This Friendship Day Give Small Gifts to All Your Friends: 10 Fabulous Ideas for DIY and Personalised Gifts to Win Your Friends' Hearts (2019)

This Friendship Day Give Small Gifts to All Your Friends: 10 Fabulous Ideas for DIY and Personalised Gifts to Win Your Friends' Hearts (2019)

Big gifts or small ones, the size really doesn't matter when it comes to great friends, but small gifts can be personalised in a way that will make your friends want to hang on to them for a very long time. Why don't you make this Friendship Day stand out by considering our well-thought-out gift ideas that would surely drive home the message to your buddies about how much you love and appreciate them

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How to Plan a Great Friendship Day Celebration

Pleasant Surprises for All Your Dearest Friends

Friends are no less than angels in our life, and a special day to celebrate their presence should be done with aplomb! Fill the day with happy wonders for your friend(s) by making surprise visits to them and spending some valuable time together, gift them something that symbolizes your bond, let them know that you care and make it special for all of you. Your little gestures on this special day cannot only bring a smile to your friend's face but can also warm their hearts and strengthen your relationship. Write a nice note telling them how much they’re appreciated, or get them flowers, chocolates or a scrumptious cake as a mark of celebration.

Unique Ideas To Celebrate Your Friend

These days, being connected via technology has taken precedence over personal meetings or phone calls, thus robbing one of the personal effects that could make them happier. Take the old road by turning up to meet your friends even if briefly on this day, or text them not with a forward, but a few lines or memories that have some significance in your association with each other. You’d dedicate a favourite song to your friends and let them know to tune in when the show airs, book a concert or a movie for all of you on a particular day and/or treat yourself to some memorable selfies!

Thoughtful Gifting


When looking for gifts in honour of your friends, be thoughtful and consider their likes and interests. Whether it’s a personal note, a favourite dish, or a gift, let your choice be personalized and special to your friend. This will imply your attention to detail and thoughts of affection to your friends in terms of being mindful of their preferences and also letting them know that they hold a special place in your heart.

10 Small Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

Personalized Mug

Here’s a lovely way to show your friend just what he/she means to you, by gifting something that’s handcrafted with love.

  • Take a plain white ceramic mug, one that’s lying in your house unused or from a store (approx. priced Rs. 160), some nail enamel and a deep bowl to place the mug into.
  • Begin by filling the bowl with warm water, then, pour a few drops of different coloured nail polish quickly to avoid the enamel hardening in water.
  • Then dip the mug in the water and rotate it so you get your desired design on the mug.
  • Once the process is complete, turn the mug upside down and leave it to dry on a paper towel. You can work with one colour as well.

Personalized Friend Sign

Chalkboards are the new age message boards for penning thoughtful wishes and expressions of affection for loved ones these days, and what better time than Friendship Day to warm your friend’s heart with a personal message from you! Here’s chalkboard easels in the small size that would make for a lovely décor item as well as a gift.

Made of high-quality wood, this boards are reusable and can be wiped clean with a duster or damp cloth. You can buy some colourful chalks separately. The board is available in assorted shapes measuring approximately 14 cm x 9.5 cm and is priced at Rs.169. You’d personalize the board with this message ‘best friends are hard to find, that’s because the best is already mine!’ and illustrate it according to your desire.

Memory Journal

When it comes to a thoughtful gift, a memory journal is ideal to celebrate your friendship, it is easy, inexpensive and is unique because it is personal and straight from the heart! All you need is a journal book, a few keepsakes from your years together, like tickets to a popular event you went to, some personal messages shared with each other or significant items dear to you. For this gift, you’d need to go back in time and revisit your memories of the special moments you’ve had with your friend, all the fun, frolic, touching and insane times, the funny bits, the whacky instances, the more specific you get the better the thought.

It’s best to spend some time on this so that you have enough to pen down in the journal, recall as much of memories as you can. To make it more interesting, you’d make the journal from an old book, perhaps one of your friend’s favourite reads or create it from a small scrapbook. You can choose to add pictures, souvenirs or tokens of the memories in the book for its visual appeal and make it colourful and inviting.

Crayon Art

Crayon Art

  • To create a unique arty gift you will need
  • A plain canvas of a size of your choice
  • A typical canvas measuring 16 x 20 cm
  • About 70 crayons lined up side by side length wise
  • A heat gun
  • A glue gun
  • Some marker pens for additional décor

  • How to make it
  • Think of a design to begin with, perhaps a flower, an emoticon or a heart. The usual way is to line the crayons across the top length wise and melt them down. Another alternative is to melt the crayons on the outside if you’re planning on a heart.
  • Add names, quotes or pictures to the canvas using the line crayons or markers on the outside of the quote, melting them away from the words and go ahead and warm your friend’s heart.

Melted crayon art is quite a trend these days and a popular gifting option. A set of long wax crayons comes for Rs. 60 for 24 shades, a stretched canvas board measuring 20 x 25 cms is priced at Rs. 140.

Friendship Survival Kit

The friendship survival kit is a collection of little things that can bring a smile to your friend's face in times of distress or sorrow, sort of pep-ups to gladden his/her spirit. To make a friendship survival kit, get yourself a fancy box or basket and use tissue paper to decorate it before placing the kit together. On a piece of paper or on plain white gift tags, you can write what each item signifies in the kit. You’d make the kit as big as you’d like. Once you have it all, wrap all the contents in the basket or box in cellophane, which is available in assorted colours and designs at any departmental store. Tie the top of the cellophane with a ribbon and gift it to your friend.

Small gifts and tags for friends this Friendship Day

  • Candies: these are life saver candies to remind you how loved and needed you are.
  • Toothpick: this is to help you pick the best quality in yourself and others around you!
  • Small teddy bear and Hershey's Kisses: hugs and kisses, coz everyone needs them every now and then.
  • Piece of puzzle: life is incomplete without you.
  • Band-Aid: this is to nurse your hurts. Thank you for nursing mine.
  • Tea light candle: this is to light your way every step of the way.
  • Eraser: start each day with a clean slate.
  • Tissue: to soak all your tears of sorrow and those of laughter!
  • Gum: to stick together.

DIY Friendship Bracelet

Making a friendship band is quite easy. You will need three embroidery threads in different colours, some wooden beads and scotch tape.

How to make fiendship bands

  • Begin by cutting 2 pieces of each colour measuring 3ft each, so you have 6 pieces of each string. Now loop all strings together around your ring finger and tie two knots, tape the loop to a flat surface and separate the colours in such a way that on the left side you have one group of each colour and another on the right side. Let’s say you have a dark blue, a sky blue and yellow coloured thread for ease of reference.
  • Take the outside colour from the right side, which is dark blue and cross it over to the left side on the inside, now take the same colour from the left & cross it over to the right side on the inside.
  • With the left group in one hand and the right one in the other, pull the threads forward to tighten them a bit, this is required only now, so you don’t keep repeating the tight noose, repeat these steps till you find the bracelet’s long enough to fit the wrist.
  • Once you find it is of the right size, tie 2 or 3 knots at the end, and string a bead at the end, with another knot to keep the bead in place. You can cut any excess strings off.

Matchbox Jewellery Box

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, accessories are dear and precious to all, and most people have them strewn about here and there with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains or watches. Here’s an easy DIY jewellry box you can make for your friend with some simple things like matchboxes, Fevicol, a pair of scissors, plain cardboard, some patterned paper, a white tape, glue, a thin string of metal wire, a divider and few small pearls.

Steps to Make Jewellery Box

  • To make the box, begin by taking 2 empty matchboxes, remove their top covers and paste them together by applying glue on one side, hold them together till the glue dries up. Once its dry, paint the inside of the boxes white. Now take the top covers of the boxes and cut them along the edge on one side, and then cut along the second crease caused by the fold. Now join the two covers by some tape.
  • Next, cut up 2 pieces of cardboard, the size of the box covers that have been stuck together, apply a strong glue on one side of the cardboard and stick it on the front and back side of the covers. Make 3 more pieces like these and glue them together, one on top of the other. Ensure to stick the tape on each layer to conceal the colour or print on the matchboxes and to hide the placement of the boxes on each other.
  • In the next step, place some white paper on the corners to cover the tape and then cut 2 pieces of patterned cardboard paper for the drawer side, one for the back, and a slightly bigger piece for the top end. The sizes should in proportion to the matchboxes. Stick all the pieces in their places and then cut 4 pieces of patterned cardboard paper, a bit bigger than the width & height of the boxes.
  • Making two holes in the center with the help of the divider, insert one end of the metal string through one hole, insert a pearl bead inside the other end of the string and then insert it to the other hole, now holding the two ends of the string together, twist them in a way that the bead gets tightened to stay in place.
  • Cut away any excess string and paste a piece of the tape over the twisted strings to hold them in place, then paste these pieces in front of the inside pieces of the pasted matchboxes to form the drawers, and then insert each drawer inside the formed slots.

Rock Art

Decorated stones are not only eye-catching but can make for some excellent stress-busters by way of having them adorned with positive affirmations or inspiring words with different colours, patterns and designs. The stones can be painted on with different acrylic paints, with pointed round brushes with synthetic bristles, which are firm and aid in painting smaller details in a controlled manner. You can choose your stones from a beach or gravel bar. Work on the surface of these stones that is smooth to paint on. With a quick rinse with soapy water, you can start painting on them your choice of design, words, images, etc. Once you’re done, leave them to dry overnight and then put them all together in a basket or gift box in tissue paper, wrap them and gift to your friend.

Fridge Magnets

Magnets are quite easy to make yourself with just some glue and a magnet. All you need is a small and lightweight object that’s flat on one side, approx. 1-2” wide or high, an industrial strength glue and some round magnets. It could be small stones, crystals, polaroids, colourful buttons, plastic flowers or glass cabochons. Let’s consider decorated stones. As explained above, decorating the stones is delightful with a pointed round brush and some acrylic colours. Once done painting & drying them, stick the magnets to the back of the stones with the super glue and leave them to dry. Voila! the magnets are ready! You can get the glue and magnets easily online. The glue is priced at Rs. 600 while the magnets are for Rs. 249 for 20 pieces.

The Happy Jar

Take an old spice jar or a jam jar from your kitchen and adorn it with some colourful ribbons, stickers or you can even draw on it. Fill the jar next with handwritten or even printed notes of positive words, quotes, memories or affirmations and also include some shared new activities you can perform together in the future. When labelling the jar, mention that the jar should be opened whenever your friend needs a pep-up or change of mood. Here’s what you could say – “Here’s a jar full of sunshine to brighten your day, for you bring so much happiness to all my days!”

Bonus Tip: Cool Activities To Keep The Spark Alive In The Friend Circle

Aside from Friendship Day, it is good to have an occasional get-together once a month or alternate month with your friends and indulge in some cool and fun activities.

  • PJ party: Stock up the munchies, sodas & liquor, finger food and ice cream, have a movie marathon or dance the night away to your favourite numbers with your friends.

  • Weekend away: Ring in the celebrations with a quick getaway with your besties to a location not far from the city, enjoy the road trip, the local delicacies and indulge in some fun activities.

  • Adventurous experiences: If getting away looks too time-consuming, then sign up with your friends for an interesting adventure sport or experience locally, followed by drinks to soak in memories of the day well spent.

  • City events and more: The city is always bustling with local entertainment events, concerts, sports activities or workshops. It's good to engage in activities of common interest to keep the spark in your circle alive and kicking, not to forget, make new memories for times to come.
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Give according to his/her interest

Giving the best friendship gift would involve gifting something that is in tune with your friend's interests and desire. Be sure to consider all the ideas presented by this article; implementing one or two of these ideas would certainly make this friendship day the best your friend has ever had. From the personalized mug idea all the way to the happy jar, these would surely speak volumes to your friend(s) on your behalf about how much you care and appreciate them.