much a sheet mask kind-of-person, then we recommend you try this face mask instead. The skin salad 3-minute face mask is made from pure activated charcoal with tea tree and rosemary extracts. Apply this product on alternate days to keep your face looking young and full of joy. Available now on Amazon for Rs. 496.

Serum/ Ampoule

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These products are formulated with active ingredients to address specific skin needs like fine lines, hyperpigmentation, loss of firmness and dehydration. They are generally thinner and lighter in consistency than the products that follow.

The skin power 10 formula face serum from skins is made from licorice extracts and is purely made from natural ingredients. It helps to recover skin tone and reduce redness and ageing effects. It is basically a repair formula and helps rejuvenate the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Available on Amazon for Rs. 855.

Both serum and ampoules do pretty much the same job, but ampoules are basically supercharged serums with higher concentrations of active ingredients. It is recommended to spot apply them on the targeted areas of the skin that needs to be treated.

This glutathione ampoule from the Korean brand, Cathy Doll is paraben free. It helps in whitening and brightening of the skin. Available on Flipkart at a 36% discounted price of Rs. 765.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are usually made of light ingredients that are capable of dealing with the most delicate area of the skin. This under eye cream from Kolmar, the Korean brand, and Zydus Liva, is said to help in getting rid of dark circles. It also aims at reducing puffiness, wrinkles and brings instant brightening results. The eye cream moisturizes and nourishes the sensitive area around the eyes and promotes blood circulation. It is made of natural ingredients and is specifically formulated for the thinnest area on the face. It is now available on Flipkart for Rs. 540.


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The next step is to apply the right moisturizer to lock in all the beneficial ingredients that you have applied till now. It should prevent the ingredients from evaporating away and seals in the moisture content. This 100% vegan moisturizer form Plum is free from parabens, sulphates, and silicones. It contains organic extracts from green tea which provides antioxidants to decrease the signs of ageing. It also contains glycolic acid to even the skin texture and helps in skin renewal. This super light moisturizer gives a matte finish and is very safe to use. Check out this product on Amazon for Rs. 285.


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Sunscreen is huge in Korea and rightly, it should be! Finish off your extensive skin regimen with this important step. The right sunscreen should include SPF that protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, yet doesn’t block from absorbing the goodness from it. Mishha is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on the intricate details in the skincare routine. The aqua sun gel from Mishha features a double layer technology for fast absorption. It is formulated with glacier water and antioxidant-rich ingredients like green tea and chrysanthemum extract. This helps in anti-aging protection from free radical damage. Find this product on beauty barn.com for Rs. 950.

Bonus Tip: Use an Eye Mask while Sleeping

Skin regeneration is said to be most effective while you sleep. So, you need to get the right quality and duration of your beauty sleep (literally!). Be the most relaxed while you go to sleep and let the products do their job the most effective. We suggest you use this ice gel eye mask that blocks out light perfect for a sound sleep. It has an ice gel pack that needs to put in the fridge for one hour before use. It gives a cooling effect on the eyes and helps in relaxing those face muscles for the night. The super delicate and comfortable material gives no pressure on the eyes. An eye mask is great for travel and to wind down on hectic days.

Easy 6-Step Korean Routine for Indian Skin

Now, it is natural to feel overwhelmed at the thought of following this extensive skin care process. However, as discussed you can customize the routine as per your skin needs and omit steps that may not be needed for your skin. Ideally, all Indian skin types require certain basic types, whatsoever. We have put together those essential steps and created an easy 6-step routine that is suitable for all Indian skin types.

  • Oil cleanse We generally tend to use light make-up on a daily basis. A thorough oil clean up should do well-off with removing makeup, both light, and heavy applications. Use a good oil cleanser and apply to remove traces of cosmetic and other impurities including dirt.

  • Exfoliate Next, apply a delicate scrub or exfoliator to remove the excess oil and impurities. Delicate exfoliators fit for daily use is now available in the market. The gentle and moist scrub from somebymi, a Korean brand, is ideal for daily use. It contains 72% natural grain extracts and is suitable for all skin types. It tightens pores and prevents breakouts and is very gentle on the skin. Check out this [Somebymi-Cereal Pore Foamcrub](https://beautybarn.in/product/somebymi-cereal-pore-foamcrub-100ml/) on beautybarn.in for Rs.1,250.

  • Use a toner After application of the exfoliator, follow with a toner to help tighten the pores and balancing the skin’s Ph. There are plenty of toners available in the market. Choose one that fits your skin type.

  • Use a Serum Serums are essential to address specific issues of the skin. Know your skin’s needs and customize your routine with a suitable product.

  • Eye cream The area around the eyes are the most delicate and dehydrating part of the skin. It is essential to apply a good eye cream at this stage.

  • Moisturize A good moisturizer should lock in hydration and the goodness of all the products applied till now.

Check out all recommended products from above to follow this simple and easy 6 step process. So, there you go, skin care routine explained to you both ways- the extensive and the simple. Guess there is no reason why you shouldn’t be following one now!

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Remember, everyone’s skin type is different, and a facial wash that works for you, for example, might not work on others. It’ll take some trial and error to find the “one” for your face. The initial process might seem tedious but it’ll all be worth it as you eventually get the hang of your skincare routine. There’re no set rules to skincare (#mindblown). *Always* tailor a routine to suit your lifestyle and approach what we’re going to share as recommended steps. You don't have to incorporate all of them but layering on the products definitely does help so your face gets the cleanse or nutrients it needs in effective successions.