Are You Planning to Surprise Someone on Their 50th Birthday? Give Her Something to Smile About This Birthday with One of These Uniquely Curated  Gift Ideas for Women Turning 50.

Are You Planning to Surprise Someone on Their 50th Birthday? Give Her Something to Smile About This Birthday with One of These Uniquely Curated Gift Ideas for Women Turning 50.

Reaching half-century, along with so much experience about life deserves a great gift. If you are looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for the women in your life and want to make sure that they like it, then you must check this collection of top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Women Turning 50.

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Turning Fifty is an Important Event

If you have a lady friend or a family member turning 50, it's a milestone birthday that needs celebrating. With gift or thoughtful gestures, we can try to make the day one she remember for a long time. However, most of us are bewildered when selecting the ideal gift for the fiftieth birthday of someone close to us.

Rarely do we remember that even small gifts to the recipient can be helpful. Still, we try to buy expensive gifts that are outside our budget. Not only that, online stores today are overwhelmed with options that make the decision even more difficult! Considering different factors, like her preferences, our budget, etc., before making the buying decision can guide you towards the best option for her. This article discusses some everyday gift items for women on their fiftieth birthday.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Gift

Understand the Choice


When you are selecting a gift, it always helps if you know the recipient's preferences. It will help you concentrate your research. You can also have a closer look at their hobbies. It will help you understand their behaviours and preferences too. You can also talk to the person and know more about their likes and dislikes. It helps if you are too close to the person that will help you have a clear idea about the gifts you can choose.

Have a Fixed Budget


Many of us tend to go overboard when selecting a gift. But, before you look for ideas online, you must fix a budget in mind. It will help you have a clear set of options before you. It can help in making the selection process better. Apart from pinching a hole in your budget, a fixed budget can help in fine-tuning your search results too. The time taken for doing an online search reduces, and you can effectively plan the activities.

Provide a New Experience

When searching for a gift, you can drop the idea of searching for a premium gift. A gift that is of use can help the recipient too, and ensure that she remembers you for a long time. A gift of everyday use can be of immense help to the recipient. Always ensure that the gift itself becomes an excellent experience for the recipient. However, you need not go overboard with the gift. But carefully selected gifts can also work wonders. You can top it off with elegant packaging.

It Must Be Useful

Many of us hand out gift vouchers as it is more convenient for us. However, it could be difficult for the recipient to search for objects online. They may not be willing to make a purchase but are compelled in doing so. However, a practical gift will help the recipient in their daily activities, and they will remember you when using it. Try to think about their occupation and finalise the present.

Thoroughly Search Over the Internet

You must be thoughtful when searching for the gift. Have ample information in mind about the preferences of the recipient. It will help you create a list of possible items you can buy. You can then use the internet to understand the options available. Also, remember the budget you have in mind. It becomes easier to shortlist a few items you can buy for her fiftieth birthday.

Best Gift Ideas for Women Turning 50

Personalized Moon Lamp

If you plan to gift a woman on her fiftieth birthday, this moon lamp can help light up her life. A unique crystal moonlight is a great gift option for you. It is a 3D printed light that can illuminate a dark room too. The uniqueness of this gift is that you can personalise it with an elegant photo of the woman.

The room can be lit with this incredible lamp, and it can be charged with the wire provided. A sensor can help to dim or increase illumination. It can also be used to turn the lamp on or off. It turns red while charging. The text and pictures are printed on opposite sides. The light is available in off-white, white, or yellow.

The lamp is available in various sizes. It is available at Rs. 1,800 on the website.

Vintage Coffee Grinder

We all love coffee, especially if we can grind the beans ourselves. While you must have the proper apparatus to grind it, the nostalgia of a vintage grinder always lingers. It also makes a beautiful gift to a woman on her fiftieth birthday. It is easy to operate and can help the woman treat her family to a sumptuous breakfast with strong coffee.

The coffee grinder has a vintage design and has a stainless-steel mechanism with a food-grade plastic grinder. The blades are sharp enough to grind the coffee properly. All that needs to be done is place the coffee beans, add the coffee beans and grind them. The vintage design provides added charm to the kitchen.

It measures 21 cm X 9.5 cm X 9 cm. The coffee grinder is priced at Rs. 1,199 on the website.

Oriana Teal Entertainment Set

You can also think about gifting the choices crockery. It can help the recipient quickly bring out some quirky cups when a visitor arrives at their house. The crockery must be exquisitely designed and make a fancy present. However, you must choose the gift from a renowned vendor as it is brittle.

You can buy this kitchenware from the a website. It consists of dip bowls, mugs, and a platter. This gift can be used to welcome guests into the house. This beautifully designed crockery set can take the tea party a notch above. There is a glossy finish, and the items are of adequate size too. The mugs have a volume of 250ml, and the dip bowl measures 8 cms X 8 cms X 3.5 cms.

The package contains two dip bowls, six mugs and a patter. It is available at Rs. 4,799 on the website.

Ferns 'N' Petals Money Plant


The money plant pot can bring luck to the person who receives it. It can be an ideal present for any middle-aged person, and more for someone aged above fifty. It is aesthetically pleasing and can improve the grandeur of the sitting room. You can even place it anywhere in the house as it purifies the air too.

It can grow quickly and is ideal for adhering to Vastu concepts in the house. If the plant is placed at specific positions in the rooms, it can help the recipient’s fortunes rise. However, it must not be placed in the north, east, or northeast corners. It will be a great present if you choose a rajwada printed pot that can be placed inside and outside the house.

The colourful rajwada printed pot is available at Rs. 799 on the Ferns & Petals website.

Electric Handheld Full Body Massager


A highly powered electric body massager can be the ideal massaging option for middle-aged people. You can consider this when gifting a woman reaching fifty years of age. It can provide pain relief and helps to strengthen the thighs, buttocks, hips, chest, and stomach. These massagers are durable and made from premium plastic materials.

The Manipol massager has four massage heads to generate various massage effects in different settings. It can stimulate the acupressure points with full effectiveness. The recipient will thank you for providing a wonderful that will eliminate any body pain. It can also help reduce body fat and relieve the body from tension. It relaxes and soothes the muscles. There are different speed settings to provide an efficient massaging effect.

It is priced at Rs. 1,099 on Amazon.

Classic Tea Maker


Everyone in the country love tea, and more so women. It is a beverage that is offered to visitors too. Many of us have it several times during the day to stave off stress. Green tea also has several medicinal uses. A tea maker can be the perfect present for women of all ages. It will lessen their effort in preparing this wonderful beverage. Most of them are durable and made from stainless steel.

Several options are available online, but it is safer to buy from a renowned brand. The products from Morphy Richards can be durable and elegant too. You can get hold of a 1.5-litre tea maker made of stainless steel. It has a filter basket, and the stainless-steel body makes it last longer. It comes with an instruction manual that helps first-time users get acquainted with the product faster.

It comes with a two-year warranty. It is available at Rs. 1,678 on Amazon.

Chocolate Getaway


Several women love chocolates, and hopefully, the women who are turning fifty will be loving them too. The beautiful items can be had at any time of the day, are incredibly healthy, and enrich the soul. It can also fulfil your appetite and has several health benefits too. It can rekindle romance among couples and help in getting an exotic getaway.

A chocolate bouquet can be an excellent present for a woman to welcome her fifties. You can get hold of this chocolatey love with several different brands and tastes. This bouquet has 13 pieces of Dairy Milk (12.5 gms each), 6 pieces of nestle KitKat (27.5 gms each), and 13 Five Star chocolates 925 gms each). All of them are elegantly placed to form a bouquet that the recipient will love. It is also decorated with blue paper and red ribbons.

It is priced at Rs. 1,549 on the Ferns n Petals website.

Samsonite Luggage

Women sometimes prefer to travel alone, and it is helpful if they fly light. They search for lightweight luggage bags and provide Samsonite luggage to prevent the hassles of flying alone. The Samsonite brand is known for its stylish, sturdy, and light luggage options. It is ideal for trendy women who can move around the country with elan.

Samsonite 72H DLX is among the lightest suitcases from their brand. The DLX has seen several upgrades in the luggage product but remains as durable and lightweight as ever. There is rolling double wheels that make moving around with the suitcase easier. It is expandable and has a combination lock. It measures 71 cm X 45 cm X 30 cm. It has a volume of 82 litres.

It is priced at Rs. 14,950 on the Samsonite website.

Hilarious Mug

A funny mug can be a great option as a present on the fiftieth birthday of a person. Chirpy quotes in the morning can make anyone’s livelier. The messages can be hard truths about the busy but mentioned in a lighter tone. It can also lighten up the recipient's mood whenever they have a cup of tea or coffee. It can also help the recipient be concerned about self-care.

This mug can help start their day with positive thoughts. It can take the beverage breaks into positive energy, ensuring they take care of their health. The cups are microwave-proof, and the print is of high quality too. The print won't fade even after several washes. It has a C-handle, is made of white ceramic, and has round corners.

It is priced at Rs. 499 on the Treasure Tales website.

Comfortable Wedge Pillow

Everyone prefers a relaxing time, and a comfortable pillow can improve rest. A wedge pillow can be the ideal option when sleeping or for any other activity. It can rest when seeing a movie at home or playing with the kids. The memory feature and foam quality are other critical features that can complement your rest habits. It can be used in any position and help the recipient take proper rest.

The White Willow is a renowned brand that specialises in pillows and related resting options. It encapsulates the brand essence and provides relief from stress and pain. It has a portfolio of different types of pillows. This wedge pillow is double-layered with high-resistance foam and cooling gel memory foam. It provides the ideal comfort for the user and can be chosen for the woman on her fiftieth birthday.

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