Shopping on Instagram(2021)? Whip out Your Phone and Check out These Instagram Shopping Sites.

Shopping on Instagram(2021)? Whip out Your Phone and Check out These Instagram Shopping Sites.


Instagram is not just a selfie- platform anymore. With the new shopping button introduced by Instagram and amazing collections, stores, which have a wide following on Instagram, the process of Shopping has become quite effortless! So, ditch your online hunting and check out these Instagram accounts.

Shop While Chatting from These Best Instagram Shopping Sites

Do you love scrolling Instagram feed? Have you observed the rise of those pages featuring products across different categories on the site? Well, the developers of the social networking site have brought a new feature for avid online shoppers. Now, you can buy from your favourite brands right on the platform without particularly moving to an online shopping site.

Earlier there were Facebook stores and now Instagram stores have appeared to let you shop and socialize on a single platform. Wondering where to start from? Keep reading this article and you will find new trends, inspirations, and maybe the best purchase for your closet.

Understanding the Basics of Instagram Shopping

It’s a feature on the popular social networking site for eCommerce brands to create and share digital product catalogs. It completes the entire shopping cycle, allowing you to see, like, buy, and share a product on Instagram itself.

Instagram Shop

Just like an eCommerce website, this feature is a digital storefront that sellers can customize. You can find your favourite brands’ Instagram shop on their profile. In other words, it can also be referred to as a landing page for users to discover and buy products.

Product Detail Pages

Another one from that wonderful eCommerce site arena, a product detail page contains all the key information about a product. It contains everything from product description to the cost, and photography. Besides, you can also see all the images tagged to the product on Instagram here.



Think of this as a category page. Buyers can curate separate lists with custom-made titles on their social storefront. For instance, it can be handmade outfits, cute summer costumes, jewelry collections dedicated to some festival or event, etc.


That’s what completes the buyer’s experience on a shopping site. While checkout isn’t rolled globally at present, it allows you to complete the payment process on Instagram only. However, if the feature isn’t available in your region doesn’t mean you can’t shop on the app. Brands can still redirect you to their existing checkout pages, say on their already running eCommerce site.

Instagram Shopping Posts

This is what you will be seeing the most regularly. While brands have already been sharing posts related to their products, now they can share product links along with them. Instagram shopping feature allows sellers to tag their products in their posts allowing buyers to make purchases directly from the posts. This, combined with other features like Checkout, will create a seamless experience for socialites and online shoppers. Besides, the developers are also said to have a virtual try-on feature under the scanner that could use AR filters in the stories.

You can find products tagged in various Instagram posts including feed posts, stories, live, reels, IGTV videos, and Instagram guides among others. However, there might be some stores that have not yet fully integrated Instagram’s shopping feature but you still shop with them. Some let you place your orders through their eCommerce sites while others will be taking orders directly through messages or calls. But it’s just a matter of time. When Insta shops roll out in a full-fledged manner, you will find a rush of brands competing for your orders on the platform only.

Instagram Stores for Clothing

So, are you ready to explore the top Instagram shopping sites? Here, you will see some of the best social storefronts for buying clothes online.


You know this brand. Right? Bewakoof brand has a collection of attention-catching and creative products in the store, just like its name. The brand touts to be a distinctive fashion house for contemporary, trendy Indian shoppers. You can shop for t-shirts, joggers, backpacks, jackets, sweatshirts, and phone cases among other collections from the brand’s social store.

The lifestyle fashion brand, Bewakoof has been selling through its dedicated eCommerce website since 2012. Now, there’s a shop page directly available on the brand’s profile page. Or you can check out products tagged in feed posts or stories to buy your favourite ones. Currently, the brand has 2 collections live on Instagram, namely “Women Shirts” and “Must Have Desi Tees.” Visit Bewakoof’s Instagram shops at its official handle @bewakoofofficial.

Missa More Clothing

Missa More Clothing is a women-only brand that deals in a variety of clothing such as tops, bottoms, dresses, activewear, and fusion. Besides clothing, you can also visit their store to shop for footwear, bags, jewelry, and eyewear. There’s a dedicated section “The 99 Store” on the store where you will find products with prices ending in 99 like 399, 499, and 699. The high-street company, Missa More, was launched in 2014 and is known for products featuring fast-fashion styles.

On the brand’s Instagram page, you will find feed posts covering different products. Although they aren’t using much of Insta’s shopping features, you can visit their website linked in the stories and bio section to shop for your favourites from the brand. Besides, you may also be lucky to get a great deal through the brand’s giveaways or offers. Check out Missa More’s Instagram page at @missa_more_clothing.



Do you love wearing ethnic clothes? Pehanawa could be the place to shop for the best in the category within your budget. The clothing brand features a range of vibrant, uber ethnic, and beautiful products. The Instagram-only brand sells a wide range of ethnic designer wear including Bollywood recreations with worldwide delivery.

You can browse all the products in the brand’s Instagram posts or explore through different collections on the page’s highlight section. Bridal lehengas, sharara/dhoti, ethnic dresses, sarees, and Kurti and pant sets are a few of the brand’s collections. Pehanawa takes orders through WhatsApp, for which the link is given in the page’s bio section. Visit the brand’s Instagram page through the handle @pehanawa to find and shop for your favourite ethnic wear.

Instagram Stores for Jewellery

Any fashion outfit is incomplete without a matching, accentuating set of jewelry. So, here’s a quick list of some popular Instagram jewelry stores for you.

Shop Eurumme

This New Delhi-based handcrafted jewelry label touts about creating marvelous looks using imperfections. With raw aesthetics reflecting in their designs, the brand manages to pull out products with no two exactly the same. Eurumme’s designs are minimal, subtle, and contemporary featuring timelessness, striking, and statement. Since its inception in 2015, the brand has caught the attention of celebrities as well as top fashion publication editorials.

Eurumme’s Instagram page features products in its feed posts, stories, and highlights. Besides jewelry, the brand also drops some hints and ideas on how to wear a specific product. Plus, the highlight section puts a light on the brand’s categories, exhibitions, and public appearances. You can shop for Euremme’s jewelry from the website link given in the page’s bio section. Don’t miss to explore Euremme’s handcrafted in India collection at its Insta handle @shopeurumme

Aaraa by Avantika

Another jewelry label on the list, Aaraa by Avantika is a Pune-based handcrafted jewelry store, selling striking accessories on Instagram. The brand touts creating a new language of beauty by combining ethnic styles with modern ideas. The specialty of the brand includes beautiful and bold silver pieces that carry a distinctive statement. Besides, adorning your beauty when worn, the pieces are worth your jewelry collection.

The brand showcases its products in feed posts and stories on Instagram. The highlight section covers additional details like buyers’ feedback, wear tips, and care instructions. You can explore the complete line-up of Aaraa’s jewelry on its Google Drive link shared in the bio section. The drive also has different folders for different collections. You can check out what’s in store at Aaraa by Avantika’s Instagram handle @aaraabyavantikajewellery.

Instagram Stores for Fashion

Besides clothing and jewelry, there can be more things you can add for a completely fashionable look. Here’s where you can shop for all-fashion items on Instagram.

Retro Days

If the retro fashion from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s inspire you, here’s a store worth taking a look at. Thrift fashion lover Shruti loved shopping at flea markets and created this label in 2015 to share her favorites with other fashion lovers. Another reason for starting this store (as Shruti states) is that buying second-hand, vintage fashion can help reduce pollution and waste.

The store offers a range of products for summers and winters. It keeps its followers updated about the latest launches through feed posts and stories on Instagram. And the highlight section displays collections, OOTDs, giveaways, and a lot of other stuff. Don’t miss to check out the online thrift shop for vintage shopping with 14-day return and exchange available. Although there’s no checkout option on Instagram and it takes you to the store’s eCommerce website for the purchase. Visit the Retro Days Instagram store

Local Vintage

Here’s another vintage fashion store on the list that’s focused on sustainability in the fashion world. If you don’t want to go way too back to the ‘60s and ‘70s but still want some vintage fashion, The Local Vintage brings you the collection from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Sujala Newar founded this fashion label in 2018. She curates and handpicks the collections while focusing on feminism and timelessness. However, it’s not just about bringing back the bygone period’s fashion but combining it with modern trends to make a better statement.

The Instagram page showcases various products including tops, bottom wear, clutches, clips, and a lot more. The highlight section covers try-on clips to help you see how the clothes look when worn along with other sections like press coverage and private collections. Check out the vintage collection with a touch of modern fashion at the Instagram store @shopthelocalvintage

Affordable Instagram Stores for Fashion Shopping

While your choice in fashion defines your personality, you can get the best looks for yourself without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’re a few affordable Instagram fashion stores that you can explore to shop.


A fun and quirky place for fashion shopping, Sugarbox is where you can find beautiful products at reasonable costs. Under the fashion segment, it brings quite a range of products from tops, dresses, earrings, skincare products, and bags. Besides fashion, you can also find other products worth gifting to friends and family members. On the list of collections, you can explore a well-curated variety covering products from themes like a superhero, mermaid baking, flamingo, and mermaid along with board games and safety essentials.

What makes shopping with Sugarbox special is that you get a curated set of items in a beautiful box. On Instagram, you can stay up-to-date with the latest launches from all segments. For shopping, the page takes you to its eCommerce website. And you can check for customer clicks, bestsellers, unboxing, and other information in the highlight section. Follow Sugarbox on Instagram @sugarbox_india.

Snob Shop

Snob Shop is a Mumbai-based pocket-friendly Instagram fashion store. It primarily deals with shoes and bags that come with insane price tags. But that’s not all. There’s a lot more to shop at the Snob Shop including leggings, watches, innerwear, and phone covers. On the Instagram page, you can find all the products showcased in the feed posts with details and price tags.

The store takes only pre-orders through DM and accepts payment through Paytm, NEFT, and bank transfer modes. You can browse through the store’s offerings on Instagram

The Style Hive

This brand caters to buyers interested in western wear. The store features a wonderful collection of apparel, accessories, and footwear. The best part is that you can easily find products under Rs. 1000 on this store. The Style Hive accepts payments through Paytm, bank transfer, DD, and COD modes. Once ordered, you can get the desired product shipped to your place in 10-15 days. Although there is no return/exchange accepted, you can get some discount on bulk purchases.

The Instagram store beautifully displays a crafted collection of products with item code, size, material, and other details. You can place an order for your favorite product from the Style Hive Store through a direct message or WhatsApp. You can also go through different collections and customer reviews in the page’s highlight section. Follow the amazing, affordable Instagram fashion store @thestylehive_.

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Watch What You Give Away

Be alert to the kinds of information being collected to complete your transaction. If you are requested to enter more data than you feel comfortable sharing, cancel the transaction. You only need to fill out the required fields at checkout and you should not save your payment information in your profile.