Banish Those 4 PM Hunger Pangs Away with These 30 Best Evening Snacks! Healthy, Yummy and Easy to Make Options, Just for You (2022)

Banish Those 4 PM Hunger Pangs Away with These 30 Best Evening Snacks! Healthy, Yummy and Easy to Make Options, Just for You (2022)

The moment we start boiling water to make our evening tea, our taste buds send signals to the brain, asking for snacks to go with it! While you may be tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks, there are plenty of healthy evening snacks that can help you stay on track. So, we have listed below some best Indian snacks for you. Here are 30 amazing and nutritious healthy tea time snacks.

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Why Healthy Evening Snacks Are Important

In the evening, having tea and a snack to go with is a custom in India and prevalent in every household. Well, it might look like we are eating more than three meals and some might also argue it is an unhealthy habit. However, the truth is that having snacks in the evening has many benefits and evening snacks deserve more credit.

For instance, if you are having an evening snack then it saves you from overeating during dinner. Moreover, if you are working then having an evening snack can be energizing and help you focus on your task rather than fighting those hunger pangs. Apart from that, having something to eat between lunch and dinner ensures that you do not suffer from acidity, bloating and other digestive problems. So, now that we know enough about the benefits of having an evening snack, let us also talk a bit about food that you should include in your evening snack.

What to Include in Evening Snacks

There are so many food items that you can include in your evening snacks and make it healthier and tastier. Let us start with a few.

Roasted Seeds and Nuts

Apart from the snack that you prefer during the evening with your tea or coffee, consider adding roasted nuts and seeds. The thing about nuts and seeds is that you get the required nutrients and energy minus cholesterol and fat. If you are not particularly fond of eating nuts and seeds then add them to your snack in powder form or in the stuffing and so on. Roasted seeds and nuts are also one of the best evening snacks for pregnancy.


Adding fruits to the snack is a no-brainer and are one of the healthiest and quickest way to restore energy. To speed up things you can pick easy-to-eat fruits such as grapes, apples etc rather than fruits that require peeling and cutting.

Gluten Free and Low Fat Snacks

Again, there is range of options for gluten-free and low-fat snacks in the market today. You can go for multigrain cookies, ragi chips, yogurt with fruits and so on.

Air Fried Snacks


Surely the above-mentioned snacks are a healthier option but we all have our cheat days. During those days also if you are not willing to deviate too much from your fitness regime then go for air-fried snacks. Compared to deep fry in a pan, air-fried snacks are a healthier option.

30 Best Evening Snacks for You

So here we have a curated list of snacks that you can eat in the evening with tea, coffee or any beverage of your choice.

Best Evening Snacks for Weight Loss

Let us start with the snacks that will restore your energy and will also help you in maintaining the right weight.

1. Phab Superfood Bomb

As the name suggests, these balls are made from superfoods such as quinoa, Californian almonds and so on. To stir things up, the sweetness in these bombs comes from Arabian date paste and dark chocolate. There is no artificial sweetener, as well as these super food bombs, are also do not contain Trans-fat. Just a dash of sweetness for the taste and these healthy super food bombs are burst of health and goodness. Gluten-free and kid-friendly superfood bombs are available on for just Rs. 330.

2. 4700 BC Instant Natural Healthy Popcorn


One of the most nutritious and delicious snacks to munch on is popcorn. The instant natural healthy popcorn from 4700 BC is just sprinkled with Himalayan salt to keep the nutrition quotient high. 4700 BC popcorn can be prepared in just under 3 minutes making it a quick, healthy and easy snack to have. Since these popcorns are GMO and gluten-free, you can be sure of eating them right. Easy to carry and make 4700 BC popcorn is available on for just Rs.285.

3. Eat Better Premium Nut Mix

Nuts are quick snacking options and are loaded with energy and nutrients. Eat Better Premium Nut mix pack contains almonds, cashews, black raisins, pistachios, and golden raisins. Roasted with Indian spices, these nuts taste even tastier and more exotic. These nuts are a powerhouse of proteins, fibre, iron and calcium and energy which makes them a perfect snack to munch on during the evening hours. You can select from different weight packs such as 100 grams, 200 grams or a jar. Get your preferred pack of these premium nut mixes on the official website of Eat Better for just Rs. 540.

4. The Whole Truth Dark Chocolate

There is nothing that sounds better than chocolates being healthy. Dark chocolate packs various health benefits are rich in antioxidants and good for the heart according to various studies. If you are still concerned about the sugar content then The Whole Truth dark chocolate is your solution. Their 71% dark chocolate is made from cocoa and dates without any artificial sweetener. With Whole truth dark chocolates, say goodbye to your guilt every time you take a bite of chocolate. This chocolate is available in a pack of three on for just Rs. 543.

5. Happilo Premium International Persian Dates Value Pack

It is almost impossible to talk about healthy snacks without the mention of dates. Loaded with energy, iron, protein, fiber among other nutrients. Happilo Premium International Persian dates are 100% genuine dates with all the goodness intact. You can have these dates with a cup of coffee or tea during the evening hours and get rid of fatigue and cravings. Dates also turn out to be an excellent snack for those who have sweet tooth. Happilo Persian dates are available on for just Rs. 269.

6. Gourmet Garden Multigrain Cracker

Thin and crisp crackers are a perfect snack with evening tea. The multigrain crackers from Gourmet Garden can be enjoyed by themselves or with a dip and spreads of your choice. These crackers are a great choice for adults as well as kids for those evening cravings wherein you want to have something light and save the appetite for dinner. Gourmet Garden multigrain crackers are available on for just Rs. 90.

7. Vakula Instant Cup Idlis


Idlis usually take a lot of time to prepare but not the Vakula Instant Cup Idlis. Ready-to-eat Instant Idlis are packed in eco-friendly and convenient packaging ensuring that kids can eat comfortably. Within the pack, you get 2 pouches with 5 idlis in each one of them and 1 pouch of sambhar. After emptying the content into the cup just add hot water to the cup and stir the content. Thereafter, close the lid and leave it aside for 8 minutes. Open the lid and stir the idlis lightly and enjoy the steaming hot idlis with delicious sambhar. Vakula Instant cup idlis can be bought on Amazon for just Rs. 149

8. True Elements Oatmeal

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that oatmeals are one of the healthiest foods in the world. Oatmeal is a rich source of iron, anti-oxidants, minerals, fibers and vitamins. Whole Oatmeal from True Elements is also loaded with chia and whole fruits making it even healthier. Apart from chia seeds and fruits, this oatmeal also contains almonds and raw honey making it a powerhouse of energy. Get this super food on for just Rs. 612 and take a step towards a healthier life.

9. Nutty Gritties Berry Mix


1. Berries are rich in anti-oxidant, vitamin C and other such nutrients. Nutty Gritties Mix berries have four berries mixture – cranberries, strawberries, black currants and blueberries. Highly rich in energy and fibre, this berry mix of natural sour and sweet taste satiates your evening snacking needs. Berries go very well with coffee, tea and also yogurt. The zip lock pouch makes Nutty Gritties berries a good option for carrying on the go also. Stay healthy and fit with these berries from Nutty Gritties available on for just Rs. 390 for 200 grams pack.

10. HYP sugarfree Snack bars


One of the most convenient and fulfilling snacks are the protein bars keeping you fulfilled for longer hours. However, if you are looking for sugar-free snack bars then do give try high protein bars from HYP. Apart from the sugar-free mix, you also have flavours like berry burst, chocolate espresso and coconut almond. An ideal snack for those who are working out and want to maintain their weight, these snack bars are loaded with probiotics and therefore good for gut health as well. Get an assorted pack of HYP high protein snack bar on for just Rs. 429.

Top 10 Snacks for Kids

11. Epigamia Yogurt


Yogurt is one of those foods that can be eaten alone or can be mixed with your favourite fruits and veggies. The mango greek yogurt from Epigamia is a naturally thick, high-protein snack with zero preservatives. This partly skimmed fruit yogurt is low on fat and easy on the stomach. When it comes to taste, the alphonso mango along with the chunks of fruit is a delight. You can also add nuts and berries in this yogurt to make it even more enriching and good for your kids' health. Epigamia mango greek yogurt is available on for just Rs. 49

12. Hersheys Prebiotic Vanilla Shake

Fortified with essential nutrients such as vitamins and calcium, this Hersheys vanilla shake is a go to snack for those hot summers evenings. Blend of milk and chocolate has received love across the world by adults and kids. Hershey’s rich chocolate flavour with the goodness of milk makes it a perfect snack. The small tetra packaging also makes it super easy to drink even without the straw and carry along. Enriched with vitamin A, E, D2, B1 and B2 Hershey’s milkshake is available on Lil Goodness for just Rs. 30.

13. Veggie Sticks


A common complaint from parents is that their kids do not eat veggies. Well, this is one of the most common challenges faced by the majority of parents. The carrot and cumin-flavoured sticks from Timios has vitamins and nutrients required for your kids. While cumin is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-tumour properties, carrot has rich in vitamin A. Moreover, these carrot and cumin puffs are non-fried and made with whole grains. Buy this natural energy food product for the kids on for just Rs. 199.

14. Early Food Jaggery Dry fruit cookies


Kids love cookies but we are often concerned about the sugar content of these cookies. If you are looking for a healthy alternative then give a try to jaggery and dry fruit cookie from eating Natural. These freshly handmade cookies contain ingredients such as organic foxtail millet white rice, little millet, white rice jowar, dry fruit powder and organic jaggery. The good thing about these cookies is that it does not contain refined sugar, maida, soda or any other raising agent. Buy eat natural jaggery dry fruit cookies on amazon in for just Rs. 199.

15. Threptin Protein Supplement Diskettes


Threptin is long known and one of the most popular names when it comes to good food. Threptin protein cookies are rich in vitamin B and are a high calories biscuits. Compared to adults, kids need more calories and they bum it out faster. These biscuits from Threptin are suitable for all age groups saving you the effort of making, buying or planning different snacks for everyone. Put it in the kid's tiffin or just hand them after a long and tisinedas for the instant energy. Threptin protein diskettes are available on for just Rs. 465.

16.Happy Tummys Almond Date Snack Bars


Happy Tummys Almond Date Snack is a rich source of protein and has the power of almonds. It is often a challenge to make kids eat dry food such as almonds as it might be too bland for the kids. Happy tummy almond snack is delicious and a healthy way of giving your kid the goodness of dry fruits. The snack is made in rice bran oil and does not contain any preservatives or added artificial flavour. This lunch box favourite snack is available on amazon-in for just Rs. 210

17. Cipla Activ Kids Immuno Boosters

A unique nutritional supplement for the kids, Cipla immune booster chocolates can become a favourite snack of your Kids. The unique formula of these choco-bites provides up to 100% RDA of important immunity nutrients. Just one bite of this immune booster is enough for fulfilling all the daily nutritional requirements of your kid. Moreover, you do not need to worry about mixing it with water or milk. Simple to eat and healthy for the kids this choco-bite snack from Cipla is available on for just Rs. 299.

18. Slurrp Farm Instant Breakfast Millet Pancake Mix


Slurrp Farm Instant Breakfast Millet PAncake mix - Pancakes are loved by kids and adults alike. So if you are wondering about something to prepare quickly for the evening snake then this Pancake mix from slurp farm is a great option. The good news is that this min does not contain maida and is made from oats and millets instead. Further, ragi in the mix contain up to 10 times more calcium compared to wheat and rice. You can buy this pancake mix on amazon in for just Rs. 253.

19. MTR Three Minutes Poha

If your kids are fond of quick snacks such as noodles then give a try instant Poha. Delicious and loaded with veggies, MTR 3-minute poha is equally easy to make. The healthy and low calorific value of poha has a khatta meetha flavour to it with just the right amount of spices perfect for your kid. A simple recipe to make all you need to do is add hot water in poha and empty the pouch content. Thereafter mix well and keep the lid closed for 3 minutes. Open after three minutes and once again mix the contents of the cup well. Let your kids enjoy a delicious and healthy snack. MTR 3 instant poha cups are available on for just Rs. 65.

20.NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti

NutraHi spaghetti is an in-house developed snack which is gluten-free and nutritional ingredients are intact. These 100% vegetarian spaghetti does not contain any added colours, preservatives or flavours. Further, these spaghettis are manufactured in clean and hygienic environments. One of the best things about this food is that it does not contain any atta or maida but the cooking is extremely simple. NutraHi Spinach pasta can be bought on for just Rs. 85.

Best Air Fryer Snacks

Let us now talk about snacks that you can make using air fryers. These snacks are healthy and delicious, making them welcome when hunger strikes in the evening.

21. ITC Master Chef Lebanese Falafel Kebab


The Lebanese falafel al kabab from ITC master-chef is a delicious snack made from chickpeas. Not only do these kababs taste delicious but are also very high in nutritional value. Made under the supervision of expert chefs these kababs are a perfect snack for the evening. If you love the savoury combination of chickpeas,.and green herbs such as mint, parsley and coriander then their falafel kebabs from its are a perfect treat. These frozen kebabs are available on for just Rs 130.

22. ITC Dahi Kabab

Dahi kebabs are a very popular Indian starter and are loved by everyone. These kebabs are made from hung along with cheese and other spices. ITC dahi kabab is a perfect evening snack that can be air fried for the best taste. Coming from a trusted brand you can be sure of quality, taste and freshness. These kababs do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavours. You can buy these air fryer-ready Dahi kababs on Big Basket for just Rs. 130.

23. Amul Paneer Nuggets

Amul happy treats paneer nuggets are a perfect treat that goes perfectly with evening tea. Coffee on any other beverage of your choice. The spicy blend of onion, garlic, ginger and coriander along with other spices makes these nuggets a perfect blend of Indian savoury taste. These nuggets can be deep fried. Heated in the oven or put in the air fryer. Cottage cheese is rich in calcium and protein and therefore you can be sure of eating well. ITC paneer nuggets are available on for just Rs. 175.

24. Goeld Mini Veggie Samosa

The goodness of veggies and crunch of samosa makes this veggies samosa a perfect evening tea snack. The mini size of these samosas is perfect for eating without worrying about the food falling everywhere. The samosa is stuffed with veggies such as cauliflower, carrots, french beans, frozen green peas, potato flakes ginger garlic powder and so on. Pre-cooked and frozen, these cocktail samosas are a great addition to any party. All you need is to heat this samosa in the air fryer and eat it. Mini samosa from Goeld are available on Big Basket for just Rs. 135.

25. McCain Aloo Tikki

The classic combination of mashed potatoes and Indian spices these aloo tikkis are frozen snacks that you just need to air Fry and eat. Pre-cooked in vegetable oil and frozen using the most advanced technology, these Indian version of aloo parties are full of flavour and freshness. these Indian patties can be also stuffed into burgers or simply make aloo Tikki Chaat. One started many dishes. McCann aloo Tikki is a must-have item at home. The spicy and super tasty aloo Tikki is available on Big Basket for just Rs. 115.

26. Delichic Chicken Wheat Momos


Delhichic momos and spring roll combination is the ultimate party combination. However, these are not your regular maida momos. Delhichic momos are made from wheat flour with the filling of chicken and seasonal veggies fillings. Within the pack, you get 10 units of momos and 8 counts of spring rolls. Fresh and delicious momos can be either oven heated or Air fried depending on your preference. Get the best tasting momos and spring rolls in one box on Blinkit for just Rs. 525.

27. Sumeru Chicken Burger Patty Grilled


For the days when you are craving a delicious chicken burger, Sumeru frozen chicken patties is what you need. The soft and grilled chicken patty needs to be heated and it is ready to eat. These patties are halal and are not laced with any preservatives and added flavours. You can buy these frozen patties from Sumeru on for just Rs. 90

28. Prasuma Spicy Chicken Momos


Prasuma spicy chicken momos are a perfect treat for momos lovers. If you are looking for an authentic taste of momos then these frozen momos are a great pick. Each momo is made with fresh and high-quality ingredients and encased in perfectly well-balanced thin sheets wrappers. Perfectly balanced and well-flavoured chicken momos from Prasuma Can be bought on for just Rs. 302.

29. Tata Q Ready to Eat Non Veg Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausages


Heat-to-eat chicken sausage from Tata Q is perfect for those lazy days when you want to have a snack with tea but do not feel like cooking anything. These jalapeño-flavoured sausages are free from all types of additional flavours and preservatives. Further, you can be sure of the freshness and purity of the item as it is sealed using a unique sterilization technology. Tata Q chicken sausages are available on for just Rs. 202.

30. Meatzza Chicken Fries, 500 g


Chicken fries just like potato fries are one of the most popular snacks among non-vegetarian lovers. These ready-to-cook and delicious fries just need to be heated before eating. The 100% authentic chicken fries can be eaten with dips and ketchup. Packed in a zip lock pouch these fries can be bought on for just Rs. 270.

Quick Healthy Homemade Snack Ideas

Let us also quickly look into some of the best homemade snack ideas

1. Roasted Makhana

Makhana is a powerhouse of nutrition and energy as 100 grams of makhana contains up to 347 calories of energy. Along with that you also get 9.7 grams of protein and 14.5 grams of fibre in makhana. Roast and sprinkle peppers on the top of makhana to enjoy a simple, nutritional and delicious evening snack

2. Caesar Salad

One of the easiest snacks caesar salad is also a very healthy food to have. Just toss all your favourite veggies in a bowl. Sprinkle some salt, honey, pepper, feta cheese and olive oil to perfect your ceaser salad

3. Matar Chaat

Matar or chickpeas chat is tasty and no oil snack that goes very well with any beverage in the evening. This chat is a powerhouse of nutrition that will re-energise you can keep the hunger pangs at bay for long.

4. Murmura Chat

Puffed rice is a low-calorie and tasty option for a quick snack. Add some diced tomatoes, onions, green chillies and coriander leaves along with spices like salt, chaat masala and kala namak. If you have some green chutney on hand all the better. Mix everything for a really yummy yet light snack.

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