How Can You Keep Your Diamond Looking at It's Very Best(2021)? Here are Some Tips on Keeping Your Diamond Earrings Sparkling.

How Can You Keep Your Diamond Looking at It's Very Best(2021)? Here are Some Tips on Keeping Your Diamond Earrings Sparkling.

Diamonds are natural magnets for grease, so they’re not easy to keep clean. And while you can always take it to a jeweller for professional cleaning, it's nice to know how to clean your diamond earrings yourself, too. Regular at-home cleaning will keep your earrings shiny and in the best possible shape between the professional cleanings. Here are some tips on how to maintain your ring's optimal shine with easy at-home cleaning.

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Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

Diamond jewelry is among the most valued objects in the lives of many people. For this reason, they make sure that these are well taken care of. So, in order to make sure that you do this best, you should remember a few tips. So, firstly, you should use these just a few times and use only the softest cloth to clean them.

You should also not use harsh cleaning materials and use ultrasonic cleaners with caution so as to not get them damaged. Additionally, you should get them checked occasionally for any scratches or something and also remember to keep them separately, wrapped inside soft cloths.

Other than all that, you should not wear diamond jewelry while washing dishes or something and should also keep it away from sunlight. Lastly, you are suggested to hold diamond rings and all from the band and reduce contact with the skin as much as possible.

Some Ways to Clean Your Diamond Earrings

Use Soap and Water for Minor Stains

So, the most basic method to clean your diamond earrings is by using soap and water. For this, you are to first add some warm water into a shallow add small bowl. Not to warm up the water too much that it damages the earrings. Now, put the earrings in this bowl and place it on a flat surface to prevent spillages.

Next, add a couple of drops of plain and unscented soap or washing liquid. This should not have any dyes or fragrances that might damage the diamonds. Afterward, mix the solution slowly and leave the diamond to sit for about thirty minutes. When the time's up, take out the earrings and rinse under cool water before patting them dry with a clean soft cloth and using a children's brush to remove any residue.

Club Soda Can Also Prove to Be a Good Cleaner

Club soda is safe for nearly all of the gemstones, including rubies and sapphires, making it one of the best cleaning materials available. So, for this particular method, first, fill a glass with some club soda. Now, pour in the earrings and let them sit for at least four to five hours, overnight is preferred.

After this, take them out of the cup and rinse with cool water. Once done, dry them with a soft cloth before removing any of the leftover dirt and stains with cloth fibers. You can also carefully use a toothpick or even tweezers for this.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Another Great Option

Don't know what hydrogen peroxide is? Well, if you have diamond earrings, you definitely should know. This is so because this is among the quickest and most reliable methods to clean diamond earrings. So, for this method, you are to start by getting a bottle of hydrogen peroxide like this one by The Minute Miracle.

This bottle contains 236 ml of the vegetarian liquid and is manufactured in the US. Once you have to, take some cotton pad and dip it into the solution before using the cotton to carefully clean the dirt and stains off of the diamond. Remember not to press too hard, or the diamonds will get damaged. You can alternatively fill a glass with this and dip earrings in it for just a few minutes before putting them into hot water.

Use Ammonia for Hardy Stains

You may also use ammonia to clean your diamond earrings. For this particular method, you are, to begin with, adding about a quarter cup of ammonia to about one cup of lukewarm water.

Other than that, you can also use a mild detergent for this purpose and use it in the same proportion. So, once you have added both the ingredients, mix them well, and simply soak the earrings in the solution for about twenty to thirty minutes. Once the time is up, take out the diamond and rinse them under cool water before cleaning them with a soft cloth.

Give Vodka a Try

You may not know but vodka is known to be not only a good but one of the best jewelry cleaners, especially in the case of diamonds. However, this will only work if your earrings include only diamonds and it may damage other stones.

So, for this particular method, you are to start by filling a shot glass with some vodka. Now, slowly, put your earrings into it and let them sit. After about a minute, or two for extreme stains, remove the earrings and rinse them under cool water. Make sure that the water is cool, neither warm nor cold. Lastly, dry them by patting them with a lint-free cloth.

You May Even Use Denture Tablets

You can also use denture tablets in order to restore the shine of your diamond earrings. This is a short and precise method and only requires you to drop a single tablet into one glass of water and let the tablet dissolve before placing your diamond jewelry inside.

Next, let them sit in there for a couple of minutes and remove it then. Lastly, rinse them with cool water and clean them dry with a soft and clean piece of cloth.

Jewelry Cleaning Items That You May Give a Try

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Digital Timer for Eyeglasses, Rings, Coins (MGUC500)

In case you do not want to go to the trouble of buying the required products for the above methods and following the steps, you can simply use this Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Digital Timer for Eyeglasses, Rings, Coins (MGUC500). Using this particular item, you will simply have to pour some water into the tank and set the timer and the device will do the rest.

You may also start and stop the machine manually and even add some soap or dishwasher for better cleaning. Just remember not to add any chemical substance or something else that may damage the machine or the item that you are trying to clean. You can get it from Amazon for Rs. 9,903.

Simple Shine. Stick | Compact Diamond Cleaning Brush and Jewelry Cleaner Solution All-in-One

In case you found the above method to be too expensive, you can also use this product. It is extremely small and lightweight, making it perfect as a portable device, and, therefore, for your travelling and is also a great as well as a unique gift for an engagement, or even birthday.

In addition to all that, this product is free of toxins and contains no chemicals. It is also biodegradable and contains no ammonia. Furthermore, it is of exceptional quality and is imported from the US. This product is available to be bought from Desert Cart for only Rs. 2,379.

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