Dreading House Cleaning Day? Simple House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Will Leave Your Home Sparkling without Draining All Your Energy!

Dreading House Cleaning Day? Simple House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Will Leave Your Home Sparkling without Draining All Your Energy!

Home is where we come back to relax after long hours of hectic schedule. It is where we nurture creativity and prepare ourselves to grow. But what if your house is cluttered and dirty? It will surely not resonate those positive vibes. Check out these tips to bring back that lost charm of your house.

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Importance of Regular House Cleaning

A clean and uncluttered house resonates positive vibes and you feel like to be at home in a tidy house. Though it takes some serious efforts by all the members of the family to keep the house clean; it comes with its own share of benefits and joy. Regular house cleaning helps you stay healthy by killing up to 98 percent of germs; improves the quality of indoor air, reduces allergies, helps you stay organized and get a better sleep.

Benefits of a Clean Home

Few more indirect benefits include decreasing your stress levels due to an uncluttered environment. A tidy and clean house helps you to be more active and productive. You crave less for junk food and eat healthy due to reduced stress levels and less visits to the doctor as family members get sick less frequently.

House Cleaning Tips

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Let’s check few house cleaning tips for different parts of your house and articles which you use in your day to day life.

Living Room Cleaning Tips

Living room cleaning includes cleaning the rugs, carpets, sofa-set, cushion covers, furniture, wall hangings, lanterns, chandeliers and the TV cabinet etc. If the living room has wooden floors, then the scuffs need cleaning by gently rubbing them with a damp cloth followed by a rinse with a paper towel. You can use vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets, sofa and shelves etc. Dusting the curtains, blinds, cornices, light fittings and fan etc is also essential to have a dust free and clean Living room. A soft microfiber cloth and glass cleaning liquid should be used for delicate items.

Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Few essential items which top the list for bedroom cleaning are bed-sheets, curtains, window panes and furniture. For mattress, you can use baking soda; just sprinkle some baking soda on the bare mattress, rub with a scrub brush and leave for 10 minutes. Then use vacuum cleaner to get rid of the excess powder plus any odor from the mattress. The wooden part of the bed can be cleaned with wood polish and for laminated furniture you can use an all purpose cleaner. If using a box bed, don’t forget to take out the stuff and clean it properly at least once in a month.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

You can start with your dishwasher as it’s cleaning often gets neglected and with time, grease, food and grime will build up inside it. Take out the bottom rack and clean with a paper towel. De-grease the cabinets by mixing little dish soap with warm water in a spray bottle and spray and clean the grease with a soft scrubber. Then, rinse with a clean cloth to get back the shine. You can clean the stainless steel sink etc by rubbing them with a little vodka on a sponge or paper towel. Get rid of any cooking odor left in the kitchen by boiling a sliced lemon in a stove top for 10 minutes and let the lemony aroma fill in the entire kitchen.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Mix ¾ cup chlorine bleach in about 4 liter water and use a hard brush to apply on the places from where you want to remove the stains from. Scrub after 15 – 20 minutes, rinse and get a sparkling bathroom again. For cleaning the seat or bowl, you can use cola or toilet cleaner; let it sit for 20 minutes, then scrub and flush. Unclog the shower heads by opening the shower-head and soaking it overnight in white vinegar before fixing it back. To ensure that the pores are completely open, clean the holes with a pin etc and then wipe with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Lastly, don’t ignore the sealing and clean it well.

Garden Cleaning Tips

Add few drops of dish detergent in a bowl of warm water and wipe down your patio furniture with the solution, then rinse with water to clean. Use a pair of garden scissors to trim the bushes, unwanted plants, dead leaves etc. Prune the dead branches from the shrubs and clean any unwanted debris. Clean the lawn and flower beds; use compost wherever necessary and water the plants regularly. This activity can be done once in a week to ensure you have a neat and clean garden.

Home Appliances Cleaning Tips

To clean your coffee machine, fill it with a solution of half water, half vinegar. Let the mix brew halfway, then stop and leave for 30 minutes. Throw the solution now and rinse the machine by brewing with clean water afterwards. Similarly to freshen up your microwave, heat a cup of water with 5 – 6 tbsp of vinegar and a chopped lemon in it. Let the bowl on high heat for 5 minutes, then open the door and wipe the inside with a clean cloth. Clean the spills inside your oven by sprinkling some salt and once the oven is cool, wipe with a damp sponge.

Gadget Cleaning Tips

Research has proved that your computer keyboard may have more germs than your toilet seat. Gadgets which are a crucial part of our lives like mobile, laptop, headphones, smart speaker and TV remote etc should be sanitized with an alcohol based sanitizer to get rid of the germs.

Best Home Cleaning Gadgets

We have picked few cleaning gadgets which will make your home cleaning job a lot easier.

1) Milagrow RoboDuster Panda Floor Vacuum Cleaner available on www.tatacliq.com

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2) Eureka Forbes Multi Clean Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased from www.amazon.in

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3) Cleaning Brush Feather Microfiber Duster is listed on www.amazon.in

4) Gala Quick Spin Mop can be ordered from www.flipkart.com

5) Aeroguard Air purifier with H1N1 and swine flu filter technology is available on www.reliancedigital.in

Don't Neglect the Smaller Sections in Each Room

Apart from the above mentioned places and articles, there are several things in your house and life which require cleaning like the indoor plants, your ornaments, your watch, wallet, the inside part of your closet and your shoes etc. You need not to be obsessed with cleaning, but taking out time once a week will ensure that you have a clean and well managed home.

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Make Your House Look Spick and Span with These House Cleaning Tips 2020

A neat and clean house is necessary for optimum comfort, productivity and relaxation. A clean house attracts all the positive energies and help get rid of negative energies. Follow these house cleaning tips and experience the good energy flow!