Looking for a New Toy for the Technology-Obsessed Girl in Your Life?Choose from These 30 Hand-Picked Gadget Gifts for Girlfriend (2021)

Looking for a New Toy for the Technology-Obsessed Girl in Your Life?Choose from These 30 Hand-Picked Gadget Gifts for Girlfriend (2021)

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It is said that love grows stronger over time. In today's world of overburdened work routines and snappy relationships, it's a blessing if you have found your soulmate. Make their day extra special with these gadget gifts specially curated for your girlfriend!

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3 Things to Consider When Buying Tech Gadgets for Your Girl

The Budget

Well, the budget has a huge impact on the type of gift you will be giving. Meaning, if you have a huge budget, you will be able to give better and more expensive gifts like the Apple iPhone 13 or some other nice phone. Then, you can also consider cameras, watches, laptops, and PCs. However, if you cannot afford to spend too much, you can opt for the less expensive but classy and likable gifts like AirPods or a wireless charging stand. You may also consider a gorgeous speaker or an attractive smartwatch.

The Occasion

When you are planning to gift her, you are either doing it for an upcoming occasion or without any reason. This is extremely important, because, if you choose the wrong gift for a particular occasion, she may not like it so much. And it could deliver the wrong message that you do not care for her much. For instance, if it’s your love anniversary, you can get her a nice and romantic gift like a digital picture frame to play a video or slideshow of your memories with some love music in the background.

And when it’s her birthday or another event, you can choose a practical and useful gift. For instance, you may get her a reusable notebook, a makeup mirror, or a light therapy alarm clock. In case she likes reading, you can also get her an e-reader.

Her Needs

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You should also keep in mind to buy a gadget gift that she will be using. While you may get her to laugh by getting her a fun gift, gadgets can be expensive. So, if she’s not going to use that gadget, your efforts may go in vain, maybe not immediately. Later, you might be spending even more money buying a new and better gift. So, this time, you will need to buy an expensive one while making sure that your girlfriend likes it.

Or worse, she may start to think that you don't care enough to spend time finding a useful gadget for her. If she’s a fitness freak, you can get a bullet blender or a fitness tracker. Similarly, a camera, lens kit, or photo printer would be a great choice for the one who loves photography and travelling.

Gadget Gifts for Girlfriend to Simplify Her Life

1. Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

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She would love to see how much you care for her. This tech gift will help keep her smartphone charged and belongings safe. This FLiX UV Charger combines a sanitizer with a wireless charger. The sanitizer is equipped with three germicidal UV-C bulbs and is said to kill 99.99% of bacteria. In addition, the Qi-supported technology allows 10W charging. The plastic charger weighs just 440 grams and supports Qi-enabled smartphones. Order this amazing tech for your girl from Nykaa for Rs. 1,190.

2. Portable Power Bank

You don’t want her to go worried about her phone dying in the middle of the day. Get her this lightweight and slim power bank for staying charged up always. The compact size makes it easily carriable around in a bag or pocket. In addition, the 10000mAh capacity offers multiple charges while the 2.4A output supports fast charging. And don’t worry about the portable charger going bad as Belkin added temperature rise regulation, a durable plastic case, and a polymer battery. The Belkin 10000mAh Li-Polymer power bank is available on Belkin for Rs. 1,999 only.

3. Smart Reusable Notebook for Her Professional and Personal Notes

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For your working girlfriend, she might be taking notes of meetings and other things regularly. How much would you think she will love getting all those notes converted digital? Moreover, she won’t need to buy another notebook again. This reusable smart notebook features erasable sketch pads with each page reusable up to 500 times. And then, she can save those notes in OneNote or Google Drive. Get her the A5-sized, 50-page notebook with Pilot FriXion pen and sticker for Rs. 1,273 from Amazon.

4. Apple AirPods with Wired Charging Case

Does she own an iPhone? She would love to have a pair of AirPods if she doesn’t already own one. Featuring automatic on and connection, one can easily set up the AirPods for a high-quality and rich audio experience. The pair also features buttons to play or skip forward while the H1 headphone chip ensures a faster wireless connection. Plus, you also get a case that you can use to charge the earphones through the lightning connector. Desert Cart brings you an imported from UK item for Rs. 31,489.

5. A Pair of Truly Wireless Earbuds

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What? She doesn’t use an iPhone? But you still want something more convenient like those AirPods? Get her a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Out of numerous options available, Pebble In-ear Earbuds from Cross beats are an amazing pair. You can get a pair in charcoal black featuring Bluetooth 5.0, 20-hour playtime, 3D sound, water resistance, and noise isolation. The lightweight pair that runs on lithium-ion batteries is available on Amazon for Rs. 3,599.

6. Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless Headphone

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This would be a perfect gadget gift for your music-lover girlfriend. Sennheiser’s PXC 550-II wireless over-the-ear headphones will let her enjoy her favourite music while travelling from home to work and back or through any other trip. With a 30-hour battery backup, it also features active noise cancellation for superior sound quality and touch control for volume, play/pause, and accept calls. With many more features, you can get this one for her from Amazon for Rs. 17,990.

Décor Gadget Gifts for the Decorator Girlfriend

7. A Gorgeous Bluetooth Speaker

You might be confused about how a speaker can be used for décor. Look at the Boat Stone 260 and you will get a good idea. Today, speakers come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colours (patterns). So, if your girlfriend likes styling her place, get her the Stone 260 in grey, cornsilk, red, lime green, steel blue, black, or red. In addition, it features water resistance, extra bass, a 10000mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1, and integrated controls. Order the lightweight, eye-catching Stone 260 from Boat’s Official Website for Rs. 999.

8. Self-watering Smart Garden 3

Does she love nature’s green cover? Gift her this smart garden and she will love you for fresh vegetables and herbs at her home without making any effort. It comes with a durable LED light, automatic watering, required oxygen and nutrients in the roots, and an app to manage this indoor garden from a smartphone. It’s a small plant pod that will rest peacefully inside her home and remind her of you every time she breathes in the fresh air. Get this garden in a pod with a choice of over 25 pre-seeded plants from Grow Smart Greens’ Website for Rs. 9,375.

9. WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Photo frames have long been a part of the interior decoration at homes. But that doesn’t sound like a tech gadget unless you get the smart touch-screen picture frame from Kodak. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, packs HD display, features calendar, location, and weather updates, and supports videos/music. Don’t let her miss any of your memories together with its inbuilt 4000mAh battery powering the 10-inch display. Order one now from U Buy to get a Wi-fi digital frame imported from the US that looks impressive as well by paying Rs. 14,458.

10. Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser to Keep Her Fresh

Aroma is another essential aspect of a beautiful home. Make her feel loved by gifting her this tech gadget that makes her house place smell like heaven. The best part is, she can control the diffuser’s light, colour, mist, and functioning from her smartphone. Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa also allows easy use through voice commands. Moreover, the ultra-quiet mode is a perfect companion for a good sleep. Get this aromatic gadget gift for your girlfriend from U Buy for Rs. 3,474 only.

Best Gadget Gifts for the Fashion Lover

11. An Attractive Hybrid Smartwatch

Smartwatches are a thing people love to wear to stay connected always. But many girls don’t want to carry that techie statement on their wrists. If this sounds like your girl, get her a hybrid smartwatch. The Steel Mesh Smartwatch from Fossil looks amazingly fashionable with its rose gold strap and the traditional dial. Under the hood, it packs smart functions like alerts for apps, emails, social media, and more along with an alarm, music control and heart rate tracking. The Lifestyle Store is selling this beautiful timepiece for Rs. 14,021.

12. Smart Makeup Mirror to Admire Her Beauty

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Of course, she loves getting compliments from you. But you should know that she loves to admire her beauty in the mirror at home before stepping out. That’s where you can get her a tech upgrade with the smart makeup mirror. The Azacus LED Touchscreen Mirror is portable with an adjustable tilt head. It means she can use it in her room even in the dim light or carry it anywhere in the home. What makes it smarter is the inbuilt fan to keep her cool and a 5x magnified suction cup. Get her this USB-powered smart mirror from Amazon for Rs. 859.

13. Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

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And when we are talking about her beauty and fashion, how can we miss her skin? She wants the skin on her face to be clean and glowing always. That’s what you will also love to see. There’s a gadget for that too. The 4Beauty Light Therapy LED Face Mask will give her whiter and more translucent skin by promoting collagen growth. It also enhances elasticity, smoothness, skin brightness, firmness, and pore tightness. In short, you are not gifting her another gadget but confident, clear, and healthy skin by buying this face mask from Amazon for Rs. 3,150.

Best Tech Gifts for the Health Freak Girlfriend

14. Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds

When a hard day disturbs the mind, falling asleep can become difficult. In such a case, soothing sounds can make you sleep peacefully. Noise masking sleepbuds from Bose let you gift rejuvenating bedtimes to your girlfriend. The earbuds cut out all the annoying noises and will lull her to sleep with calming music. These wireless earbuds can last for 10 hours on a single charge while the brushed aluminium charging case lets you charge them thrice. So, what are you waiting for? Available at Rs. 22,900 on Flipkart, these earbuds are a perfect gift for her relaxation and growth.

15. Bullet Blender for Her Health Shake Needs

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If she loves to stay healthy, she loves to eat and drink healthy as well. And all such health freaks love drinking shakes for all those nutrients and energy. But have you ever wondered making those shakes can be cumbersome for her at times? This high-speed blender and smoothie maker will save her a lot of time and stress every morning. It includes a 900W motor base, a tall cup, 2 short cups, 2 lids, a flat blade, a lip ring, an emulsifying blade, and a recipe book. And all this is available for Rs. 8,589 on Amazon.

16. Self Cleaning Water Bottle

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Water is an essential part of a health freak’s routine but how often do you think all of them wash their bottles? Let your girl stay free of this stress with this self-cleaning water bottle from BioFi. This smart bottle offers 99.99% microbial reduction with chemical-free sterilization and lasts for one week on a single charge. It also features a waterproof bottle cap, zero odour, and 2-3 minutes of UV-C exposure that allows 40 sterilization cycles on a single charge. Buy her this must-have gadget for healthy drinking from Amazon for Rs. 1,999.

17. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Her Beauty and Health

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Isn’t this a gadget that should have been in the section for a fashion-love girlfriend? Well, it’s more of a health-improving one. Even if your girl isn’t that fashion freak, she might have a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace. Make sure she wears clean, healthy jewellery every time with this JewelKleen digital ultrasonic cleaner. Available for Rs. 3,150 on Amazon, it has a 600ml stainless steel tank, works in 5 cycles with an ultrasonic frequency of 42,000 Hz.

18. Foam Roller Set for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

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Does she work out or do yoga at home to maintain her beautiful body? This foam roller set from Tormeti brings a set of accessories for comfortable deep tissue massage, stretching, and muscle improvement. With the thickest liner, the yoga wheel allows comfortable stretching with buffer for limbs, shoulders, and back. It also features an anti-slip surface, durability, and strength for relief from stiffness and back pain. Gift her a gadget that will improve the level of her yoga and workout by buying this foam roller set from Amazon for Rs. 1,399.

19. BeFit Smart Fitness Tracker

Fitness freaks love these gadgets. If she doesn’t have one, it’s going to be a perfect gadget gift for your girlfriend. The fitness tracker will help her lead a fitter life by monitoring sleep, SpO2, heart rate, and temperature. It will also let her stay connected on the go with alerts for emails, calls, SMS, and social messages. Water resistance, fitness buddies, ranks and badges, and family health tracking are other features that make it a worth buy. Moreover, priced at Rs. 1,999 on Flipkart, the tracker is wonderful gift for her.

20. A Light Therapy Alarm Clock for Gifting Beautiful Mornings

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A day that starts well, goes well but blaring alarms and hindering lights can make it worse. This Wake-Up Light alarm clock provides a coloured sunrise simulation to make the mind and body wake up naturally. In addition to light, it also creates natural sounds for better impact. She can choose from 6 natural sounds, 6 colours, and 10 warmth levels. It also packs a snooze feature and FM radio, available at Rs. 3,034 on Amazon.

Best Gadget Gifts to Help Her Live a Better Life

21. Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

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If she’s a workaholic, coffee is likely to be her best friend. For such people, the worst experience is their drink being extra cool or hot when taking a sip. If she likes her drinks at a perfect temperature, this Ember temperature-controlled smart mug is the perfect gadget gift for her. With a long-lasting battery (1.5 hours per charge), a smartphone app for easy control, and auto sleep, this will be her favourite coffee mug for sure. Offering a capacity of 10oz, the mug is available at Amazon for Rs. 18,136.

22. Faux Leather Touchscreen Gloves to Keep Her Warm Always

With the onset of winters, almost everyone will have to make the most difficult choice. You can either keep your hands warm inside gloves or use the smartphone. But this pair of faux leather touchscreen gloves lets you do both. This pair of touchscreen gloves come with high-quality PU faux leather with a soft fleece lining. And your girlfriend will love its rivet cuff style that makes it appear better than the basic gloves. Get LETHMIK faux leather gloves for her from U Buy for Rs. 1,290.

23. Video Doorbell - Godrej Security Solutions Solus

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Wouldn’t you love knowing someone out there cares for you to be safe and secure always? That’s how you can make her feel, secure and protected, even when alone at home with this video doorbell security solution from Godrej. The Solus 4.3 contains an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, a mounting accessory, and three connectors. It also packs a 4.3-inch colour monitor and intercom with 2-way audio communication. The white-coloured, plastic video door phone comes with a powder-coated finish for Rs. 6,440 on Amazon.

24. Mi Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Her Beautiful Smile

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You brush your teeth regularly. And on many mornings, even picking up and using the toothbrush feels like a lot. But an electric toothbrush reduces your efforts while giving you a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Mi’s rechargeable electric toothbrush has soft bristles, cleans effectively with up to 18000 vibrations per minute, and is waterproof. The dual-mode allows using the desired pace and style of brushing and the battery can last for up to 30 days. Get her this beautiful gadget for mornings for Rs. 549 from Amazon.

25. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle to Keep Her Hydrated

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Water intake is essential for a healthy lifestyle. And when we get busy with daily chores and work engagements, we tend to forget to keep ourselves hydrated. And your love partner might be forgetting that too. But you can remind her to drink and stay hydrated, healthy with this smart water bottle. It tracks the water intake using a sensor, syncs the data with a mobile app, and glows when it’s time to drink. Gift her this BPA-free, long-lasting, 20oz bottle in her favourite colour from Amazon, starting at Rs. 9,997.

26. Electric Pressure Cooker for Her Low-effort Cooking Routines

Like water, food intake is also important to stay healthy and full throughout the day. Then again, not everyone knows how to cook tasty, nutritious food. This Nutri-pot electric rice cooker makes things easier with a 6L capacity and 18 preset functions. Select a dish, put in the ingredients, and let the preset function cook it for you. Designed for Indian-style foods, your girlfriend will love using this pressure cooker for one-touch cooking. Moreover, you also get Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe book when buying from Flipkart for Rs. 6,899.

27. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen 8 GB Wi-Fi E-Reader (Black)

This Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift for your girlfriend if she is passionate about reading and imagination. This pad is lightweight, has a thin frame with a sleek, and fashionable design for her to comfortably hold it in her hands. In addition to all that, this Kindle paperwhite has clear and high-quality graphics, laser-quality text, 300 PPI, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, glare-free Paperwhite display, and a double-storage power battery. Get this water-proof tab with 8GB storage and the ability to switch from reading to audible mode from Tata Cliq for Rs. 10,799.

Best Tech Gifts for the Photographer Girlfriend

28. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4x6” Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4x6” Instant Photo Printer is a great choice to give as a present. It lets you print premium-quality photos easily through your phone using a 5-pin micro-USB cable or a USB host for other devices. With D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology, it can print high-quality, close-to-real pictures. It also doubles as a power bank while the companion app provides filters, stickers, layouts, card templates, and other features. You can buy this gadget from Desert Cart for only Rs. 22,729.

29. Nikon D7500 20.9 MP DSLR Camera with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140 mm F/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens

If she loves to click, she will love this gadget in her inventory. It has a 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and group area AF joined with up to 8 fps constant shooting capacity and 4K Ultra HD. The built-in pop-up flash and included EN-EL15a rechargeable Li-ion battery make it work perfectly in low-light with a capacity of around 950 shots per charge. It also features BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Wi-Fi for linking the camera with a smart device. You can buy this amazing gadget from Reliance Digital for Rs. 80,990.

30. A Camera Lens Kit for Her Smartphone

Not every girl who loves to click owns a DSLR. But you can fulfil her desire for professional-like photography with a lens kit for a smartphone. Adcom’s 5-in-1 lens kit is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The kit comprises a CPL lens, a 2x telephoto lens, a 15x macro lens, a 0.83X wide-angle lens, and a 198-degree fisheye lens. You can use the lens for the front or rear camera. Get her this photography accessory from Adcom for Rs. 1,490 and get warranty coverage against manufacturing defects for 1 year.

Bonus Tip

Know What She Already Owns and Needs Next

Imagine you loved the ideas and planned to gift her a pair of Apple’s AirPods. But it will be heartbreaking to know she doesn’t own an iPhone. Now, you will either buy her the iPhone or get her another gift. Another bad experience can be buying her a gadget that she already owns or owns a higher version. So, it’s always good to start with knowing what all she owns and things she needs or is willing to buy. This way, you will have a better idea of what could be the best gadget gift for your girlfriend.

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Whether you choose an expensive gadget gift, or the one lower down the price spectrum always remember that more than the gift, its the gesture that matters! So, go ahead and choose the perfect gift for your special girl. We wish both of you happy years together!