No Matter How Much Fashion Keeps Changing, Skirts Will Always Be In: Your Complete Guide to Wearing Formal Skirts to the Office in 2020

No Matter How Much Fashion Keeps Changing, Skirts Will Always Be In: Your Complete Guide to Wearing Formal Skirts to the Office in 2020

Apart from tips about formal wear (especially skirts), we have curated a list of gorgeous formal skirts you can choose from to add to your workwear collection. Find out the different types of skirts there are and take your pick!

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Choosing to Wear Skirts to Office

Every working woman will agree, that dressing up for workplace is not a child’s play. In fact, it is nothing less than a real challenge because we always want to look our best at office, balancing both the professional and fashionable sides. Fashion trends keep changing every now and then. Something new is always on the block and this makes the power-dressing challenge worse.

If you are looking for an outfit which will ensure an unbeatable professional look without hampering your chance to sport your casual side, then it has to be the skirt. With different silhouettes, beautiful colours and variable lengths, a skirt is a powerful weapon to nail your office look. But before you start to flaunt the skirt look at your office, it is important to understand the basics of skirts. We are here to help you with this so that you never fail to impress your colleagues with your impeccable dress sense.

Top 3 Types of Formal Skirts

If we talk about the different types of skirts, then it may take a really long time to describe all of them. So, here we have decided to discuss about just 3 types of skirts that one can wear to office without disturbing the dress codes for the corporate people.

1. A-line Skirts

An A-line skirt is characterized by a fitted waistline and a wider hemline that gradually flares out right after the hip. The skirt derives its name from its overall shape which resembles somewhat the capital letter ‘A’. A-line skirts are mostly of knee-length, which makes it so appropriate for most of the formal occasions. This style is an ideal choice for women with a pear-shaped body type as it accentuates the waist and doesn’t hug the hips. Such skirts don’t come with any visible embellishments like slits or pleat. The fastening of the skirt is kept simple and discreet, either with a back zipper or a side zipper. Some styles flaunt hidden pockets on the sides. Although there are too many styles of skirts available in the market to wear in office, but A-line look is treated as a fashion classic irrespective of new trends.

2. Pleated Skirts

Another classic skirt style that never really goes out of fashion is the pleated type. Most of the women are aware of this style as traditional school uniforms and pleated skirts are inseparable. The pleated skirt has become the new fashion rage in recent times and ladies are flaunting them everywhere as the skirts come in all sorts of hues and lengths. This skirt comes with a fitted waistband and just below the band come up the pleats. Unlike school uniform, the skirts are now crafted from soft and flowy fabrics and they feature slender pleats. Knee-length and midi pleated skirts are just perfect for your office. They look best when you pair them up with a fitted shirt tucked into the waistband. Pleated skirts complement all body shapes and types. So, you don’t have to worry about wearing a pleated skirt to office because you know you are going to look fabulous.

3. Pencil Skirts

Among all the skirt types, pencil skirt or tube skirt is the most favourite office-wear to flaunt a powerful look. As the name suggests, this skirt hugs the waist till the hip tightly giving a somewhat slender appearance. Pencil skirts are really figure flattering but when worn with wrong body type, it can also be a disaster. Pencil skirts made from suiting fabric is the most appropriate for formal dressing. They look amazing with a checked pattern. You can wear these skirts with both fitted and loose tops tucked inside the waistband. Women with a pear-shaped body should avoid wearing these skirts. If you are blessed with narrow and somewhat slim stature, a pencil skirt is going to accentuate your body type while ensuring a perfect professional look.

Top 10 Formal Skirts to Buy Online for Your Workwear Wardrobe!

Formal skirt is one of the best ways to showcase the world who you are inside. So, you have to be little thoughtful while shopping for them. If you are ready to buy skirts in tune with the latest trends, then it is best to churn them out from online shopping platforms. We are presenting you here with 10 such amazing skirt ideas that you can go for or you can even draw inspiration from to spice up your boring work-wear clothes.

1. Fablestreet Classic Pencil Skirt - White

If you want to break the myth of boring and unflattering workwear, then Fablestreet is here to cater to your dreams. This sleek and classic pencil skirt from Fablestreet is a wardrobe essential for every working woman. Made of pure cotton, this skirt never forces you to compromise the comfort as your skin can breathe through it. This solid pencil skirt gives a regular fit and can be worn with a fitted shirt or even a loose top. You can choose among the four basic colours – white, blue, grey and maroon. You can bring home this beautiful skirt by ordering it via Nykaa Fashion for only Rs.1,866.

2. Snow Pinnacle Women Chiffon Skirt Summer Thin Solid Pleated Skirts Womens Saias Midi Faldas Vintage Women Midi Skirt

You can never commit a fashion faux pas when you choose to flaunt the SNOW PINNACLE Women Chiffon Skirt at your workplace. This A-line skirt comes with a natural waistline and its hemline goes down till your knee. This sober and solid skirt is available in white, black and wine hue. Crafted from high-quality chiffon, this beautiful skirt offers supreme comfort all through the day. You don’t have to iron its pleats as they never catch wrinkles easily. This skirt looks great with solid tops as well as with printed blouse. You can spot this Snow Pinnacle Women Chiffon Skirt at at a discounted price of Rs.1,056.

3. Belted Maxi Skirt - Stripes

When you wish to rock the office scene by wearing something girly yet simple, you can bet on this belted maxi skirt from Faballey. Maxi skirts are very much in trend and you can flaunt this striped skirt at workplace without going jazzy. The skirt is made of pure cotton which means it ensures all-day comfort. It features a belt detail at the waistline along with button closure at the front. Length of this maxi skirt is nearly 40 inches and you can pair it with heels seamlessly. Any plain solid blouse will look fabulous with this skirt and don’t forget to tuck your blouse in for that corporate look. You can own this skirt for just Rs.720 at Faballey’s website.

4. RUNWAYIN Women Grey Checked Layered Formal A-Line Skirt

A-line skirts are probably the safest way to dress for your office but you can even give it a twist with this splendid RUNWAYIN Women Grey Checked Layered Formal A-Line Skirt. This polyester-viscose blend skirt is fitted with a button panel detail at the front that runs till your thigh. This knee-length and regular fitted piece comes with a layer in the side. The woven texture of this piece gives a boost to your corporate dressing sense. This gorgeous formal skirt is available at price of Rs.1,942 at Myntra.

5. Van Heusen Grey Skirt

No one understands the game of power-dressing for women better than Van Heusen. This brand is known for their clean cuts and crisp outlines. To cast a spell of your amazing yet subdue corporate style, you must make room for this Van Heusen Grey Skirt for women. Featuring a solid pattern and crafted from highly durable blend of viscose, polyester and spandex, this skirt ensures utter comfort all through those long office hours. This knee-length skirt gives you the freedom to wear it with a shirt or top of any colour as grey compliments any hue. You can spot this formal skirt at Van Heusen’s official website with a price tag of Rs.784.

6. Project Eve WW Work Striped Mid-Rise Pencil Skirt


When you can’t decide what to wear for those board meetings or presentations before the clients, it is best to opt for that classic yet powerful look with this Project Eve WW Work Striped Mid-Rise Pencil Skirt. This black striped regular fitted skirt seems very muted but never fails to represent your flawless dressing sense. This formal skirt is made of high-quality polyester which means there is no maintenance cost coupled with it. This knee-length skirt is just perfect to pair with any solid shirt or blouse. You can order this skirt from Ajio for just Rs.473.

7. Women Solid A-line Pink Skirt

If you are not ready to give up on your girly side when it comes to office attires, here is this Women Solid A-line Pink Skirt from Flipkart. The earthy pink hue of this A-line, ankle-length skirt is crafted from denim fabric. Button detailing at the front looks cute but never too flashy. Wear this skirt with printed or solid top along with a pair of block heels and get ready to hear appreciation from your colleagues. This skirt is priced at Rs.1,099.

8. Women Burgundy Solid Knee Length A-Line Skirt

If you consider yourself as someone who can’t afford different outfits to match different occasions, there is nothing to worry because Myntra has got you covered as always. This time they are offering this beautiful Women Solid Knee Length A-Line Skirt which serves your purpose of professional dressing. Made of 100% cotton material, this opaque and front slit A-line skirt flaunts a partially elasticated waistband. Button and zip closure along with two pockets make it a perfect all-day wear. This skirt comes with an unbelievable price tag of just Rs.629.

9. High Waist Button Front Belted Paperbag Skirt


Want to flaunt your best casual wear to your office? Then here is this High Waist Button Front Belted Paperbag Skirt for you. Paperbag style looks beautiful when you pair them with any muted shirt or blouse. This polyester midi skirt features side pockets for added comfort. You can place your order for this A-line skirt at Wear Style website and you have to make a payment of Rs.1,689 against the order.

10. Only Grey Mid Rise Pencil Skirt


Only Grey Mid Rise Pencil Skirt is designed to impress. Made of polyester fabric, this skirt is stretchable and it accentuates your waistline perfectly. The Grey colour of the skirt can be combined with any bright top. This piece is available at only Website at Rs.400.

3 Things to Remember When Wearing Skirts to Office

Skirts look really great at workplace if you remember few simple hacks. Here are the top three skirt tips that can make your power-dressing even better.

1. Dress for Office According to Body Type

Before choosing the type of skirt, you must know which body type you are. If your silhouette is more or less like a pear, then choose pleated or A-line style. Slender stature looks great in fitted pencil skirts. It is best to try a number of styles to understand which one suits your personality and body shape nicely.

2. Keep Skirts Crisp, Clean and Free of Wrinkles

As many women prefer to wear skirts especially in corporate offices, it is very important for them to wear it right so that you can keep your style impeccable while improving your overall appearance. If you want to achieve a professional look, then you have to make sure that the skirt you are wearing to office must remain absolutely wrinkle-free. Ironing with proper technique is the best way to keep your skirt crisp as well as sharp. Your formal skirts should be completely spotless and there should be no trace of dust or stain on them.

3. Accessorise with Minimal, Formal Stuff

Even though it is completely fair to accessorise your outfit just the way you want, but always remember to keep it far away from exaggeration when you are dressing up for office. There is no harm in wearing a nice necklace, bangles, or rings with the skirt, but remember to keep it simple. Wear something that matches your outfit as well as the environment of your workplace.

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Put Your Comfort First

Office wear needs to be comfortable because you spend most of the day in those clothes. Make sure the fabrics are breathable and are not too tight and uncomfortable. Make comfort a priority and you will feel way more confident at those meetings or even just working at your desk for long hours. Besides work wear clothes, also take care that you wear comfortable footwear, else you may develop painful shoe bites. As long as you're comfortable, it is your day to seize!