Wondering Where to Get the Best Kurtis in Wholesale Price Online? Starting a Business or Buying for Gifting, Learn What to Buy and Where From (2019)

Wondering Where to Get the Best Kurtis in Wholesale Price Online? Starting a Business or Buying for Gifting, Learn What to Buy and Where From (2019)

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to buy kurtis in bulk, whether it is for gifting purposes for a wedding or a function, wanting to stock up on your staple outfit and save a little money, or even to start a small business on the side. Given the popularity of kurti among Indian women, each of these reasons is good enough to want to stock up. We show you where to get good bulk deals online, as well as the designs and fabrics that you should keep an eye out for.

Advantages of Buying Kurtis in Wholesale

If you are a big-time shopper or do you have a big family for which you have to buy festival gifts, then you should learn the art of shopping in wholesale. Yep, wholesale shopping is very convenient and affordable when you have to order similar kind of products. Like, if you and your girls wear Kurtis on regular basis, then instead of shopping for the Kurtis in retail and paying more, you save lots of money buy purchasing in the wholesale. Buying in bulk can be a very good option when you are purchasing items like Kurtis which are worn by everyone. You can order Kurtis in bulk and then can gift them to friends or family members, especially in India we required some gift items always ready at our home as festivals and other occasions are always there. So, if you are looking for the advantages of shopping Kurtis wholesale, then here you go;

Save Money on Your Favourite Outfit

Okay, as we have already mentioned that buying in bulk is always cheaper rather than shopping in retail or individually purchasing. By shopping Kurtis in the wholesale, you are saving big bucks for you. As in wholesale, you can order Kurtis for way more less price and get plenty of different discount offers also. Numerous wholesaler’s of Kurtis offer special price and free delivery like facility if you buy from them in bulk. There are various perks that wholesale offers to you when you are buying in large quantity from them like free transportation, free packing of Kurtis, etc.,

Save Time Spent on Buying Them One at a Time

When you are buying Kurtis in the wholesale, then you are saving your as well as manufacturers time. You can save time as you don’t have to do basic market research every time you go shopping for single Kurti. You can one time review all the products and bargain the price with the wholesaler in one go. Moreover, whenever there’s pooja in a friends house or party at your family relatives home, you don’t have to visit the market or search online for the gifts. You can simply open your closet and gift the beautiful kurti piece to your friend which you have ordered in bulk already.

Avail of Discount Offers on Bulk Purchases

The major advantage of shopping in wholesale is the saving that you can get from bulk discount offers. If you order Kurtis in bulk from the manufacturer themselves, then they can offer you even more discount. This is the whole funda of retail store business where they order products in bulk from the manufacturer on heavy discount and individually sell them at the standard rate. So, if you order the Kurtis in bulk, then you can enjoy that discount which your retail shop owner has been enjoying. If you love hefty discount offers, then buying in bulk is going to give you so much thrill.

How to Shop for Kurtis in Bulk?

Okay, so you see shopping kurtis in bulk is going to be very beneficial for you both economically and from the time point of view. However, buying in wholesale isn’t that easy job as it might seem. To enjoy the full benefits of shopping in wholesale, you have to shop smartly rather than excitingly after hearing big discount offers. If you want to shop Kurtis in wholesale, then you should definitely look into the following things.

Buy From a Legitimate Shop

To buy clothing at wholesale price, you need to make sure that you are shopping from the legitimate store. There are certain kurtis wholesale seller are available with the proper sales tax ID number and other documentations. You should check the legitimacy of the wholesaler before making your purchase. That’s because you can’t properly check each and every product when you are buying in the bulk and there are numerous illegal people present who want to sell their unauthorized products in bulk. Buying such kind of goods not only affect the quality of the kurti but maybe cause your legal problem in the future as well.

Check Return Policy

When you are first time contacting the seller of kurtis, you have to ask some questions from the seller. Like, what is their return policy? What is their policy when product turn out defective or not up to to the mark after delivery? Who will bear the cost of any damage incurred during the transportation or delivery of the products? You need to ask all these questions in advance before making the deal and if you are not satisfied with any of their policies, then it is smart to not to make the deal. Keep these questions in mind, especially when the prices are too good to be true.

Do Market Research

Today you live in the internet based world, where doing some market research isn’t going to take more than a couple of minutes. You should search for the different wholesaler’s who sales the kurtis in bulk. And, then ask for the quotation price and other questions from all the wholesale suppliers and compared all of their prices and other terms before selecting your wholesaler. The wholesaler who offers you the most reliable and useful offer only go for it. Don’t get fascinated by all these lucrative false offers as nothing is too good in the world of buying and selling. So, always make a rational decision after calculating everything and doing detail market research.

Beautiful Kurtis to Buy in Wholesale Online

Are you ready to shop kurtis in bulk? Then, we are ready to supply you with the different options to buy good and nice Kurtis at the wholesale price. In this post, we have sorted list of ten different wholesale kurti products which you can order online today in bulk. All the mentioned kurtis are highly fashionable and stylish in the very lucrative price range that you can ever ask for. Just pick your favorite design.

Straight Green Cotton Kurti

Order this straight cut printed green cotton kurti for your whole girls' gang. The green color and the printed cotton rayon fabric of the kurti is very stylish and elegant looking. Moreover, it is available in the wholesale pack of 8 in different sizes upto XXXL so these Kurtis can be easily worn by your all friends. This wholesale green cotton kurti set of 8 can be ordered from the cottonduniya.com. The price of the single piece is ₹325, but when you order in the bulk than it will cost you ₹2600.

Purple Arve

If you want to wear the same color Kurtis for your college festival or for your fresher's party, then ordering this purple arve in bulk is a very good option. The stylish knee length dark purple kurti which can be paired with the jeans, chudhithar, salwar, etc., is the perfect item. The kurti is very girly and available in the size L. The minimum order for the purple arve kurti which can be made in the bulk will be 10. This product is available on cottonduniya.com, for the single piece you have to pay ₹300 and for the whole lot ₹3000.

Multicolored Kurti

Multicolored Kurtis worked for every occasion or event, one can never go wrong with the multicolored printed cotton Kurtis. The vibrant multi hued kurti are like everyday clothing option for going to marker for grocery shopping to attending the small evening get together at your friend’s home. This vibrant lot of the cotton printed Kurtis can be ordered in the number of 7 from the wholesaler. The Kurtis in the bulk pack can be ordered in different sizes like L, XL, XXL. From the cottonduniya.com, this package can order for ₹2870 whereas for one item you have to pay ₹410.

Vinay Tumbaa Europe Prachi Desai Kurti

This is the modern elegant kurti which you can wear on the parties or on another casual event. Banarasi jacquard kurti with the satin fabric will give that party look to your kurti. The front cut makes the kurti special and vibrant. This kurti is available in two different sizes that’s L and XL. These Kurtis are available in the pack of 10. From the suratfabric.com, this kurti can be ordered for ₹11200 and this single piece for ₹1120.

Ladies Flavour Ram Leela

The heavy ikkat hand printed kurti with hand work can be your next wedding outfit. This beautiful kurti collection is available in the following sizes; M(38”) | L (40”) | XL(42”) | XXl(44”). This designer ikkat Kurtis can be your perfect outfit for the parties or any other major festivals. This designer range of Kurtis is available online on the suratfabric.com for ₹1195 per piece. The kurtis are available in a pack of 6 for ₹7,170.

Suvesh Nazam Kurti

Suvesh Nazam Kurti Catalog 6 pcs is from Suvesh Brand. They are selling it at lowest and cheapest Wholesale prices. It’s made of Muslin qualities which will make the perfect fit look on your body. The manufacturer is well known and the quality is pre-tested and checked.

Madhubala Kurti

The muslin handwork kurti is available in three sizes L (40'') | XL(42'') | XXl(44''). From the suratfabric.com, this kurti is available for ₹780 which makes the wholesale price of ₹4680.If you are a big time fan of the old time Indian beauties or if you are getting ready to perform Bollywood item number with your friends, then you can order Madhubala Kurtis for your group. Kinti Madhubala Kurtis is cotton based and styled in the cambric Anarkali pattern. You can check out the whole catalog on the textileexport.in. This product can be ordered in the wholesale pack of 12 of different sizes like M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. For one Kurti, you have to pay around ₹350 and for complete pack ₹4200.

Red Kurti

These are very simple Kurtis are a good choice as they can be worn anytime and anywhere. You can pair them with the salwaar, leggings or jeans to complete your look. This Kurti wholesale collection is available on the textileexport.in. The collection is available in the number of 10, where one piece can be ordered for ₹220 and whole pack for ₹2200.

Cotton Kurti

The cotton fabric yellow knee length kurti is a daily wear kurti which should be worn by young Indian girls daily. The motif print cotton kurti with the mandarin collar will offers simplicity with elegance . This kurti should be washed in cold with the mild detergent. You should order this collection of kurti from the maxdeal.in. The price of this kurti is very affordable, one piece of this kurti will be available for ₹250.

Vinay Kaseesh Premium Collection Prachi Desai Kurti with Dupatta

This Kurtis set available on suratfabric.com comes with heavy embroidery kurti with net dupatta in free size. The kurti catalog site offers the best quality Kurtis and very reasonable rate which can be worn on parties by you. This kurti is available in a pack of 6 which cost ₹3571. The wholesale rate of the kurti is ₹21426.

Bonus Tip: Do Festival Shopping in Wholesale

If you are shopping for the festivals for your whole family, then wholesale shopping is going to be ideal for you. That’s because first, you can order similar kind of Kurtis for your whole family and curb on one major conflict where you will be called biased by your family members. Secondly, you can save lots of money and time by shopping in bulk as festival time calls up so many other responsibilities as well. So, for the typical Indian housewife who has to manage her monthly budget during the festivals, shopping Kurtis in wholesale is going to be highly beneficial.

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Comparison is must

Whenever you are going to purchase in bulk from online, the very first thing you should keep in your mind is the comparison of price. Online is a large plate-form several e-commerce sites are available here, so you can easily compare the price. Purchase from where you find it economical and quality product.