Stay Trendy with Belted Tops This Season: Tips on How to Add Belts to Your Clothes and 10 Best Belted Tops to Buy Online

Stay Trendy with Belted Tops This Season: Tips on How to Add Belts to Your Clothes and 10 Best Belted Tops to Buy Online

Trends are constantly changing, and so are our choices. If you follow the trends continuously and are wondering which one to keep an eye out for, then this article is your go-to guide on the latest trend this season - belted tops! Keep reading for some detailed tips.

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Know Your Belts and Carry Off This New Trend with Panache!

Remember watching old movies from the Roman ear? You must have seen all men wearing belts, yes, belts have been in use for ages but it was only men who wore it. Later the military started using belts mainly for hanging bottles and other small things they needed. Today, it’s an all different story. Everybody wears belts now and most people love wearing it although there are people who have not tried it yet because they are not sure as to how and with what to wear.

Belts are a necessary accessory now, you won't find a single trouser without a belt loop be it for men, women, or even for kids. It is a fashion accessory that can easily transform a plain outfit like jeans, skirts, dresses, or cardigans into a stylish one. You'll even find sarees and lehengas or anarkali suits with belts now. They are in trend and people in 2020 are sporting it with pride.

If you are not sure about belts then this is the right article for you. We have tried to put together all the information and styles you can wear with belts. We have mainly focused on belted tops as tops are worn by women of all ages but first let us look at the kind of belts you can choose from.

  • Leather belts are made of pure leather and you will find them in most of the wardrobes. You can easily wear them with your jeans or pair them with party wear. They are always in style and come at different prices.

  • Wide belts are usually worn over your waist to add more style to your outfit. If you are wearing a plain outfit you can simply wear a wide belt over it and turn it into a style statement. You can buy a black or neutral-colored wide belt to go with different attires.

  • Metallic belts are women's favorite. They come in gold, silver, and brass colors although most women like to wear golden because it goes well with almost all the outfits and colors. They look hip and can make a party outfit stand out.

  • Pearls are beautiful and elegant. Women love wearing pearl necklaces and earrings with their outfits and if you at a stylish elastic pearl waist belt you will get perfect looking attire for a party. You can use an elastic pearl waistband on a gown or a dress to make it look exquisite.

  • The skinny belt looks very stylish and is most commonly used. They look elegant and you can pair them with high waist jeans or with a straight dress. You can wear them daily without looking overdressed in your office or pair it with a party outfit. They come in tons of colors and are easily available.

  • Buckle belts are simple yet stylish. These belts are strapped belts with a metal buckle at the end. You can find a belt in leather; fabric or plastic and the buckles are made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum with a polish of brass. A very famous buckle belt is in gunmetal color or antique gold. They look very stylish and can be worn with different outfits.

  • Sash belts are adorable. It is a fabric or a ribbon worn with a dress or a gown as a belt. The end of the belt is tied as a bow and looks very cute on little girls as well. You can try using the same colored sashes or in contrast colors.

Tips on Choosing the Right Belt for You

Still not sure about wearing belts? Don't worry, read how you can wear belts according to your body shape, and look stunning. Most women ask when they can wear a belt and the answer is, 'whenever you want'. The best way to do is to break up the transition between a loose top and tight bottom or the other way around. You can also wear a belt when you want to hide your waistline or if you want to define it.

  • If you want to elongate your torso then you should go with narrow belts or those which sit below your waist. For this you can wear a single color above or below the waist, you can also wear a belt of the same color as your top and you can also wear a hipster belt to do so.

  • For petite ladies thin and monochrome belts are the best choice. It elongates you vertically just wear a skinny one and it should match with the color of your dress. Wear this belt at your natural waist to make you look slim.

  • If you have the common hourglass shape then you should go with high and wide, it helps in balancing a curved shape. The best way to wear a wide belt would be to place it slightly north of your natural waist. It will enhance your curves without focusing on your hips. You can wear it with a suit or a dress and look confident. Avoid wearing hip belts as they will make you look heavy-bottomed.

  • If you are a tomboyish lady with a straight figure and are very slim then a belt can help you define your simple curves. Go for the narrowest style, you can wear a leather rope of a chain belt over a blouse or a dress. Wear the belt at your belly button and loosen up your top or blouse to create more volume.

  • If you are a woman who has a low waist and has short legs then you can experiment with different kinds of belts from medium to wide styles. Don't wear belts too low as it will elongate your torso more. You can match your belts with your pants to extend the length of your legs; you can also wear contrasting colored belts or corset belts.

  • For ladies with large busts then your bust creates an appearance of being short-waisted. You can wear medium to narrow belts in the same color or darker colors from your outfit. You can wear belts that sit on your hips and belts under an open jacket to look stylish.

Tips on Styling Different Outfits with Belts

Now, that you know different types of belts and how to choose the best one for you let us look at how you can pair them with different outfits.

  • If you like to wear salwar kurtas then you can easily wear a metallic belt over a loose kurta. You can also use an embellished belt to tuck your dupatta in over your lehenga or Anarkali kurta. You can ask your tailor to make a wide belt of the same fabric as your lehenga or a saree and tie it up for that special effect. Belts go great with Indian dresses; they add a style statement to your attire and make you like very trendy.

  • You got a long tunic dress as a gift on your birthday but don't know how to make it look stylish then you can use a wide belt on it. It will give your body shape and make your shapeless dress look stylish.

  • You can also wear a big wide belt on most of your casual outfit; you can wear it with a sweater or on high waisted pants. These wide belts look good with skirts and on loose blouses.

  • Winter is around the corner and you will be taking out your coats which make you look shapeless. You can easily get a chic look by earring a wide look over your coat and look sophisticated.

  • Planning to wear an evening dress in a party and want to look different than others then go for a velvet belt or a bow belt. You can also wear a corset wide belt to look stunning.

Trendy Belted Tops That You Can Buy Online

As we have mentioned earlier that we have focused on belted tops in this article. We hope to give you a list of some great and stylish tops with belts that can make you look stylish and elegant at the same time.

MANGO Women Yellow Solid Satin Finish Wrap Top with Belt

This beautiful yellow top made in Satin finish is a warped top with a belt from a well-known brand MANGO. The fabric of the top is super soft and hangs perfectly onto your body to give you a perfect look. It has a V neck and short flared sleeves which makes it look very elegant. The material used in the top is 100% Polyester. The belt perfectly hugs the body and enhances the curves of the wearer. You can buy this beautiful top for Rs. 1,795 from

Black Mustard Polka Belted Top

Saying that Polka dots have made a comeback would be wrong as they never went out of style. They have been style since the fifties and the very popular Marilyn Monroe made it a style statement. They look great on women of all ages. If you like polka dots you'll love this gorgeous black and mustard polka belted top. The top is made of georgette which is great for summers and you can pair it with your ripped jeans and pumps and look outstanding. The top is available for Rs. 850 on

MIZAGO Casual Full Sleeve Solid Women White Top

White never goes out of style and you can be sure of looking your best when wearing anything white. Here is a beautiful white belted top from MIZAGO which is available for Rs. 584 The top is made of crepe which looks great on all body shapes. The top is a little longer from the back which makes it one of the most in style tops right now. It can be worn with jeans or trousers easily. It makes a great gift for your sister getting ready for college and wants to look like a style icon.

Tie Front Floral Top

Another recent trend that you can follow is a floral print. These pretty prints remain the most favourite among women of all ages. They come in so many different prints and colours and can be worn in casual or formal settings. They are easy to pair with pants or skirts. You can check out The Front Floral top for Rs. 400 from The colour of the top is navy blue with multicoloured flowers. It has a boat neck and looks extremely stylish.

United Colors of Benetton Blue & Red Checked Wrap Top with Belt

Another very stylish belted top is the blue and red checked wrap top with a belt from United Colors of Benetton. The top is in a combination of blue, red, and mint green checks with a V neck and short sleeves. It has a belt of the same color and pattern attached to it. This top is made with 100% Viscose Rayon which is a great fabric for summers. Pair it with white trousers and flats and you are all set for an important meeting at the office or an evening with friends. You can buy it for Rs. 749 from

Miss Chase Women's Multicolored One Shoulder Floral Print Top

This beautiful georgette top is great for the ladies who like to follow the fashion trends. It is an off-shoulder top in black color with beautiful mustard flowers printed on it. You can pair the top with a pair of jeans or trousers and look very chic. The material is a little transparent therefore you can wear a matching camisole under it and show off your style with ease. The top is available for Rs. 749 - 824 on

Fab Alley Solid Three-Quarter Sleeves Regular Fit Top

This ultra-cool top is great for the party going ladies. The top is made in Polyester and has a round neckline and a tie-up detail. It is made with a shimmery look which makes it a perfect outfit for a party night. You can team it up with a solid tregging and block heels and dance through the night. The dark maroon and purplish color of the top looks great on young girls and looks very hip. You can buy it for Rs. 750 from

Estonished Sequin Party Top

Another great party wear belted top in mauve colour embellished with a pink, glittery sequence. The top is super stylish with long sleeves and a crossover neck. It is a perfect top to wear for a party or at a wedding. Team it up with a pair of pants and heels are you are all set. You can buy it for Rs. 1,049 from

LOV By Westside Multicolour Striped Tessie Top with Belt

This Westside multicoloured striped Tessie top with a belt is another beautiful top you can wear any time you want. The top is made with soft crepe and is perfect to wear on a hot summer day.  It has a wrap over design and has stripes over it which makes it very fashionable and appealing. You can easily wear it to your office and look professional. If you like to flaunt your feminine side you will love this beautiful top surely. It can be bought for Rs. 1,299 from

Cover Story Button-Up Belted Sleeveless Blouse

Lastly comes this elegant button-up belted and sleeveless blouse made from linen and rayon.  The colour red is exquisite and looks stunning on young girls as well as older women.  The belt is long enough to tie it up like a bow and make the top look very trendy. It comes with a V neck and button-down closure which makes it look very elegant.  Pair it with smart trousers and heels and show off your bold side to the world. Buy it for Rs. 1,790 from

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