Is Your Beau Mad About Something You Did? 10 Gifts for Boyfriend to Say Sorry and Creative Ways to Put a Smile on His Face

Is Your Beau Mad About Something You Did? 10 Gifts for Boyfriend to Say Sorry and Creative Ways to Put a Smile on His Face

We all err from time to time and the least we can do is to apologize for our mistakes. How we say sorry do matter though, because a sorry that's not from the heart is as good as not saying sorry at all. In furtherance of expressing a heartfelt sorry, especially to your boyfriend, a gift could go a long way to help soften his heart. We present to you suggestions on gifts and gestures that are sure to have the much-needed effect.

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Say it Out Loud, and Mean It

The first and foremost thing that you should be doing to apologize is to say it out loud. Before you begin your gestures and gifts, it is always a good idea to express how sorry you feel about whatever it is that you have done. Try and find out why you made the mistake in the first place. This will give you a fair idea about your state of mind and you can come up with an appropriate way of saying sorry. While you are at it, don’t just say it for the sake of it, mean it! Admit where you went wrong and assure your boyfriend of how you would prevent it from happening in the future. You would be surprised to see how much your boyfriend appreciates this.

Prerequisites For A Perfect Apology

Know Your Mistake

Before you go ahead and apologize to your beau, you should first realize what mistake you have actually made. You might have had several discussions about this topic and honestly, your boyfriend might not be in the state of mind to go through it all over again. It is a good idea to look back and take a moment to reflect on what you could have done. Was it something that you said or is it about something you knowingly or unknowingly did which upset him. Find it out and that should set you on the right path of not repeating it ever again.

Express Yourself

The next thing you can do to make it up to your boyfriend is to express your heartfelt apology. Often times we are not able to express effectively how sorry we are even though we mean it. If this sounds relatable, then you should certainly find out ways in which you can make it up to him. Be it a verbal expression of how bad you feel about your mistake or a grand gesture, your emotions need to be conveyed. If you truly wish to move past the mistake, then apologize to your boyfriend in such a manner that he knows your apology is genuine.

Gifts are the Icing on the Cake but an Apology Speech or Letter is the Base

You can definitely give your boyfriend an I am Sorry gift which will pretty much sum up your apology. However, before you go ahead and buy that amazing gift for him, make sure to write a sweet apology speech. You could simply tell him how you sorry you feel about what happened. Ensure that you back it up with how you would not repeat the same type of mistake. A mere apology will make no difference unless it is felt deeply. To convince him that you really mean what you have said, you can add an apology note.

Innovative Ideas To Say I'm Sorry to Your Boyfriend

Make Him a Mix Tape

It is seldom for us to take some time out to make mixtapes for our loved ones these days. But they can indeed be a saviour as your boyfriend is going to be so touched that you made a mixtape just for him. All that you need to do is to create a playlist of his favourite songs. You can also pick songs which have a special meaning to the two of you. This will not only make his mood lighter but will remind him of your beautiful journey together. To make it even special, you can play this mixtape when you are together and dance to the beautiful music. It is a great way of bringing out all the emotions and making him feel loved. You can follow this up with a romantic apology.

Permission Letter

If you wish to make your apology count then do something creative to make your guy feel that you mean it. You can write down a permission letter wherein you can leave some blanks for him to fill in. it could be a letter that explains what you are allowed to do and what not as per your boyfriend’s opinion. This would make him feel special and he will feel how important he is for you. You could make it cute by adding some doodles and pictures. After he is done writing it out, you can make him sign it so that he knows that you would not repeat the same mistake ever.

Time To Go Back To School

An extremely cute way of telling your guy you are sorry is to do things the old school way. All that you have to do is to take a paper and write on it “I won’t do it again” multiple times. Write it such a way that when he unfolds it he would be impressed by your efforts. This will prove to him that you are genuinely sorry for what you did. Additionally, you can give him a letter wherein you explain how sorry you are. This cute gift will certainly melt his heart and he would have no choice but to forgive you.

Candlelight Dinner Date

A sweet and romantic gesture can make your guy forgive you if you do it right. Arrange a candlelight dinner date with bae and take him to his favourite spot. You can also back this up with a treasure hunt that leads him to the destination. When he is finally at the venue, you can make sure that you surprise him and make him feel special. Order his favourite food and choose a good spot which looks romantic. You can then convey how sorry you are to him. Plan the date such that he is overwhelmed and feels like he is on cloud nine.

Stick Notes Anywhere and Everywhere

When your boyfriend is mad at you he would definitely try to avoid speaking with you. But what if you find a way to extend your apology regardless? You simply have to get plenty of sticky notes and write down “I am Sorry” on it. You can then go ahead and paste these on his desk, near the bed, on his chair, next to the wardrobe and almost everywhere such that he would notice it. With him being surrounded with your apology notes everywhere, he would have no choice but to let go of the anger and forgive you.

Ask Him Out For Something He Can't Say No To

When you cannot find other tricks to work in your favour, then its time to up your game a notch. You need to find out about something that he absolutely cannot say no to. For instance, if he loves a particular sport such as cricket or football then book tickets of the upcoming show for him. He would have to say yes since he is a huge fan and you can then say sorry to him when you are at the venue. You may also book tickets for a movie which he has been meaning to watch. Once you book his favourite movie, he would have no choice other than to show up.

DIY Photo Album

It is time to bring out all the best pictures that you have taken together and create an album out of it. Make sure that you choose pictures that signify your journey together and all the fun moments that you have shared. Get the photographs printed and put them into an old school photo album. You may also create wall art with these photos. You can create a heart shape out of these pictures on the wall. He is surely going to be overwhelmed by your efforts. You can then express how sorry you are for what you have done.

Lipsync A Song or Enact a 'Sorry Moment' From His Favourite Film

What is the one song that he always listens to on repeat? You can lip sync to this song in front of him to cheer him up. After all, sweet gestures do not have to confine to the movies. The fact that you took out the time to actually learn the lyrics would be cute. Alternatively, you can also enact a “Sorry Moment” from his favourite film. You might need to amp up your acting skills and do some research on the same but it should be worth it. Maybe you can ask for help from your friends to act out the exact scene.

Do Something He Always Wanted You To Do

Try to recall the times when he has asked you for a favour or a wish that you could not meet up with. Maybe he wanted you both to go on a trip together or to try out that new restaurant in town. If you have been keeping that on hold, then now is the perfect time to do it. When you do something selflessly just to make your guy happy, he is surely going to be happy. Moreover, he would be impressed with the fact that you remembered what he has been vouching for.

Incase It Seems Impossible, You Gotta Do It All

If you feel like none of the ideas can be effective by itself, then try to do them all together! Yes, you will have to be very patient to pull it off but the result would be very rewarding. You can begin by pasting sorry notes everywhere at his place, then present the photo album and mixtape along with your lipsync in it. You can take him out on a date to a place where he always wished to go wherein you present the permission letter, your sorry letter, and the cute tissue paper filled with apologies. After all this, he would no choice but to forgive you.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend to Say Sorry

Please Forgive Me Hamper

At times, saying sorry only verbally does not make a difference, and so you need to back it up with beautiful gifts and surprises to bring in an impact. This gorgeous Forgive me Please Hamper helps you to express how sorry you are to your guy. It has one purple and a red coloured chocolate box containing delicious chocolates in it. Along with it is a sorry card which makes this gift complete. You can keep this at his work desk or even at home. Shop it for Rs. 399 from

Personalized Sorry Cushion


If you are looking for something that will always remind your boyfriend that you are sorry, then choose this one. This lovely cushion has a beautiful sorry statement written on it. All you have to do is to upload a picture of your choice. You can pick an appropriate image will go with the message. Choose a photo that has one of your best memories captured together. A picture which makes your love look apparent. Whenever he glances at it, he will definitely go back to the moment when this picture was snapped. Shop for this from for Rs. 349.

Apology Bottle

This gift will take him back in time to when messages were written on paper, and then put into bottles waiting to be found out. This romantic gift will melt his heart. The gift contains 7 different bottles with beautiful hues and a message in each bottle. You can personalize these messages and write down your apology while buying the gift online. Make sure that you pen down how you feel beautifully in words. He would be touched when he reads out all the messages and would realize how sorry you are for what you have done. Shop for this from at for Rs. 499.

Forgive Me Mug


Gift this pretty coffee mug to your boyfriend if you wish to express how sorry you are. It has meaningful quotes on it about being sorry and tells how much you love your guy. The chic design of the mug along with the powerful words could make for a perfect apology that will touch his heart. He can have his beverages in this awesome coffee mug which is also very easy to hold. Let him know that you love him and that you are sorry from the bottom of your heart. You can shop for this from for Rs. 259.

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Be Creative About It

In order to drive your message home, you would need to be creative and employ any or all of the tactics and gestures presented above. I bet you, these great ideas and gestures can melt the heart of anyone, so go on and make it happen!