Top 10 Friendship Day Gifts for Your Wife, Your Bestest Friend And The Love Of Your Life

Top 10 Friendship Day Gifts for Your Wife, Your Bestest Friend And The Love Of Your Life

Being good friends is often said to be the basic requirement for becoming best partners for life. So who better to wish and gift than your beloved wife on Friendship Day? Take this as an opportunity to show your wife that she means the world to you. Wondering what would work as a gift? BP Guide India has 10 gifting suggestions that are perfect for this celebration of this most sacred of friendships.

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Celebrating Friendship Day with Wife!

Friendship is a beautiful thing, especially when it is with your wife! Your wife is your best friend. When you came home after a stressful day home, just by a hug from her you forget all about how bad your day was. You can be assured that she will take care of you, may be cook you a nice dinner and listen to your stories and cheer you up. Wives play a very important role in a man's life. And it is time you make her feel like she is your best friend. Don't know how? We will help you do it!

You Are More Than Just Husband And Wife

The relationship of a husband and wife is not necessarily confined to it. They can be so much more! They are travel buddies and partners in crime. They are roommates and best friends! The relationship of a husband and wife is beautiful, especially if they are friends. That makes them comfortable enough to talk to each other about everything that they really want to!

#1 Friends

You are best friends with your wife. You both crack jokes together and travel together. You both are roommates and pyjama buddies. You both do so much together. You cook together and you laundry together. On holidays, you both hang out together. You both are so much more than what the world thinks of you two!

#2 Soulmates

You two are soulmates. She can easily understand if you are stressed or happy or if you are hiding something. She knows exactly what you want and what you need. She knows exactly what your preferences are. She can tell if you are doing great or not. She is truly your soulmate!

#3 Life-Partners

The two of you embarked on a journey of love and friendship together. You both vowed to stand beside each other no matter how tough the situation gets. The two of you have been together for quite some time. You are partners in the truest sense! You both love each other and wish to spend the rest of your lives together!

Top 10 Gifts to Give to Your Wife on Friendship Day!

Giving a friendship day gift to your wife may be quite new to you. Don't worry. We completely understand. And that is why we did some research and found out some perfect gifts that you can give her to tell her that she is the best! Your gift should be suited to her taste and we guarantee that she will love your gift a lot!

#1 App for Friends

Okay! Here are with a very interesting gift you can surprise your wife with! This one is new and if you actually went back to the title to read it twice, then trust me, we did the same thing, too! This idea is innovative and absolutely suited for the modern woman that your wife is. This is a customised app just for your lovely best friend. This is by Oye Happy and it is great! This app consists of fun quizzes and puzzles and mazes and bucket lists. The quizzes are all about you and your preferences that she will have to answer and for the jigsaw puzzle, you get to choose a picture that she will have to unscramble! The bucket list is equally amazing, where you will create it on their behalf. This app works on both Android and iOS. You get the link for the app within 72 hours of ordering it. All you need to do is to make your wife download it on her phone! And it is all set to surprise her big time! You can get it for Rs. 1990 only!

#2 Land on the Moon

This gift takes the phrase, ‘Love you to the moon and back,’ way too seriously. It is taken so seriously that now you can actually buy your wife an acre of land on the moon! No. We are absolutely not joking! You really can do this! Once you book this, you will get a certificate that says so. It will contain the date of the day you are buying it at, the name of the owner, and the exact latitudes of the place that you have bought! Can you believe that?! How many times did you promise to get her the moon? Now, you can keep that promise by buying the piece of land for her! And who knows, if someday we have to move to the moon, you two can build a house there and live together forever! Give your wife this amazing gift from Oye Happy at Rs. 2240 only!

#3 Elegant Bamboo Notebook

If your wife loves reading and writing or if she is simply a workaholic, then this gift is for her. Notebooks are great gifts. They are classy and useful. They are the most loved gifts of the people who love writing. With that said, this notebook takes it a notch higher. This one is made of wood. The cover of this notebook is made of wood! This makes it classier and so much more sophisticated than a regular notebook! This is a perfect friendship day gift for her given the quote on top of the notebook. This bamboo wood notebook is sure to steal her heart and impress her. Get it from Woodgeek at Rs. 799 only.

#4 Seer Secrets Bath Indulgence Gift Set


If your wife loves luxurious things or has a soft corner for bathing products( like most women do!), then this gift is perfect for her. It consists of a set of premium bathing products that will make her very happy! The set consists of a body cleanser, a bottle of bathing oil, face mist, gemstone bathing bar or soap and a towel. You can get this box customised by choosing one from their various ranges, according to your wife preferences. You can get this set from Amazon at Rs. 2115 only.

#5 Seer Secrets Sage Apothecary All-Natural Kit


Here is another set of luxurious products for your wife. These are oils that will make her feel better. The oils contained in this set are frankincense, bdellium, kyphi or kapet and myrrh resin. All these various types of oils have ancient origins and were used to heal and cure ailments. These are straight from the apothecary and a hundred percent original. This set also comes with a stone burner and coal. These oils will bring positive vibes to your house and make the environment feel better. You can buy this set from Amazon at Rs. 1197 only.

#6 Striped V-neck Casual Women's Multicolor Sweater

If your wife is a cool, modern woman who loves to wear trendy stuff, then this is going to be the best gift for her. This will suit her personality and bring out her individual character. This is a casual sweater that looks really pretty. It is black and white and has cute stripes all over. If your wife goes gaga over stripes and sweaters, then this one is for her. It is soft and will keep her warm. She can easily style it with a pair of jeans and some cool top. She can also wear it with kurtis. This will suit all kinds of looks and it will make her feel prettier. You can buy this from Flipkart at Rs. 527 only! Grab it before the stock runs out!

#7 Classy Titan Karishma Watch

This brand needs no introduction. Titan is one of a kind and is famous for making luxury watches at an affordable price. Their watches are beautiful and durable. This one, of course, is no exception. It is pretty and makes a bold statement. If your wife is one of a kind and has a personality that is unparalleled, then this is perfect for her. This will enhance her character and increase her confidence. This watch is white and golden in colour. The combination of hues make it look classy and rich. The dial has golden dots in place of the numbers and that gives it a classier feel. The dial is shaped round and the band is made of a metallic material. You can buy this Titan watch from Flipkart at Rs. 1795 only.

#8 Atasi International Alloy Jewel Set

Women are mostly big fans of jewelry and they love flaunting their pieces proudly. Giving your wife such a piece or set will not just make them happy, but it also gives them an opportunity to flaunt how perfect her husband is! If your wife falls under this category of women, then this is going to be the perfect gift you can ever buy for her! This is a jewelry set that is gorgeous to look at. Imagine how gorgeous it will be to wear it! This one is gold plated and has crystals stuck on it. This set consists of a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a maang tika. The entire set is in golden and green with crystals and stones stuck all over it. The earrings are sufficiently big and the necklace is the statement piece of the set. Your wife will look ravishing in it! Buy this beautiful set from Flipkart at Rs. 245 only! This one is originally priced at Rs. 2499. Grab it before the price hikes again!

#9 Pencil Portrait

Which person does not like a portrait of himself or herself? And that too, one that has been drawn by a professional! You can give your wife a portrait of herself drawn in pencil on a wooden plank! Yes! You heard that right! The portrait will not be on a canvas, it will rather be on a wooden plank! That makes it so much more alluring! Especially the fact that it has been sketched with a pencil! Kudos goes to the artist for whoever that is, he or she does a mindblowing job at it! Give this portrait to your wife and watch her cry happy tears! You can get this from Oye Happy at Rs. 2950. You can also get a couple portrait done at an additional cost of Rs. 1250 only!

#10 Power Coffee Mug

If your wife has miserably failed in her anger management tutorial classes, then this is the perfect gift for her! Besides, what fun is the friendship if you cannot pull each other’s leg once in a while? This mug says it all and the shape is equally funny, too! This coffee mug looks like it had been smashed by someone! We can understand that that is probably what your wife actually does when she is pissed! And this is funny and may be an effective, way to tell her that she can relax sometimes and just have a cup of coffee! We do not take the guarantee that she will not lose it all over again, but this can be a really good gift! You can buy this from Big Small at Rs. 799! Get this one and pray silently that your best friend will like it! We, too, will pray for you!

Skip Romantic Friendship Day Gifts, Choose Something Different

Romantic gifts are cliché! Thus, you should go for something else!

You Should Select Something-

  • Funny: Women love funny stuff! Get her something that will make her laugh!
  • Quirky: Your wife is your best friend. Best friends often give quirky stuff to each other! So, choose something that will make her understand that she is more than your wife!
  • Simple and Classy: Keep your gifts simple! Give her something kickass! Something absolutely classy!
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Don't Allow The Friendship To Fade

"Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife." This quote by Franz Schubert pretty much summarises how important it is to be friends in a marriage. But like any friendship, it takes persistent effort and care to constantly grow and strengthen the relationship. The daily grind, the innumerable stress factors like work, and family pressures can all really test a marriage. That's when you must remember that she is your friend and you are partners in this journey of life. When you keep this in mind, you will focus on working together as a team to tackle challenges.