Need a Good Xmas Gift for Boyfriend but Short on Time? 10 Gift Ideas That Will Help You Sail Through Your Christmas Shopping

Need a Good Xmas Gift for Boyfriend but Short on Time? 10 Gift Ideas That Will Help You Sail Through Your Christmas Shopping

Your boyfriend must have a place of prominence on your Christmas shopping list. If you are desperately seeking new and innovative Christmas gift ideas for your man then go through our article for great tips on Christmas shopping, because even the best shoppers need a little help! Merry Christmas!

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What Qualifies as a Good Xmas Gift for Boyfriend? 3 Pointers to Get Him Something Fab

Festivals bring happiness in our life and this happiness reaches a new level when celebrated with our loved ones. Christmas is a time for spreading joy and cheer and celebrating it with your boyfriend makes it even more special. Christmas celebrations include feasting on some great food like roast duck and turkey, drinking wine, snacking on Christmas cakes and cookies, decorating the tree and just spending some quality time with loved ones. The tradition of exchanging gifts on Christmas may have become a bit commercialised, but that doesn't mean that we have to give it up altogether. Gifts are just an extension of our feelings for our loved ones. So, use Christmas as an opportunity to make your boyfriend feel loved. Pick out gifts that touch his heart, rather than focusing on the price tag.

Add Spice to Your Relationship

Relationships can become boring and dull if you always stick to the same old routine. Variety is the spice of life. Try to be innovative to keep your relationship from going stale. Use Christmas as an opportunity to spice up your love life. Buy your boyfriend a gift which adds a bit of excitement to your relationship. You could book a romantic weekend stay at a hotel, or maybe book a long sensuous couple's massage. You could arrange a romantic Christmas dinner at home. If you are willing to be a bit more daring then invest in a cute sexy Santa or elf costume to treat your boyfriend to some fun in the bedroom. Take advantage of the chilly weather to snuggle up together and soak in each other's company.

Christmas Gifts Must Be Thoughtful

Don't you hate getting gifts which seem superficial? You wouldn't want your boyfriend to feel the same, would you?

Buying a gift for your boyfriend may not always seem like an easy task but in actuality, it's quite simple. The main principle behind buying a gift is that it has to be thoughtful. By that, we mean that, buy your boyfriend something that he will actually like and hopefully use. You know that you want to see that smile of pleasure on your boyfriend's face and this can only be done by presenting him with a gift which comes straight from the heart. Don’t make impulsive purchases. You may think that your boyfriend will like the designer silk tie worth thousands of rupees when in reality he just wanted a Bluetooth mouse for his laptop. You know your man the best, so use that knowledge while making the decision. Simple gifts can be thoughtful as well. Your gesture needs to be meaningful, not extravagant. Think from his perspective before selecting a gift. It's his taste and not yours that matters in this case.

Buy Him Something Useful

A gift is only good enough if it is useful to the person you are gifting it to. Before purchasing a gift for your boyfriend, stop and think for a moment. A few questions that you need to ask yourself is if he needs it, would he ever use it and last but not the least, will it be to his liking. Don't let festive collections carry you away. If you live in an area which has warm weather throughout the greater part of the year, then refrain yourself from buying that great looking puffer jacket or heavy wool sweater. Instead, go for something like a cool shirt or maybe a leather laptop bag. A gift which he can use on a daily basis is the best gift.

10 Awesome Ideas for a Good Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

During Christmas, the shops are flooded with a variety of objects, which makes arriving at a decision a bit difficult. But don't let the sheer volume of gifts confuse you. Make a list of the kind of things your boyfriend prefers and try to find stuff that will suit his taste. Stay away from overly festive stuff like sweaters with patterns of reindeer and Santa Clause. He will probably never wear it. Go for functional gifts that he will actually use. We have a few ideas to get you started.

Handmade Shirt

If you are planning to buy a shirt for your boyfriend this Christmas, then pick this Green Handloom Khadi one from These shirts are handmade by women artisans of Bikaner. Made of hand-woven cotton fabric, it can be worn in both summer and winter. It pairs well with chinos, jeans and even formal trousers. It can even be paired with shorts for a for a more casual look. The bright green colour even has a Christmassy feel to it. Buy it for Rs.944.

7-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver


This one will come in useful when you need his help around the house. The 7 in 1 screwdriver from Amazon can be carried around right in your pocket. The Crescent 7-in-1 Interchangeable Bit Screwdriver includes 4 frequently used screwdriver sizes and 3 nut driver sizes in one driver. It Includes No.1 Phillips by 3 16-Inch Slotted and No.2 Phillips by 1 4-Inch Slotted screwdriver bits. As well as 1 4-Inch by 5 16-Inch and 7 16-Inch nut drivers. This gift will be loved by your boyfriend if he is handy with tools. Buy it for Rs.2,132.

Handmade Ashtray


If your boyfriend enjoys smoking then gift him this beautiful ITOS365 Handmade Wooden Ashtray from Amazon. This useful item is also a beautiful piece of home decor. The ashtray measures 4.5 x 4.5 inch and weighs 120 gm. This Wooden Ashtray has a steel cup inside, which makes cleaning it easier. It's lightweight and durable with four grooves for resting cigarettes. Buy it for Rs.199.

A Good Printer


A printer is a very useful little device to have around the house. Gift your boyfriend a brand new printer so that he doesn't have to leave the comfort of his home every time he needs to get something printed. The all in one Inkjet printer from HP can print, scan and copy. You can print both black and white and colour prints on this one. It supports A4, B5, A6, DL envelope sizes. This device has a sleek and compact design, is easy to set up and prints high-resolution images. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.2,999.

Luxurious Body Soap


A well-groomed man who smells clean and fresh is always attractive to a woman. The Park Avenue Fragrant Luxury Soap for Men doesn't make your man smell like a bouquet of flowers; because we wouldn't want that. What this soap does though, is to make your man smell exactly like what a man should. This moisturising soap is refreshing and keeps your man clean without drying out his skin. Buy this soap for Rs.38 only from Amazon. Pair it with other personal care products to make a manly gift hamper for him this Christmas.

Cook Book


If your boyfriend is a bit of an amateur chef and likes to experiment with new recipes, then why not gift him a cookbook? Even if your boyfriend has never seen the inside of a kitchen, this would a great way to introduce him to the joys of cooking.

Simple Cooking for Smart Men by Karen Anand is a cookbook which aims to teach men their way around the kitchen. Who knows maybe he would surprise you with a delicious three-course meal someday or atleast learn to make an omelette. Buy the book for Rs.176 from Amazon.

Leather Bracelet


Leather bracelets are stylish accessories which modern men love to flaunt. Buy the Meeker Jewels Black Braided Leather Bracelet for your fashionable adventurous boyfriend. This genuine leather bracelet is has a stainless steel clasp and is free of lead and nickel. It's hypoallergenic with an embossed texture. This bracelet is strong and durable. Buy it for Rs.,1639 from

Pillow to Avoid Snoring


People who have a snoring problem often aren't even aware of it. If your boyfriend is someone who has this irritating affliction then often the girlfriend is the one who has to suffer the most. Sleeping next to a loud snorer is not an ideal situation but it's a problem that is fixable. It's an embarrassing problem as well. But changing the position of the head while sleeping can solve the problem considerably.

Buy the Lavish Home Wedge Pillow-Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Fiber Cover from Amazon. It keeps the head elevated while sleeping and helps reduce snoring, heartburn and acid reflux. It can also be used under the knees to rest the legs. Buy it for Rs.3,600.

Grooming Kit


A grooming kit is a must-have item in every modern man's bathroom closet. Men nowadays like to keep themselves neat and tidy, even when they are travelling. A grooming kit comes especially useful then. Buy the Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit from Amazon. It contains a razor, a pack of razor blades, an imitation badger hair shaving brush, hand towel, face scrub, shaving cream, and soothing after shave balm. Everything is neatly packed into a stylish box. Buy it for Rs.2,561.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Good X-Mas Gift for Boyfriend

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend may sometimes seem like a neverending quest. But don't give up hope too soon. If you always seem to settle on the same old things, then maybe, it's time to venture out of the comfort zone. Keep a few important things in mind and you are bound to find the perfect gift for your man.

Gift an Experience

The best gifts are not always material ones. Experiences are the best gifts of all, so this Christmas instead of gifting the same old things, take your boyfriend for an adventure. Plan a hiking tour, or book a holiday to an unknown destination. If you want something closer home, then book a long day at the spa. Spend time getting long luxurious couple's massage and just lazing around. You could go for a Christmas Buffet or maybe a Christmas Bash at a nightclub. The main goal is to have fun together.

Make It Into an Event

Gifting is an art. There is a difference between just buying something and gifting it. Make your gift special by presenting it in a special manner. Make it a memorable experience for your boyfriend. You could hide the gifts and leave it underneath the Christmas tree once he falls asleep on Christmas Eve. You could also dress up like a sexy Santa Santa Clause and hand him his gift yourself. You could also do it at a specific time like after breakfast on Christmas morning. Make it into a fun Christmas ritual that you can follow every year. Dress up in your Christmas clothes, decorate the house; it's all about getting into the Christmas spirit. Don't forget to wrap your gift in a creative manner. You can find plenty of gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest.

Include a Bit of Yourself

Adding a personal touch to the Christmas gift is a great gesture that will earn you brownie points as a girlfriend. You could add a photo of yourself in the gift wrappings. Make a photo gift tag with a beautiful smiling photo of yourself or you could gift him something handmade like a hand-knit scarf. It's all about adding a bit of yourself to the gift to make it more emotional. Be creative and you will surely win his heart.

Make Him Laugh This Festive Season

Being in love may be serious business, but that does not mean that you have to be too. Men appreciate a good sense of humour, so if you can make your man laugh then half the battle is won. We won't suggest rambling off joke after joke to make him laugh. But a lighter approach to life does make things easier and keep the relationship flowing along smoothly. Laughing is also known to keep people healthier by reducing stress, depression and relaxing the face muscles. A couple who laugh together stay together.

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Make Christmas memorable for you and your boyfriend

Christmas comes every year, but that does not mean that you cannot turn it into a special event. Celebrate Christmas with your boyfriend, eating delicious food, and just making memories. There is a hashtag called everyday phenomenal on social media, that's what you should try to achieve; make each day a special experience.