10 Terrific Gifts for Army Boyfriend and Guidelines to Stay Connected No Matter Where He Is (2018)

10 Terrific Gifts for Army Boyfriend and Guidelines to Stay Connected No Matter Where He Is (2018)

Your boyfriend being in the army is a source of pride and elation for you. However, the long distance makes the heart yearn for him. Cheering him up with wonderful gifts can be cathartic for you. We know that you are still disconcerted when it comes to buying a gift for him. And for that purpose, we have curated a one-of-a-kind list that has gifts ranging from watches to romantic, cheesy gifts. Keep reading for inspiration.

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Points to Note When Selecting Gift for Your Army Boyfriend

Give Him Something Practical and Useful

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The first thing you need to keep in mind is that men love practical gifts that they can use in their daily routine and it doesn't matter if it is a too common gift or an expensive one. It's obvious that being an army man, he will get much less time to spend with you, so try to find out his needs and hobbies whenever you two meet. This will help you in choosing a useful and appropriate gift for him.

The biggest asset of an army man is his health and fitness so he might have a tendency of working out. So, you can consider giving him accessories like a fitness tracker to keep an eye over his fitness. However, if he enjoys listening to music, then a musical instrument could be the best gift to present him. For tech freak, a gadget is enough to bring a smile to his face.

Something Personal to Keep in Touch

Whenever you are buying a gift for your army boyfriend, you are sending your love across miles through those special gifts. It's a good idea to pick practical gifts as men love non-materialistic gifts more but it will be fantastic if your gift has a romantic purpose. He stays far away from you for months and years on an end and it's obvious that you two miss each other. There could be an important occasion that you once celebrated together, but now you have to celebrate it all alone. In such taxing situations, a sweet and romantic gift could help him to cope with these hard and challenging months. You could just add a handwritten romantic note to accompany your gifts, or you can send him a nice and beautiful photo themed gift. It will remind him of you whenever he sees it.

Keep in Mind His Interest

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If you want to make your gift a little more special, then think about his interest while buying gifts for him. It will ease your job in purchasing a most suitable gift for him. Your boyfriend is in the army so his interest might differ from the common men living in cities. Talk to him daily and interrogate him about his daily routines and how he keeps active, etc. This will give you an idea that what could possibly help him to keep his interest.

He might enjoy listening to songs, playing some sports with his friends, or maybe he's a tech freak. You can buy him a Carvaan digital audio player to listen to his favourite songs. The best thing about this gift is that he can listen to songs with his friends, killing their boredom in a healthy way. You can also send him sports accessories like volleyball kit, that he can enjoy playing with his friends on his campsite.

10 Terrific Gifts for Army Boyfriend to Cheer Him Up

One Day Closer Wrist Band

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Make him realise that he is going to meet his love very soon. An Army man gets very few holidays to spend with his family which is really heartbreaking, but he is a man who is always prepared for his country. You can inspire him for the holiday season by giving him a One Day Closer wristband from Etsy. The promise of meeting you and his family very soon is sure to excite him.

The One Day Closer bracelet is made from a 20 mm hexagonal copper washer and is tied with the black cotton wax cord which acts as a wristband. You can also get it gold plated or silver plated depending on how he likes it. It is totally rust free and will not tarnish with time. This bracelet can be worn for a long time without worrying about the discolouration of the metal. You can buy it for Rs.803 on etsy.com.

Military Couples Keychain

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Encourage and motivate him for his faithful duty towards the nation and also send a beautiful romantic message with it to come back to you safely. This military couples keychain is the most beautiful gift that you can give to him to show your love, care, and affection towards him. Giving such gifts to him will show that you always want him to fight for the nation and also come back safely to you. This is something which makes this gift even more beautiful.

The set includes an engraved keychain with heart cutout and a tiny heart necklace measuring 0.25 inches with 16-18 inches long coordinating chain. The necklace has a brushed matte finish, and you will also get a one split key ring with the silver keychain ring which will prevent the keychain from falling apart. In the box, you will also get a quote card printed with your statement. Get this awesome gift for Rs.2,186 on Etsy.

Meal Improvement Kit

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Make sure that he never misses home cooked food. Your boyfriend is staying far away from home to serve the nation, and it's your duty to take good care of him. Send him spices in a unique personalised lightweight roll-up kit so that he can enjoy the taste of food prepared at home. This kit has its own roll-up organiser which fits comfortably into the cargo pocket.

This kit includes tubes filled with Onion Salt, Garlic Salt, Cracked Pepper and Herb, Barbecue Seasoning, Seasoned Salt, and Lemon Pepper. You will also get a few empty tubes so that you can fill it with homemade spices, and send it to him along with the kit itself. The kit also has a granola bar which he can use in emergencies, and after the bar is finished, he can use that pocket to hold condiment packets like taco seasoning, tomato sauce packets etc. Get this amazing deal for Rs.1,458 on Etsy.

"Seven Days of Love" Pill Case

Want to express love and appreciation to your boyfriend, then do something interesting this time to surprise him. Make a beautiful pill case filled with candies, quotes, and love notes to surprise him every day. Next time, whenever you go out, pick a pill box and fill it with his favourite candies and cute love notes. You can go for printable chits, or you can make these notes on your own. Make sure that every chit has a different message and each slot has different candies. This way you will get a completely new opportunity everyday to get as personal as you would like.

Fastrack Commando Army Analog Watch for Men

A watch is an important fashion gear in anyone's life. If your boyfriend is in the military, then consider giving him this commando analog watch by Fastrack. This watch will definitely complement his casual outfits. This attractive round and military design watch have a camouflage green and black strap with the silver metal dial. It doesn't matter where he is heading to; this watch is definitely going to steal the attention of the people around him.

This watch offers the utmost durability because of its material and design. This chronograph watch is waterproof in nature and can withstand water up to the depth of 50 meters. This feature will allow him to wear this watch even in rainy and winter season. Its buckle clasp will provide a comfortable and secure fit to his wrist. This commando watch on the wrist of a military man delivers a fabulous style statement. You can buy this watch for Rs.2,445 on flipkart.com.

Military Personalised Heart Pocket Token

Not to worry if your boyfriend is far away from you; this small but unique and meaningful token of love with a romantic message for your military boyfriend will bring you closer. Distances can't define your love for him. It doesn't matter how far he is from you, your love and care will always be there for him. Show your love and affection with sincerity by giving him this heart pocket token on Personalization Mall.

The token is around 1.12 inches in diameter and comes in stylish velvet drawstring bag. You can customise this token with his name followed by 3 lines small romantic message and an ending sentiment with your name engraved near the open heart. This will definitely amaze him, and he will adore you even more for this special gift. You can buy this for Rs.945 on personalizationmall.com.

Glassic Governor Polarised Sunglasses

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Let him express his style by wearing this classic governor polarized sunglasses on Amazon which will not only shield his eyes from harmful UV rays but also compliment his overall professional look. The polarised glasses will protect his eyes from the glare of the sun, and he is sure to feel comfortable following his duties.

The frame is made from stainless steel which protects it from rusting, therefore, it is a long-lasting gift for him. Moreover, frames are designed in such a way which allows him to wear it for hours without feeling the weight of the glasses. Strength, lightweight, and flexibility are the factors that make it even more special and makes it a perfect gift for yous army boyfriend. Polarised glasses prevent his eyes from an indirect source of glare like the reflection of sun's rays from military cars and road tars etc. Get this amazing sunglasses from Amazon for Rs.2,499.

52 Things I Love About You

Does your boyfriend play card games? If yes, then why don't you do something really unique and special for him which will not only deliver your personal feelings but also be used in his free time to kill boredom. Isn't it a beautiful idea if you write down one statement on each card stating that one thing which you love about him? Make sure that each card has a different message and must be completely different from each other. No two or more messages should deliver the same meaning otherwise it will not create a good impact and it will completely ruin the joy. So what are you waiting for? Buy a deck of cards and start customising them for him.

Homemade Protein Bars

The most important asset of a military man is his fitness which allows him to stay at borderlines without any problems. If you want him to be strong and active then why don't you make him delicious and nutritious protein bars at home? Your boyfriend might workout to maintain his health and fitness, and when he will get those homemade protein bars prepared by you, it will definitely encourage him to do better.

These protein bars are made from the mixture of peanut butter, any protein powder, and chocolates. You can also use candies for the decoration purpose. Prepare the mixture by mixing protein powder with peanut butter. Keep in mind that mixture shouldn't be too runny or dry. You must prepare content so that you can easily shape it over the pan. Cook it slightly and then spread chocolate over it, leave it to cool down and done, your delicious protein bars are ready in no time.

Tocky MP3 Voice Recording Alarm Clock

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Have you ever thought how would he feel when you give him an alarm clock that talks in his own voice? This alarm clock will help him to report to his duty in time and would never be late in his work. This alarm clock can store up to 6 hours of audio, and he can also personalise the wake-up messages according to his choice. Its medium size makes it portable which is the plus point for a military man.

Some interesting features of this clock include rolling on carpet or wood and can jumping from the height of 3 feet. If your boyfriend loves to listen to music, then this clock is ideal as it can store MP3 music for up to 2 hours. This battery operated alarm clock can be customised by changing skin colour. Moreover, when you will buy one piece of it from Amazon.in, 5 per cent of the price will be donated to Global Fund help to eliminate AIDS. Get this amazing present for Rs.13,604 on Amazon and support two causes with just a single gift.

Bonus Tip: Try to Be Understanding of Each Other’s Busy Schedules

You are blessed and fortunate that you are with someone who is hardworking, dedicated, and serving the nation with his genuine character and selfless love. A future partner with these qualities is a respectable and proud feat for you and your family. It doesn't matter if he is far away from you because at the end when he returns home with the victory, you can hold your head high with pride in the eyes.

Have faith in him even if this long distance relationship seems challenging and try to understand his busy schedules because only this way you would be able to kill all your doubts and misunderstandings. You must understand that he is on national duty and may not always have time to speak to you when you want. He might be called anytime for any situation, and you have to cope with this situation as well.

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Make Post office Your Favourite Hangout, Post Man Your Best Friend

Long distance relationships are difficult. And when you really can't follow any LDR rules, the relationship will be very difficult to maintain. But have faith and trust in your love. With your army boyfriend, you won't be able to trust your technologies much. You do not know if he would be within the reach of technologies. Letter writing would be your best friend in this case. If you had not written letters, start writing them not. Letters, love notes and cards are your best mode of conveying your love. When your boyfriend is in the army his family becomes the cheerleading squad. Join the squad and keep him in high spirits which will help him a lot in the difficult times ahead.