Choose From These 30 Best Cheese for Pizza and Replicate that Creamy, Chessy Pizza at Home!

Choose From These 30 Best Cheese for Pizza and Replicate that Creamy, Chessy Pizza at Home!

Skip ordering take-out and make this delicious homemade Cheese Pizza this weekend. Whether you want a simple pepperoni pie or a more complex caramelized onion and fig-topped recipe, having the best complementary cheese is the first step to making the perfect pizza. Without further ado, here is a guide to the best cheeses to use for pizza.

7 Types of Cheese for Your Pizzas

When it comes to pizza, what is the first thought that makes your mouth start watering? Is it not the thought of cheesy pizza slices getting separated with the cheese in between them getting stretched? Or is it not the thought of flavorful cheese bursting inside your mouth and taking you to a world of ecstasy? When the beginning and the ending of a pizza are incomplete without cheese, then why not delve more into the world of cheeses and explore them all? Here are 7 kinds of cheese that pair best with your pizza.

  • Mozzarella Cheese : If you are a cheese lover, it is very unlikely that you aren't in love with Mozzarella cheese. It is one of the most used cheeses on pizza owing to its flavour and stringy consistency. You can either opt for high-moisture mozzarella which is softer and milder in taste or you can go for the low-moisture mozzarella which has a richer taste with a grainier texture.
  • Cheddar Cheese: Cheddar is the go-to choice for many people as the last topping to be drizzled over the pizza. This is because it has a sharp taste with a creamy consistency that pairs perfectly with the rest of the toppings of a pizza.
  • Parmesan Cheese: Parmesan cheese might rather sound intimidating to someone who has only heard its name in fancy dishes. But if one is looking for a cheese that has a sharp taste and adds richness to the pizza it is added onto, then Parmesan cheese is the answer.
  • Goat Cheese: Goat cheese tastes wonderful when added as a topping along with onion toppings and tomato sauce. This is because its tangy taste and soft texture pair amazingly with these ingredients.
  • Ricotta Cheese: Are you a fitness enthusiast who just cannot get enough of pizzas? Then replacing mozzarella cheese with Ricotta might be exactly what you need. Ricotta cheese is low in fat and has a rich taste that fills your mouth with deliciousness.
  • Gouda Cheese: This Dutch-origin cheese has a unique buttery taste and smoky flavour to it which makes it the perfect topping to pair with barbecued or grilled meats.
  • Gorgonzola Cheese: Also known as the blue marbled cheese has a distinctive taste and odour which only keep increasing as the cheese ages. Due to its strong taste, this cheese is not everyone's cup of tea, so do try it out before adding it to your pizza.

How to Choose the Best Cheese for Pizza?

Choosing a cheese requires one to look into several factors such as the flavour, texture, shelf life, reliability, and so on. Here's a guide on what cheese to select for your pizza based on your preferences. 

  • What to look for in flavor: If you are looking for a cheese that has a mild taste yet rich creamy consistency then the answer you are looking for is mozzarella.  But if you are someone who loves to have flavour in their cheese then there are multiple options you can delve into. To give you an idea cheddar has a tangy flavour, parmesan has a fruity flavour, Gruyere has an earthy flavor whereas gouda has a buttery flavor.
  • Shelf life: Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, you might also need to look into the shelf life of the cheese that you are selecting for your pizza. For instance, mozzarella is available in two forms in the market out of which high moisture mozzarella has a lower shelf life as compared to low moisture mozzarella. 
  • Meltability: Meltability is crucial when it comes to pizza making as the taste of the pizza depends on how much the cheese has melted. If the cheese doesn't melt properly, its taste doesn't get infused with your pizza enough. That is why a majority of people select cheeses such as mozzarella, gouda, and cheddar as toppings for their pizza.

Types of Toppings for Delicious Pizzas

Pizza Toppings are basically what gives a pizza its unique taste, otherwise, aren't they all made up of the same base? That is why you must select pizza toppings that you like the best to get the most delicious pizza. Here are some of the most famous toppings to guide you during this process.

  • Multiple types of Cheese : One can never go wrong with a cheese topping when it comes to pizzas. Cheese has become such an essential part of pizzas that you might feel your pizza is incomplete without the cheesy flavourful burst in it. Be it mozzarella, cheddar, or even gouda, it is going to pair perfectly with your pizza.
  • Pepperoni: Nothing adds flavour to a pizza more than a topping of pepperoni. That is why it is the most loved topping of all time. Add this topping to a thin crust pizza with onions as side toppings, to unlock your new favourite pizza.
  • Chicken: Chicken toppings can give different flavours depending on whether they were smoked, barbecued, or grilled. What is amazing is that each one of them tastes delicious in its way when paired with the right sauce and cheese topping.

30 Cheese for Scrumptious Pizza

Shredded and Diced Cheese

1. D'lecta Mozzarella Cheese - Shredded, 500g Pack


Mozzarella cheese is a common choice for pizza for its delectable nature. D'lecta's shredded Mozzarella cheese has a soft and moist texture with a pleasant aroma. It can taste salty when consumed alone. However, the cheese melts uniformly and spreads throughout the pizza when melted. 500 grams of D'lecta Mozzarella cheese is available on Amazon for Rs. 305.

2. Amul Cheddar Cheese Diced

Amul is an uncontested brand when it comes to milk and milk-based products, and their cheeses are no exception. It offers diced Cheddar cheese available in 1 kg packets. Cheddar is a popular cheese for adding to pizzas, and Amul's Cheddar cheese is a hassle-free and clean option if you want to enhance your pizza with the creamy textures of Cheddar. Since the cheese is diced, you do not have to go through the mess of shredding it. However, to keep the cheese fresh, you have to refrigerate it. It is available on Big Basket for Rs. 504.

3.Veclan Vegan Cheese Shreds


Cheese is an essential part of the pizza, but if you are vegan, you may find it challenging to find good quality vegan cheese. So does that mean you have to give up on your love for pizza? Absolutely not! Veclan Vegan Cheese Shred is the perfect vegan pizza companion. It is a plant-based cheese and does not contain nuts or cholesterol. Therefore, it is a healthy and delicious option for those allergic to nuts. The main ingredients of this vegan cheese include potato starch, vegan flour, and refined coconut oil, an excellent choice for lactose intolerant pizza lovers. You can find 200grams packets of this flavorful vegan cheese from Amazon for Rs. 365.

4. Akshay Kalpa Cheddar Cheese - Chilli

Cheddar cheese is delectable in itself, making your pizza taste heavenly. But if you love a burst of flavours, then you have to Akshakalpa Chilli Cheddar Cheese. The cheese blocks are made using the artisanal method, and no artificial preservatives are added to the cheese. These Cheddar blocks are kept in ripening rooms for 3 months to release the flavours. To retain the freshness of the cheese it must be refrigerated. 200 grams of the Akshakalpa Chilli Cheddar Cheese is available for Rs. 275 on Big Basket.

5. Fresho Signature Yellow Cheddar Cheese - Diced

Mature Yellow Cheddar Cheese by Fresho is a delectable Cheddar cheese with rich earthy notes at every bite. It is a hard cheese and has a crumbly texture with a nutty taste. This cheese pairs beautifully with wine and beer, both correctly complementing your pizzas. However, it is delicate and has to be kept in airtight containers. It is advised to consume the cheese within 5 days of unpacking to get the best flavours. The cheese is dice, and each block is easy to use. You can get it from Big Basket for Rs. 566.

6. Amul Mozzarella Pizza Cheese Diced

Amul's diced Mozzarella Cheese has a mild salty flavour and comes in a 1 kg packet. It is a soft cheese with an elastic texture and a beautiful aroma. It is an ideal choice for pizzas because when baked, it spreads evenly, covering every inch of the bread. It can also be added separately as toppings for some creamy goodness. It is available on Big Basket for Rs. 486.

7. Go Four Shredded/Diced Cheese

What is better than one type of shredded cheese? The answer is 4 types of shredded cheeses. Go Four Cheese by Go Cheese is a blend of Cheddar, Colby, Mozzarella, and Monterey Jack cheese. If you like experimenting with your pizza recipes, then this is a must-try. Besides pizza, you can try it on other Mexican delicacies like tacos and quesadillas. This amazing mix of cheesy goodness is available in a 200-gram pouch on Big Basket for Rs. 145.

8. Pankti Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese Flakes (Grated)


If you are looking for delicious vegan Mozzarella cheese, then Pankti has just the product that you need. The Pankti Freeze Dried Mozzarella cheese is a 100% plant-based cheese and does not contain artificial flavours or preservatives. The cheesy goodness is enhanced by essential vitamins like A, D, and E. To enjoy the creamy textures, all you have to do is take the cheese flakes in a strainer and dip them in a bowl of hot water. After a while, you can remove the strain and drain any excess water from the cheese. The Pankti Freeze Dried Mozzarella cheese is available for Rs. 799 on Amazon.

9. Nutoras Cheddar Cheese Small Cubes

Nutoras Cheddar Cheese is made from pasteurized cow milk and aged to enhance its flavour. The cheese has a tangy flavour with a semi-hard texture. The 200 grams packet contains small cubes of the cheese which are easy to use and melts smoothly when baked. No preservatives or additional flavours are added to the cheese. Nutoras Cheddar Cheese is available on Big Basket for Rs. 230.

10. Milky Mist Mozzarella - Shredded

Milky Mist Mozzarella shreds are made from pure cow milk. It is an excellent source of probiotics that improves gut health and the immunity system. They are also a great source of protein and the perfect cheese for pizzas. Thanks to its stretchability, you can experience restaurant-like pizza pulls in homemade pizzas. It is available in 200 grams packets on Big Basket for Rs. 135.

Block and Wheel Cheese

11. Amul Cheese Easy - Open Chiplet


What is the brand that comes to mind instantly when it comes to dairy products? It is Amul of course. And Amul has done it once again to win our hearts with their Cheese Easy Cubes. These cheddar cubes are so cheesy that they will make you crave them as Jerry does. The shape and size of this product make it ideal for many dishes including Pizza, baked delicacies, and many more. You can get these little cubes of happiness from Amazon for Rs. 115.

12. Old Hill Artisanal Cheddar Cheese


When you get Old Hill Artisanal Cheddar Cheese, you can be 100% sure that you are getting the best quality cheese. Do you know why? Because their cheese is made up of only cheese as it has no added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Old Hill makes this cheese for you using age-old European techniques which makes it superior in taste and quality compared to other cheeses on the market. Add this cheddar to your favourite pizza to add a delightful flavour to it. You can get this ethical and sustainable cheese on Amazon for Rs.405.

13. Milky Mist Cheese - Mozzarella


Do you agree that the stringy texture and flavour of mozzarella cheese on top of pizza is what makes the pizza taste so out of the world? That is why Milky Mist has introduced Pizza cheese mozzarella to give your homemade pizza that wow factor. This cheese melts into a softer form as you bake the pizza such that your kitchen is filled with a strong aroma. Make every bite of your pizza cheesy with this pizza cheese mozzarella available on Amazon for Rs.135

14. Britannia Cheese Block


Britannia Cheese Blocks are the newest method to satisfy your cheese cravings. You can make an end number of cheesy delectable dishes till your heart desires. Made with the goodness of pure Cow's milk, these cheese blocks can be grated, melted, sliced, or used as a whole to add richness to your food. On top of being delicious, these cheese blocks also provide you with tons of proteins and calcium which are essential for healthy bones. You can get these yummy blocks of cheese on Amazon for Rs.270

15. Urban Platter Vegan Mozzarella Cheese


Urban Platter presents Mozzarella Cheese for all their beloved Vegan customers. This cheese is made with coconut oil and is 100% dairy free. Despite being completely plant-based, this cheese takes just like how dairy-based mozzarella does. You can use it just as you would use regular mozzarella cheese to make cheesy mouth-watering pizzas, pasta, and many more. This cheese is made in Greece and thus has excellent quality when it comes to shredding, slicing, or melting it. You can get this environmentally healthier option on Amazon for Rs. 315

16. Soft Spot Plant Based Vegan Cheese

Soft Spot Plant-Based Vegan Cheese is one of the healthiest options available out there as it is 100% dairy-free, gluten-free as well as lactose-free. You will have a hard time believing that this cheese is made up of cashew cream and coconut oil once you taste how delicious it is. Your favourite sandwich or pizza gets an excellent smoky flavour when you top them with this cheese. You can get this cheese on Big Basket for Rs.395.

17.One Good Cheddar Cheese - Plant-Based, Vegan

As a vegan, you may be having a hard time finding delectable dishes. But look no further. That is why One Good Cheddar Cheese is a vegan option designed by keeping in mind the increasing number of vegans all over the country. The taste of this vegan cheese is such that you will have no regrets that you left the world of regular cheeses. Overall this option is healthier for you as well as you get tons of proteins with no added preservatives. So what are you waiting for go buy this cheese for Rs.289 on Big Basket.

18. RRO Dairy Goat Milk Feta Cheese

Are you looking for gourmet options that taste exquisite when it comes to cheese? Then the PRO-DAIRY Goat Milk Feta Cheese is something you shouldn't miss out on. It is made using an Ancient Greek recipe in which the cheese is cured in brine thus giving it a salty and tangy taste. Every pizza, sandwich, or dip is going to taste much more delectable with the addition of this flavorful creamy cheese. Get your hands on this cheese on Big Basket for the price of Rs.345.

19. RRO Dairy Cow Milk Feta Cheese

Are you a cheese lover like the rest of us? If yes, then Feta Cheese is something you must try once. Feta cheese is made by pickling milk with brine solution for 2 months which gives it an exquisite tangy and salty taste. The PRO Dairy Cow Milk Feta Cheese is a great option to try out feta cheese. The rich creamy consistency of this cheese along with its crunchy firm texture is bound to make you fall in love with it. Try out this cheese available on Big Basket for Rs.340

20. MOOZ Cheddar Cheese - Black Pepper

Why stop at regular options, when you have the option of trying out a cheese flavour that comes with a kick? How does the idea of cheese with the flavour of black pepper sound to you? If that sounds like something you'd try, then go ahead and purchase the MOOZ Cheddar Cheese on Big Basket for Rs.300. Shred the cheese on your desired dish and instantly enjoy the rich flavour that it adds to your favourite foods.

21. Castello Danish Blue Wheel

Have you heard the saying that the more you let a cheese age, the more exquisite it becomes? The Castello Danish Blue Wheel Cheese is an excellent example of this saying. Are you wondering why? Because this is a semi-soft blue-veined cheese made by maturing it for 8-12 months. This results in this cheese having a sharp salty taste that is unmatched. The rich creamy consistency and crumbly texture of this cheese pair exceptionally well with Cabernet. This cheese is available on Nature's Basket for Rs.330

22. Mooz Ricotta Cheese

The Mooz Ricotta Cheese is made by Italian Cheese Makers using milk straight from farmers. This cheese has an extremely delicate texture that instantly crumbles in your mouth and tastes great when baked. The nutty flavor of Ricotta cheese is what makes it stand apart from the rest of the cheeses. Did you know that Ricotta is a much diet-friendly option that also gives you tons of protein? It is available on Nature's Basket for the price of Rs.200

23. John'S Mozzarella Pizza Cheese

A pizza without cheese topping is incomplete. Don't you agree? And out of the cheese toppings available, Mozzarella happens to be the most loved. That is why John's presents Mozzarella Pizza Cheese made using Buffalo milk and pickled in a brine solution. Its stringy consistency and creamy and salty taste are some of the reasons for its popularity. It also happens to be an excellent source of proteins and vitamins, especially vitamin B6. This cheese is available on Nature's Basket for the price of Rs.205

24. Creme Italia Fiordilatte Pizza Cheese

Cremeitalia Fiordilatte Pizza Cheese is one step away from becoming your new favourite pizza topping. How is it, you ask? Its stringy elastic consistency along with its mouth-watering aroma and rich taste are going to head over heels for it. And why limit yourself by adding this cheese to pizzas only when it also tastes wonderful along with sandwiches, dips, and even something as simple as tomato soup? You can get your hands on this amazing pizza cheese for the price of Rs.310 on Nature's Basket.

25. Amul Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is named after a place in the Netherlands where it was birthed. It is a mildly ripened Dutch cheese that is famous all over the world for its fruity and sweet flavour. Amul presents its very own Gouda Cheese so that you do not miss out on this deliciousness. You can add it on top of your favourite pizzas and pasta to get a chewy creamy cheese taste. It is available on [Big Basket for Rs.210

26. Nutoras Edam Cheese Block

Have you given Edam cheese which was once known to be the world's favourite cheese a try? If not then this is the sign that you should. Edam cheese is considered one of the most perfect cheeses with its sweet nutty flavour that only gets sharper with time. Believe it or not but this cheese also happens to be extremely healthy with low-fat content, calcium, and proteins. That is why you should give the Nutoras Edam Cheese Block a try which is available on Nature's Basket for Rs.320.

27.Cremeitalia Fiordilatte Bocconcini Cheese

Be it pizza, pasta, sandwich, or any other favourite food of yours, the secret ingredient is always cheese. So, the question is have you tried all the types of cheese in the world? If not, then you should start with some Ricotta cheese.  The Cremeitalia Ricotta Cheese is one of the best options out there as it is low fat and high protein. And it tastes heavenly with its mildly sweet flavour. This cheese comes in a sealed cup-shaped container which makes it quite convenient. This cheese is available on Jio Mart for Rs.192

28. Mother Dairy Cheese Block

You can add the most flavorful, fanciest toppings to your pizza but they all would fall short in front of a simple cheese topping. Cheese is the essence of a pizza and you can never go wrong with it. That is why Mother Dairy presents you with Cheese Block so that you can add cheese to your pizza as much as your heart desires. But worry not, it is loaded with nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy. You can get this cheese from Jio Mart for Rs.65

29. Moowing Natural Gouda Cheese

If you love smokey and barbecued meats on your pizza, then Gouda cheese is the perfect cheese for you. Gouda cheese itself has a smokey flavour and the Moowing Natural Gouda Cheese needs to make its way to your pantry. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk for a rich taste. The Moowing Natural Gouda Cheese is retailed for Rs. 250 on Jio Mart's website.

30. Cremeitalia Ricotta Cheese

If you are on a diet and miss having scrumptious, cheesy pizzas, then here is a slice of good news for you. Enhance your homemade pizzas healthy and delicious with Cremeitalia Ricotta Cheese. Ricotta cheese has low-fat contents, therefore a perfect choice for those on diets. It is also high in protein and has a light delicate texture. It often resembles cottage cheese but is smoother than that. Ricotta has distinct and neat flavours making it ideal for pizzas. You can find 200 grams pack of the Cremeitalia Ricotta Cheese on Nature's Basket for Rs. 240.

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Cheese comes in many forms, flavours, and textures, so you have a wide range of options to choose from. When buying cheese for the first time, you should rely on prominent brands as they understand your palates and offer suitable products. You can also try going to cheese tastings and figuring out what kind of cheese you like.