Saree; an Attire that is Timeless and Truly Reflects Women’s Elegance(2020): 10 Belted Saree Whose Effects are As Stunning as the Retro Avatar

Saree; an Attire that is Timeless and Truly Reflects Women’s Elegance(2020): 10 Belted Saree Whose Effects are As Stunning as the Retro Avatar


You might think of adorning a saree in just one way but there are numerous styles one can wear this cultural ensemble. Add a belt to your saree to keep it in place. This style is most suited for those women who find it a hassle to carry the pallu on their arms. A belt adds a break to your look while also showing off your body in a glamorous way.

The New Trend of Belted Saree: A Stunning Style

Accentuate Curves


Belted saree is the newest crush of everyone who loves and adores fashion deeply. Many designers have come forward to bring their own twist in this concept and to be true, each one of them looks absolutely stunning. The reason belted sarees became a thing so quickly is because they accentuate the curves of a woman in just the right way.

Sarees have always been the best choice to flaunt that perfect figure and using a belt over this is like cherry on cake. You just can't find a better way to bring the best of both worlds in your apparel.

Keep the Look Put Together

If you are someone who feels saree isn't for you then you should think again. Belt is the best way to keep your look put together seamlessly especially when you are wearing a saree for the very first time. Drape your saree the normal Nivi way and put a belt on it to keep your pleats and pallu just in place. In fact, you can dance your heart out in a belted saree without worrying about showing your tummy or other areas as they are well covered.

Makes You Look Like a Fashionista

The concept of a belted saree look is a unique approach towards bringing freshness in ethnic looks. No matter what kind of a saree you are wearing, just belt it up and you will look like a fashionista in no time. What you need to keep in mind is that pick a belt that suits not only the saree but your personality too and never go over the top unless necessary.

Belted Sarees Online

Beige Ruffled Saree with Sequin Belt

The first one amongst this list of belted saree is definitely the most glamorous one. This beige belted piece is all about putting all fusion elements together to create a contemporary clothing option out of the traditional 6 yards fabric.

We really loved the color of the saree which is quite neutral and open to experiments too. Moreover, the otherwise simple saree is made to look out of the box by its ruffled border. The saree is further complemented by the main accessory, a sequined belt.

You also get a matching beige colored unstitched blouse piece with this saree. They have used satin fabric to create this saree which is quite flowy but can be put together with the help of the belt provided. Despite being so simple, the saree looks quite luxurious because of its fabric and design. You can have this combo of saree, blouse and belt on Myntra for Rs. 1,999.

Black Pleated Saree with Embellished Belt

If you want to look party ready in no time then this black pre-stitched saree is just for you. The beautiful saree comes with heavily embellished blouse and matching belt too and we can assure that you will be turning heads with this apparel.

This raven black saree is crafted in lycra net fabric which is quite lightweight and easy to carry. The best thing about this saree is its pre-stitched and draped pleats which saves quite some time for you.

Talking about the blouse then it is quite heavy and adorned with sequins, jaal pattern and cut dana work. The combination of heavy blouse and simple saree looks quite classy here and also saves the saree from looking over the top. The belt provided here is also embellished with heavy work and gives some dimension to the saree. Buy this really pretty belted saree from Kalki Fashion for Rs. 22,389.

Pink Net Saree with Matching Belt

Can you even imagine the amazing combo of belted saree and netted saree altogether. If you are looking for a piece like this then you are going to love this light pink net belted saree here. You can’t even decide that what is prettier, the saree, blouse or the belt?

This beautiful net saree comes in light pink color and adorned with scalloped white lace border. Studded with white pearls all over, this saree looks breathtakingly beautiful.

This piece has got floral embroidered motifs all over it and the blouse is even more beautiful. With such an intricate thread work, you would not want to miss out on this saree. In fact, the scalloped pattern belt is also adorned with pearls and embroidery on it and it perfectly matches with the saree and blouse. Don’t wait and grab this saree right away on Jio Fab for Rs. 1,749.

Pre-Stitched Indo Western Saree with Belt

It is the time for you to experiment with your belted sarees and pick something completely offbeat but trendy. This unique indo-western saree here is the perfect pick for an easy breezy belted saree. Not so traditional in appearance, this green pre-stitched saree is a perfect pick for family get-togethers and intimate affairs.

In fact, it is more like an A-line dress which comes with side slit and a pre-draped dupatta tied around like saree on it. And of course, the braided belt around the waist makes the whole look complete and it turns out creative and out of the box.

Pair this belted saree dress with boho jewellery and minimal makeup to look fresh and contemporary. You are definitely going to love the carefree vibes of this saree which is all about current trends and style. Grab this super pretty piece on Global Desi for Rs. 2,500.

Plain Blue Saree with Embroidered Belt

We found a very exclusive piece of belted saree for you which is quite eye-catching. This one is a deep blue colored belted saree which is rather simple in appearance but still make a cut in the category of cocktail sarees.

Crafted in flowing fabric of chiffon, they have kept the saree minimal with no works or border on it. However, it is the blouse of this saree which really takes the game to a higher level and hence creates a perfect balance in the whole outfit.

They have provided a matching blouse with this saree with embroidery and cut dana work all over it. The sleeveless blouse looks really glamorous and the same embroidered belt even adds to its beauty. You just can’t miss noticing the unique tassel work on the back of the blouse too. Grab this gorgeous saree on Aza Fashions where it is available on special request.

Cotton Silk Saree with Belt


If you are looking for a rather simple belted saree online then this piece is just perfect for you. This cotton silk solid saree is just perfect for small affairs and casual get-togethers. We really loved the shine of the fabric here which brings a rich look to the saree.

You are also going to love the unique color combination of this saree available in light green and wine color. This saree is further provided with an unstitched material of matching blouse.

Talking about the belt then it has multicolored mirror work on it along with hanging tassel detailing. The belt perfectly matches up with the saree and can be used with other sarees too. This beautiful saree is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 499.

Mint Green Embroidered Belted Saree

Seems like the combination of simple sarees with heavy belts are quite in trend these days. One such example is this mint green saree here. The saree is designed in viscose fabric which is not only quite lightweight and flowy but quite shiny too.

As the saree is pre-stitched and has this unique indo-western vibe, they have also featured a front slit in it to make it look like a saree dress. Talking about the belt then it has gorgeous embroidery studded with sequins work all over it.

To be true, the blouse is the real deal in this whole outfit. To maintain some good elements in this saree, they have provided a contrasting pink colored blouse here with shear balloon sleeves and off shoulder neckline. The whole look is quite ravishing and party like here and you can make it your own on for Rs. 23,500.

Beige Embellished Saree with Belt

Definitely our most favorite one in this list, this belted saree by Rishi and Vibhuti surely needs your attention here. This beautiful beige saree here is crafted in raw silk fabric and comes paired with emerald green colored contrasting blouse and a gorgeous embellished belt.

The whole look here is all about elegance personified and there is no way you can ignore this saree while choosing your party look.

You are going to love the pleat details all over the saree while the blouse is also quite modern and elegant. The belt is bedazzled with sequins work all over and perfectly pairs up with the saree. You can definitely create so many looks with this saree because of its unique texture here. Buy this pleated saree on Nykaa Fashion for Rs. 16,500.

Unique Pre-Draped Belted Saree

We bring you a very modern and contemporary piece of saree here which is all about looking comfortable and cool at the same time. The sage green saree is pre-draped and comes in jumpsuit style. Crafted in viscose fabric, this jumpsuit style saree feature round neck and sleeveless pattern on the top.

In fact, they have provided the pallu separately which can be easily attached and detached from the jumpsuit. This leaves you with two options to rock this unique saree with and without the pallu.

Complete your look by wearing the on this saree which features some embellishments on it. This gorgeous saree is definitely worth your purchase and makes a statement piece. Grab this piece on for Rs. 14,000.

Off-White Belted Dhoti Saree

And lastly we have this off-white piece to be included in the section of belted saree designs. This one is also a not so traditional pick in this list which features a dhoti style pattern and pre-stitched pallu. Of course, this surely makes it easy for you to wear this saree.

They feature abla embroidered pallu in this saree and the saree is also provided with a full sleeved blouse in lace fabric. You will be required to wear a matching pant inside the saree or you can leave out on it according to your wish.

Moreover, the saree also features an embroidered belt with scalloped edges and amazing detailing. Grab this saree right away on for Rs. 18,306.

Tips for Wearing a Belted Saree


Being a first timer you may wonder how to wear a belted saree effortlessly and we have all the details on it. It can be a bit tricky to exactly copy someone’s belted saree look especially when you do not know the basic hacks. For this, check out the simple tips on how you can ace a belted saree look and seamlessly become a diva in no time.

Choose Right Kind of Blouse


We have talked about it in our earlier posts about saree too that a saree can never look complete without a perfect blouse with it. No matter whether it is a belted saree or not, you have to make sure that you are wearing the right kind of blouse with it. Keep the design to minimal as you would not want too many highlights in your look. The blouse should be of right fitting otherwise it can ruin the whole look of your belted saree.

Experiment with the Draping Style

If you are thinking that only basic Nivi draping style goes with the look of a belted saree then you are absolutely wrong. You can surely experiment a lot with your draping style when wearing a belt over it. Not only you can go for an open pallu but a seedha pallu look or even a dhoti pant the style saree would look great when you are wearing a belt over it.

Wear a Shapewear underneath

If you want to look your perfect self in a belted saree then ditch the traditional petticoat and instead wear a shapewear underneath. You can easily find saree shapewear of whichever color you want online. While petticoats are flared and gives unnecessary volume, shapewear define your curves and come with a side slit for easy movement. This will give more defined look to your whole belted saree idea.

Choose Matching Belt

Just for the sake of fashion and trend, you are not supposed to pair chunky and mismatched belt with your saree. In fact, it is not even necessary to pair belt with every saree that you have. You just need to find that selected sarees which are perfect to pull off this look with. Your belt should be sleek and matching the saree perfectly rather than making it look OTT.

From our editorial team


Hope you like all the above ideas of saree styling with belt. So, what are you waiting for? Go, take out your old saree from your closet and wear it with a belt and get a complete makeover. You can thank us later!!